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Sky Mystery, UFO or Meteorite?3m01s

Sky Mystery, UFO or Meteorite?

Occurred on October 25, 2016 / Ulan-Ude, Russia Info: A celestial flash came from the sky in the Siberian republic of Buryatia. Some suggest that it was a meteorite and others insist it was an unidentified flying object.

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Meteorite Lights Up the Skies Over Central Mexico51s

Meteorite Lights Up the Skies Over Central Mexico

Dramatic webcam footage captured the moment a meteorite lit up the skies over Mexico City in the early hours of Saturday, May 21. Early reports on social media suggested the meteorite impacted somewhere in the state of Puebla, however, the Astronomical Society of Puebla said the meteorite mostly likely disintegrated in the atmosphere before hitting the ground.

Massive 30,800 kilo meteorite gets unearthed in Argentina2m18s

Massive 30,800 kilo meteorite gets unearthed in Argentina

A 30,800-kilogram meteorite has recently been unearthed in Argentina and experts have declared it to be one of the largest meteorites ever found on Earth. The discovery, made on the border of Chaco, about 1,078 km (670 miles) northwest of the Buenos Aires, has been attributed to a meteor shower that hit the region more than 4,000 years ago.

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Best Fire Tornado - DIY - no moving parts!4m26s

Best Fire Tornado - DIY - no moving parts!

The best way to make a fire tornado (in my opinion!) All you need are 2 glass half-cylinders. No moving parts, no fans, no squeaky bearings, just fire and forget! Inspire to Make - Meteorite Ring somebody pointed out NightHawkinLight was the first to do m

Zebra Saved From Deadly Snare Hold: WILDEST ANIMAL RESCUES2m23s

Zebra Saved From Deadly Snare Hold: WILDEST ANIMAL RESCUES

A zebra was saved from being strangled to death on a snare by a rescue team. In January, KaiNav Conservation Foundation’s S.N.A.R.E team were undertaking a routine illegal snare clearing operation in Tswaing Meteorite Crater Nature Reserve in Gauging Province, South Africa when they spotted the zebra struggling in the snare. Calling in wildlife veterinarians to assist with darting and treatment of the animal, the KaiNav team kept a watchful eye on the zebra for four hours until the veterinarian team arrived. Videographer / director: KaiNav Producer: Hannah Stevens, Nick Johnson Editor: Joshua Douglas

Forest Fire Burns in New Hampshire Mountains1m12s

Forest Fire Burns in New Hampshire Mountains

A forest fire burned at least 25 acres in the mountains of New Hampshire near Woodstock by Wednesday, October 4. An early report said the fire may have been caused by a falling meteorite, though a cause had not been determined. A later report, though, said it would be unlikely for a meterorite to cause the fire because they are cool to the touch when they reach Earth. The fire was burning at Dilly Cliff near the Lost River Gorge and Boulder Caves, a news report said, but the area had not been closed off. The New Hampshire National Guard was lending assistance in fighting the fire. Credit: Facebook/Scot Holt via Storyful

BO3 Zombies Chronicles DLC 5 Kino Der Toten Easter Egg Song Guide 1m52s

BO3 Zombies Chronicles DLC 5 Kino Der Toten Easter Egg Song Guide

BO3 Zombies Chronicles DLC 5 Kino Der Toten Easter Egg Song Guide today i have a simple guide for the new dlc 5 for black ops 3 zombies on how to activate the 115 song in kino der toten its the same as before just this time one of the tables with the rock on it is now hiding but dont worry i show you a complete guide on how to do it all Easter Egg Meteorite Table Locations 1. in the spawn room on the bottom floor in thr corner 2. in the dressing room behind a locker door 3. in the workshop room on the shelving unit back of room Please Hit The Like Button And Subscribe So You Can Keep Up To Date ✔ Leave A Comment Below We Always Reply ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ✔ Subscribe to Me ✔ Follow Me On Twitter ✔ Follow Me On Google + ✔ Follow Me On Facebook ✔ Join Us Playing Live On Twitch ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Team Members Of EliteSnipersRF MrCaffiene82 Corey Is Crazy

Speeding Truck Hits Brakes Right Before Collision With Oncoming Vehicle1m00s

Speeding Truck Hits Brakes Right Before Collision With Oncoming Vehicle

Dash cam footage showing the moment when a speeding Volvo truck managed to avoid colliding with an oncoming van by slamming the brakes at the last second. The incident took place on a highway between Krasnodar and Novorossiysk in Russia. Russians are well known for their dash cam footage videos that are circling the internet, the most famous ones probably being the videos that recorded the meteorite that fired up the sky in Russia's Ural region. A fun fact you might not know is that almost every driver in Russia is equipped with a dash cam in order to prove his innocence in a possible mishap. This is the best way for law enforcement to see what exactly happened, so they can go after the right people and punish them for their mistake. Always remember that driving safely and responsibly is of the utmost importance, as it's not only your life at stake, but also the lives of every participant in the traffic. We all have somebody that is waiting for us at home and is worried for us, so don't be that person that due to irresponsibility ruins whole families. Always keep that in mind, and obey the traffic laws. They exist for a reason.

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This Week @NASA: Media View Barge Pegasus and SLS Hardware2m56s

This Week @NASA: Media View Barge Pegasus and SLS Hardware

On May 16, NASA held a media event at Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, to highlight the recent arrival of the barge Pegasus with the first core stage test article for NASA's Space Launch System (SLS) rocket. NASA modified Pegasus to accommodate the massive SLS core stage, increasing the barge's length and weight-carrying capacity. The core stage test article – manufactured at the agency’s Michoud Assembly Facility, in New Orleans – is the first of four core stage test articles scheduled to be delivered to Marshall for testing. This delivery marks a critical milestone toward Exploration Mission-1 (EM-1), the first flight of SLS and NASA’s Orion spacecraft. It also brings the agency a step closer to sending humans to deep space destinations – including Mars. Also, Lightfoot Discusses Future Exploration Goals, Ochoa, Foale Inducted into Hall of Fame, and Virtual Tour of Meteorite Lab! Credit: NASA

Home Security Camera Captured Meteor Burning Up The Sky11s

Home Security Camera Captured Meteor Burning Up The Sky

A meteor has burned up in Earth's atmosphere over Canada, with the spectacular sight caught on a home security camera. No reporter narration. When a meteoroid enters Earth's atmosphere at great speed, it usually creates the well known streak of light that you can see in the sky. A series of many meteors appearing seconds or minutes apart and appearing to originate from the same fixed point in the sky is called a meteor shower (which is also a very romantic thing to watch with a loved one - try counting the "falling stars" and making a wish for each and every one of them). Although this is a somewhat regular occurrence, it always leaves us in awe when it happens. Mounties in Canada were swarmed with dozens of calls Monday night due to the meteorite seen in south-central British Columbia. This generated a lot of buzz on social media as well, with people claiming that they heard what appeared to be a sonic boom and a fireball that hit the ground around 10 p.m. The calls to the police were coming from all over the country - from Nelson, the Okanagan, the Comox Valley and as far as Calgary to the east. What a sight!

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