Sad Dog Sits On Porch, Waiting For Owner To Come Home9s

Sad Dog Sits On Porch, Waiting For Owner To Come Home

There are people who rarely think twice about leaving their pet with a sitter. There are instances when it has to be done and they can’t just be left alone at home. And there are those who leave a piece of their soul with their pet every time they leave them. Kisses and hugs and tears all around. But have you ever stopped to think what happens to the pooch after you are gone? We wonder who takes the time to think about the impact they leave on the pet when it is left with someone else. Here we have just the proof that you need that dogs miss you even worse! While puppysitting her uncle's adorable dog while he went on a two-week vacation, Arlene C. caught this heart-breaking moment on the front porch of her home. Watch as Shatzi sadly awaits the return of her owner . You better break out the tissues, because look at the pensive look on Shatzi’s face. Poor pooch. Who knows what is going on inside that white little head of hers. She probably thinks that she will never see her dad again. It is a common understanding that bulldogs are prone to separation anxiety and it might be breaking your heart to leave them alone or in the care of someone, but this all can be prevented with a few simple tricks, tested by bulldog owners around the world.

Schatzi you pretty girl6s

Schatzi you pretty girl

Schatzi my uncles bulldog gets excited and loves it when you tell her she's a pretty girl. Her excitement is hilarious!