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The Buzz for March 19!6m11s

The Buzz for March 19!

Join Tiffany Ogle and guest co-host Katrina Cravy for their daily chat! Do you have an interesting discussion topic? If so, email us at!

Exploring a 130 Year Old Unsolved Milwaukee Mystery6m05s

Exploring a 130 Year Old Unsolved Milwaukee Mystery

In the dead of an unassuming January night in 1883, Milwaukee's Newhall House hotel was set on fire. Two hours later, the building -- once among the tallest in the nation -- lay in ruins and more than seventy people were dead. From the horror emerged even greater mysteries: Who had set the fire and who was to blame for the staggering loss of life? Author Matthew J. Prigge explores these mysteries in his new book "Damn the Old Tinderbox! Milwaukee's Palace of the West and the Fire that Defined an Era"; he joins us to discuss this unsolved mystery. Matthew J. Prigge has a book launch event tonight, March 19 at Boswell Book Company. For more information, visit

Fun Ways to Help Kids Reach Developmental Milestones6m19s

Fun Ways to Help Kids Reach Developmental Milestones

It's important for parents to recognize, and work toward, important development milestones for their children. It's a definite win-win when you can achieve this in fun ways like like art projects! Joining us to discuss the Kohl's Building Blocks Program, Youth Art Month, and to show off some crafts that teach children about shapes and colors, is Rebecca Michelsen from Penfield Children's Center. For more information on how to engage in safe and easy play and art activities with your child, visit

Huawei Nova 2 Plus unboxing, hands-on, testing & users review2m47s

Huawei Nova 2 Plus unboxing, hands-on, testing & users review

Huawei nova 2 Plus is a smartphone for a smart life. A lightweight, strong and slim metallic body (6.9mm), large screen-to-body ratio and a sophisticated CNC finish. The 2.5D curved glass screen has a super narrow bezel. Powerful design that powers you life. HUAWEI nova 2 Plus's 20MP front camera shoots higher definition, bolder, more artistic and more beautiful portraits than ever. And HUAWEI nova 2 Plus also has exceptional low-light performance, Capture the moment, share your adventure. HUAWEI nova 2 Plus's two rear cameras work together for amazing shots—the wide-angle lens captures broader scenery; the telephoto lens focuses on subjects further away. When zooming, the main lens shoots while the other lens detects colors, brightness and clarity. What your want when you want it. HUAWEI nova 2 Plus's improved RAM, storage, CPU and user interface are a dynamic combination for smarter, faster living. More efficient power use means longer battery life. HUAWEI partnered with audio experts from around the world to create one of the most exceptional mobile audio experiences. The AK4376a Hi-Fi solution guarantees superior performance with low power consumption. Meanwhile, the HUAWEI Listen sound algorithm creates theater-quality, 3D stereo sound.