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Dr Pimple Popper: A Man with Steatocystoma Multiplex: Session 123m33s

Dr Pimple Popper: A Man with Steatocystoma Multiplex: Session 1

Steatocystoma Multiplex appear as multiple, uniform, yellow, cystic papules usually 2-6 mm diameter, located especially on upper anterior trunk, upper arms, axillae, and thighs. Typically no central punctum or umbilication is seen. Majority of cases present with dermal lesions, but multiple subcutaneous masses looking like multiple lipomas can be present. Bumps usually appear in adolescence or early adulthood, probably because sebaceous activity is at its peak. Sometimes larger steatocystomas are prone to rupture and suppuration and can cause scarring and pain.

Two Doggies On A Treadmill, Working For Their Beachbody 35s

Two Doggies On A Treadmill, Working For Their Beachbody

Spring is just around the corner, so it’s time to start them beachbody preparations. This doesn’t apply only to humans, it applies to dogs too. Check out the video of two cute doggies working the treadmill like pros. One is running in a straight direction and the other one works the side muscles and tries to cheat. Hilarious! Dogs should most definitely work out on a daily basis. Exercises keep dogs healthy, happy and out of trouble. Plus, working out is a lot of fun and has many benefits, it reduces excessive barking, chewing, and hyperactivity, keeping dogs healthy, agile and limber. Also, it helps timid or fearful dogs build confidence and trust. These doggies should stick to their treadmill workout routine, because it’s both beneficial and entertaining. Plus, we get to see this fantastic canine duo working out the treadmill like gym stars. Hilarious! We wonder, does this dog duo use any other gym equipment, like dumbells for example, because we would love to see that! When these two doggos got on the treadmill to exercise, the task seemed like a piece of cake. However, one of them was more determined to complete the assignment with flying colors, unlike the other pooch. While one of the dogs is regularly working the machine, the other dog is seen standing on the side and figuring out how to ‘cheat’ without being noticed. We feel with this sweet little cheater because all of us have been having a hard time being motivated in the gym at some point. You won't believe how this clever pooch tries to cheat on the treadmill while posing obstacles for his buddy to fail keeping up a good pace! Seeing the side pooch pretend to be exercising tells us that dogs can be clever when it comes to skipping exercises and burning calories. Seems like this fluffy pup has found the perfect solution to working out at the gym without getting tired and sweaty.

When He Got Pulled Over, He Feared The Worse; Then His Life Changed In A Huge Way5m59s

When He Got Pulled Over, He Feared The Worse; Then His Life Changed In A Huge Way

Dell, 28, was driving in Westland on Monday afternoon when he was pulled over for having tinted windows on his car. That's when Officer Joshua Scaglione noticed that Dell's three-year-old daughter was sitting in the back, and wasn't buckled up in a car seat. Scaglione asked Dell to step out of the car and the father thought he was in trouble. But to his surprise, the police officer only wanted to talk. Dell opened his heart to the rookie cop, tearing up as he explained that he was going through a hard time and couldn't afford a new car seat after his daughter outgrew her old one. Scaglione purchased a pink car seat, Dell's daughter's favorite color, that was adorned with butterflies. Dell happily installed the car seat, only to realize later that he had never found out the caring cop's name.

Levin Goes Off! "Adam Schiff Is A "Shill For The Russian Government...Out To Get Trump"8m30s

Levin Goes Off! "Adam Schiff Is A "Shill For The Russian Government...Out To Get Trump"

Why haven’t you asked Mr. [Rod] Rosenstein, your friend, the deputy attorney general of United States to expand your investigation to include the Hillary campaign? Why haven’t you asked Mr. Rosenstein to expand your investigation to look into the Russian apparatchiks who gave information to a foreight ex-British spy who was paid through a laundered process from the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC, Mr. Clouseau? How come you don’t look at that? How come you haven’t looked at the abuse and violations by your friend, Mr. Comey and the former attorney general of the United States in the FISA court? I’ll tell you why. Because he’s a hitman.

Cheeky monkey climbing on tourist pulls her top down almost exposing her boobs7s

Cheeky monkey climbing on tourist pulls her top down almost exposing her boobs

By Charlotte Regen This cheeky monkey almost exposed a tourist’s boobs after pulling her top down while climbing on top of her. Brittany Bowman was travelling with friends when she visited Chiang Mai, Thailand, to visit the local primates. Already nervous, the Los Angeles, California, USA, resident let the baby jump up her leg and […]

Adventurous Scuba Divers Swim With The Giants Of The Sea1m20s

Adventurous Scuba Divers Swim With The Giants Of The Sea

Stuart from Vancouver has had an incredible year of diving with the monsters of the ocean. From great white sharks to giant manta rays to the enormous whale shark, this footage captures it all! It is a diver’s dream experiencing the ocean’s wild animals, from great whites to massive whale sharks, like this whale shark of Socorro Island to this great white of Guadalupe. These magnificent animals were caught on camera for us to enjoy their graceful movement. The amazing Giant Manta Ray of Socorro Island with over a 20’ large, soaring through the water with such grace. We know so little of our planet, and naturally it makes us curious as to what else is out there. This thirst for knowledge makes us push our boundaries and reach for the unknown. So far we’ve been able to see almost everything that’s above ground but there are many wonders lurking in the water’s depths and the inside of our mysterious planet. It seems that a lot of people want to learn more and more about marine life, if diving expeditions are anything to go by. We hear of countless interactions between divers and marine giants and it all sounds so magnificent. This footage shows us the beautiful and enchanting moment divers near Socorro Island caught sight of gigantic manta rays and whale sharks. Socorro Island is a small volcanic island in the Revillagigedo Islands approximately 370 miles off the west coast of Mexico. We are reaching for the stars, but we know only a few percents of what the ocean waters hold. There have been many expeditions in the darkest parts of the sea, but we have yet to reach the bottom of the abyss. We have gone down to 35,858 feet below the sea’s surface. The expeditions thus far have proven to be very fruitful, bringing knowledge of life in complete darkness in excruciating conditions. Just imagine what the waters hold even further down!

Massive python caught hiding inside living room wall2m04s

Massive python caught hiding inside living room wall

This is the hair-raising moment a 15-feet-long python is caught - hiding inside a living room wall. Homeowner Somchai Subdang, 45, was watching TV yesterday afternoon (March 14) when he heard an odd clunking sound coming from the plasterboard. He put his ear to the wall to investigate and jumped with fright when he heard a sinister hissing sound from inside the wall in Bangkok, Thailand. Somchai called rescuers who arrived and used a hammer to hack into the wall where the massive serpent was found coiled up. Somchai said: ''I'm not afraid of the snake when it's stuck in the wall, but it could have been scary if it got into the ceiling then dropped down onto me while I was sleeping. ''I'm disappointed that I'll have to fix the house now. But that's better than having a snake hiding in the house.'' Rescue worker Bang Sem, who is seen alongside his colleague in a purple t-shirt in the video catching the python, said: ''This was an unusual place to find the snake. We think it got inside through a gap in the wall to shelter from the rain. ''I gave my young son my phone to start recording daddy catch snake. He enjoyed seeing it. The snake was about 4.5 metres long. It was returned back to nature. The python was stuffed into a sack and driven away to be handed over to wildlife workers in the Thung Khru district of the city who released it back into the wild.


"Baby Girls Babble While Their Dad Pretends to Argue with Them"

"Sooner or later a time comes to sit your kids at the table and have a serious conversation with them. Many different subjects require being discussed in such format - from school decisions too much tricky issues, like getting a job! But, the central question is not exactly where or how to conduct such conversation, but when. What is the right time for it? Well, in most of the cases it's better sooner than later, but not all! Check out this video, and you'll find out why! LOL! This dad sat his two adorable daughters at the table and asked one of them when does she plan to get a job, but instead of that one the other daughter has something to say in behalf of her sister! The only trick is they are just tot girls who can hardly say anything understandable! LOL! They just keep babbling and mumbling and making everyone laughs!"