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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Wedding Date Conflicts With FA Cup1m08s

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Wedding Date Conflicts With FA Cup

Prince Harry will marry former actress Meghan Markle, the American 36-year-old who has transformed some embedded royal traditions after just over one year of dating Harry. Whether you have been hiding under that rock, in desperate denial that Harry isn’t actually now off the market, or if you just can’t get enough of our Royals and want to recap on what we know about the wedding so far, prepare for a Royal rundown! Harry and Meghan announced their engagement on Monday 27 November. A statement was released via the Clarence house on behalf of Prince Charles of Wales. Now, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will walk down the aisle on 19 May 2018, the Kensington Palace has announced. The pair will tie the knot at St George's Chapel located inside the grounds of Windsor Castle which is one of the Queen's main residences. The 15th century building has hosted many royal ceremonies, weddings and burials and is more intimate than Westminster Abbey, where Harry's older brother William married Kate Middleton in 2011. If the wedding date sounds familiar to you it is because it is the exact same date as the The Football Association Challenge Cup. It may not be a big deal that a soccer match is happening on the same day, except that Harry’s brother, Prince William, is actually the FA Cup president and is typically on hand to present the trophy. He attended this year's match and presented a trophy to the winner, Arsenal. Moreover, the date is yet another move away from royal tradition as May 19, 2018 is actually a Saturday. Typically, royal weddings take place during the week. Prince Charles married Princess Diana on a Wednesday, while Prince William married Kate Middleton on a Friday, and Queen Elizabeth married Prince Philip on a Thursday. So why the change? According to a Kensington aide, the couple wants the public to be able to join in on the wedding celebration by watching at home. Some Britons aren’t happy with the date as it means they will not be given a “bank holiday” or a day off from work for the event.

Mom's hilarious reaction to daughter's pregnancy reveal using card game1m58s

Mom's hilarious reaction to daughter's pregnancy reveal using card game

An amusing video of a woman reacting hilariously to her daughter's pregnancy announcement using a card game. The footage, captured on November at a home in Nebraska, shows the woman saying 'Might Ought Hers Praying Nut' which becomes 'My daughter is pregnant.' After several attempts she grasps the meaning of the words. She gets extremely excited and screams 'Oh no, really? Sh** no!' and burst into tears hugging his daughter. ''I wanted to make sure I did something special for my mom so I started searching on Pinterest for ideas and found this card that said "Might Ought Hers Praying Nut",'' the daughter later wrote online. ''We suggested my mom to have a family game night. My mom was the last to guess and i pulled out the laminated card, tried to camouflage it in with other cards and totally rigged it.'' ''Her reaction was nothing like I expected.We have never seen her cry like that before.'' ''It was very funny,'' she added.

Published: November 9, 20171,781 views
Cheerleader hit In the face11s

Cheerleader hit In the face

A group of four cheerleaders practice a stunt. Three of them successfully lift up another girl and keep her up successfully. They throw her so she can spin. When she spins around, her leg hits one of the base cheerleaders in the face, knocking her over.

Published: December 3, 20152,076 views
Skier paraglides through clouds and the result is breathtaking!2m28s

Skier paraglides through clouds and the result is breathtaking!

Most of us would not dare to conduct these types of extreme sports with zero visibility, so we are thankful that this daredevil does it for us! Watch what happens when he skis and paraglides right into a massive abyss of fog above the Stubaital alpine valley in Austria. Totally worth it!

Adorable gender reveal turns into surprise marrage proposal 1m32s

Adorable gender reveal turns into surprise marrage proposal 

By Katy Gill  This adorable couple were thrilled to find out they were going to have a little girl at their gender reveal party but the mum-to-be was even more shocked when her partner got down on one knee. Craig Smith, 27, from Croydon, London, decided to make the future mother of his child his […]

Incredible footage shows cheeky starfish mating32s

Incredible footage shows cheeky starfish mating

By Ben Walley These cheeky starfish were caught in the act as they mated in the depths of the sea in Puget Sound, Washington. It was William Drumm, 31, who caught the loved up Giant Sunflower Starfish on camera while he was scuba diving. The professional photographer and filmmaker couldn’t believe what he was seeing […]

Protective Pup53s

Protective Pup

Occurred on December 21, 2017 / Hai Phong, Vietnam Info from Licensor: "Our family dog is very small yet protective. We pretended to punish the owner to see what his reaction was. Sure enough, he wanted to make sure she was out of harms way."

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Family pregnancy reveal on the night before Christmas38s

Family pregnancy reveal on the night before Christmas

A special 'Night Before Christmas' poem pregnancy announcement for this mother-in-law to read will bring a tear to your eye. The envelope on the back of the card had a sonogram in it for them to keep. Her reaction is priceless!

Published: March 7, 20173,347 plays$10.26 earned
Fishermen See Great White Shark Up Close Off Chatham58s

Fishermen See Great White Shark Up Close Off Chatham

A great white shark made quite an appearance during a fishing tournament in Chatham, Massachusetts, on Saturday, July 16. This video shows the moment when the fishermen saw the shark’s dorsal fin. It then swims towards their boat.As many as six sharks have been spotted near Cape Cod this year, according to news reports.

Published: June 28, 20171,282 views
Kids nervous about diving 500 feet underwater in sub8m30s

Kids nervous about diving 500 feet underwater in sub

In Curaçao, a Dutch Caribbean island, you can take a trip far below the surface of the water where sunlight disappears and strange creatures live in the depths. This family will travel 500 feet down in a tiny submersible, a small vehicle designed to operate underwater - similar to the ones used by James Cameron. But are these kids brave enough for the adventure of a lifetime? Let's find out!

Baby Uses Sign Language to Say "Change Diaper"55s

Baby Uses Sign Language to Say "Change Diaper"

Michelle has been taking her daughter Bonnie to learn sign language since she was 16-weeks-old. Now at nine-months-old, Bonnie has learned a few signs such as how to say “where”, as seen in this video. In the Sign and Sign classes Bonnie attends, they teach the kids to say the words along with the sign, so they can develop speech and understanding.

Published: May 26, 20177,832 views
Girl's Lip Enhancing Goes Oh So Wrong25s

Girl's Lip Enhancing Goes Oh So Wrong

No one ever said that human beings are perfect. We all have our flaws. They might be small, they might be big, they might even be superficial or soul deep, but it is how we are, what we are and we need to embrace them. The problem with humans is that despite knowing this, we tend to be perfect and the general rule of thumb is that the grass is always greener on the other side. The 21st century has brought upon us the opportunity to change how we look in order to change how we feel about ourselves. Plastic surgeries are no new feat, they’ve been around for centuries if not millennia, but nowadays they are so easily available, they get done every day. Luckily, there are those out there who are a bit reluctant to permanently change the way they look, so they opt for a temporary change. There are all sorts of gadgets plaguing the internet promising to change this and enhance that, and one of them is the lip plumper. As far as ancient times, lips’ shape and size have been the object of scrutiny. In the digital era, however, it seems that the bigger and plumper your lips look, the better. This video shows us a girl using the tool, but not receiving the desired effect. She probably used to plumper for too long, because her lips look as if they’ve been stung by bees. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only incident, as reports have been made of people breaking the blood vessels around their lips and even cutting their lips using sharp objects in order to achieve that amount of perfection.

Published: January 3, 201826,570 views
The Moments Before Truck Plunged Into Lake Winnipeg1m07s

The Moments Before Truck Plunged Into Lake Winnipeg

Moments before <a href="*/stories/160607?referred_from=News%20Licensed" target="_blank">a truck crashed into the frozen Lake Winnipeg</a> in Manitoba, Canada, on March 14, the two occupants of the truck drove around to check ice ridges in order to observe the thickness of the ice. After this video was taken, the truck took a plunge when the ice broke underneath it. The two occupants of the truck managed to escape unharmed, according to <a href="" target="_blank">Global News</a>.

Published: May 28, 20176,196 views
Nate Diaz’s Next Fight May Be Against Georges St-Pierre1m50s

Nate Diaz’s Next Fight May Be Against Georges St-Pierre

George St-Pierre may be warming up to the idea of a return to the UFC, and after attending Saturday’s UFC 196 event, it looks like he has an opponent in mind for that return fight—Nate Diaz. Well, at least that’s what it looked like judging by two tweets that Firas Zihabi, St-Pierre’s head coach at Montreal’s Tristar Gym, sent out over the last two days.

Incredible Footage of Planes Landing and Taking-Off in Saint Maarten2m24s

Incredible Footage of Planes Landing and Taking-Off in Saint Maarten

Anybody with a fear of flying should avert their eyes now, because Paul Leonard captured some truly amazing footage of planes landing and taking-off at the iconic Princess Juliana Airport, in Saint Maarten. The video was taken on Maho Beach, which is known as the location for getting up close and very personal with aircraft as they depart and arrive.

Published: May 31, 2017259 views