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Baby Uses Her Fingers As A Pacifier9s

Baby Uses Her Fingers As A Pacifier

Get ready to see one of the cutest and sweetest videos of the year! Everyone loves great baby videos, and this one takes the cake. The little bitty baby uses her fingers instead of a pacifier. When a person becomes a parent, they are enthralled by their child. Everything becomes about the child, and everything they do is magical. This video is the perfect example of this phenomenon. To the parents of this baby girl, there is just nothing more precious than watching their child sleep and suck her fingers. It is perfectly adorable. This sweet girl is dressed in a little pink polka-dotted and collared dress with matching bloomers. She also has the cutest little white shoes that also have a bow on them. She is a beautiful baby. She already has thick hair on her head that many babies would not yet have at her age. She relaxes in her black stroller on top of a soft, plush gray blanket with white stars on it. Even the noise she makes during the video is adorable! You can hear her suckling her fingers as if they were made of candy! She is very serious about this! Babies have a natural instinct or need to suckle something. This is because the mother produces breast milk, and the child needs to know to suckle in order to be fed. Pacifiers are actually a pretty controversial topic for many parents, but those who are not parents may not even know this. It is no secret that babies love sucking their fingers like the precious little angel in this video. We see this little chubby cutie lying in her stroller without a care in the world. This baby looks completely content, and she is certainly experiencing absolutely zero stress about anything going on in the world at this moment. Could this be any more adorable than it already is? We really do not think so. Some parents would look at this video and say that parents should not allow this little darling to suck her fingers like this, if they believe that it could cause tooth development issues or other issues, but we do not know for sure that letting her do that would result in any of the above mentioned. Some say that it can cause the teeth to move into places they should not be in, but others say that this is not the case. Many of these issues are really just up to the discretion of the parent. One positive aspect that supports the use of pacifiers and/or thumb sucking is some recent studies that have been performed by some doctors who say that using a pacifier can actually potentially save the child’s life. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is a phenomenon that all parents fear. Some doctors are now saying that using a pacifier can lower your child’s risk of SIDS by more than half. Now that is something to consider!

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Adorable Toddler Can't Figure Out How To Wink11s

Adorable Toddler Can't Figure Out How To Wink

Toddlers are at the stage of learning new thing, but often times they end up looking utterly adorable while trying to figure out the simplest of things. Everything around them gets them so excited that they want to learn everything at once. This toddler is confusingly trying to wink but can’t figure out how to do it. He has probably seen it recently and finds it irresistible. He is adamant on getting it right but every time he does it, he fails to leave one eye open and ends up blinking both eyes making the whole situation extremely cute. This cute Asian kid is wearing pink and is seated on a chair. The person video shooting him is definitely controlling their laughter because the act is just too funny. Maybe the cameraman is trying to show the toddler how to wink the right way. The right way being, keep an eye open while to blink the other one. No matter which eye you choose to blink, keep the other one open is the key. Since that is the essence of a wink, without that it is just like a blink. And that rhymed. YAY! The pink color really glows on the kid, we think the shirt makes him look cuter while he is trying to pull off the winking act. The chair is dark in color making his eye pop out in contrast and on top of that he is figuring out how to successfully wink. The funny part is that he knows he’s failing at the task but he’s just having too much fun to care about the wink. Or maybe in his head he’s doing it the right way and he doesn’t quite know what he looks like when he is doing it. Maybe when the person video shooting him, shows the toddler his video, he’s going to laugh just as hard as me. Because we have a feeling that the little boy doesn’t know what he’s doing. As adults, we sometimes think we are doing things the right way and we are looking great doing them but that is really not always the case. We are usually making a fool out of ourselves and are totally unaware of that. We spend a lot of our time trying to impress the world and make sure we look good while we are at it. But kids are of purest of hearts and all they care about is staying happy and finding happiness in the smallest of things. This kid is trying something that he can’t do and he is not embarrassed of making a fool of himself. He just wants to enjoy the moment and laugh with everyone. Maybe this is what the take away from the video should be! Live life without overthinking it and happiness will find you. What do you guys think about kids and their innocence. These things always teach us, pompous adults, how to find happiness in the smallest of things. Don’t you guys agree? Let us know your thoughts!

Kid Hilariously Runs Into Oven With Box Over His Head27s

Kid Hilariously Runs Into Oven With Box Over His Head

Aside from pets and animals, cute kids might have some of the most popular online videos. Just like watching animal videos, watching one little cute kid video can send you into a rabbit hole of hours of videos. Kids are so cute, they can basically get away with anything and pretty much everything they do is considered cute. They sure like to take advantage of the fact that everyone thinks they are cute, because they seem to cause a lot of havoc and trouble. They must know that in a few years it won’t be cute anymore! Things they used to do that people thought were cute or funny, will just be looked at as rude, troublesome, or immature. It is best they get out all the mischievous acts they can while people still find it cute! This video is a prime example of the things that kids can do that are cute. In a few years, this little boy won’t be doing this anymore. If he did he would probably get in trouble and scolded, but for now it is very cute and funny. This could also be very dangerous so this definitely shouldn’t be done at all. Since the boy is perfectly fine though, this video is very cute and very funny. The young boy starts out in his kitchen and he picks up a medium sized box and puts it over his head. This is already funny because seeing his little body with a box head looks hilarious. The box is slightly off centered and hanging over his head as he wobbles around. He begins to walk and run around with the box covering his head and he is loving it. He can’t see a thing and is stumbling everywhere. The laughter from the camera woman definitely encourages him and that causes him to laugh more. As he is running around in circles he heads straight for the oven! He runs right into the closed oven door and falls to the ground. The woman is laughing as is the boy and he is having such a fun time. Obviously, as stated earlier no kids should be running around like this because of how dangerous it could be. Never know how injured he could have gotten while running into things. As he fell to the ground you can see the big smile on him and he probably saw the big smile on the woman. He decided to put the box back on his head and give it another go. Kids love to entertain and if they see something work once they will continuously try it over and over again. This is the reason why kids love peek-a-boo so much and they never get tired of it! Since it got so much laughter the first time, he might as well continue doing it! As it runs around some more, the young boy gets tired and eventually just falls to the floor. He definitely got tired out and needs a rest now! The boy is definitely an energetic one and loves entertaining!

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