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Emotional Reunion With Little Brother After Almost Two Years Apart1m42s

Emotional Reunion With Little Brother After Almost Two Years Apart

A sibling relationship is likely to be the most enduring of our lives. The impact they have on our young and adult lives is enormous, they shape our history and our character, to a far greater extent than is usually acknowledged. Siblings are not just second editions in relation to the parents, but have a profound importance in their own right. Relationships with siblings are ineradicably fixed in our psyches. Classic sibling dynamics often depend on what position we hold in the family. Elder children can often feel usurped when a younger one comes along and these feelings of rivalry can last well into adulthood. Having a big brother is truly a blessing. Brothers will make sure that no one hurts you, physically or emotionally. He's your bodyguard and your knight in shining armor all in one package. After almost two years away at military school, Albert Ferati returns home to surprise his little brother in this heartwarming clip . He decided to come home early and surprise the baby brother while he was sleeping. What a beautiful moment! Albert sneaks into the room where his little brother is sleeping and he gently tries to wake him up. The little boy opens his eyes and looks at his brother. He is puzzled and doesn’t know whether he is dreaming or this is real. Moments later, he is overjoyed with excitement and gives his brother a big, warm hug. It is adorable to see these two siblings get along together so well. Maybe the age difference made them grow a parent-child relationship! Reunions are always bitter-sweet, knowing that you are finally seeing someone who has been away from you for so long is finally here at last. Such are the reunions between the service men and women in the armed forces and their family members. It is hard for families when one of their members goes away to serve their country. Countless men and women make it their life’s path to protect and serve the country they love, but that means that they have to leave their loved ones behind. When Emily Pineda was 10 she received a gift she never hoped for - a best friend in the form of her younger cousin Annie Aguire. The two have been inseparable, but then Emily joined the Army and left her family behind, including her baby cousin. When Annie was due to graduate from 5th grade, Specialist Pineda came back from deployment in Iraq to surprise Annie in Long Beach. When she climbed that stage at Olivia Nieto Herrera Elementary School, she was greeted with tears of joy at their sweet reunion . Adults might have it easier, because they understand what is at stake here. Children, on the other hand, struggle with the idea that a loved one will be gone for a long period of time. That is why these homecoming videos are always a delight to watch. Grab your tissues, folks, because this one is a tearjerker.

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Gymnast Performs A Jaw-Dropping Tumbling Routine21s

Gymnast Performs A Jaw-Dropping Tumbling Routine

While most kids her age dream of getting their first very-own ride, 17-year-old gymnast Angel Rice dreams of competing in the Olympics. And if her viral Instagram video, amazing 16,000 likes, has anything to say, we think the teen is well on her way. In the clip, Angel performs a complex routine consisting of a roundoff, back handspring, double back, three whip-backs in a row without using her hands, back handspring and a double pike. We can’t even say these things without tripping! "I can do better but that was just for that competition," said Rice. "I've done harder passes. I've done a roundoff, back handspring, double-A, three whips and then another back handspring. For Nationals, I'm gonna do something way harder," she adds, which, judging by her resume, isn't too hard to believe. Another thing that she is super famous about is breaking a Guinness World Record by performing 10 double full twists in one minute. And she credits her mom for it all. Angel also has an older sister who had been taking tumbling before her, so she started at the tender age of three. Due to the financial strain that are gymnastics classes it was the girl’s mom who trained Angel the first few years. That only made the 17-year-old work even harder. She now trains three hours a day for tumbling — one hour comprised of warm ups and practicing techniques and she devotes the other two hours to "a bunch of of conditioning."

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Check Out This 10-Year-Old Totally Crushing A Van Halen Guitar Solo2m54s

Check Out This 10-Year-Old Totally Crushing A Van Halen Guitar Solo

Music is found in every known culture since the beginning of time, it has always served as a way to connect people to one another, to themselves and sometimes to their past and their memories. We believe most of the older generations are still attached to the music back in the days, for example, the rock music! Rock music became the dominant form of popular music, new bands built on their predecessors’ strengths while branching out into the new sonic territory. However, not only the elderly are fans of the rock music . Some young people also tend to love the hard-edged music performed with electric guitars, bass, and drums and usually accompanied by lyrics sung by a vocalist. This amazing guitar player is Eddie, he is 10 years old and has only been playing guitar for two years and he's quite amazing! Garrett is playing "Eruption" by Eddie Van Halen in front of 300 people at his strings concert. He is such a talented boy, we know he is going to be a future rock star! Absolutely awesome guitar skills little man. Keep it up! You'll be killing it in no time! Great choice of a song and a role model also, as Eddie Van Halen revolutionized the way rock guitar is played. Undoubtedly, rock music will keep evolving in the future, drawing from its rich history while continuing to keep its ear open for the next sonic reinvention.

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This Gorilla Is Causing Quite A Stir With Its Human Like Act 51s

This Gorilla Is Causing Quite A Stir With Its Human Like Act

If you happened to stay awake during science class, then you might know that humans are most closely related to apes than any other family of animals. Even knowing this evolutionary fact, scientists at the Kent wildlife park were still shocked to see this phenomenon. You can explore the animal world any time of the year, with indoor and outdoor enclosures, interactive experiences and fun, exciting encounter with over five hundred animals, from over hundred different species. But as we all know, monkeys are the closest we can relate to people. Their intelligence happens to be on the top of the list right below people. This guy happens to be quite the show man. He stands up and walk along as if he doesn't care who is looking. His grand posture is definitely something to be admired. Ambam, a 27-year-old silver back gorilla at Port Lympn Animal Park in Kent, UK, gained international fame when he was captured on video walking upright like a human. Park officials say that he has not been trained to do so and that he probably behaves this way so that he may have a better view of his carers or to be able to see where the food is being scattered in the enclosure. What ever the reason, this is a unique sight of our glorious ancestor. Make sure to share the video with your friends.

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Pilot Shows Incredible Maneuvering Skills As He Lands A Boeing In Challenging Conditions1m26s

Pilot Shows Incredible Maneuvering Skills As He Lands A Boeing In Challenging Conditions

Landing a plane is one of the most critical phases of a flight and that’s why it’s the second thing pilots learn during their training after basic flight controls and recovery techniques. There is no such thing as "perfect" landing, but a good safe landing is something we are used to seeing in most of the cases. However, some people think that it’s at least 99% luck. As planes glide on air currents and since this currents are not always a smooth mass, turbulence makes the plane sway, even if it’s so close to the ground. That is why pilots receive detailed training about landing procedures and use their skills to perform the safe landing. High winds may be inconvenient, but they are not dangerous, even when they come across the runway. From time to time, pretty fierce crosswinds appear on the Manchester Airport which is known for its windy weather, that makes it difficult for pilots to land their "flying machines". When weather reports state that winds have reached 50 miles per hour, it means that landing, of course, is pretty tricky. As we can see in this video, the Virgin Atlantic plane is not landing according to its regular procedure. Instead of landing horizontally, the pilot of the Boeing -747 lands vertically, which is known as crosswind landing , trying to calm the aircraft and touch the ground on all his wheels. Luckily this landing ended up good for everybody. As soon as the plane touched the runway, everyone was relieved. Getting a substantial fly airship easily and securely is a test, particularly when there are various factors. As a matter of first importance is the experience level of the pilot who's finding the plane. Pilots with the major U.S. inheritance carriers are just approved to fly one airplane compose at once. As a pilot picks up status with an organization, he or she will advance to a greater flying machine for pay review helps or to the littler airplane if moving from the first officer to commander. Experience levels shift with flight time in a specific airplane. Those circumstances are not hazardous on the grounds that aircraft are worked to deal with stresses well past the run of the mill hard landing. Be that as it may, past thought for the hardware, a pilot's activity is to get travelers to their goals as securely and as easily as could reasonably be expected. Giving smooth arrivals is one-way pilots demonstrate their aptitude and artfulness, and it's something all pilots make progress toward. This amazing pilot did his job very well! The Boeing 747 is an American wide-body business stream carrier and load airplane regularly alluded to by its unique epithet, "Kind sized Jet". Its particular "mound" upper deck along the forward piece of the flying machine has made it a standout amongst the most conspicuous airship, and it was the main wide-body plane delivered. Next time you wonder why people clap when the plane touches ground safely, remember this video!

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This Tiny 'Smart Car' Has a Big Block V8 Engine1m15s

This Tiny 'Smart Car' Has a Big Block V8 Engine

A mammoth Chevrolet Big Block V8 engine inside of a tiny Smart ForTwo car! If you want one, that is too bad, because this is a Frankenstein monster of a car! Youtuber Keith Pufahl made a hot rod out of the body of the Smart ForTwo and added the guts of a Chevy. He's not the actual owner of the ForTwo, Keith actually built a custom chassis that can fit the ForTwo. There's nothing underneath except a tube frame, the engine and the seat – the driver's helmet is just a hair away from the rear glass. Ain't hot rodding great? You can stuff the biggest possible engine into the smallest possible car and make a working vehicle out of it! Maybe not for the streets in your city, but you can definitely take it here, at No Limit Raceway in Morocco, Indiana. This isn't just some guy's basement experiment. Have you seen the wheelie bars, the slicks and skinnies on that car? Keith isn't messing around! These guys in Russia might have made a Frankenstein too , but this one is classy! After it's first passes at No Limit, Keith says that the Chevy ForTwo will undergo more tuning. He admits that the car could go a lot faster on another chassis, but his goal was to made the first big-block Smart Car and boy, has he done it! Credit to Keith Pufahl.

Stubborn Husky Throws Hilarious Temper Tantrum At The Bathtub59s

Stubborn Husky Throws Hilarious Temper Tantrum At The Bathtub

Kids can be tough sometimes. They can get moody and stubborn, but did you know that dogs can have those qualities too? They say huskies can get really stubborn as seen in this video, as this adorable husky throws a hilarious temper tantrum! They're very smart but they have low motivation to please their owners. Zeus loves playing in the water in the bathtub and wants the water turned on. Even though it's time for his walk he howls in protest because he wants to play in the water! No one should miss this hilarious video! Have you ever seen something like this? Usually animals do not like having baths or water in general and like having walks instead, but it is the exact opposite for this dog! It is so funny how this husky just howls in protest for doing something he doesn't like. He really is just like a little child, adorable yet so stubborn ! Zeus is a seven-year-old Siberian Husky who lives life on his own terms and does not like being told what to do. So when it comes time for his morning run, and he's not ready to run, he bunkers down on his bed and howls in protest! This extremely stubborn Husky is on another one of his vocal rants. He's acting like a spoiled toddler! Huskies are an absolutely gorgeous type of dog, and are probably the closest to their wolf ancestors in terms of appearance. The term "husky" actually refers to a few different breeds of dogs used for sled pulling and includes breeds like the Alaskan malamute and the American Akita among others. They are highly intelligent, energetic, active, and strong-willed dogs. Dogs have bad days too! Dogs are sentient beings that have their ups and downs, just like us. At those times, we can’t expect them to be able to mind their manners as well as usual. Somehow we forget that most likely because we are not as fluent in canine body language as we are in human body language. This adorable husky has a bad day too! Dogs are like children! If you don’t go their way, they will always throw a tantrum. They always want things to be done their way no matter if is having a bath, taking a walk or eating they want their wishes to be respected, and we appreciate them because they deserve all the love and attention in the world! Do you have any funny dog stories to share? Let us know in the comments!

Hilarious Guilty Husky Won't Let His Owner Scold Him 1m04s

Hilarious Guilty Husky Won't Let His Owner Scold Him

Take a look at this Husky talking to his parents! If you thought that only children were capable of making tantrums, after watching this video you will realize that you were very wrong, this Husky dog will surprise you with his actions and his guilty look. In general, most dogs try to do everything possible to avoid being reprimanded for their bad deeds, but this Husky in particular seems to have a special ability that allows him to get away with it, thus avoiding the corresponding punishments for his misconduct. Very funny! This Husky is called Blu and he is quite affectionate and charismatic, he always obeys his parents and does not cause problems at home, but when there is no one at home, Blu takes advantage to make a disaster, because he knows that there is not one person to control his behavior. Blu's orders were to go to bed while his parents had an appointment outside the house, Blu just had to rest and wait for his parents to return, but it seems that he did not like the idea of staying alone at home while his parents had a date, that's why he destroyed the bed where he was supposed to sleep. When Blu's parents returned home, what they found were just the remains of what was once a beautiful, soft dog bed and they knew exactly who to blame. Blue knew that he was guilty of this crime and did everything possible to explain what happened, simply with a little extra tantrum, he tried to evade the problems with some excuses. Blu knew that mom was angry and knew that his misbehavior would bring consequences, so he cried and howled as loudly as he could, talking about mom's accusations and lowering his head to avoid eye contact. Blu is very smart! Husky dogs have captured the attention of people for many years, as they have an elegant and imposing appearance, and their impressive talent can surprise anyone. This dog has an athletic body and many people say that the Husky are able to feel real emotions like guilt and remorse. Most dogs do strange things when they are alone at home, sometimes cause many problems, it is likely that this happens when dogs are used to being with their parents, so when they are alone at home they feel alone and look for alternatives to have fun. Blu it is a clear sign that dogs do not like to be alone at home! Dogs 'bad behavior usually has a reasonable explanation, they often behave like children, dogs love to explore and do tricks to get their owners' attention and tell them when they are or not according to their orders and decisions. It is advisable not to hit the dogs when they do inappropriate things, since that makes the dog feel sad and hated, that is not good for anyone, the dogs are intelligent, so you just have to educate them correctly. Dogs are children with tails and four legs! Siberian Huskies have captured the imagination of the masses, as well as artists, writers, and film producers, with their eye-catching looks and awe-inspiring talents. The medium-size working dog called Blu, possesses power and athleticism and he also feels guilt and remorse. Blu is a sweet boy that only acts up when no one is present. In this video, he was told to go to bed and be a good boy while mom and dad went on a date. Apparently, Blu wasn't ready for bed ... so he ate it. When the parents came home, what they found was only the remnants of what was once a gorgeous, fluffy dog bed and they knew exactly who to blame. Blue knew he was guilty of this crime and he did his best to explain what happened - in typical husky fashion, just with a little extra tantrum on the side! He knows mom is angry and will reprimand him heavily for it, so Blue did what he knows best - he cried and howled as loud as he can, talking over mom’s accusations and lowering his head to avoid eye contact. Blu's behavior is hilarious! The Husky was behaving like a child when they hear something they don't like. You know, that whole ordeal where they plug their ears and make noise, saying that they can't hear you. This hilarious reaction is something of unusual nature for dogs! Check out this husky talking back to his parents!

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Street Musician Performs In Front Of Music Loving Kittens1m24s

Street Musician Performs In Front Of Music Loving Kittens

Being a street artist is not easy. Unlike any other type of entertainment, almost all of the members of your audience, did not plan on watching your show. They were planning on doing something else until you convinced them, either with your actions or your words, to stop and watch. This by itself is difficult. On top of that, the audience gets to see the entire show before paying a dime. There is nothing preventing them from simply turning around and walking away at the end of the show. What other form of entertainment lets you watch the entire performance, and then lets you decide how much it was worth to you? Buskers have it tough, performing their art and receiving practically zero attention from their audience as they pass them on the street, but one particular street musician was more than happy to play his music for the most unusual audience - a gang of music loving kittens! The video shows the smiling musician perform his art for the enthralled audience as all four cats have their heads tilted up towards the man with rapture. If only cats could hold down jobs, they would be the purrfect public! It’s not easy being a street musician but with audience like this, everything seems brighter. The cats may not join in singing, dancing and stamping their paws on the rhythm, but they seem stunned by his performance. They stand in front of him like he is the saviour and with their presence, he can’t be more grateful. He will leave short of applause, but the mere sight at this cats makes his spirit go up. The quartet were entertained on the streets of Pangkor, Malaysia, as the man plays his acoustic guitar and sings a popular Malay song called 'Keindahan Pantai', which translates into 'Beautiful Beach'. Watching them listen to the musician and he strums on the strings of his instrument, as if they are mesmerized by the tune, is the most heartwarming thing you will see all day! The busker’s friend, who also recorded this encounter, said that the man felt unappreciated and upset, so he sat down and started playing just for the fun of it, when the four youngsters gathered in front of him and never turned their heads once. Eventually, he thanked them for their attention, as a true performer would. They certainly prove that cats have for more patience in them than they lead on. If you liked this street musician performing, then we suggest you should take a look at the following video where a young man has learned the lively art of the banjo and was more than happy to take requests. The banjo is a four-, five- or six-stringed instrument with a thin membrane stretched over a frame or cavity as a resonator, called the head. The membrane, or head, is typically made of plastic, although animal skin is still occasionally but rarely used, and the frame is typically circular. Early forms of the instrument were fashioned by Africans in America, adapted from African instruments of similar design.

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Incredible Footage Of A Train Passing Through Tiny Street In Hanoi, Vietnam2m35s

Incredible Footage Of A Train Passing Through Tiny Street In Hanoi, Vietnam

It’s time to sit down and dedicate this few minutes to this amazing video taken in Hanoi, Vietnam. It’s something you don’t see every day! In this incredible video is captured a train incredibly passing through a tine street in Hanoi. Imagine a train going in both directions every day outside your house and you have grown nonchalant about it! It's amazing to see how the locals here in Hanoi, Vietnam have adapted to this daily disruption in their lives. This is something truly remarkable! Because we were so fascinated by this amazing video we did a little research about the routine the train does. Around 3 p.m. and 7 p.m every day, a train hurtles through a series of narrow streets in Hanoi’s bustling, maze-like Old Quarter. Streets are getting blocked, children rushered indoors, cars and bikes pulled to the side of the road just before the train speeds past, with a couple feet of clearance at most on both sides. You can see on the video that the train is mere inches from the buildings. The railroad tracks take up nearly the entirety of the “train street,” as it’s been dubbed by the increasing trickle of tourists that come to glimpse the startling sight. The train passes the narrow road early in the route that connects Vietnam’s capital to Ho Chi Minh city in the south. If you ever have a chance to visit Vietnam , make sure to visit this amazing street at 3 p.m or 7 p.m.

Camera Catches Hilarious Construction Worker Dancing Like No One’s Watching 1m22s

Camera Catches Hilarious Construction Worker Dancing Like No One’s Watching

Ariana Grande’s eye has been caught by a home made video and for one very good reason. This gentleman has got some mean moves! Meet Tony Restivo, a tile-setter from Toronto who is making headlines worldwide with the dance moves he dropped at a recent site, swaying his hips to Ariana Grande’s hit “Into You”. Tony says that initially he had no idea he is being filmed . "The first 15 to 20 seconds, I didn’t know," he said. "Then from the corner of my eyes, I saw Anthony taping me, and he always tapes me at work when I’m doing something funny." He also says that he is known to bust a move when he thinks his workers could use a bit of a pick-me-up. And boy, are we grateful! "The guys were really quiet that day, and not in good spirits and I just started cranking my music and dancing like I always do," Tony Tiles explained to CityNews. "It’s actually a normal thing, I dance all the time at work, to make the guys laugh and have a good time because our job is hard enough as it is." As with any other humble viral star, Tony also had no idea that his dance video became an internet sensation. That is until his wife saw in on social media. When he heard that even Ariana herself saw the clip, Tony said that he was glad he made her smile. "If she got a kick out of it, that’s great and I hope everybody else got a kick out of it,” says the dancing king. “In my normal life, this is what I do, have fun with work and life, and go on from there." Ugh, the mid-evening blues. You're in the workplace typing away, your associates are sullenly gazing at their PC screens, and it's so calm you can scarcely stand it. Whenever you end up watching the check or gazing longingly out the window for something energizing to happen, recall what a Toronto tile setter did to help the state of mind. He was at a vocation site early a year ago and all of a sudden understood whatever is left of the team had been particularly calm throughout the day. So what did he do? Naturally, he embraced his inner diva! Evidently, Tony Restivo, the man getting this party started, grew up watching moving greats like Michael Jackson, John Travolta, and Elvis Presley — and it appears in his hip pushes and high kicks. Dancing is a unique art that requires passion. Dancing has for certain moral lessons; it teaches us not to give up, dancing is about practicing until you learn the right moves. Dancing is hope and dancing is trust. You trust in yourself and always hope to be better. Dancing is the best stress reliever and this amazing guy just proofed to us, that a little music and some dance moves can make your day better and in this case his colleagues too! Don’t forget to share this videos to make someone happy too!

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Baby Is Moved To Tears By Mother's Beautiful Song1m15s

Baby Is Moved To Tears By Mother's Beautiful Song

A cute video from the Newsflare archive of a baby who appears to be moved to tears by his mother's beautiful singing. Be warned; you might start crying yourself! Captured in Dickson County, Tennessee in 2016, the clip shows the mother feeding little Leland and singing him a religious song when his eyes suddenly fill with tears which then stream down his face. The song that made baby Leland cry is “Good Good Father" by the band “Housefires." Baby Leland giggles and laughs at first, but as mom’s song continues, his crystal blue eyes start to well up, and a single tear rolls down his cheek. Whether it was the strong meaning behind the lyrics of the song (Matt Reynolds and Pat Barrett sing about the fully affirmed sons and daughters who know who they are in their Father’s embrace) or just the mother’s undeniably lovely voice, but Leland could not control his emotions! It is as if he knows that the song is about happy things, but the melody brings good tears to his eyes, so he doesn’t just throw a crying fit. The baby just sobs quietly , while letting his tears rolls down his cheeks. Music can do that do you. While songs that inspire the chills could sound happy or sad and can arouse you or calm you down, songs that make you cry are usually more sad and calmer, with slower tempos and more minor and diminished chords, to evoke a more soothing, or reflective, mood. Wow, take a look at the baby’s face as he is delighted by the voice of his mother and those tears in his big blue eyes, makes us have tears in our eyes. We guess babies love parents singing to them. Their voices sooth them and maybe they find that relaxing. Mother is not the only ones who love to sing to their kids. Dad love singing to them too! This baby girl has emotional reaction to daddy’s singing and she can’t help but smile! As her dad continues to sing to her, she even lets out a little giggle; she loves every minute of this, she appreciates every moment of the love and affection, these two already have such a great bond, so adorable. Her dad carefully holds her head, as she continues to listen to him sing! Do you have any precious moments with your kids to share with us? Let us know in the comment section down below! ++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: SONG SUNG BY MOTHER IS NOT RIGHTS CLEARED++

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Man Becomes Friends With An Unlikely Animal2m06s

Man Becomes Friends With An Unlikely Animal

An elderly man has struck up an adorable friendship with an otter. Seppo Laamanen, 65, and Iivari the otter became inseparable after he appeared at Seppo’s doorstep in 2011. Small and malnourished, Seppo fed him and worms and fish. And the adorable otter repaid his kindness by always visiting Seppo at his home in Punkaharju in eastern Finland. It's always a pleasure watching some amazing and unlikely friendships in the making! Like this one, for example. Here we have an elderly man who befriends a friendly otter in the woods near his home. He feeds him every single day with fish and worms, and spends some quality time outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and the surrounding nature. The story behind this beautiful friendship will truly melt your heart. Namely, this furry swimmer appeared on this man's doorsteps a few years ago, and the two of them have become inseparable ever since! Truly amazing! Pets are amazing creatures that bring joy into our lives and make the world much better! Even if they are not your traditional pets like cats and dogs, they should still be treated with the utmost respect and care. Please share this amazing and funny clip with your friends and family as it will surely make them smile!

Dad Gets Overly Excited After Finding Out That He Is Having A Son After Five Girls1m08s

Dad Gets Overly Excited After Finding Out That He Is Having A Son After Five Girls

Witnessing the birth of a child is a truly miraculous experience and the parents must've been overwhelmed with emotion and happiness for the new addition to the family. Parents always say that they will be happy with whatever gender they have, as long as the baby is healthy, but that’s not always the truth. Even if some wouldn’t want to admit it, sometimes we root for either a boy or a girl. This dad’s reaction to finding out that he is having a son after five girls in a row is absolutely precious! Kennedy Zarour, from Waldwick, New Jersey, sat in with expectant wife Natalie, who was filming her husband's reaction, while she was having a Caesarean section on March 8. This dad has five girls with his lovely wife, and in this video, his wife is in labor and he finally finds out the gender of his sixth baby. To his great surprise and joy, the newborn is a son, and the dad can't contain his happiness. Would he have been happy with a girl? Sure! Is he excited to have one person in the house who might prefer fishing to fake fur? Absolutely! After five girls, it's nice to have some diversity in the family and we totally get the dad's reaction. They're going to be a very big and happy family ! You can just tell how excited he is to have a son. Now he won't be the only male in the house! He's going to have his own little buddy! This is just too cute!

Dangerous road range encounter between motorcycle and Tesla47s

Dangerous road range encounter between motorcycle and Tesla

Traffic safety is of the utmost importance, and no matter how much in a hurry we are, we must never disrespect the other drivers and put their life in danger! There are no excuses for behaving poorly on the freeway. In this video, we can see a tense moment occurs when a reckless Tesla Model S driver cuts off a man riding a motorcycle, nearly causing an accident on the Camden/Branham/HWY 85 on-ramp in California. Not cool! All drivers should always consider other people's safety, and drive responsibly and carefully, so let's hope that's a lesson learned for the reckless driver!

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12 Year Old Girl Asks Stepdad The Question Of A Lifetime 1m49s

12 Year Old Girl Asks Stepdad The Question Of A Lifetime

Being a step dad isn't always an easy task and can be very challenging. But if you're lucky enough, the kids will accept you and love you like you are their biological parent. And that always is a great thing to witness. This 12-year-old girl's biological dad passed away when she was 5 years old. Jeff has been a Dad to her for the past 6 years of her life. She wanted to ask him to make it official by making a collage of pictures and surprising him with a cute poem. This will definitely bring tears to you eyes! Just watch how he reads the beautiful poem by his daughter, turning page after page, only to realize that it's a proposition for adopting her. After he says yes they share a beautiful loving hug and even shed a few tears of happiness together! A parent's love is limitless and it doesn't depend on the biological stuff. You don't have to share the same genes to be deeply connected. What did you think of this heartwarming and moving clip? We would love to hear what you think so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section! Please share this amazing moment with your family and friends as it is sure to have them in tears. This is one video that no one should ever miss out on!

Little Boy Can’t Stop Laughing Contagiously During Music Class1m21s

Little Boy Can’t Stop Laughing Contagiously During Music Class

If laughter is the best medicine, this is one very healthy little boy. They say that nothing sounds as sweet as a child’s laughter, but this kid proves that it can be contagious as well! A clip of a little boy dissolving into peals of laughter during a music class in is proving infectious. We dare you not to smile as the little guy cracks up during a class rendition of Clap Your Hands Together. When a kindergarten teacher was holding music class, she decided to play a song called ‘Clap Your Hands Together’, which means that during the music the kids should be clapping to the rhythm of the song and stop when they hear the cue. One kid found the surprising effects of the song absolutely hilarious and it shows! The music teacher strums a guitar as she leads the sing-a-long and, as the music speeds up, so too does the little boy’s laughter. The video, shot in mid July in a kindergarten in Levittown, New York, already had millions of views and we are certain everybody knows why. The three-year-old boy was stricken with a severe case of the giggles during the ‘clap and stop’ song, sending everyone present into a laughing frenzy, the teacher included. The other little kids in class gave shy smiles, but the cutie in front broke into pealing hysterics and couldn't seem to stop as the kids clapped and the teacher played and sang. At one point, the laughing little boy's friend next to him leans over and hugs him, almost as if he knows his pal needs comforting during this time of an uncontrollable fit of hysterics. The little boy's giggles only got more fitful as the song quickened pace until he eventually collapsed on the floor with the force of his howls of amusement. The other children's faces range from surprised to astonished at the boy's antics. It's unclear if the little boy is normally this full of silliness or if it was this particular song that inspired it, but either way, his chortles of glee are infectious and will have you giggling along with him. As she increases the tempo, teacher Sara Shonfeld keeps stopping to ask the class ‘Are you ready? Do you want to go faster?’ The little giggler in blue shouts ‘yeah’ loudly every single time. And his enthusiasm is contagious. The video cuts off after about 80 seconds, but we suspect the little guy’s still there, laughing away. There is nothing better than laughing and as you watch this young boy laugh hysterically, you will find yourself doing just that…laughing! "The laughing boy loved the surprising effect of the song. Clap and stop! Children enjoy learning through dynamic musical expressions and experiences. Learning can be entertaining," said the teacher, Sara Shonfeld. We couldn’t help but crack a smile and chuckle every time he started to laugh. The best part of the entire video is the fact this little guy is the only one laughing so hard in class! Maybe he will remind you of yourself in your younger days!

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Excited Chihuahua Meets Newborn Baby For The First Time1m00s

Excited Chihuahua Meets Newborn Baby For The First Time

Living with us in mega-cities or in small villages, on the sea, in the desert and even in space or on the North Pole, they march along, leaving 4 paw traces, our friends - dogs. They are glorified in legends since days ancient as being more faithful than people and remain close in perilous times. There are volumes of poems inspired by and devoted to them, monuments erected in their remembrance and the never-fading memories we cherish of growing up with our first dog. In ancient times, dogs helped our ancestors hunt for mammoth and toothed tigers. Dog teams bare the credit naturalists, geologists and other adventure-seekers ventured into expeditions and conquest of the Arctic and Antarctic. In the world of today, many dogs live a comfortable couch life next to their beloved owners and we are grateful to them for the company. Among other things, people love to show off with their pets. They are treated as stars, as cute toy creatures that give one joy, or even ugly, but ridiculously funny pets. Pets are, and this is a fact, one of top-5 keyword searches on the Internet. This is why we decided show you an adorable short video of the moment a tiny Chihuahua pooch meets her equally adorable baby brother. Watch! This is the moment a chihuahua reacts to meeting its owner’s newborn baby for the first time. The footage, captured at a home in Dublin, Ireland on March 14, shows chihuahua Quica excitedly wagging her tail as she sees 4-day-old Nicholas lying in his father’s arms. Nicholas' father then approaches Quica to show her the new member of the family more closely. Quica's reaction leaves him stunned when the dog lies on her back as if it was mimicking the baby. Nicholas' mother wrote:"When I was pregnant my chihuahua Quica was very protective of my bump. Whenever my husband would attempt to rub my belly or touch my bump Quica would instinctively react and snap at my husband to stay back. Consequently, we knew that Quica would be eager to meet the precious goods. We were stunned by Quica's reaction which was to immediately submit to Nicholas. Quica displayed a remarkable motherly instinct. Ever since Quica stands guard by Nicholas' crib and watches over his every move while eagerly wagging her tail." How adorable is that?! You just know that they are going to grow up being the best of friends. Did you have a pet while you were growing up? What was it and what sort of trouble did you two get into? Make sure you share those sweet memories with us in the comment section down below.

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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle May Have A Royal Baby Sooner Than You Think56s

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle May Have A Royal Baby Sooner Than You Think

Get ready Britain and America, there’s going to be a Royal wedding in the spring. The Prince of Wales has announced the engagement of Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle. After the Queen met Meghan she said that she is quote “delighted for the couple and wishes them every happiness”. Even though the new royal couple has not even walked down the aisle yet, that does not stop the prince from thinking about his own future royal babies. Royal expert and author of "Harry: Life, Loss, and Love," Katie Nicholl, recently shared that Prince Harry is very keen on having children of his own very soon. "My sources are saying that Prince Harry, particularly, is very keen to start a family, pretty soon after the royal wedding," she said. "He's made no secret about wanting children." She also adds that the prince’s love for his niece and nephew, Princess Charlotte and Prince George , really sealed the deal for him. "I think that moment [for Harry] really kicked in when his brother, Prince William, of course, settled down with Kate Middleton," Nicholl said. "That has definitely gotten Prince Harry pretty broody." But Prince Harry isn’t the only one smitten with the young prince and princess; Meghan is also very much in love with the two royal tots. "The reason he wanted Meghan to meet Prince George and Princess Charlotte was so she could see that — this would be hopefully replicated by them, that they would go on to have children," Nicholl said. "That you marry into the royal family, but that doesn't mean you can't have a regular family with cute children, and here are George and Charlotte to show that that can happen. That was really important to him." Still, we don’t rule out the possibility that Meghan and Harry might eventually choose to be the “cool aunt and uncle” to the royal baby trio ! It should come to no surprise that the new royal couple will want to speed things up on expanding the royal bloodline. Multiple sources have told media that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s desire for tiny princes and princesses grew exponentially after the wedding. A source close to maghan told Us Weekly: “Having children is definitely a priority. She and Harry want to start a family right away—and she’ll start trying as soon as she can.” Another source did confirm this story, although their statement didn’t put so much accent on ASAP. Instead, this source confirms that both the Duke and the Duchess cannot wait to start their own family and soon, but they will not rush things. “They have a lot on their plate right now. But they both think that when the moment feels right, that will be the time to go for it. They’ll make fantastic parents,” finishes the statement. What we do know for sure is that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are enjoying their honeymoon right now. They are expected to make their appearance at the Queen's Trooping of the Colour official birthday parade on June 9. They also have a trip planned to Australia, where they will attend the Sydney Invictus Games, while the second half of the year is busy with other work engagements. Whether a pregnancy announcement will come before or after is left to be seen.

Shelter Dog No Longer Feels Blue After Being Reunited With Her Puppies1m00s

Shelter Dog No Longer Feels Blue After Being Reunited With Her Puppies

This dog was sad and anxious when she was surrendered to the Marin County Humane Society, but employees at the center couldn’t figure out why she felt so blue. They treated and cared for her, but to no avail, the dog was devastated. They were examining her only to find found that she had recently given birth to a litter of puppies and was longing for her offspring. When this abandoned dog arrived at the animal shelter in Novato, California she was deeply sad and depressed as if she was missing something. The facility took her in and named her Cora, after a Downton Abbey character. Later they found out that she was actually missing four tiny, furry somethings. When the shelter realized Cora had a litter of puppies they worked hard to reunite the family again. The moment Cora saw her puppies she perked up instantly. Watch how ecstatic she gets when she is presented with her puppies, she cannot contain her excitement. Her motherly instinct immediately started kicking and she is overwhelmed to see them. It was after the medical examinations that vets realized that Cora had recently given birth to a litter of puppies. They reached Cora's previous owners and urged them to give up the puppies. It was for the best for the puppies to be nursed by their mother, so when they arrived at the shelter they were immediately reunited with their mother . Watch the heartwarming moment when these adorable furry things are brought face-to-face with their mother. Cora has her eyes wide open and a curious look on her face. Shortly after, she dares to approach and starts sniffing the pups. She realizes that these are her puppies and starts wagging her tail for joy. Watch as Lisa Bloch from the Marin Humane Society presents Cora with her puppies, one by one. The dog mom cannot stand still. Footage shows overjoyed Cora walking up and down the room, looking at the carriage for more puppies. These balls of fur also received Downton Abbey names, Mosley, Branson, Edith and Carson. It is adorable how Cora gets an instantaneous change in mood from being withdrawn and sad to expressing pure joy and excitement. They finally realized the reason why she felt so blue, she had been stripped of her newborn babies and was longing for them. Poor thing!

Police Officer Pulls Over 5 Cars At Once For Speeding 50s

Police Officer Pulls Over 5 Cars At Once For Speeding

Here we have a case when karma eventually catches up to you, or at least a responsible traffic officer does. We have never seen a video like this one before, but we would sure like to have been able to witness this great, great moment in person. How fulfilling would that be? These cars were all exceeding the speed limit, thus endangering all the traffic participants in their vicinity, but they were eventually pulled over by one officer. You read that right, one officer. He single-handedly gave tickets to all of the irresponsible drivers, and we are sure that next time they will stop and think for a second before speeding on the road. The speeding tickets they received should be a bitter reminder to all of us that respecting the law is very important, and being reckless on the road is a very selfish act, mostly because you are never alone – the people driving near you should not be jeopardized in any way. We're not sure how he did it, but good on him! Dash cam footage reveals five silver-colored cars driving at highly dangerous speeds, only pulled over by this single police officer, who we now consider a hero (without the cape, but still). How awesome is that? If you let us put seriousness aside, we just have to tell you about that one time (that we know of) when the police pulled over a driver not because he committed a violation or something, but because he did something good. For example, this one man was pulled over by a police officer so that he may tell him the good news - that he is finally going to be a daddy ! The video, filmed in Texas back in April, shows the couple being pulled over by a Hurst Police Department officer. Their offence - they are travelling in the car without a child seat. The officer recognizes Jarred in the driver’s seat and they exchange their hellos. The officer is glad to see Jarred, but he needed to alert the couple of the offence they made, travelling with a child in the car without a child’s seat. Jarred is confused by the officer’s statement, saying that they don’t have a child in the car. What Jarred doesn’t know is that his wife Nikki is actually pregnant. She holds up the positive pregnancy test, waiting for the future dad to acknowledge it. It was Nikki’s idea to involve the officers in this manner, saying how Jarred met them during a very traumatic panic episode in November 2016 and ever since he's become a great advocate for him and his family. The sweetest part is the baby is due on Jarred’s birthday! We have no clue as to how that officer managed to pull that off. Two cars are probably the optimal number one can pull over for violating traffic rules. But five? And what can you do, run for it? The officer probably already has your plate number and those squad cars can go really fast if need be!

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Musician Plays A Song On Piano That Controls 500,000 Christmas Lights4m19s

Musician Plays A Song On Piano That Controls 500,000 Christmas Lights

‘Twas a few nights before Christmas and all through the street, Not a creature was stirring except this piano geek; The lights were all hung on the houses with care, In hopes that Jon wouldn’t play piano there; The people were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of cello music danced in their heads; And Paul in his t-shirt and Al in his boots had just settled down for an all night video shoot. When out in the street arose such a clatter, People sprang from their beds to see what was the matter Out the windows they watched, their phones they unlocked, was this a dream or should they call the cops? Jon sprang from his bench, running fast as he could, As the neighborhood dogs barked (just as they should); But we heard him exclaim, ere he ran out of sight, HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT! The Piano Guys sacrificed a night of their lives to record this awe-inspiring video in Sandy, Utah. HALF A MILLION Christmas lights starred in the display, with 4,900 channels utilized to ensure that the entire spectrum of the piano’s keyboard was featured brilliantly. A camera attached to a drone managed to capture the 46,000 watts of electricity that powered the the captivating Christmas spirit of these festive homes. Yes, the piano is actually being played and yes, the police actually showed up. The Piano Guys are thanking them for the Christmas kindness. ► Get The Song & Sheet Music here: ► Download or listen to all of our music! ---------------------------------------- ► YOUTUBE: ► FACEBOOK: ► INSTAGRAM: Credits: I Saw Three Ships (traditional) arranged and performed by Jon Scdmidt Recorded, mixed and mastered by Al van der Beek at TPG Studios, Utah Video produced and filmed by Paul Anderson and Shaye Scott Extra Drone Pilot: Ted Campbell Video edited by Shaye Scott Light Show courtesy of and thanks to: Production/Controls: Jason Ellsworth and Kyle Ottman Electrical and Lighting: Drew Buck Additional Programming: Tom BetGeorge and Matt Phipps And AN EXTRA SPECIAL THANK YOU to the Richardson and Smart families for lending their incredible homes for this light show and lending so much joy to thousands who park and watch them each year. (Also many thanks to their neighbors for putting up with Jon’s racket! To see the show: 1731 Hidden Valley Club Dr, Sandy, Utah Credit: ThePianoGuys

Shark Unlocks True Attack Mode On Jet Ski Couple14s

Shark Unlocks True Attack Mode On Jet Ski Couple

Sharks are notorious sea creatures and it is understandable they cause a stir when they show up unexpected. On April 7 in Hervey Bay, Australia, a couple riding a Jet Ski off Fraser Island experienced a close call when a six-foot bronze whaler shark swimming next to their jet ski, suddenly turned on them, going into attack mode with jaws wide open. They captured the moment when the shark turns and rams the side of their watercraft. This was one rather close encounter with one particularly large shark, and here is their story. Libby Williams says “My wife and I were on our Yamaha FX Cruiser jet ski touring up the western side of Fraser Island, we noticed a shadow in the water and realized it was a rather large shark. We decided to get a little closer to take some video footage and we clearly got a little too close! No one was injured although the jet ski did get some small scuff marks where the shark contacted the ski." Noticing the swimming shark, the couple decided to get a little closer to shoot a video when, as Libby’s husband explained “we clearly got a little too close!" and obviously, that agitated the shark. Williams said the shark nearly took a chunk of her leg! Fraser Island is the world’s largest known for great white sharks , bull sharks, bronze whaler sharks (also known as copper sharks) and tiger sharks. Bronze whaler sharks aren’t known to be aggressive toward humans unless there is a presence of food, or unless they are agitated by a Jet Ski. Its common name "whaler" arose in the nineteenth century, due to their habit of congregating around the carcasses of harpooned whales hanging along the side of whaling boats. The bronze whaler sharks are one of the species known to attack humans, though infrequently. Named for its bronze, or sometimes greyish-bronze upperside, this is a large, fairly slender shark with a moderately long and slightly pointed snout. The bronze whaler shark is known to be somewhat aggressive to humans when they sense food or prey close by. And though they usually remain solitary, these sharks will often form groups to hunt prey more effectively. These are migratory, live-bearing sharks that inhabit warmer waters and sometimes enter fresh water. Unfortunately, this shark is highly-sought after by commercial fisheries for its meat and is highly susceptible to overfishing due to its extremely long maturity age of up to 20 years! Sharks strike fear into the hearts of many. That's even though the odds of being attacked by a shark are actually incredibly low. More people are killed by things like flowerpots, lawn mowers, toaster ovens, deer, cows, and dogs each year. More people are bitten by other people than by sharks. Still, sharks are hardly cuddly friends. Beware of sharks like this one! What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Grumpy Great Dane Doesn't Let His Owner Sleep In The Dog Bed 1m16s

Grumpy Great Dane Doesn't Let His Owner Sleep In The Dog Bed

We all have that special nook in the house that is ours and no one else’s. It is the place we would like to curl ourselves into a ball in and just lay until the end of time, or at least until our problems or the bad weather pass us by. Dogs are very much like us in that manner. Our loving pets, too, have a comfortable nest where they love to sit and wait for us to show them some love. We might give them the most comfortable dog beds or even let them sleep on down feathers, but they would still climb on our beds or sleep on the cat bed when we turn our attention to something else. Unfortunately for us, they don’t feel like they should share their bed with anyone else. Their name is written with a magical marker on it and hell would freeze over before they let us get comfy. This is what happens when you decide to steal the bed of a Great Dane canine. Owners beware and learn from this example. Check out this Great Dane’s reaction when he realizes that some has taken his most prized possession - the bed! Apparently, Henry's bed is his one and only true love. Check out what happens when his owner tries to sleep in his cozy spot ! Hilarious! Poor pooch! Henry the "tough" great Dane loses his mind when he fails to remove his owner from his bed. Apparently, owner took Henry’s place and is nicely tucked into the warm doggy bed. The moment Henry realizes that his bed is occupied by his owner, he tries his best to remove the owner and reclaim his spot! Watch how determined this huge pooch is to reclaim his bed from his owner! He uses his paws and muzzle to try and remove the owner from his cozy nest! However, it’s to no avail since his owner won’t move a muscle! Henry, desperate as he is, has nothing else to do but wait until his owner decides to leave his bed! Moments later, Henry throws a temper tantrum and urges the man to leave his precious nest and find another place to rest. It is hilarious how this gentle giant doesn’t engage in fierce play and doesn’t use aggression to reclaim his place, but politely asks his owner to leave his spot! How adorable! The term Great Dane often symbolizes the gangly and troublesome Marmaduke ruining the neighbor’s yard, or Shaggy’s clumsy canine companion in a Scooby Doo mystery, cowering or devouring everything in sight! However, even though the Great Dane delivers a protective visual deterrent, this breed is actually very friendly and fantastic with kids. As they grow and grow, they live up to the attribute ‘the tallest dogs on the planet’. What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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