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Central Avenue changing to two-way street this fall30s

Central Avenue changing to two-way street this fall

A popular downtown one-way route will change into a two-way street this year. From Fall Creek to 10th Street, Central Avenue is currently a one-way southbound. It was a popular morning commute route to downtown Indianapolis, until construction closed the Fall Creek bridge over Central last year.  Changing the street to a two-way will improve traffic circulation and allow more people to use mass transit, according to an IndyGo news release.

Published: March 20, 2018
Woman overdoses on heroin in bathroom at Riley Hospital for Children23s

Woman overdoses on heroin in bathroom at Riley Hospital for Children

A visitor at Riley Hospital for Children was found unresponsive from a suspected heroin overdose in a hospital bathroom over the weekend. IU Health Academic Health Center police responded to a report of an unresponsive woman around 7 p.m. Saturday at the Simon Family Tower. Officers arrived to find a 37-year-old female suffering from an apparent overdose in a facility bathroom. Nearby, officers found suspected heroin, syringes and a spoon with “burn marks and a white powder substance.” A spokeswoman for IU Health said the woman was a visitor to the facility, but was unable to provide more information due to privacy laws. The woman was taken to the emergency room for treatment.

Published: March 20, 2018
New Palestine mom says popular hair product left family's hair falling out in clumps4m02s

New Palestine mom says popular hair product left family's hair falling out in clumps

A Hancock County mother said a popular hair product left her hair falling out in clumps, and also caused damage to her children’s hair and scalps. Jessica Deetz, a licensed cosmetologist, is one of several Monat customers speaking out about negative experiences with the hair care company. Monat is now facing multiple class action lawsuits accusing the hair product line of fraud and deception. Deetz, now a stay-at-home mom in New Palestine, saw Facebook friends selling Monat hair care products that claim to make hair longer, fuller, thicker and younger-looking. “A lot of stylists I used to work with were using it and loving it, so I said ‘you know, I’ll try it,’” said Deetz. Deetz spent nearly $300 on a starter package, which meant Deetz became what the company calls a “market partner.”

Published: March 20, 2018
Indiana wants to make rehab accessible to all1m53s

Indiana wants to make rehab accessible to all

The state of Indiana is partnering with OpenBeds, a service that allows treatment facilities to list their vacancies in a real-time, broadly connected database. If one facility can't place a patient at the moment that patient comes in, doctors will search OpenBeds to find a nearby program that can.

Published: March 20, 2018
Baby Turtles Break Free of Nest on Australia's Heron Island1m58s

Baby Turtles Break Free of Nest on Australia's Heron Island

Hundreds of sea of turtles were seen erupting from a nest on the beach of Heron Island, a popular breeding ground for the animal located off the coast of Queensland, Australia. Dr Gaston Boulanger filmed footage of the phenomenon on March 4. It shows the turtle hatchlings escaping from the sand and moving towards the water. “Normally one or two will pop out of the nest, but this time they seemed to explode out of the sand just like a small turtle volcano,” Boulanger told The Gladstone Observer. “Each nest holds approximately 100 eggs and baby turtles take six to eight weeks to hatch, but only one in a thousand make it back.” Boulanger also told Observer that Heron Island was one of the best areas to witness turtle hatchlings rushing to the ocean. Credit: Gaston Boulanger via Storyful

Carnage on the a66 Motorway3m03s

Carnage on the a66 Motorway

Occurred on March 17, 2018 / Stainmore Cumbria, County Durham, England Info from Licensor: "Me and my son were on our way home from Hamsterly forest. When we approached Stainmore the weather got worse and visibility was down to about 20 metres. The traffic slowly came to a standstill on the summit and we were in a traffic jam for approximately 1 hour. The weather became worse and became a blizzard as shown in the video, we thought we were there for the night . After an hour we started moving forward and after a short distance we started to see the police lights flashing through the heavy snow blizzard and realised there was an accident, there appeared to be many vehicles involved but not to severe, the ambulance was also in attendance. There were many vehicles on the eastern carriageway that were stranded in the snow, we continued very slowly on the road until we approached the area of warcop army training base. We then came across another road accident involving 4 cars and a lorry. Police were in attendance and recovery vehicles on stand by, traffic was heavily backed up on the westbound carriage way and still the snow was coming down, it was now dark, we then continued slowly our journey home safely"

Stopping Traffic to Have a Chat47s

Stopping Traffic to Have a Chat

Occurred on March 9, 2018 / NSW, Australia Info from Licensor: "Sydney Private School (Knox Boys) Bus decides to stop for a chat with his mate on Mona Vale Road in the middle of morning rush hour!

Residents Retreat to Tathra Beach as Bushfire Destroys Homes39s

Residents Retreat to Tathra Beach as Bushfire Destroys Homes

People gathered on a beach at Tathra, New South Wales, as a large bushfire ripped through the town on Sunday, March 18. The bushfire destroyed 69 homes after it jumped containment lines on Sunday afternoon. The blaze moved so quickly many residents did not have time to evacuated and were advised by the Rural Fire Service to take shelter in Tathra, according to the ABC. Credit: Anika McCoy via Storyful