Dachshund makes a huge sideway leap when scared! 16s

Dachshund makes a huge sideway leap when scared!

While calmly strolling through the woods and the fallen leafs, this tiny Dachshund is having a great time. All of that changes when her owner decides to kick a pile of leafs towards her! As she didn't expect that to be happening, she scares and makes a huge leap sideways and she doesn't know how fast to get away! In the slowmotion you can see her amazingly athletic jump to the side!

Dachshund gets cooled down with mini-fan29s

Dachshund gets cooled down with mini-fan

As a heatwave is going through the Netherlands, with temperatures rising to 38° Celsius ~ 100.4° Fahrenheit, everyone and everything from human to dog is feeling hot! While humans are able to adjust their clothing, dogs can't just take their 'coat' of. This Dachshund was also feeling really hot. Her human decided to cool her down a bit with a mini-fan and as you can see in the video she really loves it! Laying comfortably on the bed she is rolling around on her back so the cool air can reach every spot! This will help her for now!

Published: August 9, 20182,657 views
Dachshund freaks out over slice of lime53s

Dachshund freaks out over slice of lime

Dog reactions to citrus fruits are always quite humorous, and this Dachshund's response is no exception! Although she thinks the piece of lime is quite irresistible, she also really doesn't like the scent of the fruit. You can see her observing in the distance, but when coming closer she starts to jump and turn and even throws out a little bark!

Funny Dachshund is too lazy to walk20s

Funny Dachshund is too lazy to walk

Pom the Dachshund isn't really enthusiastic about having a walk in the hot sun, so she rather rolls around in the cool grass and being dragged around on her leash. This isn't bothering her at all, instead it's giving her some nice scratchies on her back!

Dachshund freaks out over pesky insect1m57s

Dachshund freaks out over pesky insect

This Dachshund encounters a common cockchafer for the first time and decides to take a closer look at that big beetle. Quite soon she finds out that coming too close isn't a really good idea; as soon as she touches it with her snout the beetle will grab on, causing her to shake her head in distress to get it off of her as soon as possible! As she keeps a safe distance, she jumps up and down and back and forth in all her curiosity and excitement. At some point she even tries to tap the cockchafer with her short little paws!

Puppy jumps for joy over new toys26s

Puppy jumps for joy over new toys

After some careful wandering around in her new home, this cute little Dachshund puppy suddenly noticed all the toys that her new owners got for her and she began to jump from one toy to another from excitement; she just doesn't know where to start playing!

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Dachshund digging up hidden cookies 26s

Dachshund digging up hidden cookies

Although Dachshund have really short legs, they love to dig in the sand (actually, the love to dig everywhere). So when the owner of Pom decides hide a cookie in the sand, she starts digging immediately until she finds it. After shaking of a bit of sand, she's making sure nothing else is being hidden or left behind before she continues her way.

Dachshund ecstatic for first ever snow experience1m22s

Dachshund ecstatic for first ever snow experience

Winter is entering the Netherlands, and on the 10th of December the first snow fell in Eindhoven. This little Dachshund has never seen snow before in her life, so it was quite an experience for her when she got outside for the first time! Here you can see her running around, trying to eat the snow (never eat yellow snow), and lots of head shakes to get the snowflakes of her snout and body!

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Dog begs for fruit but hates it 1m10s

Dog begs for fruit but hates it

When Pom the Dachshund started begging for a piece of tangerine her owner already knew what was coming, so he started filming her reaction when she actually got a piece! As she sits patiently to get a piece of tangerine, she isn't that happy anymore after her owner tries to hand it to her; she quickly jumps to another place on the couch! When approaching her again with the fruit, she rapidly moves past her owner and jumps to a different couch. Trying not to stress her, he places the piece of tangerine on the couch so she can come as close as she thinks is good for her. After gathering some courage, she walks up to it to sniff it and tries to pick it up between her teeth, but due to the strong scent the raises her lips and is not able to pick it up. After walking around a bit, not daring to pick it up, she decides it's enough and walks up to her owner to give him some cuddles. Although several citrus fruits can be poisonous for dogs, it's no problem to give your dog a few pieces of tangerine or oranges. A small dog like Pom can have one or two segments of tangerine without issues, bigger dogs can even have some more. If fed in large amounts, the excess sugar, dietary fiber and citric acid from the tangerines can upset your dog’s stomach, but in small amounts (a few segments a day), it’s safe for dogs to eat tangerines. Never give your dog lemon or lime as they are highly acidic, and because of that they are very likely to upset your dog’s stomach. It’s also unlikely that a dog would even want to eat a lemon or a lime, but most dogs do love the sweet taste of tangerines.

Dachshund obsessed with stealing owner's socks42s

Dachshund obsessed with stealing owner's socks

Pom the Dachshund is a huge fan of socks, preferably ones that already have been worn by her owners. Every evening when someone goes into the shower, she is waiting next to the laundry bin until the socks come off. As soon as it's thrown into the bin, she takes a sock out and runs off, making sure that no one will get her precious treasure!

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Dachshund playtime! 38s

Dachshund playtime!

Every dog loves to play, and if one breed is known for that it’s the Dachshund! Dachshunds are intelligent dogs with an independent nature and playful spirit. Because of this, they can be mischievous. Pom, the two-year-old miniature Dachshund you see here in the video, always gets triggered when you start teasing her with your hand or fingers. As Dachshunds were bred to not only hunt but kill their prey; in your household, the "prey" most likely will be your Dachshund's toys and he will effectively "kill" them one after the other. Or, when you start triggering her with your fingers or hands, this will turn into their prey and she will start chasing and biting it. But, no matter how enthusiastic and rough she can get during her hunt, she will always be careful not to hurt the hand or fingers that she’s playing with. Another thing that Pom loves to do is getting cuddles or scratchies from her loving owners; in the end of the video you can see that when her owner touches the right spot she maneuvers in such a position that no place is being left untouched!

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Dachshund loses it after seeing mirror reflection39s

Dachshund loses it after seeing mirror reflection

After playing on the bed for a moment, this Dachshund sees her reflection in the mirror and goes crazy! Barking, running around on the bed, jumping up against the mirror: it sure takes a while before she calms down!

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Dachshund waiting for owner to return 25s

Dachshund waiting for owner to return

This cute little Dachshund hears that one of her owners is coming home, and is eagerly waiting next to the front door; just look at her wagging tail and listen to the cute noises she makes until the door opens!

Puppy going crazy being on the beach for the first time 10s

Puppy going crazy being on the beach for the first time

This little Dachshund puppy is going to the beach for the first time and as soon as the owners took off the leash she started running around like never before! Check out that little faceplant in the end, where she snaps at her little tail like that was the one to blame, too funny!

Tucked in dachshund falls asleep while watching TV21s

Tucked in dachshund falls asleep while watching TV

This video may be less than half a minute long, but it has to go down in Rumble history as one of the most adorable videos we have ever had! All we could say while watching it was a bunch of “aws” and make googly eyes. Squeak! It is nap time for this cute Dachshund! All tucked in and comfortable in front of the TV, this dog is ready to get some sleep. At first she is still struggling to keep her eyes open, but finally she gives in. And who wouldn't – swaddled up with a nice, soft blankie, white noise coming from the is just nirvana! Although the standard Dachshund was bred to chase and flush out badgers and other burrow-dwelling animals, today the wiener dogs, as they are endearingly called, are one of the most desired lap dogs in the world. Fight it all you want, but just looking at a wiener dog will make you smile. Even thinking of their moniker brings a smile to our faces! Because if their comical appearance, they have been a favorite with cartoonists and toy makers since forever. Despite of their size and silly appearance, Dachshunds are very brave dogs and have quite the independent spirit, though they can sometimes be a little stubborn. For all you dog lovers out there, have you ever seen something so adorable? Let us know in the comment section! Be sure to visit for more adorable videos like this one, and feel free to upload any of your own videos. Check out this adorable dog falling asleep while watching TV!

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Tiny puppy stands up to her bully 14s

Tiny puppy stands up to her bully

After this dog has been chasing this miniature Dachshund around for a while at the dog park, the little brave puppy decided it was enough and turned things around, by chasing the big fellow!

Dachshund puppy doesn't want to get wet 16s

Dachshund puppy doesn't want to get wet

This Dachshund puppy was taken to the beach for the first time in it's life, and the owners were waiting for it go get into the water. This didn't turn out as expected as instead of going in, the dog was trying to avoid the water at all costs!

Dachshund digging like crazy on owners leg as she thinks a cookie is hidden beneath 43s

Dachshund digging like crazy on owners leg as she thinks a cookie is hidden beneath

The owner fooled this Dachshund by pretending he hid a cookie underneath his leg, and the dog is doing his utmost to get it. As you may already know, Dachshunds were bred to get vermin out of underground holes. They would go in, grab the animal, and then the farmer would pull their Doxie, along with his prey, out of the hole. It’s why they have a long, low body and huge claws. Those big nails of theirs are made for digging through the dirt, so you shouldn’t be surprised if your Doxie just starts digging on other objects as well when there is something that they desperately want (in this case, the cookie). The longer it takes, she even tries to use her mouth to get there!

Puppy exploring and playing in it's new home for the first time 2m02s

Puppy exploring and playing in it's new home for the first time

Meet this cute little Dachshund puppy who just arrived at her new home. The puppy is 8 weeks old, and her owners were looking forward to this moment for months already. They tried to make it a nice little place for her, with a fresh basket and lots and lots of toys. Here you can see her roaming around for the first time, still walking and jumping around with those tiny puppy steps. Trying to climb over the basket and one of the owners, she is joyfully playing around!

German Shepherd gives puppy a bath 12s

German Shepherd gives puppy a bath

All throughout time, the old have taken care of the extremely young. Parents change their child's diapers, they clean them and so on. Well that can be seen across all species of animals, including dogs. Here we have a loving German Shepherd helps clean this tiny 7-week-old Dachshund puppy with gentle care. You gotta stay clean somehow! Isn't this just the most adorable thing you've seen today? This will definitely warm your heart if you're a dog lover. Hopefully some of you cat lovers fell in love with these dogs too! Visit to get your daily dose of cuteness! Check out this German Shepherd giving a puppy a bath.