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Husky Puppy Has 'Heated Debate' With His Owner1m19s

Husky Puppy Has 'Heated Debate' With His Owner

Artist Aaron Dissell and his husky puppy are having quite an amusing conversation in this video, it is so adorable! Aaron Dissell continues to tell his husky to stop talking back but that doesn't stop him! He continues to bark back as Aaron tells him to cut it out. This little guy definitely has some guts! He isn't intimidated at all when he is told to stop multiple times. It seems like the husky always wants the last word as he continues to whimper and bark back. Aaron continues to tell the Husky to stop, telling him he is a baby puppy and that he shouldn't talk to an adult like that. The video then takes a hilarious turn near the end. After Aaron tells him he is a baby, he sticks his foot in his mouth! Too funny! While his foot is in his mouth, the husky finally stops whimpering and barking back. Aaron was pleased to see the talking back had finally stopped!I think the little husky deserves a yummy treat now! He was pretty tired from all the barking and whimpering back, no more arguing was necessary for the rest of the day! The debate was over! These two share a great bond and aren't afraid to tell each other when they're wrong!

Beautiful Wild Stallion Rescues Drowning Filly3m30s

Beautiful Wild Stallion Rescues Drowning Filly

No one can deny that horses are majestic animals. With their silky manes and lithe bodies they can capture the attention of any onlooker. However, they are not to be undermined because behind the beautiful exterior, these beasts possess such power and strength, it can hardly be rivaled in the natural world. Horses are an old friend of man. We’ve had them by our side for a long time and they’ve been a very loyal companion. Primarily used to help us travel and deliver goods, nowadays these animals are kept in stables and used either in derbies or as family pets, enjoying the love from their owners. However, it is often said that a horse’s spirit can hardly be tamed and that is why not all horses are domesticated. There are many wild horses living in natural reserves and parks around the world, reminding us that their place is out there, not kept in wooden boxes. Wild horses are nomads. They usually move as a herd in small numbers looking for food and water. The herds in the video were found satiating their thirst in the Salt River in the Tonto National Forest in Arizona, USA. The two of them were composed of horses of different ages, both male and female. We can see their young playing near the river banks and the older ones grazing on some grass. Since both herds are on different sides of the river, Champ, one of the stallions of one herd decides to cross the river along with a few other horses. Somewhere in the middle of the trip, one of the fillies from his herd almost drowns in the river but champ detaches from the herd and manages to save her. She then runs to her mommy, happy to be alive. We, too, love these kinds of happy endings.

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"Dance Party: Some Wins, Some Fails, ALL FUN"

"Who is ready for a DANCE PARTY? Your pet? Your grandparents? Parents? Kids? Judging by the people dancing in the clips within this hilarious and fun compilation... the whole family (humans and pets) are ready to groove. Here are my top 5 moments: 1. Horsing Around with Dance. Let’s talk about the first clip in this compilation! Not only is it hilarious but it involves horses dancing. Two horses bounce their head to the beat at the same time! 2. The new toy sore boogie. (3:22) A young boy is dancing like a mad man while shopping for a new toy! Excited much? 3. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Fail. (:22) A teen girl dances on a trampoline and just like most trampoline videos on the internet… her impressive dance moves lead to an epic fail. Watch this hilarious compilation, feel the music, have a laugh and move your body! Which clip was your favorite?"

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Good Spirits in Madrid! | An Evening with Ballantine's Whisky | Video38s

Good Spirits in Madrid! | An Evening with Ballantine's Whisky | Video

Spirits make us here at stupidDOPE very happy campers. Recently, we were able to treat our palettes to the smooth stylings of Ballantine's Whisky in Madrid, Spain. With nine incredibly distinct blends, Ballantine's demonstrates the complexities of today's refined taste with a maturation process steeped in tradition of the Scottish region.

Published: April 11, 2017131,309 views
Adopted ferret's first encounter with family cat3m42s

Adopted ferret's first encounter with family cat

'Valkyra' recently adopted a ferret named Timon who, at first, was very scared of all the new changes. After adapting to his new environment though, it was time to meet their cat, Kiba. This is how their first meeting went down.

Published: November 26, 201579,881 views
Baby Hams It Up Against The Glass43s

Baby Hams It Up Against The Glass

Although we have a baby who might still be very young, we can already predict that she has a huge comedy career ahead of her! With her brother's laughter as encouragement, little sis is ready to keep entertaining with her silly faces. 

Published: September 1, 201721,510 views