Does This Submarine Make Tsunamis?7m26s

Does This Submarine Make Tsunamis?

The USS Jimmy Carter - America's largest nuclear fast attack submarine. It's construction and abilities are a closely guarded secret; its missions are even more classified. Have recent \"natural\" disasters, unprecedented in scale, really been the cause of new military technology, wielded by the Jimmy Carter?

Men in Black Sightings | The Conspiracy Files13m47s

Men in Black Sightings | The Conspiracy Files

They are mysterious figures in black suits who claim to be from the government. They target UFO witnesses, \"persuading\" them to keep quiet. Are they human, or alien, or even supernatural? Are any of the famous sightings real? It's time to open the Conspiracy Files!

Is Thorium Power Being Suppressed?8m37s

Is Thorium Power Being Suppressed?

For half a century, the world has looked to uranium power as the fuel of the future. It is dangerously radioactive, unstable, can cause meltdowns and is incredibly expensive to source. But what if there were a cleaner, cheaper, and more powerful fuel?

Did Machiavelli Try To Destroy Catholicism?6m45s

Did Machiavelli Try To Destroy Catholicism?

In 1527, the city of Rome was sacked. Thousands of people, including monks and nuns, were slaughtered, and the pope was captured. The calamity brought the Catholic Church to its knees. Was the man responsible for this atrocity Niccolo Machiavelli?

Is Krampus Real?6m57s

Is Krampus Real?

We've all heard of Santa Claus - but you may not have heard of his companion, krampus. While Santa delivers presents to good children, this demonic creature hunts and punishes naughty ones. Where does krampus come from, and is he real?

10 Mysterious Lost Civilizations1s

10 Mysterious Lost Civilizations

We think we know where we came from, but archaeologists have discovered many previously unknown civilizations. What few clues we have to their culture and history tell us very little about how they lived - or why they vanished. These are 10 Mysterious Lost Civilizations.

Are Aliens Hiding On The Moon?7m49s

Are Aliens Hiding On The Moon?

Transcripts from Apollo 11 suggest that Neil Armstrong saw something out of this world, up on the Moon. Recent photographs of the Moon's surface show objects that look decidedly unnatural... Is this evidence that aliens live on the Moon?

Will North Korea Ever Give Up its Nukes?7m32s

Will North Korea Ever Give Up its Nukes?

Donald Trump has repeatedly demanded that Kim Jong Un give up his nuclear weapons. However, political observers note that he has offered to do just that - under certain conditions. Could North Korea be on the cusp of giving up its nukes?

What Secrets Are In The JFK Files?7m58s

What Secrets Are In The JFK Files?

After decades of waiting, the JFK files have finally been declassified. Five million pages of government secrets are now open to public scrutiny. What secrets do they reveal about the crime of the 20th century?

10 Ancient Mysterious Creatures13m58s

10 Ancient Mysterious Creatures

As technology improves and humans encroach ever further into the natural world, it is easy to assume we know everything about the Earth. But scientists admit there are still millions of undiscovered species out there - and some creatures recorded throughout history have yet to be explained...

The Kecksburg UFO Incident | The Conspiracy Files11m13s

The Kecksburg UFO Incident | The Conspiracy Files

In December 1965, a UFO crashed in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania. Government authorities swiftly confiscated the object. What exactly fell to Earth? Martin and Robin look at all the available evidence to decide whether it is strong, weak or inconclusive. It's time to open the Conspiracy Files!

Was Guy Fawkes Innocent?8m46s

Was Guy Fawkes Innocent?

Remember, remember, the 5th November... 1605, when King James I and his Parliament were almost obliterated by Guy Fawkes. A Catholic and explosives expert, Fawkes was caught just before he lit the fuse to ignite over a ton of gunpowder. But was Guy Fawkes really the culprit? Could he instead have been the victim of an evil scheme?

Are US Elections Rigged?8m38s

Are US Elections Rigged?

Since the Election results last year, Donald Trump has argued that the elections have been rigged against him, but just how true are his claims? We look at America's history of conspiracy and election fraud.

The Rendlesham Forest UFO6m55s

The Rendlesham Forest UFO

The Rendlesham Forest UFO In 1980, the most plausible UFO sighting in British history took place. Known as \"Britain's Roswell\", what happened that night? Did soldiers on a U.S. Air Force base see advanced technology by a foreign power, or something of alien origin?