How To Avoid Ghost 11m39s

How To Avoid Ghost

How to test your ability to see Ghosts: How To See Ghosts - Steps To Be See Ghosts: Orbs in my room so real, must see my father in Orbs!:

How To Test Your Ability To See Ghosts7m03s

How To Test Your Ability To See Ghosts

Do you wonder if you have ability to see Ghosts? Try this test at home alone. Take time. Use your clear and descriptive imagination to navigate yourself in your home to open all windows. Then close all windows. You must walk through your rooms as if you are actually doing it. If you see something during this process in the rooms, YES!! you have ability to see Ghosts. To see my father's Real Orbs :

Ghost My father Orbs Flying In My Home!!! 1m46s

Ghost My father Orbs Flying In My Home!!!

How do I know it's my father? Answer: My father passed away 9 months before this, and this was his first OBON time in Japan. Obon is a summer event during which people welcome the spirits of their ancestors back home. Obon is generally observed during the four days between August 13 and 16. First, we smelled sweat in front of the dog cage. It was a strong smell of someone who hasn't taken shower for a long time. I run into this under-arm sweat smell literally as I walked toward it. I felt someone was standing there or the smell had a shape of a human. I wasn't scared because I felt that was my father who couldn't take bath for almost 2 years due to terminal cancer. And he loved taking shower and clean himself possessively when he was healthy. Even caretakers and nurses in Japan are very good, he wanted to take bath by himself. As I have been in the US for a long time, I totally forgot about OBON time. My father came back to see me in the US. Thus, I started videotaping my father... PS. My mother who past away 2 years before my father's passing also visited me at this OBON time a day or two days before father's appearance. My mother came back to home in my dream. I was surprised that she was coming back in my dream... I will add more Ghost encounter videos soon, please subscribe.