My opinion after watching Needful Things12m49s

My opinion after watching Needful Things

My opinion after watching Needful Things - as my movie reviews really aren't reviews, but more like an analysis of the symbolism and meaning in a movie. Sometimes it can even get a bit off topic and philosophical. like in this case ;-)Anyway, the 90's made for TV movie based on Stephen Kings book "Needful Things" is one of my favorite movies and it's quite deep and philosophical, if it wouldn't be a horror movie, it would make for a great Christian movie ;-)

On 1984 and Emmanuel Goldstein's last words6m36s

On 1984 and Emmanuel Goldstein's last words

Emmanuel Goldstein is never actually descriped in Geroge Orwell's 1984. We only know the Communist Party's Propaganda against him and how they demonize him - even going so far as to publish a fake book of him and trapping Winston with a Fake Brotherhood Movement allegedly coming from Goldstein. So we knew nothing about the real Goldstein - until now (-:

FRAGMENTS - short film10m52s

FRAGMENTS - short film

This is one of those (short) films where I say it's okay that it has (implied) violence, because in this case it is necessary to tell the story, which might even help and encourage some people. But still, don't let ya kids watch this! Well (hopefully) most children will lack the experience to understand what this film is about anyway /-:

Beware of the traitor Emmanuel Goldstein1m55s

Beware of the traitor Emmanuel Goldstein

Some people were saying I should have warned them that I am spreading "anti-communist propaganda" on my channel, so instead of a new channel trailer, I now have this warning that was put out by our comrades from the (sadly former) Soviet Union :-) Also included is a bit from the Soviet propaganda song... ahm... I mean folk song... folk song... Sinii platochek Синий платочек (the Blue scarf) - Here is the entire song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvjsT0TOvow Oh and please subscribe (with the bell) to receive regular propaganda ;-)