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How to find your artistic style or voice5m04s

How to find your artistic style or voice

The sign of a great artist is when a project's style comes not from the script, song, or brush, but from the artist himself. In filmmaking, it is the camera angles, the lighting, the scene-length and the spaces between the dialogue that tell the story, above any plot-line. Take Quentin Tarantino and the Coen Brothers as an example. So distinctive and influential are their styles they have even earned a place in the dictionary!

Bell's Oberon release day 2018: Metro Detroit parties, midnight tappings50s

Bell's Oberon release day 2018: Metro Detroit parties, midnight tappings

Spring has arrived in Michigan and that means Bell's Oberon will be back on tap and on store shelves very soon. Oberon release day is happening on Monday, March 26 across the state, with many bars tapping the kegs at midnight Sunday night/Monday morning. The release coincides with baseball season. There will be several midnight tappings across the metro area, including Ashley's in Ann Arbor, The Rock on Third in Royal Oak and more.

Published: March 19, 2018
Snow Drag Racing Fail57s

Snow Drag Racing Fail

Occurred on March 18, 2018 / Duluth, Minnesota, USA Info from Licensor: "This snow drag racer pulled a wheelie and quickly lost control. As he fell, you can see how dangerously close he came to the back of the sled! It's hard to believe he walked away from this crash."


"Iguana Jumps On The Camera"

"Iguanas are commonly kept as house pets. They have nothing against people being around them. People, but not their weird gadgets. What you’ll see in this funny video is one camera-shy iguana. Her owner is filming it and the iguana is just not okay with that fact. After showing a little bit of grudge, this iguana jumped on the camera, thus ending this video session. Hilarious! nGreen iguanas are large, tree-climbing lizards native to the Caribbean and Central and South America. They also are found in the wild as feral populations in Florida, Hawaii, Texas and the U.S. Virgin Islands. When kept under the proper environmental conditions and fed appropriately, these reptiles can make great pets. Especially for families with older children who can be taught to handle the reptiles appropriately, or for individuals who want a long-lived companion. Baby green iguanas are generally friendly but excessive handling should be avoided until the iguana gets used to its new home. nUnlike snakes and many other herps, iguanas have the capability of identifying their caretakers, and some have remarkable personalities. But beware - they apparently hate cameras!"

The 'Strange Cafe' that is run by robots2m34s

The 'Strange Cafe' that is run by robots

Japan's new cafe allows customers to enjoy a coffee that has been brewed by a robot. 'Sawyer' the artificial intelligence robot is the face (or arm) of the Henna Cafe in Shibuya, Tokyo. The robot, who's seen greeting customers with a pair of big cartoon eyes on a screen asks customers "would you care for a delicious coffee?" Customers place their orders n a touch screen, receive a QR code and a cup to give to the robot arm are then produced a drink in 2-4 minutes.