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Toddler Has A Strange Fear Of Walking On Leaves35s

Toddler Has A Strange Fear Of Walking On Leaves

Here's some curious obsessive behavior. At the risk of coming across as armchair psychologists, we might even say phobia. Of course, we don't really know that for sure without talking to the little darling, but it is clear she behaves as if she's afraid to step on leaves. Very curious. Not everything is as it seems, however, especially with pre-verbal infants. The “uh oh” as she approaches a leaf is unmistakable. Is she genuinely concerned for the well being of the leaf? Perhaps this is the child's way of getting Dad to pick her up. Things look different when you're that close to the ground. The world is somehow more magical. It is a fact of development that between the ages of not talking to talking, infants approach the world as animists, which means every natural phenomenon, whether it is the sun or a tree, or the neighborhood squirrel, is imbued with a spirit. In some weird way this little girl may recognize that it's just not OK to step on a leaf. Everything is a guess here. Nothing can be taken for granted. Very likely, years from now, the little girl will have only the faintest memory of this event. She will giggle with the rest of us when watching herself haltering at fallen leaves, and shrug her shoulder when pressed about why she wouldn't step on leaves . In rare instances toddlers do remember flashing scenes from their youngest years. What is important about this is that we supposedly can't put words to memories before we learned to speak. There may be evidence, however, that children understand language long before they are able to speak it themselves. In any case, we're just going to have to wait a few years to interview the young cutie. “Why didn't you want to step on the leaf?” “It was so pretty!” ...Well, that's one take, but who knows? She negotiated the first barricade of leaves pretty well, but the second barricade was just too much for her and...Daddy to the rescue! You have to love the little stamping routine. It's classical for the age group. She's not exactly throwing a tantrum, just giving a warning stamp. She's putting her foot down! “No, I won't cross this line!” Nothing too bad can happen as long as dad is there to save her. The father-daughter bonding undoubtedly began long before this scene. She is quite sure her hero will come to her rescue. Some dilemmas just take a little more time than others to work through. We all know, or have ourselves been children with inexplicable fears. If there was anything rational about being an infant then everything we ever knew about children would be turned on its head. Mark your calendar; in ten years, maybe 20, we may revisit the comments section and get our answer. In the meantime, let us enjoy an innocent moment we can all identify with, an autumn stroll through the neighborhood, walking hand in hand with dad, when life was just alright

Little girl finds herself surround by animals at petting farm45s

Little girl finds herself surround by animals at petting farm

Have you ever seen Snow White? This little girl may just be her in real life. You know, Snow White, loved by and communicated to by all animals? You’ll see some similarities in this video. In this adorable kids and animals video, six year old Sienna is at her cousins birthday party. At this party there is a small petting farm and Sienna is taken by it. I mean, what kid doesn’t love a small baby animal farm? So Sienna goes inside, takes a seat and picks up the cutest little bunny rabbit in there to pat. As she does this, other animals begin to surround her. It is almost like they are drawn to her. First comes another bunny, then a guinea pig, even a baby pig comes along to see what all the fuss is about. Sienna then is surprised by the llama who comes too, then turns his back on her. A very funny sequence in which Sienna begin to become nervous. Everyone is surprised and laughing about it, so much so that the attendant turns to Sienna and says ‘My, they all seem to love you, you are just like Snow White!’ Such an adorable kids video and one for Sienna to remember. Sienna is a six year old cute little girl from Australia who loves having fun and sharing it in videos. This video was filmed on a beautiful sunny day in Perth, Australia on a Sunday afternoon at the park. This was at Sienna’s cousins birthday and comes only a week after her own Birthday. For those who loves watching cute little animals and adorable kids, this one is a must watch. Sienna will make you smile with the reaction on her face as all the little animals come towards her at the same time in this fun cute kids video.

Little girl asked how first day of school was, gives priceless answer43s

Little girl asked how first day of school was, gives priceless answer

It was the first day of Pre-K for this little girl and her mom wanted to know all about her day. While coloring, she first told her all about the playground which is always the most important part, right? She read a few books and when asked if she likes her teachers, her response is hilarious. She gets so excited, she screws up her picture and of course, blames Mom!

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Baby's First Belly Laugh Triggers A Contagious Laughter Chain31s

Baby's First Belly Laugh Triggers A Contagious Laughter Chain

For sure, you know for a fact that having a baby at home is one of the best blessings that you can ever have as a human being. This is especially for those married couples out there who are trying to build a loving and happy family. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of married couples in the world who are trying their best to look for an effective way to have a baby. Some opt for a scientific way, and there are others who go for the easiest way that is famously known as adoption. Yes, many people choose to adopt a child, especially if they are not capable enough of having a baby. This goes to show that having a baby in the family is definitely an integral thing, no matter if you are married couples or single parents. The presence of a baby may turn every individual's life into a worth living one. Babies can definitely do great things in your life. You can become more inspired by living your life. You will even become happier to wake up each day, knowing that you have a very cute baby to raise. If you are one of those people out there who are still not convinced that having a baby in the family will make your everyday life happier and worthwhile, then watching it is the best thing that you can do. Upon watching this, you can witness how happy the couple is while hearing the contagious laughter of their baby. This is the very first time they hear the laughter of their beautiful baby, which is why they can't also help it but laugh. Can you see how cute the baby is? Not only he is cute when laughing, but even when he is not and just staring at his mom. For sure, people who can witness how this baby laugh will definitely feel happy and positive in life. The baby's dad cannot even stop laughing while he is hearing the sound and contagious laughter of his beautiful baby. In case you are one of those individuals in the world who are hard to please, simply watching this baby giggle and laugh will definitely change your perspective. Well, laughing is no doubt, very contagious. Yes, you heard it right. Contagious is not only applicable for any disease, but also for laughter. How much more if such laughter comes from a very cute and beautiful baby just like what you can watch here. This baby is absolutely making the relationship in the family tight. It will no longer be a surprise if his mom and dad will have a long-lasting marriage, and this is all because of this baby. If you have a baby at home just like him, every single day of your life will definitely be wonderful. If you are experiencing some problems in your life these days, watching this baby laughing will surely make a difference. I am pretty sure that you can feel it after you watch this. Make sure to watch this video all the way to the end. You won't believe the progression of laughter in the room when this baby being to laugh more and more. Truly contagious laughter!

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Little Girl Behaves Like A Shepherd Only To Entertain Sheep20s

Little Girl Behaves Like A Shepherd Only To Entertain Sheep

This cute little girl holds a stick in her mouth in an attempt to play with her sheep. Hilariously adorable! Though not as common as cats, dogs or other domestic animals, sheep are also a quite popular choice for pets. If raised from a young age with love and patience, they can make great pets and will be the perfect companions for people of all ages. This is clearly evident in this hilariously adorable video which shows a cute little girl trying to catch the attention of her pet sheep while entertaining it by holding a stick in her mouth. This silly video is sure to melt anyone's heart as both the little girl and her fluffy pet sheep are incredibly adorable together. It also perfectly illustrates the gentle and patient nature that many sheep possess. Unfortunately, we do not get to see the two play as the sheep seems to have other plans and is seen briefly stopping before rushing off into the distance. While sheep may not be as playful as dogs, they can develop great affection and a playful attitude towards their owners. Sheep that have been raised and cared for from a young age will eventually develop trust, loyalty and a positive and loving personality as trust is built between them and their owners. However, before deciding on getting a little lamb, it is important to consider whether the surroundings are suitable for a pet sheep to roam around and live a happy and comfortable life. First of all, owners will have to make sure that the surrounding environment is as ideal as possible in order to ensure comfort and safety. The sheep will need grassy pastures to wander around during the day along with shelter for the night or in case of extreme weather conditions. Proper fencing will further provide safety as it will keep the sheep in and other potentially harmful animals out. Plenty of water and an adequate diet with a fresh supply of grass and hay is also a must and will keep the sheep happy and healthy. Sheep are also highly social animals and usually seek the presence of other fellow sheep or other livestock animals. If all requirements are met, the sheep will prove itself to be a very gentle and loving companion and will get along with every family member or any other pets, whether indoor or outdoor. Furthermore, they can also develop a playful personality and will oftentimes seek the presence of their owners, especially children, for some fun or simply seek attention and affection. The sheep from this video certainly seem to have more than enough space to freely run around and enjoy the beautiful nature around it. It also seems quite content and comfortable in the presence of its owners. Most importantly, the adorable little girl from this video seems to have formed a great companionship with her woolly pet – one that is based on mutual trust and affection which will only grow stronger as they both grow up together. This, in turn, will create many more sweet and memorable moments just as the one captured in this video.

Adorable 2-Year-Old Preciously Says Her ABC's1m07s

Adorable 2-Year-Old Preciously Says Her ABC's

This cute little girl reciting her ABC's is the absolute cutest video you will see today. Enjoy! The parent-child relationship is a figure eight that feeds the other side that feeds the other side that feeds the other side, and on it goes, forever. The child tries so hard to please her father, and the bond, it might be observed, is especially immutable in the father-daughter relationship. Though we may not know exactly what it means, we have heard in popular wisdom that we can tell the success of a marriage if we know what kind of relationship the daughter had with her father. A strongly positive experience means the daughter will know her own mind and seek healthy, rather than abusive relationships throughout life. A daughter whose affections weren’t rewarded early in life will grow into a woman who attaches to abusive men. Whether that is a proven law of developmental psychology, don’t you think that a healthy adulthood is predicated on a healthy father-child dynamic? Of course! For one thing, there is an extra burden on humans to learn more than just love . We have to learn complex communication skills. We’re not talking grunts, but symbolic reasoning. It’s a fact that a great part of the human brain is distinctive for its ability to learn a language in the form of speaking, reading, and writing. Yes, we may begin life by simply repeating language elements, but even the babbling pre-verbal child will string sounds together in novel combinations just for its intrinsic reward, for reasons as much biological as they are social. Even the hand-signing gorilla Koko, who passed away this past June was significant for learning a skill atypical of all hairy apes, whether gorilla, chimpanzee, orangutan , etc. There is even a fair amount of skepticism as to Koko’s abilities. For one thing, Koko’s signing had to be interpreted through a trainer, Francine Patterson. The language Koko learned was modified from American Sign Language (ASL), but not true ASL. Koko was reported to be able to sign about 1,000 words, but in every case, it was Koko’s handler who did the interpreting. People will very quickly learn to communicate without the intercession of our parents. Most school children would prefer it if their parents stayed out of their school life. Can you imagine a parent saying “What he really means is…” at your job interview? We can’t tell just from this video if the little girl is a prodigy (although most parents attribute special intelligence to their own children), but she’s definitely getting the hang of the basics. Observe how her father rewards her successes. The fortunate little girl doesn’t have to be perfect to receive praise from her proud daddy. It is enough that she tries. She is well on her way. We can be assured that this time next year, the girl will be reading Shakespearean sonnets and performing integral calculations. Ok, so we’re overestimating the typical child’s abilities just a wee bit. But it’s probably safe to reason that this tot is a cute kid with a bright future ahead of her.

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Three-Year-Old Girl Has Full-Blown Conversation With Siri6m02s

Three-Year-Old Girl Has Full-Blown Conversation With Siri

An amusing video has emerged of a three-year-old girl trying to initiate a conversation with Siri in this adorable clip, but it is an unfortunate case of communication breakdown at times given girl’s babbling language. Hilarious! Check out this little girl's conversation with Siri in this adorable clip. She's so cute! Siri is a voice assistant controlled by an echo speaker, but it’s capable of much more. Using nothing but the sound of your voice, you can search the Web, create to-do and shopping lists, shop online, get instant weather reports, and control popular smart-home products, all while your phone stays in your pocket. It is a great gadget to have around the home that can help you run your errands. This little girl from this funny video has over a dozen failed attempts in talking to Siri as she is still developing her speech, so the voice assistant doesn't always understand her wishes, and that gets the girl all giggly and worked up. The end result is this hilarious video that will keep you entertained, check it out! It is absolutely amazing to see how kids react to modern technologies, especially when they get to grab a smartphone and activate Siri, just like the girl in this video. Her reaction is so hilarious that you really don’t want to miss it! This video shows an adorable three-year-old girl who is having some fun with Siri in the living room. She is holding the iPad in her little hands and activates Siri only to babble something to it and wait for a response. When Siri fails to understand her request, she makes the funniest shocked faces we have ever seen! It’s so incredibly funny that you really have to check it out! Absolutely priceless! We can all agree that talking to toddlers can be quite a challenge. Although their babbling is the cutest thing in the world, sometimes it is almost impossible to understand them. Even the highly capable iPhone assistant can relate to this! If you have never seen a toddler having a frustrating conversation with Siri, you absolutely have to watch this other video! The beginning of the video shows an adorable little girl standing in the middle of a living room holding a cell phone and babbling to it . Apparently, she is trying to talk to Siri. Even though she repeats her demand a few times yelling louder and louder every time, Siri just cannot comprehend. “Go get my baby bottle”, we believe she says. This toddler girl wants her bottle, and she is not giving up! Too bad Siri is not fluent in toddler talk! “Sorry, I didn’t get that”, she replies. Unfortunately, this sweet girl will have to find another way to get her bottle! Hilarious! It is absolutely amazing how the smartphones are getting smarter and smarter these days. In the past couple of years, they advanced from being just cell phones to being computers that provide so many different information and help us out big time. Especially now with that built-in "intelligent assistant" we can even talk to them! Just check out this video and see how even babies start to use them. The only trick here is - babies can't really speak. LOL! This video shows a little baby girl who is sitting in the living room with her mom, and they play with her mom's phone. So, when the phone makes some noises, this cute baby gets so excited, but then gets a bit scared when she hears the Siri's voice ! LOL! She definitely didn't expect to hear some unknown voice talking back to her! Her facial expression is so priceless, and you really need to check it out." With technology advancing each and everyday, it is only fitting that certain aspects of our lives begin to shift more and more into the realm of tech. Before you know it, people will be living longer, cars will become fully electric, and kids will be on their phones and tablets all the time. Actually, this last one is already a reality! Ever imagined what it would sound like for a five-year-old to have a conversation with Siri? Watch as this little boy gets frustrated with Siri because she can’t understand what he is saying! Is there anything more heartwarming than hearing an adorable toddler saying that he or she loves you?! Even when a tot is talking to Siri ! Just check out this video and see it for yourself, but also get ready for the sweetest meltdown!