Adorable German Shepherd Is Guilty And He Knows It1m42s

Adorable German Shepherd Is Guilty And He Knows It

Guilty dogs are one of the most hilariously adorable things out there on the Internet. They are always up to some mischief, hoping they never get caught. But in fact, they do get caught quite a lot, and their reaction is almost identical every single time - no eye contact, look of guilt and of course - those irresistible puppy eyes. Shadow the German shepherd is no exception to this tradition, and delivers the best guilty response ever! When his mom asks him if he did the mess, at first he looks surprised, but when the evidence is shown to him, he instantly changes his reaction and proceeds to avoid eye contact. No matter how many times his mommy asks him if he is responsible for the chewed up mattress, he just looks away hoping she'll forgive him. After all, he was just playing and didn't mean any harm. This is one of the many things that come along with owning a dog. It's not always rainbows and butterflies, but even these situations are adorable and dogs are quickly forgiven. Who could stay mad at a face like that? Not his mommy, that's for sure. We hope that next time Shadow will know better than chewing up stuff that aren't toys.

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Needy dog refuses to let owner exercise1m06s

Needy dog refuses to let owner exercise

Check out this German Shepherd stop at nothing for a little extra attention. Watch what he does when all his owner wants to do is exercise a bit. He is so funny!

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Little Girl Is Very Mad And Starts To Cry When Seagulls Steal Her Food 40s

Little Girl Is Very Mad And Starts To Cry When Seagulls Steal Her Food

Seagulls are very entertaining birds to watch fly around in the sky, but they are also lovers of stealing food! It seems like they are always hungry and are willing to grab anything they can get their beaks on, silly birds! This little girl loved watching the birds fly around, they were definitely putting a smile on her face. That smile turned upside down when she saw the seagulls pull off an action that she wasn't expecting one bit. She had placed her sandwich slices down in front of her, and the seagulls wasted no time grabbing every single last bite, poor girl! This little girl doesn't want to have to deal with these pesky seagulls ever again. Can't blame her! None of us would be happy is someone stole our food, it just isn't fair. Next time this little girl goes outside to eat some food, she is going to have to keep it close to her, or else the seagulls will try to attack it as soon as they can. Time to go make a new sandwich, and it probably won't be eaten outside anytime soon! Check out this video of seagulls devouring the little girls food. She was not pleased at all. Silly seagulls!

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Big dog vs Little girl 3m16s

Big dog vs Little girl

Little girl trying to teach our large German Shepherd, Shadow new tricks, watch how he obeys her then knocks her over whilst doing them, then he thinks its playtime and pounces as if to play. Hilarious!

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Rescuing a bird from the attic 5m30s

Rescuing a bird from the attic

We had been hearing scratching from the attic for two days ,we decided to investigate,we found a bird my sons went up to rescue it

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Guilty German Shepherd can't hide shame1m42s

Guilty German Shepherd can't hide shame

As Shadow's owner walks into the room, she notices something unusual on the ground, why is there styrofoam all over the floor? Immediately, she calls over Shadow the German Shepherd to come look at the mess. When she asks Shadow why there is a big mess on the floor, he looks at it and walks away, quickly hiding behind a cabinet. It seems like Shadow might be the culprit of this mess, he isn't going to budge from his spot now. His owner continues to ask what he has done, but he isn't going to speak. When she tell him to come over and look at the mess again, he comes out of his hiding spot, but immediately goes right back behind his cabinet. He must feel really bad now! As his owner picks up the styrofoam and brings it close towards him, he turns his head, trying not to look at it. He doesn't want to have anything to do with it now! Puppy dog eyes aren't going to work Shadow, it's too late now! I think it's safe to say, there's a good chance Shadow is guilty, silly dog! Check out some of these dog bones your dogs will enjoy chewing on. Hopefully they bite these bones instead of messing up items around the house! Have your pets ever made a mess around the house? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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