Swimming fun51s

Swimming fun

The first bathing pass for the little ducks and Thorin is an eye-catcher and nothing happens.

Published: March 18, 2018
Hermann is dreaming  36s

Hermann is dreaming

Hermann is 15 years old and probably dreams of the good old days where he could still run properly.

Published: March 13, 2018
Cool owl 37s

Cool owl

This little owl or eagle owl is really cool. She sits there calmly and suddenly she is attacked by a magpie. When a second magpie is added, the little owl reaches it and she slowly turns her head to the magpies. That does not affect the magpies and they fly away. The little eagle owl turns his head very slowly forward again.

Published: March 11, 201813 views
Moose tour 34s

Moose tour

This moose was near Gothenburg in the grass and let himself be oblivious at all.

Published: March 3, 2018
Friendship Between Dog And Emu Proves Love Has No Boundaries 1m25s

Friendship Between Dog And Emu Proves Love Has No Boundaries

If there’s one thing we can learn from animals it’s how to love someone else unconditionally — even if they don’t happen to be in the same species as us! We can learn quite a bit from our animal friends on tolerance and the ability to see more of what we have in common than what makes us different. Different animal species have the incredible ability of befriending one another, despite what we think nature dictates. We see every day unusual friendships between animals who loves to spent time together and this is also that kind of friendship, true and loyal friendship between a dog and an emu. This incredible duo, Speedy the emu and Thorin the German Sheperd grew up together and have been the very best of friends since they were toddlers. The two have apparently taken each other so well that they partake in the same playtime activities, like playing together in the backyard or eating together.Sometimes Thorin likes to watch Speedy playing with the other birds, just to make sure he is safe and nobody is messing with him. For us, they are practically family, not just friends. We’re constantly hearing about amazing stories of animals overlooking their differences and just excepting who they are, and be there for each other when they need someone to lean on, or just don’t want to feel alone in this great big, scary world of ours. We are so happy for this cool duo and their lifelong friendship!

Published: February 28, 20184,417 views
In memory of Hermann 2m02s

In memory of Hermann

In January, our beloved Hermann died completely unexpected. With this video we want to remind him a little. Hermann was about 15 or 16 years old. In 2006, we brought Hermann from the shelter. There he was 3 or 4 years old and completely distraught. For a long time he had bad dreams. But soon he had settled in and a loyal friend more than 11 years. In 2015, Thorin joined in and Hermann revived again. We will always think of him!

Published: February 25, 2018
Atlas new friend 37s

Atlas new friend

If you go for a walk, something can always happen. The best thing is to find new friends.

Published: February 22, 2018
Motherly Dog Immediately Falls In Love With Ducklings Upon Introduction 2m15s

Motherly Dog Immediately Falls In Love With Ducklings Upon Introduction

The first ducks have hatched in this home and motherly German Shepherd has been waiting patiently to meet them. Check out their first encounter! This is the adorable moment when a gentle dog meets little ducklings for the first time. Watch the German Shepherd by the name of Thorin preciously watching over four little ducklings in this heartwarming clip. What an unusual animal friendship! Unfortunately these newborn quails don't have their mother around. But it looks like they don't have to worry about any enemies with Thorin the German Shepherd looking after them! These cute little guys have grown quite fond of Thorin, as he has to them. Watch how motherly Thorin watches over them! These unlikely friends are enjoying their glorious time with one another. So cute! You can only imagine what could happen when these little newborn quails grow up. Picture a bunch of full born quails just playing and following Thorin around the house. Now that would be something! Pets tend to form an amazing bond with not just their owner, but the other pets in the family as well. Here is the proof of that. What a cute pairing. You can tell that they're all going to be best friends forever. Check out this motherly dog lovingly embracing the new members of the family. Cuteness overload! Thorin the German Shepherd has been introduced to several different species of baby birds, and has formed instant friendships with all of them. This bird-loving dog has warmed our hearts! Thorin is actually very well versed with little baby birds. On this channel you will find videos of Thorin taking care of several different species of birds, like ducklings, chicks, even goslings! It is like he’s the Mary Poppins of baby birds! Good boy!

Published: February 20, 201813,268 views
Hedgehog Rescue 59s

Hedgehog Rescue

Last summer we found seven little hedgehogs. The mother was gone and they have come from hunger from their building. We housed and raised the hedgehogs in a rabbit hutch. When the time came, we released the small hedgehogs.

Published: February 16, 2018
Winter joy 51s

Winter joy

The dogs would like to play outside all day long.

Published: February 3, 201813 views
Atlas is cool 26s

Atlas is cool

Shepherd puppy Cira can not stop sometimes. See how Atlas responds.

Published: January 9, 201828 views
Puppy playing with ball 1m53s

Puppy playing with ball

The German Shepherd puppy Charon plays here for the first time with the big ball As you can see he has a lot of fun.

Published: December 2, 201773 views
Crazy dogs 2m12s

Crazy dogs

Thorin really goes to a lot of trouble with the little puppy. But as you can see he also has a lot of fun.

Published: November 21, 201731 views