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Fresh Snow Was The Perfect Refreshment For These Gorillas1m26s

Fresh Snow Was The Perfect Refreshment For These Gorillas

Way back when we were younger, we loved eating the fresh snow. It looked exactly like the snow cones our parents used to get us at fairs in the summer, only snow was tasteless (unless you count the occasional spect of dirt that came along with it). Also, “don’t eat the yellow snow” became a staple throughout our adult lives, although we probably had no idea what it meant back then. When snow fell in Twycross, Leicestershire, England these past week, the Silverback gorillas went out to have their own taste of the white stuff. Just like any human would, they would gather up the snow in ball and munch on it. Mmm, refreshing! The Gorilla Family from the Twycross Zoo in England woke up this morning to freezing weather and some snow. Even though the family doesn't like to stay outside in the cold, they do love to eat snowballs! Oumbi the big Silverback gorilla was the first to go outside to get himself some white stuff. He did his tightrope walk to the other side of the platform where he gathered the fresh snow together and ended up with a huge chunk of snow on his hand. He was joined by his older son Lope, who took advantage of his dad no looking to grab a huge chunk of snow from the roof and brought it inside with him to nibble on the frozen refreshment! In the end, we are all kids on the inside!

This Boy Has A Real Good Reason To Wait Until Middle School For A Girlfriend1m12s

This Boy Has A Real Good Reason To Wait Until Middle School For A Girlfriend

Dawson's opinion on girls and why he's waiting until middle school to have a girlfriend will have you in stitches! Too funny! When mom asks him in the car what’s up with girls, the boy doesn’t even skip a beat! He tells his mom that waiting until middle school to get a girlfriend is a good idea, because up until that point, he won’t have to deal with girl drama! He even taught his friend Kennedy at school to do the same, because then he wouldn’t have to deal with this stuff: “Hey, babe, do these shoes look good on me? Babe, what time are you gonna leave, it’s like 10:30 already! Honey, when is dinner gonna get finished? Do I look good in this outfit?” Dawson keep going on and on, impersonating a girl. He is actually really good at it, to be frank. He is submerging deeply into his character, eye rolls and hand gestures and everything. Maybe he knows way too much about the whole deal, which kind of begs the question: “Who does that?” the mom asks mid laugh, getting a cold slap from her own son. “You do!” Apparently, little Dawson is quite the many man, even at his age! He doesn’t like that mom asks him for opinion for her outfits when he’s getting ready for school in the morning. “Look in the mirror! Talk to your shadow,” he begs his mom to leave him alone. If only he knew that it isn’t that easy...

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 Restaurant In Japan Serves You Food That It Still Moving28s

Restaurant In Japan Serves You Food That It Still Moving

Not everybody can stomach it, but people seem more and more obsessed with sushi. What was once a means to preserve raw fish for consumption, by storing it in fermented rice for months at a time, now is prepared in vinegared rice with the addition of fresh veggies for a decadent presentation. Sushi is normally prepared with raw fish, like tuna and salmon. The preparation means that you may never be sick from it, but it still made fresh almost right in front of you. However, one lover of the raw food was in for quite a surprise, when he saw his dish so fresh, it moved on the plate! The diner, who was identified solely as ‘shoumizo3446’, shot this clip of his clam sushi wiggling on the rice it was served with. Social media ate the video like the delicacy that it was, taking it to super-viraldom instantly. The footage was shot in a branch of the popular Sushiro sushi restaurant chain in the city of Kishiwada in Southern Japan’s Osaka Prefecture. The diner said that he ordered “iki hokkigai”, with “hokkigai” meaning surf clam in Japanese and "iki" meaning the dish is prepared on the premises from seafood delivered alive to the restaurant. The bizarre incident became an instant hot topic on forums, with viewers divided on the subject. While some say the diner could rest easy, knowing that the meal was indeed fresh, others claim that the dish was not properly prepared by the chef. ‘Shoumizo3446’ has not complained about his food, in fact he said it was very exciting and delicious. The restaurant has made no comment either.

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Disgruntled Dog Has To Sing A Song To Start The Day59s

Disgruntled Dog Has To Sing A Song To Start The Day

What kind of a person would someone have to be to say “I’m a morning person”? We personally say that nope, no one is really a morning type of person. First of all, we can barely remember our names when we open our eyes in the morning, especially if it is a work day and we have go get up bright and early. And we are never bright! In fact, we are certain that those who say “oh, I am a morning person” just say it so that they would look good in people’s eyes and be admired. Not to mention making us, poor sleepy sobs, look bad, very bad! Mya the Australian Shepherd knows just how we feel about morning. She, too, is really not a morning dog and tends to wake up on the wrong side of the couch every morning. To try and get her up and at it, her owner asks her to sing the morning song to try and help lift her spirits! At first, the sweet pooch grunt at her owner’s attempts to wake her up, grunting and growling on the comfy couch. She even pounds her paw on the cushion, trying to get her owner to let her sleep in just a bit further. But seeing how the human doesn’t give up, Mya lets her voice soar, howling her bittersweet melody about cushions soft and slumber lost. It’s a sad love story, really.

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Man Gives Generous Tip To Unsuspecting Fast Food Employee1m47s

Man Gives Generous Tip To Unsuspecting Fast Food Employee

Christmas is a big day for everyone who celebrates it, but unfortunately not everyone can celebrate it the right way! Many out there struggle making end meet, despite working several jobs to do it. In the spirit of giving, this man decided that he should make someone’s Christmas a lot more merrier, by bestowing them with a $100 tip for their service! Jason Asselin, a YouTuber and vlogger from Michigan, pull up to the drive-through of an unnamed fast food restaurant and gives his order to the attendant on the other side. He rounds to the other side of the building, where a young woman comes, hopping in the Michigan snow, to gives Jason the check. He hands her $6 for a $5,30 bill and waits for his order. When the server, whose name we learn is Jessica, brings Jason his order, he asks her why is she working on Christmas eve, to which she answers “Cuz we’re open”. But when asked if they accept tips, the woman’s face changes to a bland expression, as Jason whips out a $100 bill to tip her with. Jessica says she just had a baby and this $100 'Pay It Forward' Christmas tip would come in very handy! She even wanted to hug this man through the window, but he thought she needed a proper hug. Awesome!

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Bulldogs Have Amazing Reaction To Distressed Canine On TV1m40s

Bulldogs Have Amazing Reaction To Distressed Canine On TV

Don’t you just love it when you watch a movie and the characters have been so well thought, you can just sense a connection with them? Well, that is probably what happened for these two, while watching a beloved classic movie. Only with them it is like with toddlers - they scream and shout to the screen, making their sentiment known. And it is adorable to see! Elvis and Khaleesi become very upset while watching the classic musical 'Annie' for the first time. In this scene a group of children are chasing the film's canine star Sandy and clearly do not have good intentions. Watch as Elvis and Khaleesi become extremely vocal, most likely telling those little jerks to back off! Just as Annie ran towards the bullies, to tell them to leave the dog alone, both Bulldogs start barking at the bullies to, because how dare they tie cans to the dog’s tail and then chase it around? It seems that both Elvis and Khaleesi really love watching movies, especially Khaleesi! You just have to see what she does when she watches a horror movie! We see her watching The Conjuring, which should be a movie genre in on itself, during a scene where the little daughter starts seeing the dark presence that will be the main antagonist throughout the movie. Brave Khaleesi is able to predict just when the presence will appear and starts growling and barking! Beware, her earth shaking bark might scare you more than the movie!

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French Bulldog puppies play with their mother21s

French Bulldog puppies play with their mother

Watch this clip of Sanka back when he was a puppy playing with his two sisters and brother from his litter. It shows Sanka's mom (Blue) teaching her four precious puppies how to play and have fun. Blue has a great temperament towards her babies as she takes them all on at once showing no aggression or moodiness.... Sanka is the puppy that gets zoomed in to mid-way through the video and plays with his brother at the end.

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Lucky Woman Is Reduced To Tears With Puppy Surprise1m42s

Lucky Woman Is Reduced To Tears With Puppy Surprise

Remember when you got home from work one day and there was a puppy waiting for you at the door? Yeah, we neither, but we sure as heck believe that we would react just as this woman did. Only her puppy is real. And she gets to keep it. Rumble user ‘jhmce92’ decided that it was now or never. His girlfriend Janie had always wanted a dog, but for some reason they were unable to get one. But things change and life moves forward, which ultimately means that yes, now Janine can have the puppy she always wanted. He films as he waits patiently by the door for Janine to open it and see what’s behind it. “Do we have a friend?” she asks, her hands full with grocery bags and totes. But then she spots the tiny ball of fluff on the floor, wiggling its tail at her, catching her by complete “Oh my god, what is that?” “That’s your new friend,” says the loving boyfriend. Janine falls apart at the seams, crying her eyes out, because she just had the worst drive ever and she can’t handle another prank from her boyfriend. “Are you serious? You’re not just borrowing it from a friend?” she cries out with tears in her eyes, because she can’t believe them! When the pup runs over to her, that’s when the waterfalls start! Now that is how you surprise your girlfriend! What an epic reaction!

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Big Dog Breaks Gate, Acts Like Nothing Happened34s

Big Dog Breaks Gate, Acts Like Nothing Happened

If you ever came across a Newfoundland dog, then you probably know how big and menacing they look. Newfoundland dogs are massive beasts, with their thick black fur coat and deep set eyes that make them look like they came right out of the underworld. But just like any good “don’t judge a book by its cover” story, these dogs are not as they seem! Take Samson, for example. He might look all big and burly, but deep down, he is just a fat, clumsy toddler, not knowing his size or weight. He is so ignorant of it, that when he decided he should sit down, he sat down right on top of the gate rimming the concrete trail and the little bit of garden his owners have on their property and he broke it. The massive Newfie hears a snap and feels the gate behind him move. We're not sure, but we think he knows perfectly well he might be in trouble. The innocent look on his face seems to be trying to make his owner either forget or focus on his sweet face. Not knowing his size causes Samson to often break or knock over things. Who can get mad at such a sweet innocent but giant baby? Watch as he seems to try to cover his tracks, hilarious! “Nothing to see here Mom, move along.”

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Rare under ice footage of northern pike striking lures31s

Rare under ice footage of northern pike striking lures

There is no better experience than watching your lure gig live as you watch a variety of fish sneak in to strike them, and once it comes through that hole in the ice it can be quite satisfying. The northern pike is a very aggressive species, especially when it comes to feeding. These fish are one of North Americas top sport fishing species as they put up a very intense fight in both open water and under ice! Pike are know for cannibalism against their own species, even when sharing a lake with their similar opponent the muskellunge, they will wipe them out of the lake over time as they are far more aggressive and territorial. This footage was taken with a live feed using a GoPro Hero 4 Black hooked into a specialized underwater housing that has HDMI out and power out, therefore you can continuously monitor under the ice without loosing picture. This crew had the camera hooked into a 32 inch TV in a ice fishing shack. In this video you will see how the northern pike comes out of the dark back ground in the bottom right hand corner to strike the lure. He misses that lure and quickly engages to strike the second lure, eventually darting off like a torpedo with immense speed! He then later comes back and strike at both lures and gets caught on the one he first attempted to strike. Just watch his body movements to see how swift and fast they can be underwater! Footage was taken on Belmont Lake in Ontario, Canada in February 2018

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Bearded Dragon Goes Absolutely Gaga For Blueberries40s

Bearded Dragon Goes Absolutely Gaga For Blueberries

We all have that one item of food that we just can’t get enough of. Some like chocolate, others like cheese, there are even those who can munch on broccoli all day long, for some undisclosed weird reason (sure, they’re healthy and all, but come on!) You can probably imagine what happens when you get served an abundance of your favorite munchies - you would go gaga, just like this bearded lady did, when her owner started tossing blueberries all over the floor for her! Frankie the bearded dragon goes nuts when she sees her favorite berry and you can tell. This is a form of enrichment and exercise and it's also hilarious to watch! The floor might be slippery, what with the smooth surface of the laminate and the lizard’s long claws, but that does not stop our heroine here from making her best efforts to reach that blue ball of deliciousness and munch it as soon as possible! It is actually a good way to have Frankie get some exercise, while she fills up on the healthiest calories. Plus, they are super yummy! In case you were scratching your head while watching this entertaining little clip, the answer is yes, bearded dragons can eat blueberries. Just be sure to give your lizard fresh and washed blueberries to eat, but don’t give it unwashed or frozen blueberries, since they contain preservatives and pesticides which can make your dragon ill. Or you can just give your dragon some broccoli, since you definitely don’t eat those!

Farmer Makes Pump Nozzle For The Water Hose That Turns Off Automatically48s

Farmer Makes Pump Nozzle For The Water Hose That Turns Off Automatically

This type of nozzle has actually been used since way back when we started driving cars! When the gasolene reaches the lip of the nozzle, it automatically shut off, preventing overspill and waste of resources. There is nothing new here, except that the nozzle is made to fit your standard garden hose. genius alert! So if you are tired of holding the nozzle on your hose and yelling to who ever is near the tap to shut it off, or of your barns and paddocks getting flooded because you didn’t reach the tap in time, this solution is for you! It might be just water, but the damage can be substantial - mud and ice will definitely form, depending on the season, not to mention the water bill! Now you have few worries less. Yes, folks, this is the same nozzle your local gas pump has. It is able to solve so many problems in your home, because the nozzle shuts off the moment the liquid goes over the water line and makes contact with the head, a great solution when you have to fill large quantities of water. It is comfortable in your hand, does not fatigues your fingers from having to squeeze it constantly and it does not impede the flow of water to the vessel. The best part? It is for sale! Look it up.

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Chimpanzee fascinated by her reflection in CD58s

Chimpanzee fascinated by her reflection in CD

This chimpanzee from the Twycross Zoo in England managed to get hold of a CD, presumably from a keeper and she loves it. The ape is holding the CD delicately in front of her face and uses it as a mirror to keep checking herself out!

Toddler Tries To Explain Why She Can't Stop Crying3m18s

Toddler Tries To Explain Why She Can't Stop Crying

They don’t call them “the terrible twos” for nothing. Just when a kid learns how to express themselves, they learnt the importance of saying “no” and they make sure that they use it as much and as often as possible. The no’s get so extreme, they are almost always accompanied by every parent’s personal favorite - tantrums! It doesn’t necessarily mean it would stick with two and end on the third birthday; the behavior might stick a bit longer This family was having a little discussion about why it is necessary to have temper tantrums. This little girl is expressing that she didn't understand why her tears keep coming out. She couldn't make them stop and on the sideline, she thought she could distract everyone with her rambling to sneak in a manicure. It worked! Three adults captivated by her conversation, while Behaven Haven paints her nails! “I can stop a little bit crying, but my tears come out all the time,” exclaims the diva with the springy curls, shaking her head and waving her hands in a passionate attempt to have her point known. “All my tears keep coming up, because I’m sad!” Apparently, Haven’s tears would not stop her crying. That’s an interesting concept. It’s not that she doesn’t wanna stop, it’s just that she can never stop, according to our little tantrum scientist here. We just love how she gets up to make a point, moves to the nail polishes, makes a few swipes with the brush along her nails and sits back down to explain herself further! She does make a fair point though. As long as your tears are running, you can’t stop crying.

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Clumsy Adorable Puppy Makes A Big Wet Mess 7s

Clumsy Adorable Puppy Makes A Big Wet Mess

Does anyone believe that our pets have separate lives when we aren't looking? Well sometimes our pets have the capability to do some crazy things, making for priceless moments like this one. Even when being watched, this tiny puppy loves to carry his water bawl all over the house, making the biggest mess possible. It's all fun and games until you get caught! It looks like someone decided to have a little too much fun with the water bawl when no one was watching! You can just tell how much this little doggo enjoyed creating the chaos that is inside the house. Dogs are comparable to little children when they play sometimes, they make a crazy mess and you're the one stuck to clean it up. In the end, you don't really care because how can you stay angry at something that adorable? What would have you done if this was your house? Have you ever caught your pet doing something they shouldn't have? Let us know in the comment section below, and if you have any similar clips, be sure to upload it, your one stop shop for adorable and viral videos. This cute little puppy makes a giant mess with the water bawl by carrying it around the house in this funny clip. Oops, someone made a mess! Never mind, he is too hungry to care so he leaves. You naughty little boy! Bad doggy!

Fun-loving wild dog kills his boredom by chewing his brother's leg 46s

Fun-loving wild dog kills his boredom by chewing his brother's leg

The African Wild dog is one of Africa's most endangered carnivores, second only to the Ethiopian wolf. Just to see Wild dogs on a safari in Africa is a rare occasion. Finding them with a whole lot of puppies is just priceless and really special. Wild dog puppies are extremely playful and make for entertaining viewing. This video shows exactly just that. We manage to locate a pack of Wild Dogs with nine pups. When we arrived it was hot already and they were all lying in the shade, sleeping. Well, almost all of them. There was one playful little pup that caught our attention. He wasn't tired and most likely he was bored. Then he found his brother's leg rather inviting and looked like something nice to chew on. This was such a comical behaviour. At first it was just a few nibbles but then he really started pulling and chewing the leg. The best of all is that the sleepy little brother hardly even woke up from all of this. Eventually he was half awake. He stretched, closed his eyes again and rested his hind legs on his busy brother's back. At the end, the playful puppy looked back, saw the other leg on top of him and had a go at that one too. This was really funny to watch as the playful puppy just could not resist the urge to bite and chew. This playing around and chewing on everything helps them to develop their muscles as well as the lifestyle skills they will require as adults. They grow up in an extremely hostile environment, filled with danger and many challenges. Every day, life in the African bush is about the survival of the fittest. So while they are young, they must play and chew as much as they can, because they will definitely need those skills to stay alive as adults. Enjoy the funny video of these brothers!

Caring bulldog loves to brush his big brother 18s

Caring bulldog loves to brush his big brother

Sanka is the little brother from another mother to Enkei. Most of the time Enkei takes care of Sanka, so he thought it's time to give back. Sanka's goal is to brush Enkie but he's not impressed so he retires to bed. Aren't these the most adorable brothers you have ever seen?

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