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A Frog Driving A Small Car35s

A Frog Driving A Small Car

Stop with whatever you’re doing there’s something you have to see. We have a master driver here! If you thought that frogs cannot drive cars you’re definitely wrong! LOL! And this video will make you understand that they can be as good drivers as humans can. LOL!\nAs the video begins, we see a green toy car in the garage. On the second look, we see a green frog too! She is on top of the car and somebody used the remote and started to drive it around. LOL! And the frog seems to enjoy it. I think he will try to pursue a driving career. Maybe he will drive a school bus or we will see him as a driver of racing cars. Who knows! I laughed so much, I just love this video!

Dad Spinning His Kids In The Mud37s

Dad Spinning His Kids In The Mud

Fathers are supposed to be serious, right? They are responsible and all grown up by definition, and they just cannot make pranks? Well, you guessed wrong, or this dad didn’t get the memo on how to behave when you’re a parent! Just wait and see.\n\nAs the video begins, we see a man driving quad and dragging his kids in the mud on the field. LOL! I bet they didn’t expect that! LOL! I’m sure they were thinking it would be clean and fun but they got a muddy drive. LOL! This dad knows exactly where he’s going. That’s what I call a real-time prankster dad! Just love this video!

Precious Doggo Gets A Vacuum Treatment20s

Precious Doggo Gets A Vacuum Treatment

We all know that our beautiful canine friends absolutely love being pet. But, did you know they also like being vacuumed? LOL! Surprised? Well, I understand you completely. I was surprised as well. I've seen so many different dog videos, but have never seen something like this. It's so unusual and hilarious that it will definitely make you laugh out loud. And I believe there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Wouldn't you agree with me? So, let's dive in. The adorable doggo in this video is standing in the middle of a living room, and his hooman friend is vacuuming the floors. But, that's not the only thing he is vacuuming. Apparently, the precious canine friend loves being vacuumed as well. LOL! He is standing still, while his hooman friend vacuums him. LOL! Well, I guess that's one way to get rid of the fall out hair. LOL! So funny!

Father Gets A Makeover By His Daughter18s

Father Gets A Makeover By His Daughter

While every little girl dreams of becoming a princess, this little one does not want that. She apparently wants for her father to become a princess. LOL! And not only that, she ever gave him a makeover and transformed him into a princess. It's such a hilarious sight and I can promise you that it will make your day! I can try and explain, but until you see it for yourself, it's not the same. This video will make you laugh out loud for sure! The adorable little girl gave her father a makeover, and it looks spectacular. Not only did she put makeup with a lot of glitter on him, but she even put a crown on his head. That's what I call a full makeover! He's got it all, thanks to his adorable daughter, who definitely has some amazing skills. Wouldn't you agree? Take a look and let me know!

Whoopi Ends Pirro Segment After She's Labeled With Trump Derangement Syndrome4m23s

Whoopi Ends Pirro Segment After She's Labeled With Trump Derangement Syndrome

submit to reddit Judge Jeanine Pirro was on The View Thursday to promote her book Liars, Leakers and Liberals. And, predictably enough, there was some trouble. “I’m not an ideologue,” Pirro explained to the table. “I have been in the crime business for over three decades. I think I said that before. I know a con when I see it.” At this, the audience laughed, though Pirro didn’t seem to be in on the joke. “You just said you’re not an ideologue. Do you think Donald Trump embraces and embodies conservative ideology?” Ana Navarro asked. “He used to have a different position on pro choice. He is imposing tariffs. He’s against globalism. Do you think he’s an ideologue that is faithful to conservative policies?” “I’m not here to talk about what Donald Trump is and isn’t,” Pirro protested, and over crosstalk, Whoopi Goldberg insisted that Pirro answer the question. “You’re suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome,” Pirro told her over chatter. “Listen, I don’t have Trump Derangement,” Whoopi said testily. “Let me tell you what I have. I’m tired of people starting a conversation with Mexicans are liars and rapists.”