Hedley Cageless Tour Halifax, Nova Scotia 2018 1m47s

Hedley Cageless Tour Halifax, Nova Scotia 2018

This was such an amazing concert!! I was so excited to finally get tickets to my first, and sadly my last, Hedley concert. I understand the controversy surrounding my favourite band right now, but nonetheless, it was an amazing experience. I sang my heart out! Jacob, I will always be a fan of you and your music it has literally saved my life. This song especially is one of my favourites.

Heart Warming Gender Reveal 58s

Heart Warming Gender Reveal

My sister was finally pregnant with her second child and so filled with joy. Because I love her I wanted to do something special for her gender reveal. I had the doctor give me the results (we share the same doctor and my sister gave her permission to tell me, so I bought a special card where I wrote what she was having. My nephew wasnt that interested in the reveal but he is over joyed now to be a big brother. Listen closely for his response lol

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Funny Cat Wont Take No For An Answer 50s

Funny Cat Wont Take No For An Answer

My mother-in-laws cat Buddy wont take no for an answer. Jared is trying to pet Buddy but the cat has other plans. Buddy just wants to play he wants no pettings from humans.

Cute Kitten Attacks Toys 4m20s

Cute Kitten Attacks Toys

My baby girl cleo. This video was when she was about 8ish weeks old. Cleo was born with dwarfism so she was always going to be the size of a 6 month old kitten when she was fully grown.

Belly button Piercing 3m02s

Belly button Piercing

This video is over 9 years old but it was always one of my favorites. I don't have the piercing anymore but I will always have this funny memory. I wasn't expecting it to hurt as much as it did lol

Funny Cat Wont Give Up Face Cloth 1m06s

Funny Cat Wont Give Up Face Cloth

My cat Peaches loves Vic Vapo rub. There was some on a face cloth and she was rubbing all over it and wouldnt let us take it from her. Cats are funny animals lol If Peaches finds something with Vics Vapo rub on it she will attack you if you try and take it from her.

Funny cat tries to enter stranger's car47s

Funny cat tries to enter stranger's car

You have probably heard of the expression “curiosity killed the cat” and it is not without reason. Cats are tiny little predators that can look long and hard for their meal, which in turn makes them want to check every crevice for movement. Letting their curiosity take over in a domestic environment, cats seem to forget to evaluate the situation and surroundings, often leading them to both funny and extremely dangerous situations. Dawn Corkum managed to capture one such situation with her friend's cat named Mary as she desperately attempts to get inside her car. Mary is just like any other cat, agile and light on her feet, so she can stand on the thin edge of the car window and stick her paw inside. Good thing she’s too domesticated to care what’s inside the car, so instead of persisting, Mary just leaves. Phew!

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