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Majestic native flute totally captivates huskies3m26s

Majestic native flute totally captivates huskies

Check out this talented man playing a 432Hz native flute for a male and female husky with amazing results. It seems like in the animal kingdom females are more receptive for 432Hz sounds, just like in the human world.

Published: December 1, 20183,431 views
Super car club needs armored car to deliver toys to Sick Kids Hospital2m30s

Super car club needs armored car to deliver toys to Sick Kids Hospital

North Face Rally is a well known super car and exotic car club in the Toronto area. They are known for having fast and beautiful cars, and for having the legendary Ghostrider (Ghostriderto) as a prominent member. But something that they are also known for is their passion for community and charity and for helping deserving people, especially children. They have held countless charity events, fundraisers and toy drives. They have made wishes come true for deserving people and children who dream of having a ride in a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or other sports car. They even set up a closed track event where participants were rocketed around a circuit at full throttle in exchange for a donation. Another prominent group in the charity scene is Toys for Joy, a group of committed individuals in the Peterborough area who have been collecting toys and donations at Christmas for almost a decade. When the North Face Rally tried to stuff all of their toy donations into their race cars, they knew they needed help. Ghostrider approached Wes Patterson from Toys for Joy and asked if they could borrow the Brinks truck to help deliver their toys to Sick Kids Hospital. Wes got the biggest truck Brinks had, decorated it in perfect Christmas fashion and rolled it out of the yard with Nathan Mason. These officers arrived at the start of the rally and had an exotic car escort to Toys R Us. Dozens of members of the North Face Rally, along with Wes, Nathan, and Tom Garrett, a cancer survivor who has received life-saving care at Sick Kids hospital, descended upon the aisles at Toys R Us. They filled carts until overflowing and lined up at the checkouts. Not surprisingly, some of the toys that they selected had a race car theme. They pulled the armored car up to the door and filled it to overflowing. With the toys safely locked in the back, the group set off for Sick Kids hospital. Their load of toys filled the donation boxes in the hospital lobby. These toys will be used to put a smile on the faces of children who are facing challenges at Christmas, or those who will be spending their holidays in a hospital bed. With Christmas spirit like this, it’s easy to understand why this group is known as “the Fast and the Generous”.

Nervous swimmer realizes beautiful giant manta ray is circling him33s

Nervous swimmer realizes beautiful giant manta ray is circling him

Upon surfacing after a dive in the Galapagos Islands, this diver was making his way to the small boat to be picked up. He had a short swim to reach the boat and as he approached, he saw a giant shadow between himself and the boat. He could not immediately make out what the shadow was, but it was moving quickly and circling him. He had been recording the dive with his GoPro and he held the camera out on front of him as he tried to make out the figure. The waters in the Galapagos Islands are home to thousands of hammerhead sharks, Galapagos sharks, silky sharks, and many other large creatures. A seasoned diver, he knew that encountering any of these animals beneath the surface is rarely dangerous, but to have one circling you at the surface with interest can present a very different scenario. Divers near the bottom do not look like food to most sharks, but at the surface, the silhouette and glare can create misunderstandings and occasional danger. This diver was relieved to discover that the circling animal was actually a giant manta ray, one of the most graceful and beautiful animals in the ocean. With a wing span that can reach more than 20 feet and can weigh over 3,500 pounds, these rays are massive. As the ray circled slightly closer, the diver was rewarded with a brief glimpse of the manta. Mantas are a welcome sight for divers and a close encounter is unforgettable. They are gentle creatures that eat plankton, krill, and tiny fish. Having no barb or stinger like many rays, their only means of defense is to rapidly flee from a threat. Manta rays have been known to show curiosity when they encounter people. They don’t have teeth and they pose no threat at all to humans. After the initial concern, this encounter was breath taking.

Puppy knows how to gather a crowd at the airport1m07s

Puppy knows how to gather a crowd at the airport

“Hey dad, I am just going to go over here and see how many people I can attract ok! Last time I hit an amazing amount of 12.” This is what Ester the Schnauzer Poodle puppy definitely had going on in her mind this day. After a 10 day vacation enjoying a Caribbean cruise as well as the Florida Keys in Southern Florida it was time for Brent and family to head back to Vancouver, Canada. Awaiting the arrival of their aircraft at the gate in Miami they sat along the side of the walkway as did many other travelers. Noticing a cute little pooch and his owner across the way and seeing the dog’s personality start to shine, Brent knew this was the perfect opportunity to record some memories. Dogs of all breeds and sizes seem to attract attention. We all love to see the excitement of a dog when we approach them and offer our love whether from a scratch on the head or a gentle pat on it’s back. Ester here is a Schnauzer Poodle cross with definitely an amazing personality. Her owner commented that they travel often and Ester is the perfect travelling companion. She never gets air sick or car sick and never wanders far from his side. He also mentioned that on one trip to Las Vegas, even when the aircraft encountered some major turbulence while landing and having to actually perform an overshoot and take a second attempt, Ester was perfectly calm in her travel kennel. Ester definitely is a crowd-pleaser. As you can see in the video, Ester plays her audience and wins their hearts. Once it was time to board the plane, Ester’s owner simply needed to start heading to the gate and once again she shows what a great pet and companion she is. Don’t we all wish our pets were this well behaved? Dog’s are man’s best friend for sure. They warm our hearts with very little effort.

Life-size flying replica of 'City Scanner' drone from Half-Life 21m44s

Life-size flying replica of 'City Scanner' drone from Half-Life 2

Made from scratch is this incredible life-sized copy of the 'City Scanner' drone from the computer game Half-Life 2. The length is 80 cm, height 55 cm, weight, 1771 g with a flight time of 11 minutes. The main materials used are: carbon fiber (carbon) and expanded polystyrene. Flight Controller DJI Naza-M Lite without GPS, motors AX-2810Q-750KV Brushless Quadcopter Motor, Afro ESC 30Amp, three-bladed screws 9 "Battery: 3300mAh 4S 30C.

Wild deer and turkeys come together for snack time27s

Wild deer and turkeys come together for snack time

Just a bit north of Peterborough, Ontario is North Kawartha Township. It's a beautiful area nestled in nature. It's the kind of place where you can look out your back window and see Mother Nature's sweetest creatures. This one morning there was an unusual mix of characters showing up for a morning snack. A mama deer and her little one stopped by and went to their usual table only to find it overrun with a bunch of wild turkeys. She didn't care but the little one's not quite so trusting. After watching from a distance and seeing that deer and turkey can dine together, the little one makes a move only to be startled by one of these invaders. Not often are you going to see a sight like this, especially if you're not in the North Kawartha area. So sit back and watch what you're missing living in the city and hopefully you don't dine with turkeys that aren't family!

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