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Deere's profit leaps 79 percent1m07s

Deere's profit leaps 79 percent

Strong demand for farm machinery in South American helped push up Deere's sales 26 percent in the latest quarter. As Fred Katayama reports, the company also issued a bullish forecast.

Boy's friends run away leaving him to get drenched by roller coaster34s

Boy's friends run away leaving him to get drenched by roller coaster

Funny video from China of a boy getting drenched by a roller coaster. In the video, captured in Wuhan City in central Hubei Province on July 29, the boy's classmates all run away as the roller coaster car approaches and is about to pile through water. But one unfortunate boy appears frozen to the spot and is left all alone - and gets drenched as a result. ++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN LOOPED++

Man miraculously escapes death twice seconds apart36s

Man miraculously escapes death twice seconds apart

Extraordinary CCTV footage from China of a man miraculously escaping injury twice just moments apart. The video, captured in Huludao City in northeastern Liaoning Province on November 16, shows an out-of-control car suddenly rushing into the curb, where a man is standing and talking on the phone. The car rams into the lamp post, avoiding the man but making him jump. He steps out of the way but is then nearly struck by the falling lamp post. But this too misses him, by a whisker. The car driver suffered minor injuries and the cause was being investigated.

Hot Deals on the Newest Cameras and Accessories6m30s

Hot Deals on the Newest Cameras and Accessories

Photography and videography are hotter than ever right now. Whether you're a professional, or you just love sharing great cell phone shots on social media, Art's Cameras Plus is your destination this holiday season. Joining us to discuss some of the great deals they are offering on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday are Tony Miresse and Meg Burkett. Doors open at both Art's Cameras Plus locations (Greenfield and Waukesha) at 8am on Black Friday and 9am on Small Business Saturday. For more information, visit

Chatting with Funny Lady Jenn Schaal8m44s

Chatting with Funny Lady Jenn Schaal

Jenn Schaal is a stand-up comedian, writer, podcaster, and power lifter. She has a very self-deprecating style of humor, in the past making fun of her age or not having a boyfriend. Nothing seems to be off limits. Jenn now lives in Minneapolis, but she's originally from Muskego. We're excited that she's back in town to celebrate Thanksgiving and is making a stop on the Yellow Couch!

Storm Shield Forecast morning update 11/22/171m41s

Storm Shield Forecast morning update 11/22/17

It's the busiest travel day of the year... but we don't have to worry about any potential weather delays! It will just be sunny and stagnant today and tomorrow on Thanksgiving here in Bakersfield.

Published: November 22, 2017
Card skimmers found at Cape Coral gas station27s

Card skimmers found at Cape Coral gas station

The Cape Coral Police Department says they found the illegal devices Friday at the Mobile on Pine Island Road nears Santa Barbara Boulevard, and the skimmers claimed at least one victim.

Published: November 22, 2017
Blend Extra: Hot Black Friday Furniture Deals4m01s

Blend Extra: Hot Black Friday Furniture Deals

Molly is in Greenfield at the brand new, state-of-the-art Steinhafels store! Black Friday is around the corner, and if you're looking to upgrade your home for holiday entertaining, Steinhafels is the place to be! Molly is joined by JR Rauth and Kelly Lederhaus to discuss the great deals Steinhafels has to offer this Black Friday! All Steinhafels locations are celebrating the Grand Opening of the new Greenfield store! For more information on deals and giveaways, visit

Fashionable Gifts Under $1007m30s

Fashionable Gifts Under $100

If you have a fashionable person on your shopping list, it may be hard to find something they'll love... that won't break the bank! Well, our resident fashionista, Faye Wetzel, is here to share some great gift ideas, and they're all under $100! This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, if you spend $100 or more, you can get $50 off at Faye's! Then, if you sign up for their texting club, you can get a FREE cable knit hat with fur pom pom! For more information, visit

Ryan Jay Reviews Pixar's Latest, 5m50s

Ryan Jay Reviews Pixar's Latest, "Coco"

Thinking about seeing a movie this weekend, but are afraid it won't be worth your time or money? Well, we have you covered! Ryan Jay, a nationally syndicated radio film critic and entertainment guru, joins us to tell you what movies you should make a trip to see in the theater, what movies you should wait to rent at home, and what movies you should skip altogether. For full reviews and opportunities to see the newest movies before anyone else (for FREE!), visit his website at

Steam Rises as Agung Volcano Erupts in Bali31s

Steam Rises as Agung Volcano Erupts in Bali

The Mount Agung volcano in Bali, Indonesia, began erupting on November 21, less than a month after its alert status was downgraded following a decrease in seismic activity. Smoke from the eruption reached a height of 700 meters, according to Indonesia’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. Locals and tourists were warned to stay at least six kilometers from the mountain and to prepare a mask in case ash began to rain down in the area. Credit: Instagram/Stas Kust via Storyful

Jazzing Up a Classic Side Dish6m33s

Jazzing Up a Classic Side Dish

If it's your responsibility to bring the sweet potatoes this Thanksgiving, you could go the traditional route. But why not jazz things up a little?! Chef Mike Stigler from Thunder Bay is back show us how to make his "Apple Bourbon Whipped Sweet Potatoes"! For more information and to make reservations, visit And see below for the recipe: Apple Bourbon Whipped Sweet Potatoes Ingredients: 3 medium sized sweet potatoes (approx. 2 lbs) 2 TB melted butter 1 tsp salt and pepper blend 1/2 stick softened butter 1/4 cup brown sugar 1 1/2 tsp salt and pepper blend 2 TB Jim Beam Apple Bourbon 1/4 cup toasted pecans Directions: Brush the sweet potatoes with the melted butter, and season with the salt & pepper blend. Bake in a 350 degree oven for approximately 50 minutes or until soft. Keep hot. Cut each sweet potato in half lengthwise, and scoop out the flesh into a mixing bowl. Using either an electric mixer or a wire whisk, whip the sweet potatoes, adding in the softened butter, brown sugar, salt & pepper, and Apple Bourbon. Whip until smooth. The toasted pecans can either be folded into the sweet potatoes, or served on top as a garnish.