Most popular apps of 20142m21s

Most popular apps of 2014

Hey, here are the 5 most popular apps of 2014. I dont think you need links for this apps since you probably have them installed already. 5. Google maps 4. Play store 3. Youtube 2. Google search 1. Facebook

Published: December 31, 201415 views
Turn on your computer using your phone!!2m29s

Turn on your computer using your phone!!

Hello, do you want to turn on your computer from anywhere in the house?If you do than watch this video. Now here is the link for the app:

Published: November 27, 201427 views
3 unique android launchers!1m59s

3 unique android launchers!

Hello guys, these are some 3 unique launchers that you can find for free on the google play store and they are really unique Here are the links for the apps: Smart launcher : Themer: Aviate: Read more at

Published: November 20, 201427 views