Top 3 Wii Games2m37s

Top 3 Wii Games

I give a quick run-down of my top 3 Wii games. When I originally posted this video in 2014 I had links to reviews of the games on the list, unfortunately that video hosting site is shutting down (which is why I'm moving my stuff to Rumble) and those links are not available.

PS2 vs. InTV4m28s

PS2 vs. InTV

A little video I did back in 2009 that I still like watching every now and then, despite the quality that hasn't aged very well.

REVIEW - Syndicate on PS39m54s

REVIEW - Syndicate on PS3

My review of Syndicate on PS3. Actually, this is kind of two reviews in one. The first half of the video I compare it to the original Syndicate, and the second half I just review it as an FPS title.