Watch The Little Thief Pipes! 1m20s

Watch The Little Thief Pipes!

During the renovation and laying of the pipeline, the naughty Basset Hound dog steals an important element of the pipe. I do not want to give it back after goodness and the dog's escape from the crime scene begins. The owners move in pursuit. The dog is agile and is not easy to catch. Will it be possible to recover an important element?

Musically Talented Basset Hound Accompanies Owner's Cello Practice43s

Musically Talented Basset Hound Accompanies Owner's Cello Practice

This is the heartwarming moment when a talented Basset Hound pooch decides to accompany owner’s cello practice by joining in the fun and howling along to the rhythm! Listen closely as Bodzio the Basset Hound sings along to his owner's cello performance. What a dynamic duo! This music-loving dog just can't resist the urge to join in when owner begins to play his cello. Bodzio the Basset Hound pooch hilariously breaks out into song as soon as his human beings to play the instrument. This dog is very musically talented! Watch him howl in excitement while his owner plays the powerful string instrument. Pets are amazing creatures that bring so much joy and love into our lives. Sure, they can be a lot of hard work to raise, some might say it is almost like raising a child, but those challenges are heavily outweighed by the the positives. Often times, dog owners like to put the musical talent of their loved canines to the test by singing a song or playing an instrument. You would not have imagined that such a tough looking dog would even consider singing along. However, as soon as owner starts playing, he immediately starts howling. Some say canines have an ear for music, others will rebuke that notion, saying that the sheer sound of a musical instrument confuses the dogs, making them ‘complain’ about it. What is the truth about this behavior? Research confirms that dogs have musical preferences and react differently to particular types of music. Usually, when exposed to heavy metal music dogs become quite agitated and start barking. Classical music, on the other hand, seems to have a calming effect on dogs for that matter. Don't necessarily assume that your dog's howling has anything to do with the music you're playing. It may be just a mere coincidence. If the yowling continues well after you've turned off the classical music, it's time to investigate any and all of the other potential triggers for your dog's vocalization, whether nerves due to loneliness or physical pain.

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The Medieval Clock Mechanism of the Old Church 1m33s

The Medieval Clock Mechanism of the Old Church

In the old medieval church in Lower Silesia in Poland you can see the original clock mechanism. The zembate iron wheels show the artistry of ancient craftsmen. It is worth seeing how clocks were once constructed on church towers.

Basset Hound relaxes with his dad. 45s

Basset Hound relaxes with his dad.

After a hard day's work, the moment comes for a little rest. The dog with its owner can now stay together a little. This Basset Hound loves these moments when his father gives him a few minutes of his time. Just chill out.

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Magnificent Cloud Formation Captured In Poland50s

Magnificent Cloud Formation Captured In Poland

The sky is one of those things that never fails to render us speechless. There is something so beautiful in the fleeting masterpieces painted on the sky’s blue canvas, we are left awe-struck. The oeuvres d’art come in different colors, from the most faint whites to the boldest reds, and it’s the most beautiful sight we’ve ever seen. The only ones responsible for this beauty are the clouds, the sun and the wind. After all, the sky is nothing but empty space in which the water condensation molds in whichever form it desires and creates different clouds. Their shape can vary and can mean many different things, they might hold large quantities of water, they might be high or low in the atmosphere and they might even be just the beginning of the harshest storms we’ve ever seen. Either way, clouds are quite the model. The wind can act an important role as well. It can stretch the water vapor into thin stripes across the sky, or it can make candy floss appear on the horizon. It can make them appear out of nowhere and make them vanish into thin air in the blink of an eye. For the colored appearance, the only things responsible are the sun’s rays. The thick beams of light can turn the black sky a bright blue, the clouds gold, and sometimes even red. Together with the dust particles in the air, it might even make the sky appear in a perfect pink haze. Either way, sky paints some serious art, and this footage is here to show it. This cloud formation appeared in Lower Silesia in Poland, and it had people in awe because of its beauty. It looked so mysterious and even ethereal. Some went as far as to believe that it was no regular thing but a work of extraterrestrials.

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