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Fearless Puppies Engage In Cute Wrestling Match With A Larger Dog3m03s

Fearless Puppies Engage In Cute Wrestling Match With A Larger Dog

An adorable moment is captured on camera when two Bichon Frise puppies try to put up with a big Central Asian Shepherd dog, engaging in a cute wrestling match in the yard. The big puppy is having a blast torturing this litter of little puppies. However, these small guys pack a punch every time they're cornered and refuse to back down. What an adorable playtime caught on camera! It is always refreshing to witness a vigorous play-fight session between dogs. We’re sure they'll be best friends in no time, they’ll just first have to set their boundaries! Footage shows two playful little puppies having a close encounter with a larger dog. Immediately upon befriending the little guys, the larger pooch started a wrestling match which the little balls of fur found both inviting and intimidating. However, the brave Bichon Frise pup is confident that it will manage to make a friend out of the larger doggy over playtime. Watching these two different dog breeds fighting, we fear that the little pups might be defeated and easily conquered by the larged dog. However, since they are only play-fighting, we are certain that the wrestling game will finish with a friendly truce! Eager to play, the big Central Asian Shepherd dog is seen jumping all around the tiny pups, inviting it to play and have some fun, which the pup mistakenly confused with a hostile warning over yard territory. Will it take the invite? Its eagerness might have been a little too much for the fearless ball of fur, so the scared pooch decides to pick up a fight, trying to defend itself from the energetic dog. However, it seems that when a Shepherd dog wants to play, there’s nowhere to hide! This heartwarming video presents the curious friendship-in-the-making between two different dog breeds via one vigorous wrestling match! Featuring their future friendship in action, this hilarious video shows the adorable dog feud in its finest! This foxy little game is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, and give you the chance to pick a side. It is hilarious how the intimidated pup engages in fierce play just to defend its territory. Of course, this is just a mock wrestling game, and nobody got hurt! It is hilarious how the energetic little pup gets annoyed when approached by the large dog, and bravely decides to confront it, by putting up a fight. Apparently, when owners brought these two dog breeds together and suggested they play along, they didn’t calculate the fight that might come out of the encounter. Nonetheless, the little pups stood up for themselves and knew how to react. We bet their awkward encounter will develop into a strong and loving friendship! If you too want to bring two different animals together, the best way to do this is to pair them at a very young age. Just like human babies, this is when they develop their cognitive skills as well as their communication skills, so when they learn that this other animal is a friend, they will accept it as such. No more clichés! Footage shows a dominant large dog going full attack mode on two playful little pups, engaging into play mode in the yard, much to owners’ amusement! Since there are no amusement parks for pups, they took the amusement from the park into their own home. These three adorable canines seem to be enjoying endless wrestling sessions in their yard so much that they made it their fun little activity. Watch as the two little pooches struggle keep up with their big friend, putting so much effort into winning dominance over the yard. Cuteness overload!

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Playful wild dog puppy loves to chew his brother's ear37s

Playful wild dog puppy loves to chew his brother's ear

During a safari in the Kruger National Park, South Africa, these people came across a pack of African wild dogs resting in the early morning sun. These dog-like predators are one of Africa's most endangered carnivores, second only to the Ethiopian wolf. They are covered in blotches of yellow, black and white with each individual having its own unique pattern by which they are identified. To see wild dogs on a safari in Africa is a rare occasion and always a highlight on a safari should you be so lucky to see them. Finding them with a whole lot of puppies is just priceless and really special. Wild dog puppies are extremely playful and make for entertaining viewing. These puppies are the cutest little creatures, filled with energy and very playful. The video shows how these wild dog puppies particularly enjoy chewing absolutely everything they can find. While one of the young males chewed on a piece of bone, his younger brother suddenly climbed on top of him. The next thing the youngster starts chewing his brother’s ear like it is a piece of rubber and it looks painful. Amazingly the puppy at the bottom didn’t seem bothered or in pain and continued chewing his bone. This rarely seen behavior had everyone amazed. The playing around and chewing on everything helps them to develop their muscles as well as the lifestyle skills they will require as adults. They grow up in an extremely hostile environment, filled with danger and many challenges. The mortality rate of these wild dog puppies is incredibly high and life in the African bush is about the survival of the fittest. So while they are young, they must play and chew as much as they can, because they will definitely need those skills to stay alive as adults.

Misbehaving Silverback Gorilla is in the doghouse39s

Misbehaving Silverback Gorilla is in the doghouse

Oumbi the Silverback Gorilla is obviously in the doghouse with his partner. Ozala, the female from the Twycross Zoo, seems to have a problem with Oumbi, the father of their kids. Both the adults are sitting outside, but finding it hard to look at each other... We can all relate to that!

Excited Puppy Plays With Herd Of Wild Deer1m04s

Excited Puppy Plays With Herd Of Wild Deer

Deer are known as being one of, if not the most timid creatures on the face of this planet. If you ever wanted to approach one in the wild, somewhere in a forest or on a plain, the animal would run off, never to be seen again. They trust practically no one, since they have so many predators out there. However, in recent years, there have been accounts where wild deer would actually approach a human and stay long enough for at least one photo, if not an entire video. We know of one instance when a wild deer actually befriended a deer hunter, no less! When Brian Powers went out hunting near Wausau, Wisconsin, he noticed a deer by a creek in the distance. But instead of running, the docile creature did something otherwise unimaginable - he approached the hunter and insisted on some head scratches! Another interesting part about this fellow is that he had an orange scarf around his neck, probably put there to deter hunters from shooting the friendly creature. Both hunters and hikers often wear the color orange to warn other hunters that they are not animals, so as to prevent accidentally getting shot. Brian says that the two chilled together for some 10 minutes before the stag eventually walked away. But then, Brian saw the same deer in the afternoon, and again he walked right up for some more scratches. Powers has been hunting for 42 years, and claims he has never seen anything like this. However, another hunter in Wisconsin had a very similar experience earlier this year, though this deer appeared to be younger and the two locations were over 2 hours driving distance apart. “This deer lives in the wild but is friendly toward humans and someone was smart enough to put the orange scarf around his neck to try to protect him,” said Brian. You just never know where you'll meet a deer friend of yours. Just like when this young dog encountered a herd of wild female deer cross his backyard and decided now is the best time to make new friends. Kathy Olson noticed her 3-month-old Australian cattle dog named Cooper get super close and friendly with a group of four female deer in her backyard in the village of Crivitz, Wisconsin. Whether it was the pup’s duire need for some animal companionship or his herding instinct kicked in, we can not know. What we do know is that Cooper seems to be having the time of his short life, jumping and running around on the grass, while the does look at him like something is wrong with this fella. Cooper is being super chivalrous about this whole thing, enticing the does to play as if they were of his own kind. The females might have sensed his friendly nature and did not move away, but they did not stay for a game of tug of war either. They move slowly in their desired direction, while the dog keeps jumping about, as if he hopes they might change their minds. So sweet!

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Husky Forces Owner To Give More Scratches31s

Husky Forces Owner To Give More Scratches

For some people, their dogs are like their own children. They take care for them and wait on them hand and foot. Why wouldn’t they? After all, even the dogs have their own right to be happy. But every once in a while, the humans need just a little break from all the doting, loving, petting, playing and mounds of attention they provide their four-legged family members. Naturally, the dogs will disagree on this. Cue the hilarity. Now, you probably don’t think of a Husky when we mention needy dogs. But the Internet is overflowing with videos of Huskies demanding to be pet, scratched, their bellies rubbed or just to be showered with love and attention. They may be too independent for your orders and commands, but when it comes to love, none can demand more than a Siberian dog! Take this one, for example. Sitting on the couch next to her owner, the human scratches his pet on the chest. It looks like a sweet spot for the dog, because she doesn’t move a muscle. That is, until the human takes his hand back. You can tell this was the dog’s idea all along, because she doesn’t even bat an eyelash before reaching out to the human’s hand to demand more scratches! Pet me, human, I’m right here! Some dogs use their paws, others use their mouths. This other Husky also wanted her belly rubbed. Whenever her owner would pull his hand back, because that thing is not made of stone, the dog would reach up and pull that scratching hand back. With her mouth! A small, gentle pressure on the palm of the hand instantly warns the hand’s owner that it should be somewhere else. Like, on the dog’s belly. Keep rubbin’! Still, we just have to give other dog breeds some credit too. There are other needy dogs out there that won’t let their owners stop scratching them. Take this Rottweiler mix, for example. Sofija makes it very clear that she is nowhere near done letting her owner Natalia scratch her in just the right place. Her sweet spot is just beneath the chin, on that loose piece of skin that hangs and she loves to scratch herself. But when her owner does it, there is something sweet about it. Who wouldn’t want to have someone scratch their sweet spot anyway? Every time Natalia drops her hand, Sofija is quick to reproach her. She doesn’t even bat an eyelash; she just extends her paw and gives Natalia a tap on the scratching hand, like she is saying “Don’t stop, woman, I want more!” It doesn’t get clearer than that! Too funny! Sofija is not the only one though! This Golden Labrador named Lady also insists on chin scratches. The only difference between these two needy dogs is that Lady is much more determined. Whenever her owner drops his hand, she doesn’t reach out, oh no. She picks his hand right back up and towards her neck. Point well taken!

Little Girl Dances To Taylor Swift Song In Mommy's High Heels45s

Little Girl Dances To Taylor Swift Song In Mommy's High Heels

Move over, Taylor Swift — there's another blonde cutie around the local area! In one of the sweetest kitchen-based move recordings we've ever observed, one young lady is doing her best T-Swift impersonation, directly down to the high as can be heels her mother commenced by the indirect access. For any individual who's at any point sung into a hairbrush or moved like nobody was watching, this youngster is going to end up your new "soul creature." Wearing a sweet little business-easygoing dress, this little woman is as of now demonstrating that she has backtalk to save the second the video begins rolling. She has her minor feet in her mother's huge dark pumps, and she's more than prepared to shake those infant hips in time with the prevalent Teylor Swifts melody "Shake It Off." This girl is actually excessively charming for words! She has probably been born with this super-sized identity, and we can hardly wait to perceive what she resembles when she gets more established. As the tune proceeds with, the young lady continues shimmying around the kitchen, bowing her knees and extending her neck to appreciate her feet in those huge, marvelous shoes. In the event that she doesn't influence you to crave breaking out your moving shoes and chiming in, we don't recognize what will. In spite of the fact that, relatively few individuals are destined to perform very like this young lady is by all accounts. This is an extraordinary kiddo, that is without a doubt! Just look at her dance in those amazing shoes! Just take a note, Taylor: if this young lady figures out how to compose and perform music, she may seek your activity! What's more, we will be there in a jiffy behind her, applauding her. This video is just full of cuteness overload! It’s a rite of passage for every young girl to finally be able to wear her mom’s shoes. We all did it! How many of you used to play in your mom's shoes? Try not to be embarrassed. Proceed. Raise your hands. Grin at the memory. Did you have a most loved match? Do you recollect when your foot at long last fit them consummately? Do you recall when your foot outgrew them? Girls always find their mothers as role models in life! A perfect role model for some girls is their mothers. Mothers are wonderful human beings. They are smart, wise, ambitious, patient and such loving human beings. There are no words that can describe the gratitude towards the mother who raised you, who thought us how to love, respect, be grateful and most important showed us what true love looks like. Some of the time we even underestimate mums. In any case, for a large number of us, she is the best good example that you will ever have. Has she raised you, as well as being your own mentor amid each phase of your life travel, took care of you when you had the chicken pox, and she generally battles your corner. With her certainty, style, and backtalk there is bounty that you can gain from her. Amazing video!

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Senior cat really enjoys playing in newspaper2m05s

Senior cat really enjoys playing in newspaper

Butters may be 11 years old, but that doesn't stop him from playing like a kitten. He has a weird fascination with newspaper, especially new newspaper. He loves to dive right in thinking that he's invisible. He also loves the sound of it crinkling under his feet. Forget boxes and toys, newspaper is the Butters' choice for fun!

Sleepy Otters Adorably Nap Together Off Alaskan Dock16s

Sleepy Otters Adorably Nap Together Off Alaskan Dock

Most of us do not even suspect how much we owe these charming creatures. Appart from the joy they bring to the viewers of the video at the top of the page, we can be thankful to them for many other reasons. First, sea otters are the cornerstone of the food chain, which allows us to preserve our environment. Without them, the animals that feed on otters would eat the thickets of kelp in the Pacific Ocean at an alarming rate. Without kelp, in turn, the ocean and air would quickly fill up with all the extra carbon dioxide that these algae absorb. Thus, we can breathe only because the sea otters are hungry. Let us be grateful to them. Second, sea otters are happy owners of the thickest fur among all representatives of the animal kingdom. More precisely, they have from 250 thousand to a million hairs at 6.5 cm2. This coat is their only protection against the cold because unlike other marine animals, otters do not have a thick layer of fat. But, this beautiful fur brought them trouble. Historically, otters are the main target of fur hunters. Unrestricted hunting in the 1900s reduced their number from more than a million to just a few thousand. Thanks to careful efforts to preserve the population of these animals, today their number reaches about 106 thousand all over the world. But this figure is not great either. Third (and coming back to our adorable heroes in the video above), sea otters are secretive and timid animals that lead a daily life (although periodically the otter can be active at dawn and dusk). They spend up to 70% of their lives in water, while hunting for food and eating. Sea otters are one of the few species that use nearby objects as toys or tools. They know how to use a stone as a hammer. In the summer when these animals spend almost all of their time in the water, the way they sleep is incredibly touching. The cubs sleep at the mother's breast, gently touching her chin with their head, and the adult sea otters keep their paws behind clasped with one another. Of course, this is not love at all, it is a necessity - while the animal is asleep, it can be transported far by the sea current. But look how cute this sleeping on your back looks! Sea otters like to rest, swimming on their backs and thus forming something like a living raft comprised only by individuals of the same sex. To prevent the current from separate them, they all clasp their paws. The male’s otter "rafts" are usually larger than female’s. The largest ever seen consisted of 2,000 sea otters. If the animal hunts alone and takes a nap to rest it would wrap itself in seaweed, and then calmly fall asleep in this original "cocoon". What dо you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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