Cheerleader Makes Ridiculous Trick Shot

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Impressive backflip basketball trick shot18s

Impressive backflip basketball trick shot

Kevin Libertowski makes an incredible basketball trick shot by picking up the ball with his feet, backflipping and sinking the shot right into the hoop! Credit to 'KDPRODUCTIONS'.

33,9102 yearsVirality: 2%
Trick Shot Gone Wrong14s

Trick Shot Gone Wrong

Using a backyard basketball net, a boy jumps up to slam dunk. He makes the basket, but in the process, the net crashes on top of him. He does not immediately get up, so it is unclear if he's okay. Behind him, his dog goes up to investigate the damage. The boy looks fine.

6944 weeks
Amazing pool basketball trick shot13s

Amazing pool basketball trick shot

This pool party must be composed of a basketball team. They all found their place in the pool to make a super cool trick shot. Each person passes to another as they jump in the pool. The last guy makes it to the hoop and slam dunks. When he gets the ball in the basket, everyone cheers.

1,72444 weeks
Incredible multi-backflip trick shot12s

Incredible multi-backflip trick shot

A trick shot artist from KD Productions manages to pick up a basketball while pulling off a back handspring and ends up throwing the ball straight into a nearby hoop!

60,0681 yearVirality: 6%
Nespresso Trick Shot34s

Nespresso Trick Shot

Guy gets a Nespresso coffee pod into the slot after nearly giving up. Just after he puts the kettle on to give up he nails the shot. Bam!

9836 weeks
Incredible pong trick shot compilation3m49s

Incredible pong trick shot compilation

The team from 'BBsDoingNothing' released their latest pong trick shot video, featuring a compilation of some impressive shots! Music: Con Bro Chill - Dance Thief.

166,3561 yearVirality: 2%
Incredible ball control trick shot9s

Incredible ball control trick shot

Watch as this trick shot artist demonstrates incredible control before sinking a ball straight into a mini basketball hoop. Have you ever seen someone pull that off?

26,2112 yearsVirality: 13%
60-foot front-flip trampoline trick shot20s

60-foot front-flip trampoline trick shot

Check out this impressive trick shot from KD Productions! He manages to pick up a basketball while front-flipping on a trampoline, then sinks a shot into a basket over 60 feet away.

24,1112 years
Double trampoline basketball trick shot32s

Double trampoline basketball trick shot

Check out this inventive trick shot from the 'Team Rebound' crew! Using two tchoukball frames, they manage to perfectly line up a highlight reel basket. Check it out! Credit to 'TeamRebound'.

9,9762 yearsVirality: 6%
Epic golf trick shot compilation1m10s

Epic golf trick shot compilation

Check out these amazing clips of golf "tekkers", where every shot is made with the use of a golf club. How many attempts do you think it took before these trick shots went in? Either way, they're incredible!

31,1541 yearVirality: 9%
Unbelievable Pool Trick Shot Artist!3m06s

Unbelievable Pool Trick Shot Artist!

Check out these unbelievable shots from Florian 'Venom' Kohler, a pool trick shot artist touring the world, who has over 300 incredible trickshots under his belt! "I love watching Florian. He's the best trickshot artist I've ever seen. The guy is a freak of nature," - Darren Appleton World 9 and 10 Ball Champion.

17,9632 years
Backflip trick shot off a mini trampoline15s

Backflip trick shot off a mini trampoline

Think you could top this basketball trick shot? Watch as a member of 'KD Productions' executes a backflip off a mini trampoline and sinks a basket, all in one motion!

23,7011 yearVirality: 32%
Epic vacation trick shot compilation 3m17s

Epic vacation trick shot compilation

Welcome to the California trick shots video, filmed in Palm Springs while on vacation. This compilation consists of multiple shots, each with a different level of difficulty. Lot's of golf, pool, and even shuffle board shots are used!

16,41335 weeksVirality: 34%
Unbelievable football trick shot over a house!30s

Unbelievable football trick shot over a house!

Check out this incredible football trick shot from KD Productions. A long distance throw over a house, and into a basketball hoop! How many attempts do you think that took?

60,8731 yearVirality: 63%
Best frontflip basketball trick shot ever?25s

Best frontflip basketball trick shot ever?

Bet you haven't seen a basketball trick shot like this before! How many attempts do you think it took to pull that off? Impressive! Credit to 'TeamRebound'.

16,9531 yearVirality: 20%
Epic golf pong trick shot compilation2m49s

Epic golf pong trick shot compilation

BBsDoingNothing shows off another incredible trick shot compilation, this time only using a golf club and ping pong ball. Check it out! Music: Scott and Brendo - Beat Calls.

47,8391 yearVirality: 27%
Unreal no-look trick shot compilation52s

Unreal no-look trick shot compilation

Well the first question on everyone's mind is: How many attempts did each one of these take?! Nevertheless, you're going to be blown away when you see this guy's sick over the back no-look trick shots. Crazy!

26,3261 year