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World’s Tallest Policeman Is 7ft 6in3m16s

World’s Tallest Policeman Is 7ft 6in

A TRAFFIC COP who measures a massive 7ft 6in is the tallest policeman in India - and possibly the world. Jagdeep Singh, from Punjab is so big he has to have his uniform especially made by a personal tailor and imports his enormous size 19 shoes from abroad. The colossal constable has been dubbed ‘a monster’ on social media but has become a local celebrity, with locals constantly stopping him for selfies. Previously the world’s tallest traffic cop was believed to be Rajesh Kumar, from Haryana in India, who is two inches smaller than Singh, at 7ft 4in.

Instantly freezing water will totally blow your mind17s

Instantly freezing water will totally blow your mind

Checkout what happens to water after it becomes super-cooled in a freezer. If you get it at just the right temperature, the water will not freeze until its molecules align into crystals after a little help - in this case by tapping the water bottle. Try it for yourself!

Orangutan youngster goes totally  ape over popsicle1m18s

Orangutan youngster goes totally ape over popsicle

This is the orangutan youngster from the Paignton Zoo in Devon, England. The zoo staff had a surprise for the Borneo orangutans; they put a giant fruit flavored ice popsicle in their habitat and also a nice big blanket to play with. The popsicle seems to have all kind of stuff in in like mixed fruit, veg and herbs. Yum!

Indian school has 17 pairs of identical twins1m12s

Indian school has 17 pairs of identical twins

By Taniya Dutta  A school in northern India has its teachers baffled – because of 17 pairs of twins. The incredible twins are aged between three and 15 and study at the Green Land Public School in Pathankot in Punjab.  The presence of so many identical twins certainly make the school unique but many teachers […]

Funny Boy Dances To “All About That Bass” In a Department Store35s

Funny Boy Dances To “All About That Bass” In a Department Store

Kids are so amazing! I absolutely adore their sense of humor! I love when they get to their silly mood and make silly things! But a boy in this video turns on the volume and brings the game to the whole new level! He is so cute and fanny that you really have to check this video out! This hilarious young boy puts an entire show in a department store, and he is absolutely amazing! He gets into a bathrobe that is still on a hanger and dances to “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor! OMG, you have to see this! His choreography is so funny that it made me roll on the floor laughing! So, if you are looking for something to really brighten up your day, this video with the funny dancing boy will do the trick! Plus, you’ll keep singing that “All About That Bass” all day long! LOL!

Guy Falls in The Background of Karate Practice Video10s

Guy Falls in The Background of Karate Practice Video

Karate is so amazing! Did you know that this martial art is about to become one of the Olympic sports? That’s so cool! If you are a fan of this incredible sport, this video will amuse you for sure! You absolutely have to take a moment to check it out! Just make sure that you pay attention to what happens in the background of the video. As the clip begins, you can see a group of kids and adults in a sports hall during a karate practice. Two kids are carefully observing what their teacher is showing them. They are all very quiet and focused. Nothing unusual there! But if take a closer look at the events happening in the background of this scene, you’ll find yourself a reason to laugh out loud! All of a sudden, a guy falls in the background and draws all the attention to himself. LOL! That’s embarrassing! So hilarious!