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How kissing doves1m30s

How kissing doves

A couple of pigeons, caring for each other. Right outside the window :) music: The 126ers - secret conversations (from free Youtube Audio Library)

Published: July 2, 2016Updated: July 4, 2016141 views
Draghi disappoints doves - for now1m33s

Draghi disappoints doves - for now

ECB President Mario Draghi has told the European Parliament that the central bank needs more time to assess if it will have to beef up its 1 trillion euro plus asset-buying programme, confounding some expectations that the bank was ready to expand quantitative easing. David Pollard reports.

Central banks: doves still ruling the roost?1m55s

Central banks: doves still ruling the roost?

Economists polled by Reuters give their predictions for the big four central banks, with most seeing the Fed holding until Q4 before raising rates again and September as the most likely choice for the ECB to announce a tapering of its QE programme. David Pollard reports.

The 5m28s

The "World on a Plate" Summer Celebration

Celebrate summer at a global culinary event! It's Milaeger's "World on a Plate" event that features 10 guest chefs preparing food from around the world, wine tastings, beer, sake, live music, door prizes, and more! Joining us with all the details is Milaeger's "Garden Girl", Kara Kading, and musician Angel Lawrie from the Steel Doves Band, who will be performing at the event! Milaeger's "World on a Plate" Summer Celebration takes place on Thursday, June 29 from 5pm to 9pm. For more information on this family friendly food event, visit

Published: June 27, 2017
Two Birds in the Hand29s

Two Birds in the Hand

As winter approaches our adorable little feathered friends get friendlier and braver as they compete for the food. It's funny and interesting to watch as they nudge each other out of the way to get a treat from this ladies hand. They often sit on the railing and wait for her to bring them their delicious breakfast of sunflower seeds and wild birdseed. Bluejays and doves have to wait their turn until these precious little guys are full!

Published: November 5, 2016Updated: November 9, 20165 views