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St. Patrick's Day at Clancey's2m00s

St. Patrick's Day at Clancey's

It was a full house at Clamcey's restaurant on St. Patrick's Day. We spoke to event goers to hear how they're enjoying the festivities.

Published: March 17, 2018
Small Aircraft makes Crash Landing in Punta Gorda22s

Small Aircraft makes Crash Landing in Punta Gorda

Officials say a small aircraft made an unexpected landing in a pasture and caused a brush fire, Saturday afternoon. It happened between Bermont Rd and Washington Loop Rd in Punta Gorda. Charlotte County EMS say they received a call about the landing at approximately 2:27 p.m. When they arrived, the pilot, the only passenger in the plane, was found uninjured, according to CC EMS. Officials say a brush fire estimating to be a quarter of an acre occurred following th landing. At this time the Federal Aviation Administration is currently on scene conducting an investigation. Stick with Fox 4 for more updates as we get it.

Published: March 17, 2018
Fires Rage in Southwest Victoria as Winds Worsen Conditions34s

Fires Rage in Southwest Victoria as Winds Worsen Conditions

Residents have been told it is too late to leave their homes in the regional Victoria areas of Cobden, Timboon, Simpson and Camperdown, as grass fires continued to rage on Sunday, March 18. The Herald Sun reported four homes had been destroyed by the blaze and thousands were without power. “Winds are pushing the fires in a southeasterly direction, but a strong westerly wind change is expected to impact the blazes soon,” the newspaper reported. This video shows fires surrounding the shore at Lake Lake Gnotuk and Lake Bullen Merri. Credit: John Zapper via Storyful

Maggots Wriggle Inside KFC Chicken Drumstick38s

Maggots Wriggle Inside KFC Chicken Drumstick

A New South Wales man claimed to have found maggots wriggling inside a chicken leg he bought at a KFC restaurant on Australia’s Gold Coast. Posting the stomach-churning video to Facebook on March 2, Martyn Bates said: “If this doesn’t put you off KFC nothing will….this came with extra wiggley (sic) things. I’d just taken a bite and it tasted funny.” Commenting on the post, Bates said “adding barbecue sauce not going to fix it” and “Thank goodness for mouth wash I haven’t gargled so much in my life.” A KFC spokesman told the Gold Coast Bulletin that it was “unlikely” that the chicken had become infested at their restaurant. Credit: Martyn Bates via Storyful