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Paddle Boarder Tours Flooded Streets of Bali17s

Paddle Boarder Tours Flooded Streets of Bali

A man traveled through the streets of Sanur on the popular Indonesian tourist destination of Bali on Tuesday, January 23, after severe flooding hit the island. This video was taken by an eyewitness on Jalan Bumi Ayu. It shows the man traveling on the board after floodwaters rose several feet high. Some tourists were forced to evacuate parts of the island, including the city of Depansar, after the downpours, according to reports. Legian and Seminyak were also flooded, according to the Bali Post. Credit: Instagram/tulasihenna via Storyful


"Wake Up Surprise With Stickers"

"This grandma had a visual surprise when she woke up. Her niece told her about the stickers on her body, laughing all the way and guess who's fault is that? Right, we think alike! Small children like to keep their hands busy all the time, whether is with their toys, books, pencils, lego, musical toys or with everything they can break and then try to fix it somehow. Did you have a sticker collection when you were young? Stickers are necessary for every kid's playroom and they love filling pages with them. Stickers can be helpful in gaining new skills in organization techniques, mathematics, self-confidence, language improvement, creativity, stress reduction and socializing. The funny moment in this video is when the grandma doesn't realize what is on her body because she just woke up, but right after that, the little girl pointed at her hand with laughter.nSo get your child a sticker collection book and start working on many developing areas."

23ABC's Johana Restrepo brings this weekend's trending stories1m16s

23ABC's Johana Restrepo brings this weekend's trending stories

Officials say the death toll from the mudslides in Southern California has now gone up to 21, researchers say that the flu can be spread through something we have to do to survive, and Adventist Health offers free flu shots due to severity of the flu season.

Published: January 21, 2018
Myanmar acted swiftly against Reuters journalists1m39s

Myanmar acted swiftly against Reuters journalists

Myanmar police sought permission from the nation's president to go ahead with an investigation into whether two Reuters journalists had breached the Official Secrets Act only an hour after arresting them last month, a Yangon court heard on Tuesday. Sarah Charlton reports.