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Passengers Wait in Darkness During Power Outage at Atlanta Airport1m00s

Passengers Wait in Darkness During Power Outage at Atlanta Airport

A power outage at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport left passengers stranded on Sunday, December 17. The airport, deemed the world’s busiest according to Airports Council International, was plunged into darkness due to a possible electrical issue at a Georgia substation, airport officials told NBC. At least 100 jets were parked on taxiways at one point, Atlanta-based WXIA-TV reported. The Federal Aviation Administration issued a ground stop for flights to Atlanta and inbound flights were diverted to other airports. Airport officials were working with Georgia Power to investigate the cause of the outage. This video, taken by a man bound for New York, shows the scene at the airport on Sunday. Credit: Instagram/ledmob_real via Storyful

Brazilian Tapir is Too Long to Get it On5m59s

Brazilian Tapir is Too Long to Get it On

Occurred on September 7, 2015 / Nagasaki, Japan Info from Licensor: "You can see why Brazilian tapirs have become an endangered species. The female who is slightly larger than the male often gets bored waiting while her mate gets an erection and wanders off nonchalantly to eat grass while he struggles. These two tapirs are at Nagasaki Bio Park in Japan. I have never seen them successfully mate and in the five years I've been visiting the Bio Park there have been no baby Brazilian tapirs. At one point, he is so exhausted that he flops down sideways on top of her, while she is standing, with his front legs dangling and his body resting on her back."

Espresso Brownies55s

Espresso Brownies

Si eres amante del café querrás acompañarlo con estos ricos brownies de espresso sin necesidad de horno

SUV smashes into hotel as driver presses accelerator by mistake46s

SUV smashes into hotel as driver presses accelerator by mistake

Dramatic footage of an SUV crashing through a revolving door into a hotel in China. The CCTV video, filmed in Uyghur in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region on December 6, shows passersby suddenly running to escape as an SUV crashes into the railings in front of the hotel. After a few seconds, the driver appears to press the accelerator by mistake and crash into the revolving door of the hotel. Police have excluded the possibility of drunk driving after testing the driver with a breathalyzer. Two women were reportedly injured.

No Ice Rink Required for This Scottish Skater55s

No Ice Rink Required for This Scottish Skater

Airdrie resident Faith Davidson was eager to make the most of the freezing weather conditions that caused widespread disputation throughout the UK on December 15. Davidson took to the ice-covered street outside in her ice skates. Later she made her way to her local football pitch on her skates as well. Her dad wasn’t the only person to film her in action, her neighbour, Caroline Simpson, also filmed her skating down the street. Davidson’s own video has been viewed over 160,000 times, while Simpson’s has been viewed a further 132,000 at the time of writing. Credit: Facebook/Faith Davidson via Storyful