Do you know that Cacao is a fruit? 1m20s

Do you know that Cacao is a fruit?

We usually know cocoa powder. This time we had the opportunity to eat them in Costa Rica and we were really surprised that this was exactly really tasty sweet and juicy fruit, white in color and inside was a big oval seed, brown color. The Cacao powder is made from does seeds. First, you eat the fruit and then dry those brown beans and the Cacao powder is here and also because of the fat inside the seed's, cocoa butter can be extracted. It was a very pleasant experience. Thanks for sharing and watching our videos. With love, DT Smile Love

The Sun - DIY 4m37s

The Sun - DIY

Sun gives you energy and happiness. If you live in a country where the sun is shining every day you are lucky. But what if it is not the case? Now we are here for help. If you want to see and feel the sun all the time even in the night, we can create the energetic masterpiece just for you even 1m in diameter. Every piece is unique, cut, polished, painted by hand. We also create big wooden flowers of life and other art. Order your sun now: dt.smile.love@gmail.com. Thank you very much. With Love, DT smile Love.

Viewer Puzzled With The Dilemma Between UFO And Color-Changing Star 48s

Viewer Puzzled With The Dilemma Between UFO And Color-Changing Star

A curious footage has emerged of a strange-looking blurry object, twinkling in the night skies, shining with a gleam that changes constantly from bright to faint. Filmmaker who captured this footage hesitates whether this is a strange UFO or a color-changing star. Watch closely as it appears to be quickly changing colors while remaining the same in shape. Is it a star? Planet? Or is it something else? Whatever it may be it's definitely beautiful to look at! There are many things in this universe that we do not yet understand. It is those mysteries that make the universe so interesting. One of the most famous and most asked questions surrounding the universe is if there is other life out there besides us. There are people that believe in that, but then there are some that do not believe that one bit. No one will truly know until either side is confirmed. It seems that this video right here may have just answered that debatable question. Apparently, this was a close up footage of what it seems to be a twinkling star in the night skies, because when the filmmaker zooms out from the object, it disappears in the distance. What do you think this is, could it be a UFO, or just a color-changing star resembling a UFO? Watch this video and share your thoughts about what is this dazzling object spotted in the night sky? Is it a star? A planet? A UFO ? Either way those vivid colors make it beautiful to look at! Reportedly, filmmaker noticed a bright blurry circle in the night sky which appeared to be changing colors, and began filming. Is it a star or perhaps something else? Let us know what you think! Just by the size of the universe alone, it is hard to imagine that we are the only life to exist. Surely there must be some life out there other than us, but once again that is up for debate. It is unlikely that the flying orbs in this video were some sort of extraterrestrial trying to contact us but then again, you never know. Please share this video with your family and friends as it will surely surprise them!

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DIY star from paper 1m51s

DIY star from paper

We found out how easy is to make a star from paper. Just a few cut and it is done. We use this as a base for baby toys which you will see them in our next video. Thanks for watching, DT Smile Love

 Scroll saw - unbox, test 3m57s

Scroll saw - unbox, test

Do you want to make some curves into the wood? The easiest way is with this blue heavy machine Lux. It is specially designed for creating nice shapes with many different materials. It is working more silent than we thought. The sound is similar to a sewing machine. If you like to work late night, the light makes everything easier:) Watch, have fun like a child, your DT Smile Love.

Take a look, how the cat begging me for food 2m14s

Take a look, how the cat begging me for food

He will do anything to get it. The cat showed me that he wants to eat. He comes home all dirty and really hungry. He jumps on the sofa and sees his favorite snacks. He knows that they are delicious. But I don't think so:) He showed me what he wants with his paw. He begging me ''please gave me food'' At the end, he almost eat the paper instead of his snacks so hungry he was:) Thank you for watching and sharing this video. With love, DT Smile Love

Food addiction - Durian '' king of the fruits'' 2m33s

Food addiction - Durian '' king of the fruits''

Durian is for us the most delicious fruit ever.It is also very smelly and it is forbidden in many hotels, airports, public transports. We ate them a lot when we were in Thailand. If you want to taste this unique addicted fruit you can visit Nothanburi and Chanthaburi where are huge markets just for Durian. The quality there is the best. For fruit lovers, the Chantaburi is the mecca for all kinds of fruits. But you can also buy the frozen ones around the world, like in some China supermarkets. Bon appetite:) Thanks for watching, DT Smile Love

Beautiful flowers and animals, Koh Tao, Thailand 3m45s

Beautiful flowers and animals, Koh Tao, Thailand

Koh Tao is an amazing island with cute animals and a full spectrum of colorful flowers. We like orchids the most. What about you? Here nature is everywhere; animals are friendly, funny and used to people.Thanks for watching and subscribe to our channel. Enjoy, DT Smile Love.

Underwater colourful worms, clam lips, fishes, corals, GoPro 3m53s

Underwater colourful worms, clam lips, fishes, corals, GoPro

Are you aware of the magical underwater world? So colorful, unusual, unknowing. Amazing animals with different patterns, funny shapes, and mimics. We can' t even imagine, that something so unique even exists. It is just amazingly beautiful. We went snorkeling on the beautiful tropical island Koh Tao and see what GoPro can do;). We wish you fun and joy. With love DT Smile Love. Thank you very much for your generous donations here: https://www.paypal.me/DTSmileLove Thank you very much for all your Love. Music credits: Dropwizz & Afterfab - Underwater | Royalty Free | TMD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVsyfXSdrOI https://www.facebook.com/djafterfab/ https://www.facebook.com/dropwizz

Video Runaway, finding a new home in tropics 3m25s

Video Runaway, finding a new home in tropics

We spent amazing time in Koh Thao. Just observing nature and make this moment memorable forever. View of the ocean was fantastic. We explore every corner of the island:) We had so much fun with underwater swimming and testing our GoPro camera. So what do you think? Maybe it is time to change everything and achieve the dream you always wanted. So let's do it. You already know it in your hearts, what is the next step to make your dreams come true. We wish you tropical sun, beaches, fruits, wealth and health and a lot of fun on a journey to find yourself. Thanks For Watching and thank you very much for your generous donations here: https://www.paypal.me/DTSmileLove Thank you very much for all your Love, DT Smile Love. Music credits: Halcyon - Runaway (feat. Valentina Franco) [Lyrics] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9e-F9V_-pE https://www.facebook.com/valentina.officialmusic

Tesla Model X Electric car 3m29s

Tesla Model X Electric car

We were at the stop of car race of many electric cars. Among them there was a Tesla Model X, which also brought our attention. We had opportunity to seat in front the steering wheel. Feeling was amazing, it rose up very good emotions in us. Soon, It will be nice when we all are going to drive our own electric car. Watch an have fun. With Love, DT Smile Love.

Simple tomato roof - DIY 4m30s

Simple tomato roof - DIY

Our homegrown tomatoes needed some shade from the rain and we needed to make it fast and efficient. We have made a simple solution:) You can make your own protection for any vegetable. We are really happy with the result. Thank you very much for watching. With love, DT Smile Love.

Sauerkraut with four different veggies Recipe 3m56s

Sauerkraut with four different veggies Recipe

This is finely cut cabbage. It has been fermented naturally by various lactic acid bacteria in a raw state. You can make it too. You can store it trough all year in a glass jar. You know what you eat because you have made it by yourself. We experimented with four different types of vegetables and we are really pleased with the result like you can see in a video:) Thanks for watching and sharing our videos. Enjoy. With Love, DT Smile Love.

Ambiano Juicer testing 2m56s

Ambiano Juicer testing

Let see if the machine can handle a pressure. We squeezed 10 kg of apples in different varieties and transformed into about 5 l of delicious apple juice. We can say it is fast and efficient. This is now our new everyday companion:) With Love, DT Smile Love.

Ambiano Juicer unboxing, review 4m50s

Ambiano Juicer unboxing, review

We were seeking for the cheapest juicer with a long warranty and good quality. We came across to this product, which is worth a money we paid. We prefer more quiet machine, but on the other hand it is fast and efficient. We made ourselves a great juice to feel super fine afterwards:) Sweet watching, with Love, DT Smile Love.

Sour black radish, homemade 2m34s

Sour black radish, homemade

This is not a common recipe...we just played a little with veggies:) and we created our goodness. It is really delicious, it tastes a little spicy and also like if it would be grilled. Good appetite. Enjoy watching. With love, DT Smile Love.

Homemade Sour Turnip recipe 3m53s

Homemade Sour Turnip recipe

If you want to be conscious of what you are eating then do it yourself. Simple and delicious recipe. This is best natural dish. Homemade is softer than in the store. You can make it when the season starts, so from the winter and enjoy this little addiction trough the year. Thanks for watching, Enjoy, DT Smile Love.

Kitchen robot review 5m00s

Kitchen robot review

Move your robot up and down, turn your engine to shake your food all around:) Now everybody know how to do it. Prepare your fruits and veggies and your meal is served.Thank you for watching. Share and subscribe, with love, DT Smile Love.

Kitchen robot unboxing 5m00s

Kitchen robot unboxing

For my mom birthday, we bought her all-in-one kitchen machine. She allowed me to opened her present for you:) Next time we will make a review, so that every mom or dad will know how to use it. We wish you fast and easy kitchen experiences. With love DT Smile Love

Happy, baby enjoy fast driving in DIY cart 2m00s

Happy, baby enjoy fast driving in DIY cart

On a sunny day, my nephew could not be still, because he needed a little adrenalin, I think. On a bumpy road inside the garden cute 1.5 years old baby was relaxing in a speed drive homemade sport car:) Just transport cart and plastic basket and you are ready to go. He enjoyed so much that he haven't had enough. Watch and smile with him. With Love, DT Smile Love.

The biggest European bird Stork 1m54s

The biggest European bird Stork

1 m long bird with up to 2 m wingspan weighs up to 4,5 kg gentle bird was noticed in Slovenia in a giant nest, 2 m in diameter with adorable fluffy babies. This birds are peaceful and like to nest near people on chimneys, electric poles and belfry. Mother Stork was right in the middle of finishing their home. Thank's for watching. With Love, DT Smile Love.

Shark was found dead near the harbor 54s

Shark was found dead near the harbor

When I was snorkeling near the harbor I suddenly saw something strange on the bottom of the ocean. So I went there and I saw baby Tiger shark but dead. I was the first time so close to see it and have it in my hand. So I was asking myself where is his mummy? I hope very far away:) Thanks for watching. With love, DT Smile Love

Funny Sleepy cat 42s

Funny Sleepy cat

This cat is so sleepy, that he can't move. Look at his eyes:) He hardly looks. I put him into a box and gave him an Arafat, head scarf and he didn't even try to stop me:) The results are, very funny looking cat. it looks like Arabic cat now. So cool. Enjoy watching, thanks. DT Smile Love