Everything Argan Oil: Josie Maran Body Butter 5m29s

Everything Argan Oil: Josie Maran Body Butter

It has become more important than ever for people to take care of their skin to ward off premature aging and dullness. The problem that so many women run into is that the cost of quality product is enough to almost make it not even worth it! This video will introduce you to a specific brand that creates quality product, arguably the best products on the market altogether, that will not empty your bank account in the process! Josie Maran’s Body Butter is one of the highest selling of their products, and it has always been a customer favorite, winning award after award every year in the skincare realm. It’s not that the product is cheap necessarily (cheap products are 99% of the time not going to have quality ingredients that will actually do anything for you), but this brand is unbelievably more affordable than others. The speaker in this video has been using the brand for years. Her name is Emily, and her product reviews are geared especially for skincare customers like her who need top products at affordable prices. Emily explains each product thoroughly, and she tries to answer any and all questions other customers may have about each of the products she reviews. This video focuses on the body butter, which is just absolutely luxurious! Unlike other competitor lotions and body butters, this product does not leave a greasy feel, and it will give your skin a noticeable difference in many ways. It has been clinically tested to improve skin texture, dullness, moisture, and aging. The benefits to the skin are boundless. For those who have problems with peeling skin have stated that this particular product has stopped the peeling after just one or two uses. These are incredible results! People with oily skin issues have wondered if this product would still be good for them also, and the answer is unequivocally yes! The beauty of this brand is that all of the products are made with natural and organic ingredients. Because there is natural and organic argan oil in each and every product, it will balance the skin’s ph levels. Why is this important? Having balanced skin ph fixes a plethora of problems that other products can actually worsen. Skin produces more oil when the levels are unbalanced, so balancing those levels will stop this problem. Similar interesting points are made in this review that skincare lovers will find very useful. Any and all questions posted in the comment section will be answered by the creator, so feel free to ask questions. For more reviews, subscribe and let us know what you think! Finally, if you are a video binger or a content creator, join Rumble for more awesome videos. Join the conversation by commenting or visiting the Rumble community forums where you will find answers to all of your content creation questions. Rumble comes out with new content every day, and it has become one of the best places to view and share the best videos on the internet.

Everything You Need to Know About Argan Oil: COMPLETE WITH BLOOPERS 11m53s

Everything You Need to Know About Argan Oil: COMPLETE WITH BLOOPERS

The skincare brand Josie Maran produces some of the best skincare products on the market, but customers should learn about what will work best for them first before purchasing. This video will give you all the information you need to know about the argan oil products, and there are also bloopers that will have you falling out of your seat laughing!

Hilarious Parrot Determined to Make a Mess 7m04s

Hilarious Parrot Determined to Make a Mess

This is a normal day in the life of cockatoo Maui Lynn. I love this crazy little bird so very much, but my God she can make life difficult! In this video, viewers will watch this crazy bird right alongside me and get an idea of what a day in the life of parrot owners is really like! While there are a few seconds of some kind of dead space toward the middle of the video, please watch it all the way through to see the funny ending. I hope that you enjoy this video of my silly parrot! Please don't forget to subscribe to my channel to see more of crazy Maui Lynn! Feel free to explore my channel after you watch this video! I have well over a hundred videos, and many of them are about Maui Lynn. In addition to my funny videos of my cockatoo, cats, and dogs, I also use this channel for a few other purposes: 1. I am a tenth grade English teacher, and I regularly post videos of lessons, reminders, and tutorials for my students. These videos could also be used for any other high school English students though who may need a little extra tutoring help! 2. I am an enormous fan and advocate for the Josie Maran skincare line. I have created a bunch of videos on the products in the Josie Maran brand. I try to cover every possible piece of information that I can think of on each product to help anyone who may be wanting to try the brand or anyone who has questions about the line or any specific products. If you are like me and love using quality skincare products but have not tried this brand, YOU ARE MISSING OUT IMMENSELY!

Teacher's Message to Students' Parents 4m26s

Teacher's Message to Students' Parents

The teacher featured in this video often makes YouTube videos to update parents of her students. This is a new way of using technology that does away with the old "sending notes home" tradition that so many teachers still do. Parents of her students subscribe to her channel, and they are able to hear straight from the teacher concerning whatever is going on in class that day, week, or month. Emily Meredith also uploads videos for her students for a few different scenarios. When she is out and has a substitute teacher, she often times will film the lesson ahead of time, post it to YouTube, and then it is available for her students the next day in class.

Reaction to Cardi B Drama / Beef 5m35s

Reaction to Cardi B Drama / Beef

Ok, so here is my disclaimer: If you are offended by cursing, do NOT watch this video :/ I got a bit heated concerning all of the drama and trash talking that people have been aiming at Cardi B lately, so this is my reaction to all of that.

Spoiled Parrot Throws Food 2m32s

Spoiled Parrot Throws Food

Meet MAUI LYNN! Maui has been in videos like this one for a few years now, and she never fails to make us laugh. In this video, she has gotten a new type of food, but we are not quite sure if she likes it or not. Wait until the end to see her decision!

Maui Lynn Hates Her New Sock Sweater 20s

Maui Lynn Hates Her New Sock Sweater

Poor little Maui Lynn has to wear sock sweaters now because she damaged one of her feather follicles on her chest. She wouldn't stop picking at it, so the sweaters keep the area covered so she will leave it along; however, she really really hates them--even though they are freaking adorable on her! Her mommy makes her socks sweaters every week because she picked at her chest and damaged her skin a few weeks ago, so the sweaters keep her from messing with that spot. However Maui despises all of these sweaters and pretty much destroys them on a regular basis which is why new ones have to be made every week. Apparently mommy did not cut this one short enough so it looks very silly almost as if she is wearing a dress

Kleptomaniac Bird! Maui Lynn Steals Groceries! 1m48s

Kleptomaniac Bird! Maui Lynn Steals Groceries!

Kleptomaniac Bird! Maui Lynn Steals Groceries! Maui Lynn is notorious for stealing things, but she has gone to an entirely new level this time. She apparently found the plate where we keep our fresh fruits and vegetables, which by the way come straight from my garden, so there is a lot of time and effort put into growing these vegetables for the family. Now she has decided in her spoiled little brain that she is entitled to go into the kitchen and steal any fruit she desires. Wait until you see this little thief bird's stash!



Have you ever seen a BIRD BOWL BEFORE??? This parrot's got tricks! Maui Lynn has a new toy-her very own bowling set! Video shows cockatoo learning a new trick. I bought sweet baby bird Maui an easter themed bowling set so that she could hopefully learn this new trick and show off a little bit, and she does not disappoint! If you enjoy funny animal videos, and especially funny parrot videos, this bird is what you are looking for! This channel contains over 70 videos that give viewers a variety of entertainment and educational venues. Please enjoy the sweet baby bird, and watch some of our other videos anytime you just need a little time to relax!



This video shows my entire collection of Josie Marin skin care products. I have never before shown anyone this enormous stash so this is the 1st time that the public will see how many items actually own. Like I have always said either I currently own or have previously owned every single product that Josie marron has ever had in her skin care line. The reason that I am posting this video and showing my products is so that anyone who is intrested in the Josie Marin products line but just wants some more information about any specific product can comment below and ask any question they would like to ask about any of these products. Please ask me any question literally any question that you want to know. More than likely I will be able to answer you. However if I cannot then I will find the answer for you and I will respond as soon as humanly possible. I am such a huge believer in the skin care line and even though there are plenty of decent lines out there this is the one that I consider truly to be the absolute best hands down absolutely no competition. That is why I like to share it with everyone because all too often women are being sold products that do not actually give you results so our money is being wasted. The Josie Marin product line is absolutely not a waste of money in it is absolutely not a scam. It delivers every single thing that they say it does. Every claim they have ever made about their products is absolutely true in my opinion and in my experience.



CHEAPEST, FASTEST, EASIEST AT HOME WAXING EVER!!! If you follow the tips here, you will be able to do your own waxing at home, any time you need it done, WITHOUT SPENDING ANY MONEY!!! Having your eyebrows, upper lip, chin, or anywhere else waxed even just once a month can run you up to an average of $45-$50 EVERY MONTH! Why do that if it isn't necessary? And trust me y'all, it is not necessary. Anyone can do this, regardless of your experience. You don't have to have any special talents that you need to be able to effectively do this yourself. The ONLY money you will spend on this DIY waxing is the initial startup. Here are the supplies you will need: 1. Wax Warmer (Sally's--$10-$25 on average) 2. Wax Container (Sally's--$5-$10 on average) 3. Waxing Strips (Sally's--$3-$7 on average) 4. Waxing Applicators (Sally's--$3-$7 on average). Add all this up, and here is the TOTAL amount of money you will have put out after getting all of your supplies: $21-$49 on average---- and that is it!!! Let's be overly generous and just think about the higher rate. If you spend $50 on all of these items (which should get you through AT LEAST one full year of waxing), that means you will save an AVERAGE OF $550 A YEAR!!!!! That number is based on the assumption that you would otherwise having your waxing done by a professional at least once a month, costing around $50 each time. Y'all... seriously... IT IS SO WORTH IT!!! Do you need another reason it is worth it and another reason you should try this? Even if you don't care about saving that kind of money, you will see in this video that I was able to wax my eyebrows, upper lip, and chin in UNDER 6 MINUTES. And remember, this was while I was talking and filming the video. When I am not filming and I'm just doing my regular waxing maintainance, I can do all of this in 3 minutes or less. If I went to a professional for this every month, I would have to waste a lot of time setting the appointment, driving to the appointment, waiting on your beautician, having the actual waxing done, and then driving back to wherever you need to be! I don't know about you, but I do NOT have an extra 2 hours during the day just to go have waxing done! If you like video DIY Tutorials and such, please visit my YouTube channel! I have lots of product reviews that will interest you! https://www.youtube.com/c/EmilyMeredith Also on my channel you will find over 70 videos of all kinds of different topics, including hilarious videos of my crazy bird Maui Lynn who is always causing trouble!