I've Got A Secret - Samuel J. Seymour3m54s

I've Got A Secret - Samuel J. Seymour

Samuel James Seymour was the last surviving person who had been in Ford's Theatre the night of the assassination of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln on April 14, 1865 and appeared on the I've got a secret in 1956.

Top 5 Female Spies of WW25m30s

Top 5 Female Spies of WW2

Female agents during WW2 helped the war effort tremendously with their hard work and dedication to achieve tough challenges during WW2. The constant threat of being captured by the Germans was ever present with agents suffering torture, beatings with some even sacrificing their own lives. The SOE or Special Operations Executives were invaluable during the war and a vital asset to help bring the war to a close.

America on Wheels3m53s

America on Wheels

Explores the effects of the advent of the motor car in America and some of the motorist's early problems, including frail, flat tires and frequent breakdowns.