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Toddler's Clear Floor Confusion35s

Toddler's Clear Floor Confusion

This sweet girl is very confused about why she can see through this floor! While her mom tries to coax her across this clear floor, this little cutie isn't so sure that she should be walking on something that doesn't seem very solid! Will she make it across? There's only one way to find out!

Published: June 6, 20173,133 views
Baby Can't Handle Dad's Stinky Feet29s

Baby Can't Handle Dad's Stinky Feet

Someone get this dad some perfume for his feet! This poor baby can't handle the stink from his dad's feet and is making sure that his parents know that he's upset! No one should have to suffer this kind of stink! But we have to admit, that his reaction is pretty hilarious!

Published: June 13, 20176,773 views
Little Girl Has The Worst Poker Face32s

Little Girl Has The Worst Poker Face

It can be embarrassing to cry in front of other people. This little girl tries her best to put on a brave poker face in front of her mom, but it's clear that her mom can see right through her! This adorable little girl may have the worst poker face of all time, but it's okay because she's so darn adorable.

Published: June 23, 2016949 views
Baby Discovers Dad's Comedic Talent35s

Baby Discovers Dad's Comedic Talent

This dad is a real hoot with his adorable little son! It turns out that this dad has got some hidden comedy skills that is just shining through to his toddler and the baby is loving every second of it! It doesn't take long for this little tot to start belly laughing right back at his dad!

Published: August 23, 20171,176 views
13 Adorable Baby Shenanigans2m33s

13 Adorable Baby Shenanigans

Babies are just adorable mess making machines! These adorable little babies are up to no good, so it's a good thing that they're so darn cute! There's no way to stay mad at these sweet faces for long. With just one look, these adorable little tots will melt your heart in no time!

Published: January 18, 20173,434 views
Baby Adorably Disagrees With Dad30s

Baby Adorably Disagrees With Dad

As far as baby arguments go, this adorable tot doesn't need any words to make her point clear to her pop! This cute baby is not shy about making her opinions known to her dad, even if he disagrees with her! Let's just say that she knows how to stand her ground!

Published: December 1, 20166,418 views
Boy Adorably Confused By Reflection In Mirror35s

Boy Adorably Confused By Reflection In Mirror

Somebody is not a fan of his reflection doing exactly what he's doing! This sweet kid doesn't totally understand how a mirror works and it's the cutest thing ever! He gets adorably upset when he sees this other boy in the mirror doing exactly what he's doing every time!

Published: January 5, 20173,641 views
Little girl's priceless reaction to gender reveal!37s

Little girl's priceless reaction to gender reveal!

There's definitely a few families out there who've been in this situation before. Finding out if you're getting a new brother or sister is a game-changer when you're a young toddler. Unfortunately for this young one, the news was not what she was expecting!

Peekaboo game gone wrong13s

Peekaboo game gone wrong

This classic game of peekaboo doesn't exactly end well for little Isla. Watch how the 6-month-old reacts after being surprised by grandmother, it's priceless!

Toddler discovers the joy of chocolate20s

Toddler discovers the joy of chocolate

This looks like the beginning of a wonderful friendship! Check out this little Leighton's awesome reaction to tasting chocolate for the very first time. Yum!

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What Does This Toddler Say?55s

What Does This Toddler Say?

This mom is having a little trouble figuring out what exactly it is that her son is saying. She gives it a few good guesses before she's finally able to figure out her baby's babbles! How well do you speak babble? Can you figure out what this cutie is saying before the mom does?

Published: March 8, 20172,825 views
Little boy thinks dad is pregnant12s

Little boy thinks dad is pregnant

A boy is expecting a new brother or sister who he is super excited about. He puts his head next to the future baby and talks to them. He makes sure to tell the baby that he's saying hello and what's going on. The camera pulls out to reveal that it's his father's belly.

Published: November 19, 20159,264 views
Toddler's Snowy Tumble20s

Toddler's Snowy Tumble

Winter is a beautiful time of year where everything is blanketed in white snow! Well this little boy thought that he wanted it to snow a little more, so he tapped on the top of a garbage bin to get some of the snow off. Little did he know that he'd get a lot more snow than he bargained for!

Published: May 31, 2017420 views
Baby being filmed knows exactly how to respond23s

Baby being filmed knows exactly how to respond

While most babies are unsure how to react when the camera is recording them, this one knows just what to do. You must see these hilarious and adorable facial expressions that are just too priceless to miss! Filmed in Pasco, WA.

21 Cutest Chubby Babies5m06s

21 Cutest Chubby Babies

All babies are adorable, but these chubby babies have a unique charm all their own! There's something about bouncing babies that makes them irresistibly cute and we can't help but fall in love with all of them! Can you handle all the cuteness? There's only one way to find out!

Published: August 29, 2017280 views
Toddler pretends to be a dog43s

Toddler pretends to be a dog

Little Leighton does her best impersonation of a puppy as she plays fetch with her dad. How cute is that?

Published: June 26, 201626 plays$0.09 earned
Angry Man Hates Time Outs38s

Angry Man Hates Time Outs

Usually time outs are reserved for misbehaving children or sporting matches. But this emotional man's angry outburst might just warrant him receiving a time out as well! This man reverted to his inner child self in t minus 1 minute. Where is the ref when you need him?

Published: February 26, 20161,804 views
Little Girl Is Adorably Hangry33s

Little Girl Is Adorably Hangry

We all know that one friend who gets hangry when they havn't had anything to eat in a while! Well this adorable little girl certainly is hungry and angry while sitting in this restaurant, and she doesn't understand what is taking so long for the food to come out!

Published: May 3, 20173,295 views
This baby looks normal, but her parents do something shocking to keep her alive!!!4m57s

This baby looks normal, but her parents do something shocking to keep her alive!!!

Morning physio I realise this is shocking if you dont realise why. But trust me its not as shocking for u as it is for us cf moms/ dads who are told when our babies are 2 and a half weeks old that we need to do this to our child to try prevent lung damage. The point of this video is just a little insight into what physiotherapy is for a baby with cystic fibrosis. The treatment lasts 25 minutes and is 3 times a day.It doesn't hurt her we are taught how to do it properly so it doe'snt. Generally she just falls asleep. Or she lies there smiling at me. It makes them feel better. Its like when we have an irritating cough and we finally get it off our chest, how much better we feel. This is what it does for them Please feel free to share to help raise awareness xx Follow us: