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10 Paranormal Photos Explained11m55s

10 Paranormal Photos Explained

Photos of creepy aliens, fairies, ghosts and even time-travelling hipsters regularly make the rounds online. But what actually are they? Check out ‘10 Paranormal Photos Explained’ to find out.

Published: August 1, 20173,084 viewsVirality: 267%
Drone captures amazing images of New Zealand coastal town3m31s

Drone captures amazing images of New Zealand coastal town

Christchurch is a garden city on the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island, set on the Canterbury Plains. This footage from a DJI Phantom drone captures some incredible footage of this town's beautiful scenery. The Garden City is an amazing place to live in all year round!

Time lapse: Stunning meteor shower illuminates night sky39s

Time lapse: Stunning meteor shower illuminates night sky

'TSLclick' has compiled a short time lapse of the Geminids meteor shower filmed from the Valley of Fire near Las Vegas, Nevada. This event was known as the "King of the Meteor Showers," due to the sheer volume of visible meteors. From Norway to Texas, onlookers around the world were able to take in the sights.

Published: December 15, 2015Updated: December 16, 201514,945 viewsVirality: 266%
Top 10 Fall/Winter travel destinations2m36s

Top 10 Fall/Winter travel destinations

With Fall and early Winter being some of the best times for travel, here is a quick look into Virtuoso's top 10 Fall and Winter travel destinations for 2015 by Canadians. Check out some of the wonderful attractions these destinations have to offer, along with beautiful views and an unforgettable cultural experience.

Published: November 25, 2015Updated: December 1, 2015388,793 viewsVirality: 265%
Birthday No Bake Oreo Cheesecake, Don't Get Burned This Holiday Season!2m43s

Birthday No Bake Oreo Cheesecake, Don't Get Burned This Holiday Season!

Birthday No Bake Oreo Cheesecake. Try saying that three times fast, we dare you. Ingredients: FOR THE OREO CRUST: 25 Regular Oreo cookies, crushed into fine crumbs 3 tablespoons melted butter FOR THE CHEESECAKE: 8 ounces cream cheese, room temperature 1/ 2 yellow cake mix, sifted 2 tablespoons of confectioners' sugar, sifted 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 8 ounces whipped cream 2 tablespoons of rainbow sprinkles FOR THE TOPPING: Chopped Oreos and rainbow sprinkles Line a cake pan with foil, leaving about 1 inch of the foil extending over the edges of the pan. The extra foil will create handles that you can use to lift the No Bake Oreo Cheesecake from the pan. In a medium bowl, stir together the Oreo cookie crumbs and melted butter. Add crumb mixture into the bottom of prepared pan and press into an even layer. In a large bowl with an electric mixer, beat cream cheese for about 2 minutes. Gradually add in cake mix and confectioners' sugar and continue beating until smooth. Beat in vanilla until combined. Use a rubber spatula to fold in the whipped topping and sprinkles until completely incorporated. Spoon filling onto crust and spread into an even layer. Cover and refrigerate for at least 3 hours. When you are ready to serve, remove cheesecake from pan using the foil overhang and cut into squares. Before serving, top with cherry pie filling.

Published: December 9, 2015Updated: February 18, 20161,406 viewsVirality: 264%
Artist's impression of 55 Cancri e 30s

Artist's impression of 55 Cancri e "two-faced" planet

The most detailed map of a small, rocky ‘super Earth’ to date reveals a planet almost completely covered by lava, with a molten ‘hot’ side and solid ‘cool’ side. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech and Cambridge University.

Published: April 5, 201637,637 viewsVirality: 264%
Farm pig learns how to shake hands for treats25s

Farm pig learns how to shake hands for treats

It is well known that pigs are extremely smart animals, and this video is definitely proof. Check out Akulina the pig successfully give her front foot on command in order to receive a tasty treat. It even shows off how to jump over its owner's leg!

Published: March 20, 2016Updated: March 21, 201629,711 viewsVirality: 254%
Mountain Lion Spotting23s

Mountain Lion Spotting

Occurred on September 16, 2017 / Yarrow, British Columbia, Canada Info from Licensor: "Coming home from a night at a local amusement park, we spotted a cougar on the mountain road home. We were too startled to bring out our phones. After we drove away we decided to turn around and go back. I really didn't think it would still be there. I had my phone ready and hit record as soon as I saw the cougar was still there. It hopped onto the road and back off into the bushes."

Published: September 20, 20173,235 viewsVirality: 253%
Pluto's biggest moon: new photos52s

Pluto's biggest moon: new photos

New photos of Pluto's largest moon reveal a vista of mountains, canyons and other geographical features. Rough cut (no reporter narration).

Published: October 1, 20152,434 viewsVirality: 253%
Man fearlessly hand-feeds wild raccoon25s

Man fearlessly hand-feeds wild raccoon

This raccoon has been coming to a back deck in Southwick, MA now for about a month. It began by eating the birdseed, but now she gets a whole buffet of uneaten cat food, dog food, cheese and, of course, peanut butter. She usually eats right from this man's hand, but in this instance she just put his finger in her mouth and ate the peanut butter off before he could get it on the plate. She dances sometimes as well!

Published: April 29, 2017Updated: May 2, 20175,177 viewsVirality: 253%
Rock Takes Down Dirt Biker8s

Rock Takes Down Dirt Biker

Occurred on March 25, 2017 / Killarney Trail, Queensland, Australia Info from Licensor: "It was an organized trail ride at Killarney Qld. I was recording my cousin coming down the steep hill when it happened, so unlucky!"

Published: March 27, 2017Updated: March 29, 201720,499 viewsVirality: 253%
Stop Laughing30s

Stop Laughing

Occurred on November 2, 2016 / São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil Info: Rafael can't stop laughing as his dad asks him to be quiet.

Published: December 7, 2016348 viewsVirality: 251%
Visit 9m43s

Visit "Transylvania" - Land of Dracula

Bram Stoker's gothic novel Dracula begins with solicitor Jonathan Harker travelling through Europe to visit a mysterious count at his castle in Transylvania to discuss his purchase of a series of properties in and around London. Harker's travels in Transylvania starts at the Golden Crown Hotel in Bistritz from where he travels through the Carpathian mountains, up the Borgo Pass to arrive at Castle Dracula in the dead of night. Surprisingly, these locations actually exist. Transylvania is a very real place; a province within the modern country of Romania. This short film visits Bistritz (Bistrita) and faithfully re-traces Harker's journey up the Borgo Pass to the castle.

Published: October 9, 2015Updated: October 13, 201527,618 viewsVirality: 250%
Color-changing star resembles UFO19s

Color-changing star resembles UFO

While walking along the beach in Thailand, 'DTsmilelove' noticed a bright blue circle in the sky and thus began filming. Is it a star? Or perhaps something else? Let us know what you think!

Published: September 16, 2015Updated: October 8, 201516,834 viewsVirality: 237%
Curious Osprey perches on top of hidden GoPro1m00s

Curious Osprey perches on top of hidden GoPro

A male osprey only has eyes for his mate, until he sees the camera. He decides to take a break from his amorous advances and flies over to perch on top of it. His bewildered partner looks on in disbelief until he remembers what's more important. He returns for another attempt but can't quite get into the proper position, so he decides to fly off for some food instead of finishing what he started. Osprey mate for life and this distracted male will definitely get another chance to make it up to her.

Published: August 6, 2016Updated: August 8, 201610,470 viewsVirality: 235%