Woman Cuts Off Three Feet Of Hair1m05s

Woman Cuts Off Three Feet Of Hair

And yet again The-MakeOver-Guy didn't fail to surprise us with his impeccable skills. In this video clip, we can see a middle-aged lady come in with long approximately 4-5 feet curly wavy hair and is thinking of chopping them off. She is examined by the-makeover-guy and they are deciding over how much hair has to be cut and that's when another stylist joins them. That lady customer has strawberry blonde hair and apparently, even her brother has the same hair color. For the next couple of seconds, we could see the stylists struggling and trying to figure out how to cut her long 3 feet hair and finally they put that hair into a loose braid and then simply chop the braid off from above. And there we have 3 feet of hair, completely gone off from her head. We could see the stylist elated with her work. Wonder how lighter the lady must have felt after pulling this stunt. Then we could see the stylish hand over the lady her chopped off hair in a braid, basically her 3 feet long hair in the form of braid is handed to her and the lady amazed. She can't stop saying oh my god, oh my goodness. It seems like she loved what just happened to her and was surprised she didn't do it earlier. Then they take us to the shot when her hair color has changed from blonde to brunette more like a deeper shade of brown. She totally pulls off that color. She looks far more mature and of age in this color. Must say great choice by the stylist. Now here not only has her hair color changed but we can see her in full fledge make up and all dolled up. The blush brings perfect color to her cheeks drastically and the eye makes could not look any better. A hint of rose gold highlighter of her high points really reflects light off her face and gives an impression of radiating face, the bronze did wonders too. In the interview after her makeover is done, she says she feels delighted and airy. Further, she says her family is really gonna be surprised because for the past 20 years they have seen her in nothing but her long hair in her long braid. She looks happy, amazed and excited all at the same time. The makeover she got was exactly the one she needed.

The MAKEOVERGUY® Gives His Sister a 50th Birthday Makeover4m06s

The MAKEOVERGUY® Gives His Sister a 50th Birthday Makeover

When my sister, Michelle turned 50 she flew to Minneapolis, by herself, on a plane for the first time since before the world of flight had changed. She's not one for taking risks, typically, nor doing things that are not familiar. But during this little moment in our history we had fun playing beauty shop and enjoying the moments that so quickly pass us. The song has ended but the melody lingers on. Maybe we can do it again when she turns 60. Of course I'll still be 27 when that happens.

Dramatic Long to Short Hair Makeover2m48s

Dramatic Long to Short Hair Makeover

Arnette flew from St. Antonio Texas and wanted a dramatic change. By adding more depth of red and creating a dramatic cheek length bob was just the ticket to a more professional and dramatic look.

When a Woman Wants To Keep Her Long Hair Makeover2m53s

When a Woman Wants To Keep Her Long Hair Makeover

People always think I just want to "chop off" long hair. Facetiously I always respond, "Yes, that's all I want to do. Just chop off long hair." I will always leave length if that's what someone wants. But it's generally not considered a true makeover if all you do is style it differently. In this case the makeover was more of a gift and she was very suited with her long beautiful (key word, beautiful) long hair.

Woman Flies From England To Minneapolis For Makeover2m25s

Woman Flies From England To Minneapolis For Makeover

For those of you who still have not seen or heard about this super popular artist, Christopher Jon Hopkins, or better known as "The Makeover Guy" is an entrepreneur, public speaker, ultra-popular media personality, artist, singer and makeover artist. He comes from Redwood Falls, Minnesota. He first opened a studio in 1990, the “Christopher Hopkins Salon” in the Hubbard Broadcasting building, the same building where KSTP, KSTP-FM, and KSTP-TV are. And the location was not a random choice, he had to be near to his clients: he was responsible for the image of the on-air talent. This is how he became a regular contributing guest on “Good Company”, local daytime talk show. Later, he was a beloved guest at TV shows such as The Oprah Winfrey Show and The Today Show. Hopkins has also worked with celebrities including Hillary Clinton. As a baritone vocal soloist, from winning countless awards, he performed with the Minnesota Orchestra, the Erie Philharmonic, the Grand Teton Music Festival and the Hannover Radio Philharmonic in Germany. Christopher began a series of makeover videos in June 2010, showing drastic makeovers of real men and women from all around the world. These were originally entitled “The Makeover Guy Reveals” but then the series name was changed to “The Power of Pretty®” in 2013. This video is a tidbit of what Hopkins does: this woman flew all the way from across the pond for one reason thing – a makeover with Christopher Hopkins. He has an entire team behind him, taking care of every aspect of the client image. Watch his video and see the woman blossoming with her astounding new image all around.

Woman Flies From Texas To Minneapolis For A Makeover3m36s

Woman Flies From Texas To Minneapolis For A Makeover

You must have heard already about Christopher Jon Hopkins, aka ‘’The Makeover Guy’’. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Christopher is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, media person, singer and a makeover artist. Christopher sees the beauty within and shows it outside! Some people just seem to get you immediately, and vice-versa. That's what happened in this, one of Christopher's favorite makeovers. You must see it! Helping people express their inner spirit through heir outer image. When who you are inside express itself in how you appear, you are beautiful. This is Christopher’s motto. His makeover saloon is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. All the way from southern Texas, there comes a woman named Donna Sue. She wanted a change in her life. Her hair was lifeless and her look was tired. She reached to her old friend Christopher in hope to get a better physical appearance and confidence in herself. He accepted the challenge and here is the result. Christopher explained: This is perhaps one the most fun makeovers I've done in a while we just had a blast. She was up for anything without fear and away we went. LOVE! We lifted the brunette out of the hair to help her grow out her gray. Dramatic eye makeup really captures her theatrical side. We'd have been great friends in high school and know we'd have been kicked out of class plenty. The haircut was great, but this time the special birdcall is greater! Donna said it: Christopher brought her personality out in her hair. What a 180-degree change and looking absolutely fabulous! Watch this amazing video and comment your thoughts below!

MAKEOVER! The Years Have Been Washed Away, by Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy®4m40s

MAKEOVER! The Years Have Been Washed Away, by Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy®

LIVE and in person ALL THE WAY FROM AUSTRAILIA to Minneapolis.... SHARON! Sharon is allergic to hair color. But I thought if we could use something that didn’t touch the scalp and lift out some of the drab ash it would soften the effect. Audrey used several bleach foils. Subtle but effective. Kami warmed up her makeup, and I lifted the lines of the cut with angles that also help diminish a stronger nose in profile.

MAKEOVER! Stuck in the '80's, by Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy®4m12s

MAKEOVER! Stuck in the '80's, by Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy®

At only 48 Joni helps her daughter by taking care of her grandchildren. My mother did the same thing. But as much as you may love it, it can create a rut that's difficult to climb out of. But she had the right attitude. I might have gone even shorter but decided to err on the side of caution. Trish took the blonde to a subtle auburn with highlights. Kami made those blue eyes pop.