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Info From Licensor: "I was riding with my friend going relatively fast. We were on the Sena headsets so we could speak to each other.He shouted in the intercom then it cut out so i turned around. I then found him sliding on the pavement behind his bike. I rushed over to him and he told me to call 911. He was taken away from to hospital and had several broken ribs, punctured lung, collapsed lung, fluid in his lung, broken shoulder blade as well as some road rash on his knees." - Evan McCord / Location: Texas Occurrence Date: May 8, 2016

Published: May 24, 20163,465 plays$9.72 earned
Polar bear plays in Wisconsin snow37s

Polar bear plays in Wisconsin snow

A playful polar bear enjoys a fresh snowfall at Madison's Henry Vilas Zoo and tumbles through the powder to the delight of many. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

Wingsuit terrain flying in France and Switzerland1m56s

Wingsuit terrain flying in France and Switzerland

Incredible point-of-view footage featuring wingsuit pilot David Covel flying in Brevent, Chamonix, Le Petit Ferrand, France and Lauterbrunen Valley in Switzerland with Squirrel Team members Ian Mitchard, Scotty Bob, Mathew Kenney, Hartman Rector, Mike Steen and Matt Gerdes. Check it out!

Published: November 10, 201446,315 views
Stunning violin remix of Lukas Graham's '7 Years'4m03s

Stunning violin remix of Lukas Graham's '7 Years'

BKJ and his electric violin team up with beautiful songwriter Kimmy Tan on piano to bring us an exceptional and lively remix of Lukas Graham's popular chart topping hit '7 Years'. This version will have you dancing and wishing you were in the club!

Talented magician uses math to read your mind1m58s

Talented magician uses math to read your mind

Hip-hop illusionist 'Jibrizy' is about to read your mind! Just follow his simple instructions and by the end he'll be able to guess what animal you're thinking about in your head. Try it out!

Published: August 16, 20168,395 views
Count The 'F'-s In This Clever Test1m18s

Count The 'F'-s In This Clever Test

The brain is an incredible contraption, capable of processing billions of bits of information in a single second. However powerful this organic computer might be, we are aware of only a couple of thousand of those information. Scientists have developed tricks and puzzles to test the brain’s ability to compute information, and one such trick is "Alzheimer's' eye test". Check out the text: FINISHED FILES ARE THE RESULT OF YEARS OF SCIENTIFIC STUDY COMBINED WITH THE EXPERIENCE OF YEARS... How many F’s did you count? If you caught 6 letters F, then you are a genius and if you caught less, then don’t worry. Our brains have been rewired to overlook words like “of", so it is easy to forget to take them in consideration. If you give this test to a child that has only just started learning to read, they will find all the F’s right away! Those of you that did catch all the letters have their brains well trained! Good for you. Don’t forget , the brain is a muscle like any other. You can’t train the brain in a gym, but there is a special gym designed to train the most complex computer in existence, and it called - A BOOK! Now go and grab one before your brain turns to mush!

Published: May 19, 2014511,182 views

"Funny Squirrel Spins Around a Bird Feeder"

"Spinning is so much fun! Every child in this world loves to spin around, but so does this funny squirrel in our video. It's so hilarious, you don't want to miss it! Generally speaking, squirrels are known for their acrobatic skills but also for their wily habit of stealing seeds from all sorts of bird feeders, and this funny little thief proves both of these claims! Just look how she jumps on to this bird feeder, all ready to snitch her snack, but it seems that this particular bird feeder is not the easiest nut to crack! As soon as she grabs the edge of this bird feeder, it starts to spin fast enough to throw the squirrel off of it outdoors. It's so hilarious you don't want to miss it! Even the homeowners who took this video got surprised by this performance, but luckily managed to capture the whole event on camera and share the laughter."

Published: February 22, 201872 views
8 Human Foods Dogs Can Eat1m23s

8 Human Foods Dogs Can Eat

The age old question from every dog owner... What people food can my dog eat? If your dogs are like mine, they are at your feet when you're eating or cooking. What if something drops? Can they eat it? I know grapes and chocolate are bad for them... but what about bananas? Well fear no more... we have 21 golden retriever puppies happy and willing to put the questions to rest. Watch them eat 8 people foods that are actually good for them. This may not be the best diet for all pups, always check with your vet :) Heartwarming Animals is just one of the entertaining and informative destinations in the HooplaHa – Life with a Smile programming network. If you're sick of all the bad news in the media and looking for a dose of inspiration, HooplaHa will give you a reason to smile every day! HooplaHa's mission, while a simple one, could not be more important: to make people smile as much as possible. Whether it be a bit of good news, an inspirational story, a fun video, a cute picture or a touching piece of music -- we want to put a smile on your face! Subscribe to any of our YouTube channel so you never miss our new videos. Get more feel good video clips at Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

Luxury Pet Hotel in Las Vegas1m43s

Luxury Pet Hotel in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for being extravagant and over the top from its people and food to its hotels. When it comes to the Luxe Pet Hotels... it is no different! No need to leave your pet at home when you vacation to Las Vegas. Your fur baby deserves to be treated like royalty! This luxurious pet hotel takes pampering to another level… Robin Leach takes you inside this PET PALACE PARADISE! Check out the latest episode of #LUXEVEGAS and you'll wish you could stay here, too!

Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie1m04s

Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

This chocolate chip skillet recipe will blow your mind. The recipe comes from Ned Ludd’s a popular restaurant in Portland, Oregon where rustic décor is centered around a wood-fired oven. This skillet cookie is a popular menu item, and for good reason! Since most of us don’t happen to have a wood-burning oven in the middle of our kitchens, this recipe is adapted to bake in a regular oven but the cookie is put under the broiler for 1-2 minutes after baking to add a little char to the top.

Published: April 29, 20166,456 views
World's First Passenger Drone Unveiled1m37s

World's First Passenger Drone Unveiled

Now here is a product that every person has almost certainly dreamed of owning; a personal transportation vehicle that evokes images of a future where traffic jams are no longer an issue. This video, shot from the floor of the 2016 CES convention in Las Vegas centers on a passenger size drone being developed by a Chinese company called Ehang. The vehicle will operate completely autonomously, with no input needed from the passenger to get from point A to point B. Co-founder of the company Derrick Xiong explains that since the passenger will not be in direct control over the flight of the vehicle, it will require no specialized license to operate. This sounds scary at first, but it will be much safer in the end to have computers controlling the navigation of these vehicles. It will utilize a wide variety of sensors and computer components to control all flight operations and navigate to and from destinations completely autonomously. The only interface in the drone will be a singular tablet, which will give the passenger control of take-off and landing locations, and the ability to adjust the climate controls inside the vehicle. At the time of the video, the vehicle is capable of transporting one person to an altitude of roughly 11500 feet in the air, with a cruising speed of around 63 miles per hour. This coupled with the life of its internal batteries will allow the vehicle to fly around 20 miles non-stop, and stay in the air for around 23 minutes. Not a huge range considering how far some people commute to get to work every morning, but with more efficient batteries this thing could definitely start to get a much longer flight range. For those of you concerned with the safety of such a new type of transportation, Ehang says that in the event of an emergency, they will be able to remotely control every vehicle in their fleet individually, in order to override faulty commands or to safely land the vehicle in case of technical malfunction. The drone has 8 propellers instead of the typical 4 propeller design to help with redundancy; in a situation where one of the rotors stops functioning the second rotor will spool up faster to compensate and still allow for a controlled descent. All that said, at a price tag of between two hundred and three hundred thousand dollars, you won’t be seeing too many of these out in the skies anytime soon. Add to that the safety concerns of relying solely on computerized navigation automation to control the vehicle with the passenger being completely helpless in the case of a malfunction, and the general annoyance to the public once there are a bunch of these out there flying around. To be able to generate enough lift to fly a vehicle of this size you have to displace a lot of air (think of a helicopter), and it is very noisy to do so, so the neighbors might not be super happy about one of these taking off and landing twice a day from your backyard.

Published: January 8, 201612,819 views