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'Powerpuff Girls' Actors Sing Xtina Inspired Trump Impeachment Song3m51s

'Powerpuff Girls' Actors Sing Xtina Inspired Trump Impeachment Song

Two of the biggest voice actresses in Hollywood combined forces for a politically inspired song aimed at President Donald Trump, and it’s actually pretty good. Tara Strong is known for her characters on “Rugrats,” “The Powerpuff Girls,” Teen Titans,” and “My Little Pony.” She hosted a fundraiser for Democratic candidate Nancy Soderberg, who is running for Congress in Florida. Strong joined up with E.G. Daily, who is also famous for “Rugrats and “The Powerpuff Girls,” along with “Pee-Wees Big Adventure.” The two ladies reworked the lyrics for Christina Aguilera’s hit song, “Beautiful,” into “Impeachable.” Read More: Check out Like Us On Facebook! Follow Us On Instagram! Follow Us On Twitter!

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Running baby rhino doesn't want to go inside for bedtime1m49s

Running baby rhino doesn't want to go inside for bedtime

This is a greater one-horned rhino calf that just doesn't get tired. Getting bigger every day, he's four month old in this video. Akeno just loves to run around his habitat. After being outside nearly all day, it’s time for the little one and his mother to go inside, so they can let the dad Beni out for him to enjoy the bigger enclosure for the rest of the day. Just one little problem, Akeno is having none of it. He just doesn’t want to stay in the back long enough for the staff to close the door. He has still too much energy to burn off and wants to run. He’s running around the pond, bumping into mom Asha. Asha keeps going inside, but also comes back out again to see where her son is. Looks like dad has to wait a bit longer for his dinner and the bigger enclosure!

Try Not To Laugh With These Witty Kitchen Pranks3m25s

Try Not To Laugh With These Witty Kitchen Pranks

They say that the kitchen is the place in the house to prepare food, but these jokesters see it as the prank center of the household! Appliances that we use every day, like sinks, fridges, and cabinets, become practical-joke weapons! Just hope no one is hiding in your fridge. Nothing is more disappointing than cutting into a cake that you're excited about and can probably taste already, only to find that it was a covered balloon. When you're not expecting that one it'll get you. It certainly got this woman as you would have thought she was preparing for a scary movie or a horror movie. She let out a scream that the movie industry would be proud of. History shows that kids are unbelievably scared of the water sprayer when using the faucet. This is not a new trick however it is an effective trick when trying to spray someone in the face with water. This dad thinks it is absolutely hilarious to scare his son as he comes around the corner by slamming two pans together. As he lets out a laugh his son almost runs completely out of the house. This dad never saw it coming when his wife jumped out of the refrigerator. The wife thought it was the most hilarious thing in the world. We're not so sure that the husband agreed with her. And then the infamous water sprayer strikes again on this unexpected man. It's usually not intended to countdown one, two, three when pulling a prank on yourself because well it takes away the excitement of the prank . By counting down before you complete the prank you know exactly what's going to happen. While there is still a hilarious Factor because of what the prank is the timing of a crank sometimes is what makes it's so hilarious. This little boy never expected this to pop out of this can. As he reads on the can that they are supposed to be delicious he reaches to grab a chip. That is one of the most realistic snakes I have seen pop out of a can. Typically they are long and slender but this snake looks like an anaconda. It is a wonder that the people that jump out of refrigerators got into the refrigerator in the first place. Shirley to complete a few seconds of a prank people did not take out all of the items in there refrigerator. Or better yet they did not buy different refrigerator and place it there for this prank. One thing is for certain though you would not expect a person to be jumping out of your refrigerator. Oh no, there is no way that I would quickly forgive someone for putting a bug on food. The mental aspects that go through the person's mind had they eaten the food is almost too much to bare. This simple garbage bag trick is totally worth a Halloween scare. Just be prepared for someone to beat you up as they initially think that they are beating up a bag of trash. Balls coming out of cupboards and water being left under glasses are some of the simple pranks that you can pull. Kids are typically easy to pull pranks on however you will find a kid that is completely unaffected by a prank. Like the little boy that cried and information he wasn't aware of but a child get scared by something in the dark and barely flinches. Picture it you're going on about your day-to-day life and then all of a sudden you get a horn blown at you in the middle of your kitchen. Totally unexpected and totally hilarious. April Fool's jokes are some of the best times to pull a prank however in the last few years most people have tried their tricks days before April Fool's or days after April Fool's. One thing to remember when performing some of these tricks is that some people do not think they are funny. So be careful who you pull a prank on.

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Mac Miller Passed Away From Fentanyl & Coke, Using iPad For Lines1m15s

Mac Miller Passed Away From Fentanyl & Coke, Using iPad For Lines

Mac Miller passed away from a fatal combination of fentanyl, coke and alcohol and investigators believe he was doing lines off his iPad tablet. The findings from Miller’s toxicology tests have been revealed, and the L.A. County Coroner listed the hip-hop star’s tragedy as “mixed dr** toxicity,” listing fentanyl, coke and ethanol. Read More: Check out Like Us On Facebook! Follow Us On Instagram! Follow Us On Twitter!

Hilarious Dog Is Persistently Pawing At An Office Window 29s

Hilarious Dog Is Persistently Pawing At An Office Window

Everyone can identify with the feeling this dog is having right at the moment when this video was taken. It is first thing, maybe 8:00 am, on a Monday morning. You just got to work and it’s just the very beginning of the working week. The weekend was somewhat relaxing, but it was not nearly long enough, of course. The only thing you want to do is just to get to your desk or office or cubicle, sip your coffee, and have some time to wake up and adjust to the beginning of the new week. Unfortunately, though, you do not quite have the time for that. Your boss has called you into an early morning conference. You try to go with it, and you do your best to be awake and alert. You want to be the model employee, but all you really want to do… is what this dog is doing! This video is absolutely hilarious. If humans did not have the public decorum and common courtesy unspoken rules that all follow, this is what we would all be doing. When the video begins, viewers see this little Jack Russell Terrier mix pawing at the glass partition of what looks to be an office. It is just like he has just gone through that early morning stressful routine described above, and all he wants is to leave this dreadful room that he is in. He paws at the glass window, dying to get out. What adds to the comedy here is the fact that he seems so desperate to leave that he is on his back, begging to be released from the death grip of this incredibly boring meeting he seems to be subjected to. After a few moments of desperately trying to escape, he even pauses his attempts to look around the room. It is like he takes a moment to reevaluate the people he is around, and it seems also like he might be trying to see if there is anything of interest to him to warrant staying in the room; however, obviously there is nothing that is of too much interest to him. That can be seen by what he does next. He goes right back to pawing at the glass again. This poor pup really does not want to be in this room. Jack Russell Terriers are known for being highly energetic, so this spectacle is perfectly fitting and in line with the typical Jack Russell Terrier temperament. They do not like to be enclosed in small spaces, and they do not want to feel like they cannot get out and run as they please. Perhaps taking one of these high energy pups to work is not their ideal place to be during the day. Hopefully, though, the sweet little darling dog can learn to deal with and possibly even enjoy his new daily routine going to work with his human parent. He certainly makes for great office entertainment, so if nothing else, he will give his parents’ coworkers some great laughs. @remywiththegoodhair

Border Collie Goes For A Ride On A Motorized Skateboard12s

Border Collie Goes For A Ride On A Motorized Skateboard

You should see the ability of this dog maintaining his balance while riding a motorized skateboard, it seems that this dog loves the skateboard, probably the dog is lazy and this is a good option to avoid walking unnecessarily. All dogs like to go to the park, but not every day we can see a dog on a motorized skateboard, although the trip was short, this dog seems to have enjoyed it a lot. This dog has a lot of style, it's really great! A Border Collie dog goes for a ride on a motorized skateboard, amd he seems to like the idea of not having to walk, since he seems to be happy while riding the skateboard. At first, the dog remains calm waiting for the skateboard to move forward, with the tongue out and a smile on the face, the dog is quite happy, so the person in charge of the skateboard starts moving the skateboard. Then, the person in charge of the skateboard proceeds to accelerate a little more to see the reaction of the dog, but seems to be quite happy. For a brief moment other dog appears from behind, perhaps waiting for his turn to have a go on the skateboard. Finally, the person in charge of the skateboard accelerates too much and makes the dog jump off the skateboard. It seems that this dog does not like to drive at high speeds, but despite having been a short trip, it seems that the dog enjoyed. Do not be afraid of the speed! Nowadays, it is very easy to see families that have a dog as a pet, which increases the number of nurseries and dog parks . These places are perfect for dogs to have fun and play with other dogs, plus they can get affection and extra care depending on where they are. For dogs, it is very important to attend these places to play with other dogs, as it helps them learn new things and be a little more tolerant and avoid problems with other animals. Even learn to skate! The Border Collies are dogs that have been characterized by impressive intelligence and easy learning. These dogs have always been accustomed to work, since they are very intelligent and know how to obey perfectly the orders of their owners, besides that, having a lot of energy allows them to work for hours and make their owners happy. There are people who say that this is the most obedient and intelligent breed of dogs, in fact, these dogs are always looking for ways to play or work to waste their energy. It is recommended that we always analyze and investigate what are the qualities of our dogs to know what their attitudes are by nature, not all dog breeds are the same, some have qualities that others do not. In this case, we can see how in the video the dog has managed to understand the instructions and has been able to remain on the skateboard. We want a skateboard like that!

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Top 10 Most Unique Bridges In The World7m19s

Top 10 Most Unique Bridges In The World

Getting from one place to another has never been so much fun. From the Helix Bridge, to Banpo Bridge and the Sundial Bridge, these incredible feats of architecture will blow your mind! WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Most Unique Bridges In The World.

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Elephant Destroys The Roof Of A Car Parked On The Road44s

Elephant Destroys The Roof Of A Car Parked On The Road

Have you ever seen the impressive strength an elephant has? This is your moment to see it, in this video an elephant can destroy the roof of a car in only few seconds. This elephant is responsible for destroying the roof of the car parked on the road, from now on the driver will think twice before bothering an elephant. Normally, elephants hate that there is something that gets in their way, even if it is something of equal or greater size than them, but it seems that this elephant had an attack of anger. Do not cross yourself in the path of an elephant! An elephant walks down the road, but suddenly finds some cars that get in his way, which causes the elephant to get angry and one of the cars pays the consequences, since the elephant destroys the roof of one of the cars in a few seconds. The elephant passes the first cars without problems, it seems that some people know what to do when there is an elephant nearby, but suddenly the elephant finds a car parked in the middle of the road and the elephant gets angry. The elephant looks and smells the car for a few seconds to see what it is and know its intentions. The driver of the car does not seem to know how to react when there is an elephant nearby, because he tries to escape when the elephant is very close to him, maybe he felt a little scared and tried to get away from the elephant. When the elephant observes that the car is trying to get away from it, it seems to take it as a threat, since it is responsible for demonstrating that no one can get in their way and get out unharmed, so the elephant destroys the roof of the car . Finally, the person who recorded the video moves away so that his car does not suffer damage, this is an intelligent controller. The elephants are one of the largest animals in the world, they are generally animals that like to be in a herd and have been shown to be quite strong and intelligent, are characterized mainly by having a thick skin and large ears. Currently, in some parts of the world you can find elephants walking on the routes of cars, this makes some people already know how to react to the presence of an elephant, however, they are always a problem for tourists. It is proven that the elephants hate that the cars get in their way, usually the elephants try to attack anyone who gets in their way. This makes it very important to educate yourself about the behavior of the elephants , it is always advisable to stay calm and wait for the elephant to move away, it is necessary to move the car as far as possible from the road and then park it. In the video, we can see how some cars knew what to do in the presence of the elephant and did not suffer damage; unfortunately, one of the drivers did not have enough education to know how to react and lost the roof of his car. Do not stand in the way of someone who is bigger than you!

Top 5 Things You Didn't Know About Viagra4m20s

Top 5 Things You Didn't Know About Viagra

These blue pills offer much more than a good morning. For this list, we're looking at shocking facts about Viagra that make the medication just as fascinating as it is useful, from its effects on athletic performance, to how it affects flowers and endangered species! WatchMojo counts down the Top 5 Things You Didn't Know About Viagra.

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