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Stand Up Sleeper40s

Stand Up Sleeper

We're not sure if this cute kid is trying to stay awake or just trying to sleep while standing up, but either way it looks like he's struggling! This stand up sleeper is has figured out an amazing way to do a leg workout while taking a quick snooze. Talk about a multitasking!

Published: February 24, 20176 views
Pacifier Switcheroo36s

Pacifier Switcheroo

Who would have thought that pacifiers could be so entertaining! These babies don't need anything other than two pacifiers to keep themselves occupied for hours at a time! Whenever they start to get bored, all they have to do is swap pacifiers to switch things up a bit!

Published: February 24, 20173 views
Tot Makes A Leap of Faith35s

Tot Makes A Leap of Faith

Everything seems bigger and scarier when you're a kid, even the refrigerator! This sweet tot somehow felt that the three inch ledge inside the refrigerator was as intimidating as the grand canyon! It was time to bring in mom to make this amazing rescue!

Published: February 22, 20179 views
What Does The Frog Say?35s

What Does The Frog Say?

Ever since that viral music video came out, we all soon learned what the fox says, but have you ever wondered what the frog says? Well forget what you think you know about frogs, and get ready to learn the new language of frogs according to this sweet baby!

Published: February 22, 201719 views
33 Sweetest Kids of All Time10m03s

33 Sweetest Kids of All Time

Take a break from a long work day with these sweetest kids! These adorable kids and their cute little shenanigans will instantly give you the moodboost that you need to make through the rest of the work day! Just try to get through this whole video without cracking a smile!

Published: February 22, 201725 views
9 Reasons Why Hugs Are The Best1m16s

9 Reasons Why Hugs Are The Best

Getting a nice warm hug can sometimes be the best present that you can get from anyone! Just ask these super adorable little kids who can't get enough hugs! Sometimes it's good to take a page from these adorable kids and learn how to be kind again!

Published: February 22, 20179 views
Kid Learns Shocking Truth About The Color Pink30s

Kid Learns Shocking Truth About The Color Pink

What do you mean that pink isn't a real color? This sweet little girl thought she would learn some fun facts about her favorite color, so she started to ask Siri about some fun facts. Unfortunately what she learns is not what she was hoping to hear! Talk about heart break!

Published: February 16, 201766 views
Tot Gets Scared By Fireworks25s

Tot Gets Scared By Fireworks

Who doesn't love fireworks? Well actually, this little tot would very much prefer not to have anything to do with fireworks! While the sights may be beautiful, the sound is much less pleasant to behold! Someone is not very sure how he feels about this strange new thing!

Published: February 16, 201725 views
Twin Babies Share Hiccups26s

Twin Babies Share Hiccups

These siblings are so close, they share everything with each other, including hiccups! Can you handle the cuteness of this adorable pair of twins? They just can't help but pass their hiccups back and forth between the two of them! Will it ever end?

Published: February 16, 201729 views
Kid's James Bond Fail34s

Kid's James Bond Fail

This sweet kid thought he might take a page from James Bond's escape handbook to make a break from his crib! Unfortunately, he soon realizes that he's no James Bond and that this crib is taller than he thought! This kid isn't giving up anytime soon, it's just time for plan B!

Published: February 16, 201722 views
Most Dramatic Haircut Ever37s

Most Dramatic Haircut Ever

Getting a haircut isn't always the most pleasant experience, especially for kids, but it's also not the end of the world! But nothing is able to console this boy as his mom gives hima DIY haircut right at home! This might be the most dramatic haircut session you've ever seen!

Published: February 16, 20173,410 views
Sweet Baby Kisses Mirror25s

Sweet Baby Kisses Mirror

This sweet girl just met her new favorite person, her reflection! She loves seeing her reflection so much that this little girl likes to just give herself sweet kisses whenever she walks by the mirror! You won't be able to keep from smiling when you watch this adorable little tot!

Published: February 16, 201717 views
Black Widow Spiders Explained By A Kid24s

Black Widow Spiders Explained By A Kid

This sweet kid sure does know a lot about spiders! Or at least we think he does at first! When mom asks this kid what it is that makes black widow spiders so dangerous, the answer that she gets is not what you might expect! Who knew that spiders were so menacing?

Published: February 15, 201752 views
does not want water7s

does not want water

child does not want to take a bath, hold on to pour water on head

Published: February 11, 2017Updated: February 13, 201755 views
Dancing Baby Diva28s

Dancing Baby Diva

Look out world! There's no doubt that this sweet little toddler is going to grow up to be the next big super star! He's already practicing his key dance moves and learning all he can about what it takes to be a star! We'll be looking forward to his big break in the near future!

Published: February 9, 20171,196 views
Baby Doggy Singing Duo21s

Baby Doggy Singing Duo

You've never seen a singing duo quite like this! This adorable little tike is happy as can be and is giggling away when his canine companion decided to sing a song along with the cute baby! The result is the sweetest thing that you'll see all week! Just watch and see!

Published: February 9, 2017360 viewsVirality: 7%