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Cat Enjoys The Warm Bear Hugs Of His Owner32s

Cat Enjoys The Warm Bear Hugs Of His Owner

All it takes is a cute kitten photo or sweet cat video, and we automatically want to cuddle up with the nearest cat. Feeling the murmur of a purr beneath our fingers and holding a furry warm companion close, brings instant contentment - no wonder why petting a cat is a stress-buster. But not everybody is a fan of cuddling and not everybody can sit still while wrapped in a big mommy bear hug. But that is not the case with cats. For example look at this cat. His name is Barolo and he is a British blue shorthair and he enjoys being embraced by his owner. He has totally surrendered in his clutch, holding onto the owner’s arms with his paws wrapped around in a soft hug. Contrary to the belief that cats are aloof loners, most are cuddly companions that need attention and love. Snuggling not only makes this cat feel warm and safe, but it also allows him to spend some quality time with his owner. He obviously not only enjoys the company of his owner, but also the attention he gets when he spends time with him. And who can resist interacting with a cat who has tucked himself into your lap or bats his eyes at you as he cuddles up? And what is with the kiss? When the owner kisses his cat, he makes eye contact and then slowly blinks to show confidence and affection. To respond his owner slowly blinks back. These trust blinks, head bumps and actual kisses mean that the owner and his cat trust each other fully.

This Woman Is Her Own Twin1m53s

This Woman Is Her Own Twin

For one woman who absorbed her twin in the womb, having two sets of DNA naturally programmed to not get along has come at a steep price.

Published: March 14, 201814 views
Curious Chihuahua Puppy Befriends A Squeaky Blue Hippo Toy1m26s

Curious Chihuahua Puppy Befriends A Squeaky Blue Hippo Toy

This was six-weeks-old Boomer's first night in his new home and here he can be seen making friends with a stuffed blue hippo. You can see the beginning of his personality starting to form as he throws back his tiny head, engaging into play mode with the squeaky toy! Remember your first stuffed animal? Some of you probably still have it somewhere in your home, to remind you of the good old days, when all you ever cared about is not misplacing your favorite plushie, because sleep didn’t come so easy when you had to sleep alone. Our pets love stuffed animals too, because no matter how much they love us, being their two-legged pack mates, they still need something that somewhat looks and feels like them. There is whole industry out there that provides loving pet owners with stuffed animal for their fur babies to keep them company. That is exactly what this woman did for her beloved tiny Chihuahua puppy. Footage shows owner trying to introduce her pet to a friendly little hippo toy. Watch as their unique friendship unfolds! Laying in the cozy bed covers, Boomer is sleepy and tucked comfortably on the blankets. Moments later, we see owner trying to sneak in a blue squeaky toy and acquaint Boomer with it. Watch as the suspicious pup sniffs the curious toy before he engages in play mode. It is adorable how this tiny pooch quickly gets comfortable around his new hippo, trying to play as he teases the blue hippopotamus. Cuteness overload!

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Friendly Horse Comes Inside The House To Chill With Owner3m46s

Friendly Horse Comes Inside The House To Chill With Owner

Hilarious footage has emerged of a friendly horse inviting himself inside the house of his owners. Check it out as this well-mannered horse casually walks through the front door and investigates the home to detail. Incredible! Reportedly, Jessey the horse, comes up to the front door and knocks to be let in like a pet guest, to stroll around their living room for just few seconds. It is hilarious to hear to the narration his owner gives as she films the footage. When Jessey stands in front of the TV, the owner jokes and says that he just came in to watch a Friends episode, or check on the game score! Adorable! Horses are social creatures and are able to make social attachments to their own species, other animals and humans as well. They are also intelligent and can perform number of cognitive tasks on a daily basis. Horses are naturally curious and can learn simple things. Domestic horses face more challenges than wild horses since they live in artificial environments that do not come natural to them. Horses are creatures of habit. Some describe their horses as very bossy with other horses, some would say that their horse is afraid of anything new, while others claim that their horse does not pay attention to them. According to this, horses fall into four categories: social, fearful, aloof and challenging. The horse in this video, Jessey, is a social horse that can get bored easily and wants to explore new living spaces. In addition, he needs more room, not just the enclosed space he paces up and down every day at the stable. So, he decided to come uninvited as the unexpected guest on the porch of his owner’s household and give one unusual surprise to his humans. For this easy-going horse, the visit at the front door of his owner’s house is a high priority and something that has to be done regularly.

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Illinois Community Donates Sofas For Homeless Dogs 10s

Illinois Community Donates Sofas For Homeless Dogs

Helping homeless pets and giving them a warm home is the desire of every organization that it dedicated to saving animals from the rough life on the streets. The people who founded these organizations come in very handy for our communities. The Knox County Humane Society in Galesburg, Illinois has put couches and recliners in the cages to make the dogs feel at home! Take a look at this video and see for yourself! There is no better feeling in the world than putting your feet up and relax in an overstuffed chair. Animals love to chill on the furniture too, but shelter animals aren’t as lucky as domestic pets. This no-kill shelter, in Galesburg, Illionis came up with a brilliant idea to make their rescued dogs feel more like at home. They put effort in getting more chairs and furniture for the longstanding residents of the shelter. The uploaded video on Facebook features three shelter dogs sitting on their own chair and relaxing. It is a true call to gathering more chairs. The video went viral very quickly and it resulted with a bunch of donated old chairs and sofas. The idea became so popular that other shelters are thinking of making a better ‘home environment’ in their facilities too. Although, the shelter hosts a big number of canines, the staff make sure that even their cats can feel the comfort with an armchair. Take a look at this sweet video that inspired shelters around the world to do the same thing! It’s amazing!

Kinkajou Desperately Wants To Befriend A Cat59s

Kinkajou Desperately Wants To Befriend A Cat

Despite her long curly tail and excellent climbing skills, this animal is neither a monkey or a lemur. This little Kinkajou, a rain forest mammal native to Central and South America. This exotic animal may not be your first choice for a pet, however it was for these lovely people that gave it a warm home. Have you ever seen someone have a pet like this? This is one video that no animal lover should miss! Ins't this animal just adorable? Usually people have dogs, cats, fish or even birds as pets, but this Kinkajou is something really special. Who wouldn't want to have an animal like this living in their home! Do we have to mention how gosh darn fluffy it is? That is one adorable animal! Sweet Stella just wants to play. The adorable Kinkajou was helping her owners babysit the neighbor's cat and wanted to introduce herself to the feline. Sadly, the cat seemed to want none of it. Even that this little guy gives it his best to somehow find a way into this cat's heart, for some reason the cat is not giving in. Although most of us don't have access to having a pet like that in our home, there are other things we could get to satisfy our cuddly needs! We could always get some adorable animal plushs from Amazon! Credit: stellathekinkajou via Storyful

Published: February 20, 201810 views
This Is A Truly Heartwarming Story About Harveigh The Rescued Calf1m11s

This Is A Truly Heartwarming Story About Harveigh The Rescued Calf

If you have pets, chances are you consider them to be just as much a part of your family as any human. We know for a fact that people who have pets are happier, they have someone who welcomes them every day they come from work and they have a lot of joyful memories spent with their pets. However, here is a though, have you ever consider a cow for a pet? Cows love to cuddle up with each other and show affection. They are social animals who have shown emotional intelligence. This amazing calf was rescued from the hurricane Harvey when she was only hours old. She was under a tree under a flooded pasture. So thanks to the beautiful people Tammy and Ren they saved her and gave her a beautiful name Harveigh. They wanted to make her feel like the part of the family so they made her a bed and they fed her milk with a bottle everyday. So we guess Tammy and Ren love cows as pets because they have six cows, however the funny part is that Harveigh doesn’t know she is one of them. Her best friend are the doggos, whom she spends a lot of time with. When Harveigh got a little bit older she moved out from the house and got her own cow condo. If you can look into an animal’s eyes and see the love they have and the emotions that many don’t give them credit for having, you would fight for their life too!

Check Out This Famous Scooter-Riding Dog And His Amazing Tricks 2m18s

Check Out This Famous Scooter-Riding Dog And His Amazing Tricks

We often see on the Internet dogs doing lots of tricks. They do the basic tricks and basic dog training commands – sit down, come, stay, play dead, and often do tricks with a ball. But have you seen a dog riding a bicycle or a scooter? You are now. This is Norman the scooter dog. Norman is trained to compete in Agility, Herding and Obedience competitions. He received his Companion Dog Title in Obedience when he was only 15 months old, with all first placements. Cool, right? Norm loves to train and learn new tricks. There have been no tricks or skills that have stopped him yet. He is an amazing dog with an indescribable charm that warms the heart of everyone he meets. This videos shows all his incredible talents. Norman the Scooter dog may have become famous for riding a scooter, but his skills are far greater than just scooter riding. He has mastered: bike riding, jumping rope, longboarding, surfing and much, much, more. Norman has set two Guinness World Records: Fastest 30 meters on a Scooter by a Dog in 2013 and fastest 30 meters on a bicycle by a dog in 2014. Have you have seen the more talented dog? Dogs just never stop the impress us. Those smart little furry creatures just can’t stop melting our hearts! If you really liked this amazing video of Norman check out another video of him riding a bike!

Security Footage Captured A 1m18s

Security Footage Captured A "Ghost Train" In Russia

Are there such things as ghosts? Or have you ever seen or felt the presence of a ghost? While some people swear there’s no such thing as the paranormal, others are positive they regularly see ghosts all over the place. So you would ask the question: Are ghosts real? If you believe in ghosts, you're not alone. Cultures all around the world believe in spirits that survive death to live in another realm. In fact, ghosts are among the most widely believed of paranormal phenomenon. If you still not convinced that ghosts are real, take a look at this video and we believe soon you will convince others that they are real! This is a hair-raising video filmed in Polezhaevskaya. It shows the emergence of a ghost train and a strange man leaving from it! Well that’s spooky! Interesting footage filmed from a CCTV camera in Metro Station Polezhayevskaya in Russia! It may look like a spooky scene from a horror movie, but these creepy shadows appeared on a moving train in real-life. Could this be the Russian Orient Express? What makes the video more fascinating and even creepier by the fact that the train looks like is an old retro-fashioned model. Don’t worry we weren’t planning to sleep tonight also! Normally, we wouldn’t believe in this kind of things but after watching this footage we will definitely consider the possibility.

Dog Wastes No Time To Throw Best Pal 'Under The Bus'19s

Dog Wastes No Time To Throw Best Pal 'Under The Bus'

We have all heard stories of people who say they can talk to their pets. In fact, we all know several people who consider their pet to be their favorite person. It’s no wonder that dog is “man’s best friend.” Why? Well, perhaps pets are too modest to tell us, but by watching this video, it’s clear that pets have been fluent in English, all along. No matter how cute they are, a culprit is still guilty of their crime, especially if caught red handed in their own mess! One such adorable vandal was caught between the remnants of a mess he made in the middle of the living room and tried to extract the goodness in his owner’s heart by revealing the most adorable puppy face you can imagine. Awww… no! In this case, a bad deed has been done by one of these wonderful pups. However, the owner must be certain of the perpetrator before coming out with any accusations. So, whats the best way to deal with such case if not just by confronting these two cute dogs and trying to figure out the causer of such distress. It all proves to be very easy since, one of them, after only being asked in the most gentle way gives up his best friends unlawfully ways. Link the dog doesn't hesitate for a moment when his owner asks who made the mess in the living room. He throws Kora right under the bus!

Horse Escapes Her Pasture To Be Closer To Her Owner1m13s

Horse Escapes Her Pasture To Be Closer To Her Owner

Horses are social creatures and are able to make social attachments to their own species, other animals and humans as well. They are also intelligent and can perform number of cognitive tasks on a daily basis. Horses are naturally curious and can learn simple things. Domestic horses face more challenges than wild horses since they live in artificial environments that do not come natural to them. Horses are creatures of habit. Some describe their horses as very bossy with other horses, some that their horse is afraid of anything new and others that their horse do not pay attention to them. According to this, horses fall into four categories: social, fearful, aloof and challenging. April - the horse you are about to see in this video is a social horse. Obviously, she can get bored easily, grazing on her pasture. She needs more room, not just the enclosed space she paces up and down every day. Come on, that is so boring! Still, the unexpected guest on the porch is not an unusual surprise for this lady. For this easy-going horse, the visit at the front door of her owner’s house is a high priority and something that has to be done regularly. Clearly, the horse enjoys the resonant sound of her owner’s voice and she is so patiently involved in the listening part. Her prickly ears and the head jerk shows how she craves for more conversation and we can see how she approves of it whenever the lady pets her mare. April is so diligent, she knows that she can not go up the porch or inside the house so she is sufficiently content with the undivided attention the lady gives her. No doubt that horse lovers would like to have a horse like this in their pastures.

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Circus Abandons Four Bears To Die In Cages1m32s

Circus Abandons Four Bears To Die In Cages

Four ill bears left in tiny cages in a car park are believed to have been abandoned there by a circus that went bankrupt. The bears were discovered by passers-by on the outskirts of the city of Samara in south-western Russia’s Samara Oblast region and later reported by animal activist Angelina Grinevich. A video shows two bears locked in metal cages in a car park, with one pacing miserably and the other slumped on the floor. There were another two caged bears at the same location, according to reports. Ms Grinevich pointed out that the two bears were in an awful condition: their cages are very dirty and one seems to have something wrong with one of its eyes. Ms Grinevich said: "When we got to the car park, its employees did not even know there were bears out there." She explained that the circus the bears belonged to had gone bankrupt and the bears had been abandoned. Local media reported that animal rights activists suspected the locked trailer units in the car park might also contain abandoned animals, though it was not reported whether anyone had checked. Netizen ‘Viktor Egorovich’ said: "Where are comments from cops? Have they found the circus’ managers?!" There was no comment reported from the police.

Published: March 12, 2018
Incredibly Talented Dog Rides Bicycle By Himself46s

Incredibly Talented Dog Rides Bicycle By Himself

Dogs just never stop making us proud of them. It seems that we can never get enough of the pupper awesomeness. They keep us at our toes with their antics and melt us into puddles of mush when they turn on their charm. They are like our furry offspring that likes to wake us up early in the morning to go potty but we don’t mind because they are adorable. We feel like proud parents when they learn new tricks and this footage is the prime example for it. Meet Norman the Scooter Dog. This French sheepdog is the master of wheels. He has been known to ride a scooter and apparently, he has mastered the bike as well. The canine is very eager to please his owner, so he carefully climbs on that bike, plants his back feet on the pedals and his front on the handlebar. With a little encouragement from his owner in the form of a treat, Norman starts to pedal the bike, following his owner’s footsteps. Isn’t it adorable?! Norman was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma in June, but underwent surgery and is slowly but surely recovering. He gets all the attention and love he needs both from his owner and from his fans. What makes Norman special is that he was able to set a Guinness World Record as the fastest dog on a scooter when he traveled 100 feet in 20 seconds at a charity event in Georgia.

Cute Pet Owl Captivated By Windshield Wipers58s

Cute Pet Owl Captivated By Windshield Wipers

Imagine what it would be like to understand everything your pet is saying to you. You’d know when they are truly hungry or when they are just vying for your attention. There would be no more incidents and you’d know when it’s time you put on your clothes and take your pet for a walk. To sum it up, life would be much easier. But not knowing how the cogs turn inside your pets’ mind has some allure too. Not understanding them has made us learn a few new ways to communicate with them. We know that all it takes is a certain look to know when they want us to put them more water in the water ball or that a tilt of the head means that they are confused about a certain thing and they want to learn more. Well, at least we think that’s it, if you ask a cat, they would probably tell you that they are looking at you that way because they think you aren’t quick enough to find the sock they stole from you last week and hid it underneath your bed. Either way, there are some telltale signs and they make our lives easier. At times, ‘though, knowing how our pet reacts to a certain thing can give us quite the entertainment and this footage is a great example for it. Check out this pet owl that is simply fascinated with the windshield wipers of his owner’s car. The reels are turning in his head and he is trying to figure out how they work and why they are on. His head tilt is just the cherry on the top!

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Man Surprises Girlfriend With Pug Puppy For Her Birthday5m13s

Man Surprises Girlfriend With Pug Puppy For Her Birthday

Boyfriends everywhere are going to want to take serious notes from this guy. This boyfriend just blew every other birthday gift out of the water with a sweet birthday surprise – a baby pug. Jonathan Dipierro, a guy from New Jersey is about to give his girlfriend the most lovable gift ever. He has been preparing for this for a long time and has recorded this beautiful and exciting moment. They have been going out for almost two years and bought a house together. Jonathan wants to do something really nice for her birthday as he says she deserves a world. So he decides to make her wish come true because she has wanted a pug for a long time. The pug is only 4 months old and already responding to orders. Judging by her look, she knows that her boyfriend will make her day but she never imagines that the days to come will be filled with joy and delight having the pug around. She is really taken by aback by this cutie. She cannot hold her tears of happiness back as she hold and pets the pug in her arms. No sooner her boyfriend introduces the puppy, we can see that they immediately connect. It is unquestionable that she will never forget this birthday. Now they are living happily with the new member of the family. Moral of the story: we are definitely adding baby pug to the top of our birthday list. Happy birthday, girl!

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Girlfriend's Dog Left Totally Indignant After Fart23s

Girlfriend's Dog Left Totally Indignant After Fart

Have you ever noticed how the dog of your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s starts judging you when you first enter their lives? There might also be a long period of appraisal, negotiation and accommodation, but whatever you may do, that doggy is on the lookout for your misstep. Well, not anymore! The guy in the video has invented a way to reverse the roles in this ‘triangle’ and put doggy in the place where it belongs – off the sofa. There are three people on the sofa – a guy, a girl and her grumpy old dog. The god has strategically positioned itself between the guy and his girl, as if to ward off any interaction that might come between them. But, our guy obviously has a plan previously devised which does not count in our four legged friend. When, when the doggy least expects it – our guy emits a pretty loud fart in its direction, real or fake, we would not like to speculate. Us, you, the girl and the guy might the whole situation funny, but the dog’s face shows everything but amusement! What a surprise! What disapproval! What indignation! The dog stays dug in its position a minute or so more, but as offensive act continues the dog is firm about not putting up with the humiliation any longer and removes itself from the love seat directly to the floor. Mission accomplished, guy! Have you done anything similar? Do share in the comment section!

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Precious 2-Week-Old Puppy Can't Roll Over And It's So Adorable 1m13s

Precious 2-Week-Old Puppy Can't Roll Over And It's So Adorable

Puppies are without a doubt some of the most adorable things on the planet. You would all agree with us that dogs are the most precious when they are babies. We love to take care of them, hold their paws when they first visit the vet, give them baths, feed them and watch them sleep. This is one heartwarming video of a chubby Frenchie sleeping. Having been rudely awoken from her evening nap, this adorable 2-week-old Bulldog puppy finds it a little difficult to turn over and eventually needs a helping hand. You might mistake it for a turtle, that’s how hard it is for this fluff ball to roll over on the belly. And who wouldn’t, with a belly like that! Sleeping habits like this are actually quite rare. Only 5 to 10 percent of pet dogs actually sleep with their bellies bare, because in the wild, this would leave them exposed and vulnerable. But do not be alarmed. If your dog, Bulldog or otherwise, likes to sleep with all four paws up in the air, it means that the pupper is confident and comfortable with his surroundings. Now what are we going to do about all that snoring? Because of their short face, most Frenchies snort, snuffle, wheeze, grunt, and snore loudly. These sounds are endearing to some people; nerve-wracking to others. But how can you find nerve-wracking this fuzzy little baby? He is so sweet!

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Cat Misses Owner So Much He Is Determined To Steal His Shoes 49s

Cat Misses Owner So Much He Is Determined To Steal His Shoes

Animals are just the right companion to have whether it is that you live alone, or need some company or even the fact that you don't like being bored. Domestic animals, whether it is a cat or a dog, or whatever you have your mind on getting, they are sure to brighten up your day. It is usually when we come home from a hard day's of work that we need to snuggle up in or bed and hopefully have a companion that is there waiting for us and willing to offer some fun times and some cuddles. In this case we have a kitten that is just had it to the limit with his owner leaving him at home for long hours of the day. He has never even thought of such situation where he will have to live life on his lonesome without his owner by his side, 24/7 that is. We all know that we must have responsibilities, such as work. Although this cat is not to keen about the idea. At this point it has gotten so bad that he cant help but try at least something in order to prevent his owner from leaving again. This time he believes he has finally got it. He is determined to steal his shoes so he will never leave again. After being at work all day, this man came home to discover that his cat Timmy really missed him. When the man takes off his shoes Timmy proceeds to play with them!

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Chairlift Looses All Control In Gudauri1m08s

Chairlift Looses All Control In Gudauri

The winter season can be lovely for those of us who love the snow and can stand the cold. It is a "winter person's" dream for snow to build up throughout the night so they can wake up to white blankets covering the ground. Some of us that love the winter season decide to spend the day and just walk around the city park enjoying the sights, where as some us that like sports, can't wait to take their snowboard or skis and hit the slopes. And for some of us, it's a favorite book and cuddled up next to the fire place and enjoying the views from indoors. This story however is bound to even give the biggest winter lover a bit of scare as this scene does happen to be very horrific as this chairlift just completely gets its wires mixed and starts acting as if it has a brain of its own. Its a perfect sunny day and an even better one to go out skiing and enjoy the wonders of the winter. But no one was expecting what was planed to be a wonderful getaway from the city to turn into such disturbing image. A catastrophe at the resort in Gudauri. Negligence and error of the cable cars led to the breakdown of the chairlift in the opposite direction on the Sadzeli line. Numerous injuries of people who fell under the "meat grinder" from the collision of armchairs, fractures, and bruises of those who managed or guessed to jump off. It was possible to stop the cable car only after 1-2 minutes. Respondents arrived in place within 7-8 minutes. They removed and provided first aid to the victims with all those who stood in line." Take a look as this video proves to show that machines can definitely be faulty at times and we must take steps in which to avoid further occurrences such as this one.

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Dad’s Creative Feeding Technique Calms Fussy Baby38s

Dad’s Creative Feeding Technique Calms Fussy Baby

An innovative dad-of-five has taken the internet by storm with a brilliant parenting hack which allowed him to ‘breastfeed’ his fussy baby daughter while his wife was at work. And in the first few months of a child's life, separation anxiety is a very real thing. Devoted dad Anthony Favors, from Buffalo, New York, USA, has captivated parents around the world with his adorable trick to soothe 10-month-old daughter because he has come up with a brilliant idea for when his wife is away. And since dads do not have the right equipment to nurse a baby and he isn’t built with his very own milk supply means he just can’t do those midnight feedings. Oh wait, maybe he can. Every time his 10-month-old daughter struggles to relax while mom is at work and whenever her dad Anthony Favors tried to soothe his daughter with a bottle, the little girl just wasn’t having it. So he tried a pretty genius breastfeeding hack that totally solved the problem and it worked! So, what’s the secret to Favors’ success? He cut holes in a t-shirt at nipple-level and put a bottle inside. Favors used a breast milk-filled bottle nipple as a mommy substitute because he knows how things can turn get ugly with a hungry infant in the house. So he tricked her into taking the bottle. His little girl was confused at first but adjusted and fell asleep after taking the bottle. And instead of feeling useless and wishing there was something dads could do to help, to all dads, watch this video and get smart and better with your parenting hacks .

Felines Move Tail In Spray-Like Manner To Show Affection20s

Felines Move Tail In Spray-Like Manner To Show Affection

Is your cat shaking her tail in a strange way, not spraying but it sure looks like it? Don’t worry, your cat is not broken, there is nothing wrong with her! She is just showing you that she is extremely happy! A cat's tail is tremendously communicative, thanks to how mobile it is. Cats can do so many moves with their tails, they can raise it up and down, sweep it from side to side, move it slowly or quickly, curl it around us or them, trash and twitch it. By the way your cat keeps or moves her tail, she is communicating something to you. When her tail is up shaking and she is not spraying but looks like it, it's a good sign! It means that your cat is extremely happy and very excited to see you! This is a very friendly greeting that she gives you when you walk in the door at the end of the day or if she greets you when you get out of bed in the morning, or she is just happy to see you around. Watch the cat from the video to see how happy and excited he is to see his owner! Many cats express their emotions through body language, and one of the most expressive body parts is the tail. A vibrating or shaking tail can mean a few different things, from anxiety to happiness, but their hyperactive tails are always trying to tell you something, so make sure you get the message!

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This Is One Of The Closest Footages Of A Friendly Lynx Caught On Camera40s

This Is One Of The Closest Footages Of A Friendly Lynx Caught On Camera

Lynx are unique in that they are omnivores, meaning that they consume both vegetation and meat. Of course, their favorite treat is the snowshoe hare, and there is even an observable correlation between the rise and fall of the hare population and that of the lynx. There is also a very good reason that the lynx tends to avoid human beings, and that is because these beautiful creatures are often hunted for their stunning fur. In fact, over-hunting has made some of these species one of the most endangered big cats on Earth. Nevertheless, this footage shows an extremely close encounter with a very curious lynx. Distanced only 10 feet from the couple who filmed her in British Columbia, they are actually becoming to get little worried how close she is. But this incredibly friendly lynx has nothing to do with the couple, as the footage shows she only wants something to eat. Getting ready to come out of the woods, she carefully looks around to make sure nobody is after her and once she is in the open she starts moving slowly yet sluggishly with her extra-long and furry legs as if she is ready to pounce right in the eyes of the danger. She starts sniffing the surface of the ice which has covered the earth so thickly in order to find something that would satisfy her hunger. This beautiful creature waltzes nearby the camera and the footage is probably one of the rarest to show a lynx within human’s reach. It is a pity she doesn’t make a noise because the noise she produces is strangely captivating, it is like a half-growl, half-roar. Maybe next time.

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Truck Driver Miscalculates Vehicle Height, Pays The Price11s

Truck Driver Miscalculates Vehicle Height, Pays The Price

Roadways all over the world have proven to be dangerous places. A lot of car crashes, animals on the roads, drunk drivers. We always need to be careful when we are driving! There are three main components to highway safety: The vehicle, the roadway, and the driver. A range of positive changes has been made over the years to our cars and roads which have aided road safety. Despite this, research suggests that human errors and distractions are still causing a tragic number of road accidents. This is a footage of a truck hitting the bridge! The footage is taken from a dash camera of a car which was driving behind the truck. The driver in the car behind the truck explains the whole situation: "My daughter and I were on route 25 heading to the Wareham underpass of Glen and Charlie Road. I noticed an 18 wheeler with about 2 feet of snow on it and ask my daughter to videotape the truck. Luckily, when the truck hit the underpass the snow was soft enough to fall and not cause major damage, but I was not expecting the tarp to come down which hit my car. We were fortunate not to panic and cause an accident." We should always alter our driving behavior to suit conditions. We may not be able to control others, but if we follow this advice we will be doing our best to look after our families, ourselves and others.

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Collie ‘Smiles’ Every Time Owner Touches His Favorite Toy1m20s

Collie ‘Smiles’ Every Time Owner Touches His Favorite Toy

Junior the Border Collie loves his toys so much that he doesn't want anyone else touching them. Watch his reaction when his owner reaches for his stuffed animal. Every time she touches Junior's favorite toy, the teeth come out in an intense way, grinning in a possessive way! Owner knows that Junior adores his stuffed animals, but she didn't know that he will feel uncomfortable when she tries to touch it. Here we have Junior caught on camera silently protesting to his owner touching his favorite toy, by raising his upper lip, making for an angry grin! Junior loves snuggling up with his toys and grooming them like if they was a real puppy, licking the stuffed animals head while his arms are around it! One time when Junior was separated from one of his favorite toys because in the washing machine, he kept sticking his tongue out of his mouth in excitement when owner finally brought the toy back nice and squeaky clean. His relationship with toys is simply adorable! Border Collies are extremely attached to their toys and when one goes missing, even if it is just for a short time, they can become obsessive trying to find it. Because Junior is so attached to his toys, he rarely goes anywhere without one. That explains why he is not allowing anyone to come near his toys! Precious little rascal! Border Collies are working and herding dogs originating from Scotland. They are known to be one of the smartest and most obedient dogs, and can make great house pets if you know how to handle them. They are very high energy and require a lot of exercise, both physically and mentally. Because they are such smart dogs, they need to be stimulated to make them feel like they have a job to do.