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Little Girl Has The Worst Poker Face32s

Little Girl Has The Worst Poker Face

It can be embarrassing to cry in front of other people. This little girl tries her best to put on a brave poker face in front of her mom, but it's clear that her mom can see right through her! This adorable little girl may have the worst poker face of all time, but it's okay because she's so darn adorable.

Published: June 23, 20161,017 views
Peekaboo game gone wrong13s

Peekaboo game gone wrong

This classic game of peekaboo doesn't exactly end well for little Isla. Watch how the 6-month-old reacts after being surprised by grandmother, it's priceless!

Twin Teases Brother With Lollipop26s

Twin Teases Brother With Lollipop

There's no candy that's more in demand than a lollipop! This baby is enjoying his favorite candy, but when his brother asks him to share he just gets teased instead! So close and yet so far! Sometimes siblings can be the cruelest when it comes to sharing!

Published: April 5, 2017857 views
Toddler discovers the joy of chocolate20s

Toddler discovers the joy of chocolate

This looks like the beginning of a wonderful friendship! Check out this little Leighton's awesome reaction to tasting chocolate for the very first time. Yum!

Published: April 12, 2016190 plays$0.68 earned
Birthday Baby Takes The Cake35s

Birthday Baby Takes The Cake

This video starts off very sweet as a little girl enjoys her lovely chocolate cake. But then things quickly take a slightly grosser turn when the cake eating has to come to a pause and make way for a powerful sneeze! Let's just say that she might want to rethink eating that handful of cake!

Published: June 14, 2017473 views
Dad Makes The Funniest Comedian35s

Dad Makes The Funniest Comedian

It's not easy trying to think of new ways to entertain your kids on a long car ride! But it looks like this dad has no problem keeping his cute little boy entertained even while he's driving! All it takes is for dad to let out his silly growl and this kid is giggling instantly!

Published: July 27, 2017334 views
Toddler pretends to be a dog43s

Toddler pretends to be a dog

Little Leighton does her best impersonation of a puppy as she plays fetch with her dad. How cute is that?

Published: June 26, 201626 plays$0.09 earned
Toddler proves chivalry isn't dead13s

Toddler proves chivalry isn't dead

Check out this adorable toddler as he helps a little girl put her shoes on correctly while enjoying some playtime at the park. What a gentleman! Credit to 'yongnam367c'.

Published: June 1, 20154,702 plays$9.61 earned
Angry Man Hates Time Outs38s

Angry Man Hates Time Outs

Usually time outs are reserved for misbehaving children or sporting matches. But this emotional man's angry outburst might just warrant him receiving a time out as well! This man reverted to his inner child self in t minus 1 minute. Where is the ref when you need him?

Published: February 26, 20161,810 views
This Toddler Does NOT Like Applesauce36s

This Toddler Does NOT Like Applesauce

I remember my first time eating applesauce. This toddler's reaction to trying applesauce for the first time is priceless! We have to give him props for trying it twice because you won't know unless you try! Next on the list: mashed peas! And then mashed veggie turkey dinner! APPLESAUCE WAS THE EASY ONE!! Good luck, kid!

Published: September 13, 20172,479 views
Baby Can't Stop Laughing When Dad Arrives Home41s

Baby Can't Stop Laughing When Dad Arrives Home

Elijah's reaction to his dad coming home is hilarious and sweet at the same time. The relationship between a father and son is just as strong as any other relationship. The father gets the joy of raising a young man that he will be proud of for a lifetime. Elijah gets to grow up knowing that his dad loves him and supports him throughout his life. The relationship between this father and his son is clearly a close one that most kids do not get to experience. It is heartwarming to witness a video of the relationship between these two. This video is only a glimpse into their lives but here it is clear that this son believes that dad is a superhero as does the son. The dad goes as far as to act as though the son has superpowers by using his hand to knock him back from the window. While too many people, this is a form of love. This dad clearly believes his son can do anything he sets his mind to. If only a few other kids could experience this belief from their fathers and mothers. Most often fathers and mothers find themselves being so tired after a hard day’s work and want to simply relax and tell their kids to go to their rooms or put them off while trying to prepare for the next day. However, this father shows he is excited to see his son. To an older version of this young son, that may not understand the value of this relationship quite yet, he would be envied by other sons. This father enjoys seeing his son smile and hearing his laugh . It goes as far as to act like he is going to fall onto the ground, just to make him smile and laugh. The kisses through the window remind us to stop and express the love we have for others through physical expression. The mom that is clearly recording this video has to be overwhelmed with emotions to watch a loving relationship grow between her son and the man of her dreams. The comfortable she must feel to have a partner that equally tries to be a part of this child’s life. Single parents long for these moments. Things moments are worth stopping for because they remind us that the world is a good place with love that conquers all. The dad is uninhibited to show his love which pulls on your heartstrings. Thank you to this dad for showing other dads that parents can take less than a minute of the day to make your kids smile. Kids typically do not remember what all you purchased for them but they certainly remember how parents made them feel throughout their childhood. Be mindful that young children need nurturing, love, and support in the things they do and experience in their daily lives. It is imperative that parents also take time for themselves in order to happily provide their kids with moments like this for the other “Elijah’s” in the world.

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This baby looks normal, but her parents do something shocking to keep her alive!!!4m57s

This baby looks normal, but her parents do something shocking to keep her alive!!!

Morning physio I realise this is shocking if you dont realise why. But trust me its not as shocking for u as it is for us cf moms/ dads who are told when our babies are 2 and a half weeks old that we need to do this to our child to try prevent lung damage. The point of this video is just a little insight into what physiotherapy is for a baby with cystic fibrosis. The treatment lasts 25 minutes and is 3 times a day.It doesn't hurt her we are taught how to do it properly so it doe'snt. Generally she just falls asleep. Or she lies there smiling at me. It makes them feel better. Its like when we have an irritating cough and we finally get it off our chest, how much better we feel. This is what it does for them Please feel free to share to help raise awareness xx Follow us:

Spaghetti Uh Ohs32s

Spaghetti Uh Ohs

This adorable little baby is having a yummy dinner of spaghetti pasta when all of a sudden, his food disappears from in front of him! Or so he thinks! This is one adorable baby video that will instantly give you a mood boost! Who knew spaghetti could be so entertaining?

Published: July 21, 2016441 views
Dizzy Dancing Duo27s

Dizzy Dancing Duo

There's nothing sweeter than watching siblings play together and have a blast! This sweet brother gives his little sister a quick dance lesson but it looks like he could have done with a few less twirls! This little girl ends up dizzy on the dance floor after this play date!

Published: April 19, 2017987 views
Toy Car Sibling Rivalry32s

Toy Car Sibling Rivalry

There's nothing quite like the good old fashion sibling rivalry! These two sisters are in steep competition to see who will be the queen of the toy car! Just as one gets a hold of the toy, the other one swoops in for the steal! You won't believe how long this rivalry can go!

Published: November 30, 20161,076 views
The Cutest Little Monster Imposter40s

The Cutest Little Monster Imposter

This sweet little baby does the best monster impression that you've ever seen! Her adorable little roar will have you giddy with giggles as you try to contain the cuteness! If every monster was as adorable as this little cutie, we would have nothing left to fear!

Published: November 29, 20161,755 views
Trickster Toddler Scares His Brother35s

Trickster Toddler Scares His Brother

So this cute little toddler might have a thing or two to learn about the art of scaring, but that doesn't mean he can't keep trying! This cute little tot pretends to fall asleep and waits for his brother to get very close, and then BOO! You won't believe how adorable this game is!

Published: August 9, 2017787 views