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Stacey Abrams still refuses to concede defeat1m10s

Stacey Abrams still refuses to concede defeat

"He is the person who won the adequate number of votes to become the governor," she said the first time. "You’re not using the word legitimate. Is he the legitimate governor-elect of Georgia?" the host then asked. "He is the legal governor of Georgia," Abrams replied. "Words have meaning. I spent my lifetime not only as an attorney but as a writer and I’m careful of the words I choose."

Published: November 18, 2018
Stacey Abrams accuses Brian Kemp of "voter suppression"47s

Stacey Abrams accuses Brian Kemp of "voter suppression"

"It began eight years ago with the systematic disenfranchisement of more than a million voters," she said. It continued with the underfunding and disinvestment in polling places, in training and in the management of the county delivery of services. And I think it had its pinnacle in this race." "So yes, there was a deliberate and intentional disinvestment and, I think, destruction of the administration of elections in the state of Georgia."

Published: November 18, 2018
Wallace Challenges Trump On "Enemy Of the People" Media Attacks5m09s

Wallace Challenges Trump On "Enemy Of the People" Media Attacks

Despite Wallace’s argument that Trump only bashes new he doesn’t like, the president couldn’t be swayed. “No it’s not, no, no. I don’t mind getting bad news if I’m wrong,” he said, then going on to clarify that his anger toward the media wasn’t really targeting Wallace. “The news, Chris, I’m not talking about you, but you sometimes maybe. But I’m not talking about you. The news about me is largely phony. It’s false. Even sometimes they’ll say ‘sources say.’ There is no source, in many cases – in many cases there is.” But Trump’s decision to focus his outrage on certain outlets that haven’t covered his administration favorably didn’t matter to Wallace. Showing support for news organizations that have come under the president’s scrutiny, Wallace told Trump that when he goes after The New York Times and CNN, “we’re in solidarity, sir.” Still, Trump contended his name calling was warranted. “I am calling fake news, fake reporting, is what’s tearing this country apart because people know, people like things that are happening and they’re not hearing about it.”