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Incredible Footage Shows Newborn Boa Constrictor Still In Amniotic Sac34s

Incredible Footage Shows Newborn Boa Constrictor Still In Amniotic Sac

Life is so amazing! This is a boa constrictor still in its amniotic sac that has just been born. Little guy hasn't even had its first breath yet. So amazing to witness! It might be strange to see a snake in a sack, rather than a soft-shell egg, like we are used to seeing them. But according to a page on Wikipedia, both reptiles (this includes snakes) and mammals are members of the clade "Amniotes", meaning that these animals possess amniotic sacs. They may also further protect the fetus with a shell, but this is not necessarily the case for all amniotes and many species have gained and then lost shells as they evolved. Chickens also have amniotic sacs in their eggs. There is an incredibly thin membrane between the shell and the egg white, which is technically the amniotic sac. Despite the ominous part of their name, boa constrictors are actually quite frequently kept as domestic pets. The give birth to live young, where the mother bite through the sac to release the young. Boas are among the 30% of snakes that do give birth to their young, as opposed to pythons, which are classified as being ovoviviparous, meaning that their eggs emerge inside of the body. Boa mothers carry their young for between 100 and 150 days. Boa litters typically account about 25 baby boa constrictors, but can be as low as 10 snakes to an incredible count of 64.

Here's A List Of The Top 10 Most Anticipated Releases Of June 20189m08s

Here's A List Of The Top 10 Most Anticipated Releases Of June 2018

Hold onto your popcorn bowls and join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Anticipated Releases of June 2018. At the bottom of our list is “Gotti”, which will be released on June 15, 2018. This movie focuses on the story of crime boss John Gotti and his son. On the ninth place is “Sicario: Day of the Soldado”, set to be released on June 29, 2018. This movie is the sequel to 2015’s “Sicario.” The drug war on the US-Mexico border has escalated as the cartels have begun trafficking terrorists across the US border. To fight the war, federal agent Matt Graver re-teams with the mercurial Alejandro. On the eighth position is the highly anticipated “Pray for the Wicked” by Panic! at the Disco, released on June 22, 2018. This is the upcoming sixth studio album by the American rock band Panic! at the Disco. It is the follow-up to the band's fifth studio album, Death of a Bachelor (2016). Closer to the top, at the seventh place is “Cloak and Dagger”, released on June 7, 2018. Marvel's Cloak & Dagger is an upcoming American TV series, based on the Marvel Comics characters of the same name. It is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, sharing continuity with the films and other television series of the franchise. “Best F(r)iends: Volume Two” has reached the sixth place. This black comedy film is set to be released on June 2, 2018. It stars Greg Sestero and Tommy Wiseau, a pair that worked together 15 years prior, during the making of “The Room.” Make sure you stay tuned for the top five releases and don’t forget to write the dates down in your calendar!

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These Are The Top 10 Weirdest Insects In The World 6m36s

These Are The Top 10 Weirdest Insects In The World

We all know insects are gross, but these things are just straight up fascinating. From the Goliath beetle to the Tailed Emperor caterpillar, to the Giant Weta, these bugs are as strange as they sound. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Weirdest Insects. #10 Goliath Beetle The Goliath beetle is a fascinating insect and looks like a someone took a grow ray to a normal beetle and blew it up about a hundred times its size. They are named after the biblical Goliath and they are considered to be one of the biggest insects in the world. #9 Tailed Emperor Caterpillar The Tailed Emperor is a massive Australian butterfly with a three-inch wingspan while this is a certainly fully grown creature, it’s even more unique in its larval stage. These caterpillars look like little dinosaurs. #8 Giant Weta The Gian Weta is native to New Zealand and it’s basically, you guess it a giant version of the regular Weta grasshopper. These beasts are dangerous looking and can grow to be upwards four inches long. #7 Thorn Bug The thorn bug is related is related to the cicada, but the at least the cicadas are much cuter. Thorn bugs are little guys with sticky legs and that massive pointy thorn the spear-like appendage itself is enticing. #6 Devil’s Flower Mantis The Devil’s Flower Mantis also called the Egyptian Flower Mantis is a species of praying mantis primarily found in Africa, Middle East, and The Mediterranean. These flower imitating guys have very bright gorgeous colors underneath their forelegs and wings, and very intimidating and evil looking heads. #5 Giant Prickly Stick Insect As you can probably guess this insect looks like a giant prickly stick usually brown in appearance and containing many little thorns all over. It’s a truly strange creature and while you may want to touch it, it’s probably best for you and your hand if you didn’t! #4 Scorpionfly Just imagine a terrifying scorpion flying through the air! How about no! The Scorpionfly looks like a nightmarish mix between a cicada, a wasp and that scorpion with a long beak and a stinger. #3 Spiny Flower Mantis The Spiny Flower Mantis is native to South Africa and it gets its name from the brilliant colors it displays and the prickly thorns that adorn its abdomen. #2 Puss Moth Caterpillar You may not think that a caterpillar could be super terrifying but you’ve clearly had never come across the puss moth variety. They may look harmless but their defense mechanism is a thing of natural beauty. #1 Brazilian Treehopper The Brazilian Treehopper is so freaking weird that even scientists don’t know what is the deal with this zombie looking insect. It has a very long neck and four bristly balls on its head. What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Abandoned kitten befriends gentle husky36s

Abandoned kitten befriends gentle husky

These people found a very malnourished kitten with an eye infection and saved him from the roadside. They took him home and cleaned him up and fed him. He has been purring and loving on everyone since! They have called their rescue kitten Ty, and they hope to get him healthy as quickly as possible.

Dad Claims To Be Tired Of Mean People, Then Pranks His Daughter19s

Dad Claims To Be Tired Of Mean People, Then Pranks His Daughter

Mean people, right? What is it with some that just want to feel better about themselves by pushing other people down? Usually, the advice goes that if you ever do encounter one such personality, you better just leave them be, turn your back around and have them vent out to the rocks and trees. This dad knows exactly how that feels and he had a very good point to convey in his video...if it weren’t all a prank for his young daughter. The RealMJ has a lovely little girl about the age of 5 and a really tiny baby, both of whom he loves to bits. But as any dad would go, even Mike Jordan is prone to some silly pranks, daddy-style. So it is summertime and the inflatable pool is up and running in the backyard of the family’s home in California. The girl is all dressed up in her swimming suit, having some innocent fun around the water, unaware that her loving dad is brewing something in his head. “I’m getting tired of mean people, Internet. Quit being mean. There’s no place in this world for mean people,” says MJ at the beginning of his video. He makes quite a solid point right there, but then he makes a few steps to approach his daughter by the pool and nudges her in the water! Is this the kind of mean people he was talking about just a few seconds earlier? Or some other variety? The girl obviously got the joke, because she starts laughing as soon as she gathers her wits. “Dad, why did you do that to me?” she asks, but we all know the answer to this question. Dads will be dads, with their dry humor and silly pranks. You can’t help but love them! Mike may be a prankster, but what he really loves is dancing with his older girl. This one time, when mom wasn’t home, she set up a camera to show just how dad watches over the kids. He played a karaoke program for the girl, while he was doing some chores. Dad comes from down the hall, carrying the load from the laundry machine (go, dad!), when he decided to skip the chores and do something fun with his babies instead! He starts doing the robot dance, much to his big daughter’s enjoyment, so she turns towards daddy and starts dancing with him! Amusing video of a cheeky father has emerged pranking his daughter while giving a speech on how sick he is of the hate speech spread on social media. The hilarious footage shows the man giving a serious speech on how he hates mean people, while pushing his daughter into the inflatable pool in their yard. This video serves as an important message on how hypocrisy changes people. The father is obviously joking, and only wants to play a joke on his daughter, much to our amusement. Aren’t they just the cutest? What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Check Out The Top 10 Famous Haunted Houses 7m28s

Check Out The Top 10 Famous Haunted Houses

These are the hot spots where ghosts come out to socialize. From the La Laurie Mansion to Blicking Hall, to the House of the Seven Gables, these haunted places will send shivers down your spine. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Famous Haunted Houses. For this list we are taking a look at homes around the world with twisted back-stories and reports of paranormal activity, suggesting that they might actually be haunted. Just to clarify, we are only exploring houses on this ghost tour, so don’t expect to see the Stanly Hotel. #10 La Laurie Mansion – New Orleans, Louisiana Much like the mansion, she lived in, Delphine La Lorie, might have been classy on the surface, behind closed doors though she was an unspeakably inhumane slave owner. This wealthy socialites crimes were exposed on April 10th 1834 when a slave set her Royal Street house on fire. When the public learned of the slaves La Laurie had tortured and possibly even murdered, they chased her out of New Orleans and she fled to Paris. #9 Blickling Hall - Blickling, England This Norfolk country house is speculated to be the birthplace of Anne Boleyn, the second wife of King Henry VIII. Although the Queen of England gave birth to Elizabeth I, she couldn’t fulfill Henry’s desire to have a son. As their marriage reached its breaking point, Boleyn was charged for adultery incest and conspiracy to murder the King while many historians believe this charges to be fabricated, Boleyn was still executed by beheading on May 18th, 1536. #8 House of the Seven Gables – Salem, Massachusetts This colonial mansion was built by Captain John Turner in 1669 and remained in his family for three generations. The house’s unique design and history would provide the inspiration for author Nathaniel Hawthorne’s 1851 gothic novel The House of the Seven Gables. Today the house operates as a museum that offers occasional programs. #7 Molly Brown House – Denver, Colorado Molly Brown not only survived the 1912 sinking of the RSM Titanic but also encouraged the lifeboat the crew to turn back and save the others. Because of the this, she was dubbed as the unsinkable Molly Brown! Although she passed away in 1932, it’s possible that Molly is unsinkable even in death. It’s been reported that her spirit still lives in her old house! #6 Myrtles Plantation – St. Francisville, Louisiana Now bed and breakfast, the Myrtles plantation is promoted as one of the most haunted homes in America. General David Bradford builds this house in 1976 supposedly on an ancient Tunica Indian burial ground. The ghost who caught the most attention is Chloe. Cloe was a slave, after cutting her ear off for eavesdropping, she baked a poisonous birthday cake. She was hung and thrown into the lake! #5 Whaley House- San Diego, California In 1852 Tomas Whaley witness the hanging of James Yankee Jim Robinson who had been convicted of grand larceny! Years later, Whaley built a greek house on that exact site. It’s rumored that the ghost of Yankee Jim haunts this historic house. #4 Winchester Mystery House- San Jose, California. This historical mansion was the house of Sara Winchester, the wife of the manufacturer William Wirt Winchester. When he died Sara became the heiress of his 20 million dollar fortune. As legend has it Sarah believed the souls who were killed by the Winchester rifle were hunting her. #3 Lizzie Borden House-Fall River, Massachusetts Lizzie Borden stands out as one of America’s most infamous figures having been tried for murdering her mother and stepfather with an ax. So it’s no surprise that the house she once lived in has some potentially ghostly baggage. #2 The Amityville Horror House- Amityville, New York Chances are you have seen a least one of the horror movies about this house. The story is about Ronald DeFeo shot six of his family members to death. #1 The White House-Washington, D.C It’s amazing to think that the most iconic house in the U.S is the most haunted house! Strangely enough, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has been the setting of numerous ghost stories throughout history many of which involve Abraham Lincoln.

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Massive Flock Of Birds Amazes All People Present When They Swarm The Shore 52s

Massive Flock Of Birds Amazes All People Present When They Swarm The Shore

What do you call that flock when the birds of a feather are starlings? It's called a murmuration. Have you ever seen a murmuration? Seeing hundreds, even thousands, of starlings flying together in a whirling, ever-changing pattern is a phenomenon of nature that amazes and delights those lucky enough to witness it. Luckily, a few murmurations have been caught on video. This is one amazing “murmuration" video that shows how incredible these large flocks of birds can be. One can wonder whether these birds plan out and practice their flying routines in advance? That's what we humans would have to do if we were to look that graceful. However, these birds don't plan or practice their flight patterns. Can you believe that! What is happening here is that they are all rushing toward the water and diving into it to hunt their prey, in this case fish. They all suddenly come out of nowhere and swing their big wings as is an apocalypse is coming. And all of a sudden of of them start diving into the water. It's quite a video to see let alone witness the whole thing. "Beachgoers" encountered quite a sight when a large flock of birds went diving for fish.This video does happen to get intense as they near the water and just before they dive in. This is truly a spectacular and a rare moment. Take a look!

This Awesome Grandpa Has Some Serious Tap Dancing Skills1m24s

This Awesome Grandpa Has Some Serious Tap Dancing Skills

It is sad, but true - many people still believe that growing old means giving up on so many things you used to love to do. Well, newsflash everybody - that is not the case anymore! If you want proof, you just have to see this 80-year-old grandpa! The man is still a talented tap dancer and he still has some serious moves to show off! Dressed in his flashy outfit, with the tap dancing shoes and everything, he wears his best accessory - his smile. Everyone watching is clearly impressed, judging from the cheers he receives while he tap-tap-tap dances away on the deck. What is even sadder is that, no matter how hard we try, we will never be able to do even half of what he does! This goes further into the claim that yes, age is just a number. You are as old as you feel. Speaking of dancing elderly people you just have to see this little old lady. Young men line up to have the honor of dancing with the 90-year-old dancing queen Jean Phelps Veloz during SEA Jam 2014 dance camp, organized by Jitterbugs Swingapore and Bangkok Swing. Now that's impressive! This is how you do it! Still not convinced? How about gymnast Johanna Quaas? In this impressive video, we see the 91-year-old lady performing a flawless gymnastics routine during a competition in Berlin, Germany. "She was the oldest person at the Turnfest 'senior competition' and they put her in the 70+ section because there are only 'younger' people in the group," says the person who filmed Johanna. Bravo!

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Kid’s Transformers Costume Can Turn Into Starscream And We Are In Awe1m10s

Kid’s Transformers Costume Can Turn Into Starscream And We Are In Awe

You won't believe how cool this kid's costume is as he turns into Starscream from Transformers. Amazing and totally functional! This may be the best costume you've ever seen, a jet fighter "transformer" outfit, that will definitely leave your mind blown and be a head-turner during the next trick-o-treat season! Transformers are popular, everybody knows Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron. That is why so many kids want to wear transformer costumes and not only for special occasions but one everyday basis, too. Of course the coolest transformer costumes are those that can actually transform just like this one. This transformer costume will surely get you inspired. If you are a Transformers fan, you will love this incredible video. Watch as this kid makes a slick transition into a full-airplane state. This is a very cool costume in the time when transformer mania is a topping issue. When we were dressing up, way back, we thought our costumes were awesome. Now, all we can do is hoot and cheer for the kid’s costume while we silently weep inside, because we never thought of this! When the dad asks his son if his costume does anything special, the boy gets down to his knees by transforming himself into an airplane. By the reaction of his brother, we know how excited and awe-stricken he is. He even goes closer to his brother to check that this is not a scam and the costume is actually real. No wonder Transformers costumes are every kid’s wish. Starscream is a hero on the wrong side. Through the centuries, he's come to believe both Optimus and Megatron have lost sight of what is best for the Cybertronian race, and simply pursue their own agendas. At some point, he came to the decision that, for the good of the species, a new leader must emerge, and he would be that leader. However, over time, he became as corrupt in his own way as Megatron, although he prefers subtlety and deception to Megatron's brute force. Now, what may once have been noble goals are buried under layers of self-interest, transforming Starscream into that which he supposedly despised. If you liked this video, we suggest that you should watch this one where a dedicated father with no mechanical training has manufactured the world’s first fan-built Optimus Prime truck. He says that this is the only fan-built replica and the other two trucks are owned by Paramount. He also adds that the inspiration behind this truck was his son because he loves the Transformers movies as much as his dad does.

Clumsy Baby Elephant Suddenly Falls Into A Watering Hole29s

Clumsy Baby Elephant Suddenly Falls Into A Watering Hole

Watching baby elephants in the wild during a safari is majority of the time a very entertaining and rewarding experience. Baby elephants are facing tough challenges on a daily basis which is part of their process in learning all the necessary skills they will need to survive in the African bush. During their first few years of life in the bush, these inexperienced little mammals are adorably clumsy in almost everything they do, much to our amusement. During a recent safari in the Kruger National Park these people stopped to watch a small herd of elephant drinking water. Among all the elephants was a single adorable male baby elephant that suddenly grabbed their attention. This little fellow was attempting to get a drink of water, but reaching it seemed to be an enormous challenge. The embankment of the watering hole was just too high above the water for the baby elephant to reach and have a drink. The clumsy little elephant then decides to go a little closer to the water down the embankment and manages to slide his front legs down the slope and get his trunk in the water. In this attempt the baby elephant still does not manage to get any water in his mouth to drink. As he moves down into the water a little further, the baby elephant suddenly loses his footing and falls into the watering hole with a big splash. Immediately his concerned and watchful mother is right there for support and she even lifts her front leg so her baby can get back underneath her. Maternal instinct in its finest! This incident just showed how concerned and caring elephant mothers are and never too far away to assist, no matter how clumsy their young might be. After this incident the baby elephant gave up on his attempt to get to the water and moved on with the rest of the herd. One baby elephant can weigh around 200 pounds, which is already too much for an adult human male! Can you imagine what a burden that is to tackle with? It is no surprise that the little calf lost control over its body and fell into the watering hole. Don’t worry little guy, you will get used to it, practice makes perfect! Elephants are incredibly intelligent and emotional creatures, and baby elephants need love and care to thrive just as readily as a human child does. Luckily, it looks like neither of these things are in short supply at Kruger National Park, and we hope that this baby grows up to be happy and strong. When you think of cuddly baby animals that you can hug and squeeze to your heart’s content, a baby elephant might not even be on that list. However, it would seem that not only do these tiny giants like to be pet, they would also like very much to lounge in your lap like a puppy! In another video, during a visit to a humane elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand, a woman by the name of Carly Nogawski has the fortune of meeting this little ball of love! Meet Nampuu, meaning ‘fountain’ in Thai, a tiny calf and resident of the Patara Elephant Farm in Chiang Mai. Nampuu was born just 148 pounds, which is more than 70 pounds under the average birth weight for an Indian elephant calf, making him widely recognized as a runt. However, what Nampuu lacks in size, he more than makes up for in love. What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Newborn baby smiles for the very first time52s

Newborn baby smiles for the very first time

This adorable baby named Devin is caught smirking on camera for the first time in his young life after being born early at Sutter Memorial Hospital in Sacramento, California. The little guy and his mother are doing great, and have this heart-warming moment to cherish! Adorable.

Toddler Shows Off His Drumming Skills42s

Toddler Shows Off His Drumming Skills

Get ready to feel like you have no talent and you’ve accomplished nothing in your life, because this kid is just two years old and he’s already an insane drummer. Most two-year-olds are still learning how to piece together full sentences and fine-tuning their ability to drink from a sippy cup. That’s why this toddler drummer prodigy is officially blowing our minds. Lennox Noble, labelled as a drumming prodigy, plays the drum part while on vacation with his family. This two-year-old boy has a talent like no other. This child prodigy can already play the drums better than a lot of adults I've seen. And the best part is that he uses his talent to worship God. Just watch as he drums along to the Christian song 'I Can' from Speak Life. He fits in perfectly with this worship band and we can't believe how well he keeps time with their music. Lennox showcased his massive talent in a video that’s quickly racking up views. Drumming along to a popular gospel song called “I Can” by Speak Life, he proves he’s unbelievably gifted. Really - this kid is will blow you away. Plus, Lennox already has the internet covered. He (slash, we’re guessing his parents) created a YouTube account called “Life of Lennox” and also has a ton of fans over on Instagram. And though his YouTube account has been up for less than a week, his initial Speak Life video has already been viewed over a thousand times. And through her Instagram, his mom, Shintara Nicole, has been making sure to keep his biggest fans up to date. Aside from Lennox keeping the beat, his mom’s voice is gorgeous. They will make such a great family band! He can certainly hold a rhythm and beat. With children at this age, what initially starts as fun and games, may turn into an incredible talent as is the case with Lennox. Mostly, parents discover their children’s rare talents when they play games. We just love how everyone is laughing and cheering him on. And then when he gets to the big finale there's a collective shout of excitement. He really gave it his all for this performance and it's all worship for the Lord. There's no doubt that he's a cutie. We expect amazing things from Lennox in the years to come (like, giant, epic things). And if your band is currently looking for a drummer, you might want to give this little guy a call. What do you think of this future worship band drummer? If you feel compelled to get yours or someone else’s kid a toy drum set as a gift, in the hopes of sparking a calling into them, be sure to get a few things straight first. Do not forget, drums are loud and kids are curious! If they find the sound of the beating on the drums interesting, you will not stop hearing it for a very long time! There will be days when you will just want some peace and quiet around the house, only to come home to a ruckus so loud, it might just make you go ballistic! Just think twice before you make any purchases.

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Take A Look At The List Of Top 10 NBA Players Of All Time6m35s

Take A Look At The List Of Top 10 NBA Players Of All Time

Nothing stirs up a heated discussion like a good old fashioned sports debate. From Tim Duncan, to Shaquille O’Neal, to Bill Russell, these NBA players are some of the best and brightest of all time. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 NBA Players of All Time. The National Basketball Association All-Star Game is an annual exhibition basketball game played between the Eastern-Conference and the Western-Conference All-Stars. It is the main event of the NBA All-Star Weekend. Twelve players—five starters and seven reserves—from each conference are chosen from a pool of 120 players—60 players from each conference with 24 guards and 24 front-courts (forwards and centers)—listed on the ballots by a panel of sport writers and broadcasters. The starters are chosen by a combination of fans, media, and current players. Fans may vote using a variety of online platforms, and account for 50% of the vote, with the media and current players each accounting for 25%. The reserves are chosen by voting among the head coaches of each team's particular conference. Coaches are not allowed to vote for their own players, and can select two guards, three big men, and two players regardless of positions. If a player is unable to participate due to injury, the NBA commissioner will select a replacement. The 1999 All-Star Game was canceled due to the league's lockout. The following is a list of NBA All-Stars, players who have been selected for the NBA All-Star Game at least once in their career. Note that the number indicates the player's number of selections—not the number of games played. For instance, Michael Jordan was named to the All-Star Game roster 14 times, but missed the 1986 game due to injury. As of the 2018 All-Star Game, 417 players have been selected to an All-Star Game roster at least once. However, only 286 of them have earned multiple selections to the game. Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar holds the record for most All-Star Game selections and most All-Star Games played. He was selected 19 times and played in 18 All-Star games. LeBron James holds the record for most All-Star Game selections among active players, with 14 selections. LeBron James also holds the record for most consecutive games played, with 14. Bob Cousy and John Havlicek are tied for second most consecutive games actually played, appearing in 13 straight All-Star Games. Tim Duncan also played in 13 straight All-Star Games if the lockout-cancelled 1999 game is excluded. Several players were named to All-Star Game rosters, but never actually played in the game due to injury. Take a look at this phenomenal list of the top 10 All Time Best NBA Players. Enjoy!

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Soldier Feeds Two Hungry Children Dinner At Taco Bell Counter1m15s

Soldier Feeds Two Hungry Children Dinner At Taco Bell Counter

Robert recently went to grab dinner at Taco Bell. As he was eating, two boys — ages 9 and 13 — entered the restaurant selling homemade desserts. They were trying to raise money for their local church. As he was eating his meal, Robert noticed the boys were cold and wet. He asked them if they’d eaten dinner yet. What happened next is going viral, and it was all captured on camera by another customer named Jason. To accompany the video he posted on Facebook, Jason wrote: “I was in a Taco Bell tonight when two kids came in trying to sell homemade desserts for money. I overheard a soldier ask the kids if they were hungry and told them to follow him to the counter, he would buy them dinner. This is a wonderful man, very loving thing to do and a great role model, we need more people like him. Way to go, sir, you are a good man and those two little boys are going to remember you. Awesome! But not entirely surprising. There are good and bad people in every walk of life. Soldiers, police officers, firemen sign up to serve and they serve us in many ways. It’s the bad people and stories that get the attention and that just takes away from the majority that does good things. We are true believers that acts of kindness like this one happen every day around the world. At least we can witness many nowadays on the social media sites - a random act of kindness pop up so often that it only proves that our planet is an amazing place for living where strangers are free to show love every day. If you liked this video, we bet you would just love when an 8-year-old pleads with mom to help elderly woman up the steps! Maurice was in the car with his mom and sister leaving high school graduation when they saw the woman crossing the road. His mother, Contricia Hill, told Channel 2 Action News that they began talking about the woman, who was crossing the busy road alone, and her son spoke up. "He asked, 'Can I go out there and help her up the steps?'" Hill said. And that's exactly what he did. He held the stranger's arm as she slowly took each stair. At the top, she gave him a hug and the two went on their way. Hill said she didn't know anyone was filming the moment, but seeing her son's act of kindness on the internet makes her proud. What did you think about these videos? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share with others who might like them as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy! If you are proud of this soldier and his service, share this story on your Twitter/Facebook timeline. This is simply a case of a kind man doing a kind thing, no thanks required. Still, he deserves all the gratitude in the world.

Overheated English Bulldog Cools Off In A Mini Water Table26s

Overheated English Bulldog Cools Off In A Mini Water Table

After a hot car ride with broken air-conditioner, this English Bulldog knows exactly how to cool off. Gotta beat the heat! Check it out as this fun-loving pooch chills in a tiny water table during a hot summer day. Hilarious! It’s pretty much everyone’s dream to have a pool in their backyard. Especially on those blisteringly hot days of summer when the sun just will not stop beating down on you. Owning a pool must be fun, but also tough. We must share our pool with our friends and of course our dogs! They love pool time! Since dogs are family, it can be very easy to treat them that way. This amazing dog is a really cool pool dog! The water-loving canine was caught on camera chilling in a tiny water table, using it as a personal doggy pool, much to our amusement. Watch as he sits contently in the water, absorbing them rays of sunshine. How cool is this dog? Many dogs like pools, especially when they’re the place where everyone hangs out all summer. Some dogs will even swim or play fetch in pools, however, this dog loves to chill and just have a great time in his customized pool, no matter its tiny size and different purpose. Hilarious! A day spent at the pool is a day great spent and everyone will agree to that. The coolness of the water against the blazing heat of the summer sun is what every one of us craves. It seems, though, that we humans aren't the only ones who love our sweet time at the swimming pool, as dogs love water as well! This canine is the real proof of that! Usually, a dog is pretty happy to just have a broad yard to run and zoom around, but this bulky pooch has made a personal pool out of the water table, and is making very good use of it, this video shows. Cuteness overload! You might think he is being spoiled because when he wants to cool off, he likes to sit in the tiny water table in the backyard. From the looks of it, he doesn’t really like to splash and play, he only wants to chill inside and do nothing. Who can blame him, water tables are cool as well! How would we love to be like this relaxed pooch, and not have a single care in this world, other than to eat, sleep and chill in the cool water. Cuteness overload! If you liked this video, you should also check this hilarious video in which one family dog learns a new pool trick. What started as a game of hide and seek, quickly evolved into one of the best home movies ever seen. These kids decided to hide from their dog under the inflatable pool. When the dog ran over to find them, he knew he needed to find a way to get underneath their hiding spot, but failed to calculate its moves, and when running around under the pool, it made it look like the pool grew legs and started running! Hilarious! What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Guys Put A Real Engine In A Barbie Go-Kart, Then Push It To Its Limits4m27s

Guys Put A Real Engine In A Barbie Go-Kart, Then Push It To Its Limits

Humans love to travel. It seems like they can never stop and stay in the same place for too long. There must be a study somewhere done about the connection between our nomad ancestors and our love for everything connected to transport. Traveling means new opportunities. In ancient times, people roamed the earth trying to find fallen fruit and hunt for food. Traveling was a way of life and it meant that staying in one place for too long might be your demise. Nowadays, the proverbial fruit are job opportunities and higher standards of living. People are in constant search for a bigger quality of life and the development of faster modes of transportation has enabled a faster way to reach our goals. This is probably why people absolutely love their transport. On the top of the priority list when job and house hunting is the location. If it’s closer to the city center and closer to your job, it means that it saves you money and time. Right below this requirement is the public transport in the city you would live in. It needs to be easily accessible, it needs to be widespread and it needs to be cheap. Of course, having your own transport means you don’t depend on any of it, but it might empty your pocket much quicker than you think. Either way, it gives you a sense of extra security and it satisfies that primal need you’ve kept in your genes throughout time. One of the things that can testify about our obsession with cars is the invention of smaller versions of our cars meant for children. It’s as if we are training them in advance to become the next best Formula 1 pilots, until they are old enough to drive. These small cars are incredibly cute and we can’t help but admire our babies as they roll their tires on the asphalt. There are a lot of models of these toy cars, all with a different theme, meant to satisfy the different tastes of our younguns. Sometimes it seems like they are so cool, that even adults want to take a ride around the block in them. This footage shows us how two guys managed to adjust a bright pink Barbie Power Wheels Mustang into an extremely awesome go-kart. The toy car looks a bit worse for wear but it will get even more destroyed as they try to perform as many stunts in it as possible. After decking out this pink Power Wheels go-kart with an actual engine, these guys pull off some epic tricks in this awesome footage, proving us that they are truly enjoying riding it. This go kart truly suits them, making us even more sure that there is no gender when it comes to colors, they all look perfect in the dirt. What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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This Dog's Favorite Summer Activity Is Eating Ice Cream1m05s

This Dog's Favorite Summer Activity Is Eating Ice Cream

We're all ready for some summer fun. Summer can be filled with fun without a lot of effort we believe. It's our favorite time of the year! Our favorite season of the year is summer because of the warm weather, summer nights, and the endless fun. You can never get bored on a summer day or night. During the day, there are fun activities such as swimming, sports, picnics, and barbeques. Friends and family spend a lot of time together during the summer time. There is a lot of good food, drinks, and fun music. Everyone is laughing and having a good time. However, this doggo has a different definition when it comes to summer activities! He loves eating ice cream and he can't get enough! Samson orders an ice cream which he promptly gets and devours it! I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Everyone loves ice cream! This doggo was waiting patiently for his ice cream, but when he finally got his share, it was gone in a second! A Samoyed’s double layer of insulation makes perfect sense in a northern climate, but what about the Samoyed in summer? Northern breeds use a number of different mechanisms for heat control. Like this doggo here, he cools off with ice cream and we believe that is the best mechanism for heat control! Want some ice cream?

Boxer Loves It When UPS Delivery Driver Arrives2m07s

Boxer Loves It When UPS Delivery Driver Arrives

Almost all animals on this planet are creatures of habit. We have breakfast around the same time, we go about our daily chores and we go to bed each night. We have this need for constant repetition either to make us feel accomplished or out of survival instinct. These tasks we accomplish each day are very hard to break out of. That doesn’t mean that it’s impossible, it just gets some getting used to. Another thing we crave as social beings is attention. Yes, we know it might sound bad, but it’s just the way it is. We seek to be acknowledged the moment we enter a room and the worse feeling we get is when that attention is no longer pointed towards us. Unfortunately, our pets take up many of our habits along the way and we can easily spot them in their behavior. Ah, dogs, they make it so easy to love them. Their pure souls and innocent actions bring out the best in us. Although sometimes we need to clean up after them and it isn’t always pretty, it is all forgotten once they come to us for a few scratches behind the ears. Dogs are like our furry soulmates. You never would have thought that you are a perfect match until you’ve seen the furrball sleeping at the edge of your bed and warming up your legs. They have a tendency to know just when we need a hug and they aren’t stringy when it comes to giving them. They can barrel straight to us and not let go until they see that we are smiling at their sloppy and extremely slobbery pupper kisses. We have to admit that sometimes the actions of our pets don’t make much sense to us. Did they chew on the couch because they thought it was a ginormous juicy bone? Did they trash the room because it wasn’t to their liking? We guess that we’ll never get the answers. One of the other things that doesn’t make much sense is why our beloved pets are so obsessed with the postmen. Toby the Boxer has an incredible love for Roger the UPS driver and spends every day looking out the window for him. Roger would always honk his horn as he passed by to say hello to his buddy. With treats in hand UPS, Roger always makes Toby's day! Pets have a strange obsession with delivery people. It’s as if they can smell them and sense them from afar and like to warn us that there is an intruder coming to our house. The other plausible explanation is that they think that these people are here to give them a treat. Whichever it may be, these encounters are extremely funny and never fail to make us laugh. What dо you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Dog Melts To The Floor Whenever Her Sweet Spot Is Scratched21s

Dog Melts To The Floor Whenever Her Sweet Spot Is Scratched

Do you have a sweet spot? You know, that one spot on your entire body which, when touched or scratched, sends shivers down your spine and makes you melt down into a puddle on the floor? Of course you do, we all have them. It is just that we don’t actually melt down and splatter on the ground, unlike this curious pooch! Cuteness overload! With dogs, it is an entirely different story. If you ever had the honor to give a dog a nice, loving scratch on the chin or behind the ears, you probably know what we are talking about. Some dogs thump their hind legs in the air when you scratch their bellies and it is the most hilarious thing to watch. In reality, it isn’t so much a signal of enjoyment, but rather an involuntary reflex; their brains register these belly scratches as if they are irritants or bugs. There is no harm there though. With Crimson here, her sweet spot is not on the belly or behind the ears, but rather right beneath her jaw. Naturally, she loves having it scratched. Whenever her owner lies down on the couch for some down time, Crimson is right there, hoping for some relaxation for herself. Who can resist those blue eyes? With an arm outstretched, the woman pets her dog and Crimson is loving every moment of it. But then, the woman lowers her hand and starts scratching the dog on the chin and the effect is beyond obvious. Crimson squints her eyes with pleasure and swoons a bit towards the scratching hand, but the catches herself. Oh, this is good! That’s the spot! Keep scratching! So good, in fact, that she finally gives into the temptation and just splatters herself on the floor, perpendicular to the couch that holds the hand that gives such delightful scratches and waits for the treatments to continue. She even makes sure the hand doesn’t go away, so she places one paw on top, securing the scratcher in place. Isn’t she just the cutest thing ever? Crimson is very sweet and polite about it, but there are dogs out there that just won’t take no for an answer. Just check out this other video of a Golden Lab demanding them endless chin scratches from owner. This needy dog demands full attention and won’t let owner stop scratching. Every dog has a sweet spot which sends them into fits of nirvana, giving them a vibrating sensation all over their entire body, making them to shiver. Usually, it is right on the belly and when scratched, they stomp their foot in the air or twitch their tails. It is both adorable and hilarious to witness, forcing us to keep scratching that spot. What a bonding activity that is, owner and pet, scratching their worries away. But every once in a while a dog will appear that has a sweet spot elsewhere on their body and the reaction is much more different than when scratched on the belly. Just check this sweet pooch who was sent into the sweetest nirvana when owner hit the spot! Incredible! What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

These Guys Will Tell You All You Need To Know About Sharks3m23s

These Guys Will Tell You All You Need To Know About Sharks

Are sharks really mindless, fin-exposing, man-eating kings of the ocean? Not so much. Tune in to this Science on the Web as Robert and Julie dispel some common myths about sharks. To begin with, sharks are a the most vicious and terrifying creatures to roam the big blue. They, like other Chondrichthyes, have skeletons made of cartilage instead of bone. Cartilage is tough, rubbery material which is less rigid than bone. Cartilaginous fish also include skates and rays. These guys here are full on insights as far as sharks go and their capabilities. They have done the research and are eager to tell you all about it. If you happen to be interested or even upgrade your knowledge on these species go ahead and take a look at this video as it is bound to broaden you horizons. There are more than 350 different kinds of sharks, such as the great white and whale sharks. Fossils show that sharks have been around for 420 million years, since the early Silurian. The great white shark is one of the biggest sharks. Most sharks are predators, meaning they hunt and eat fish, marine mammals, and other sea creatures. However, the largest shark eats krill, like whales. This is the whale shark, the largest fish in the world. It is widely believed that sharks are "silent-killers" but in a recent study it has been proven that sharks emit a low/soft but evident growl from their throats resonating through their scales. Some common kinds of shark include the hammerhead shark, the great white shark, the tiger shark, and the mako shark. Most sharks are cold-blooded but some, like the great white shark and the 'mako' shark are partially warm-blooded.

This 4-Year-Old Is The Superhero The World Needs3m02s

This 4-Year-Old Is The Superhero The World Needs

Life in the 21st century can be very hard. The money, the tempo, the stress can really get to us, and if that’s not enough, we always have the mass media to tell us about something terrifying that happened half a planet away from us. It seems like everyday it gets harder and harder to enjoy the little things in life and just genuinely relax. But sometimes, there are stories like this one that makes us feel grateful to be human, grateful to be kind and grateful to have the ability to help others. This story comes to us from an incredible 4-year old boy who calls himself President Austin. He single-handedly changed the lives of many homeless people. It all started when he was only 2. One day he decided that he was going to leave home and live on his own. He walked out of the front door, and that is the moment his father knew that he would have to talk to the little tot about homelessness. After Austin went to visit the homeless people in his neighborhood, he knew that there must be something he should do to help. Forget toys and candy, this four-year-old is spending his allowance on the homeless. That’s right, he makes their days better by sharing chicken sandwiches with them. If only more people were like him! Great job Austin, keep up the good work!