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Baby pigeon calls out for owner's attention54s

Baby pigeon calls out for owner's attention

This is typical weekend behavior when this person is home and doesn't have to go to work in the morning. Pepper the pigeon will call obsessively and flick her wings in happiness!

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Service Dog Adorably Deals With Its Owner’s Anxiety Attack2m02s

Service Dog Adorably Deals With Its Owner’s Anxiety Attack

In this video, the girl is simulating an anxiety attack to train the service dog. You see her hitting her head, pulling on her legs and hair. The dog stays calm and gently places his paws on her hands to stop her from harming herself. He lays his body on top of hers to calm her senses and provide a sense of safety. The dog succeeds in his mission to calm the girl and helps her out of her anxiety attack. How incredible! Individuals suffering from a plethora of disorders have gained extreme relief through the service of these emotionally attuned dogs. They provide an outstanding sense of calm and eventual relief through ensuring their owners safety. The physical touch of the dog and their ability to remain calm affects the human suffering their attack in a truly special manner. The most well known service dogs are animals who guide humans with visual impairments. Recently, with the open conversations happening surrounding mental health, service dogs have been incorporated into the human's management and healing regime. These dogs may go anywhere with their owner, as attacks may happen at any time. Registering your dog as a service dog has many perks involved, the most notable being that they are allowed to travel by your side, even in the air, and enter most stores they were not previously allowed. These dogs are extraordinary and maintain so many different talents that aid in both the physical and mental well-being of humans. Specified anxiety service dogs, such as the one in this video, have the ability to perform a multitude of specific tasks the human would suffer without. These tasks help the human escape their mental attack. The service dog's talents include detecting anxiety and panic before it surfaces or returning with the human's medication when in need, physically fetching a human to help. These dogs are trained to place their paws on the human and provide pressure that ensures their owners safety. These methods have been found to be extremely helpful. Service dogs may even retrieve their owners cell phone or turn on the lights during a PTSD attack which will help the owner connect to their surroundings. The benefits of having a service dog by your side, no matter which physical or mental ailment you suffer, go above and beyond. Besides helping you in each moment of distress, having a dog in your company ensures you get outdoors and are more social in community settings. It is easier to get out the door with a dog's leash in hand! Many people stop to talk to you and it is easy to stimulate conversation! When you are in the company of a dog, you can't help but adopt their natural instinct of living in the moment and truly enjoying life. You can't help but laugh at the silly things they do and smile at their goofy grins. It is an incredible gift to share your emotions with an animal companion , especially one that is specially trained to handle your severe moments. You are never alone when they are with you.

Basketball Team Slips34s

Basketball Team Slips

Who polished this floor? That’s the question you’ll probably be asking yourself after watching this video, because clearly something was amiss. It looks like whoever it was spent a little too much time in one corner, because that area was definitely far too slick. Unless an entirely different perpetrator spilled some water or something, that also would make sense. Conspiracy theorists: have at it. Because something is most certainly rotten in the state of Denmark. A high school boys basketball team is completing their warm up. They finish their shots and get ready for their “rally lap” around the gym. Full disclosure: this writer was a wrestler in high school, so I’m coming from a place of slight resentment towards basketball players. Can you really blame my ire though? Their practices were a fraction as hard and they got twice the attendance at their games we did. What I’m basically saying is: it’s very possible I enjoyed what you’re about to witness a little too much.

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Killer Whale Throws Sea Lion 20 Feet Into The Air1m24s

Killer Whale Throws Sea Lion 20 Feet Into The Air

If you are looking for a thrill, you are in the right place! This video undoubtedly makes every person who sees it gasp in shock, and maybe a little bit of horror, too! This occurred in Ketchikan, Alaska. It is common knowledge for the most part that killer whales and sea lions do not get along. More often than not, the sea lion is a part of the killer whale’s most favorite dishes on its dinner menu. This is a sad fact for many people, as they find sea lions to be so adorable and cute and friendly. This video shows a killer whale catapulting a sea lion twenty feet into the air. This could be viewed as amazing and kind of cool, or it can be viewed as horribly sad. For those who consider themselves faint of heart, or those who are intensely into animal protection and nonviolence, this may not be the video for them. The video filming begins on a boat. The person on the boat has pulled out his camera to capture this bizarre moment. There is a sea lion just under the water level, right up against the side of the man’s boat. This little cutie is just enjoying his day, rubbing against the boat’s hull. Sea lions are known to be very inquisitive creatures, and they are also well known for being extremely playful around other animals of all kinds and around humans as well. These are truly just beautiful animals. The man filming follows the sea lion from one side of the boat to the other, watching the little guy swimming. The sea lion at one point comes out of the water a little bit to blow a bit of water up at the camera man. Watch closely as the beautiful sea lion plays back and forth swimming beside the boat, but just wait for what comes next. The sea lion dives down back into the deep water after a minute or two. The camera man darts to the other side quickly to try to recapture the animal on film once again. After a moment, we see the sea lion again peeping up over the water’s surface, following the boat and the fisherman on board. This is the perfect lure for a predatory sea creature. Many scientific organizations use rubber sea lions dragged from behind boats to lure sharks and whales to the surface for studying. This is featured on “Shark Week” almost every year on Discovery Channel. Americans from all over the country tune in every year to see this footage. Therefore, it is not surprising that the sea lion in this video ends up attracting the killer whale. Out of seemingly nowhere, the whale breaks the surface with a mighty force, catapulting the poor sea lion way into the air. The whale and the sea lion go in separate directions, and the entire scene is amazingly caught on film! These fisherman were smart to keep their camera rolling so that they could capture this rare footage.

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Talking Husky Tells Its Owner It Loves Him30s

Talking Husky Tells Its Owner It Loves Him

Practice makes perfect, and this video footage has the most adorable practice we have ever seen. Watch as Luna the Husky attempts to tell her owner that she loves him. As the keeps trying the words come out clearer and clearer each time! Luna is one smart pup, and this video proves it! She is trying her very best to get the words "I Love You" out and we can definitely hear what she is trying to say. This dog is going to be famous if she keeps it up! Luna and her owner sit on the couch for a round of speech therapy. He repeats what he wants her to say and she keeps saying it over and over again, getting better every time. With each "I Love You", Luna puts her head up in the air and tries to get the words out. After each attempt, she has a huge, adorable smile on her face. You can really tell that she is loving this new game she plays with her owner and she knows how proud he is of her. The husky’s beautiful blue eyes sparkle and her tongue happily hangs out of her mouth. She is overjoyed with her accomplishments! Her owner gives her the words he wants to hear in her own language. He says them just as if she would, slurring the words a little bit so she can comprehend the sounds he is making. Every time Luna tries to say those heartwarming words, she gets better and better, sounding more and more human. Even after her owner stops repeating the words, Luna keeps on going, saying "I Love You" over and over again, trying to perfect it for her owner. The sound of her voice is hilarious, and it really is almost human like. Even her mouth moves like a human trying to speak! We wonder what other words Luna could say with enough practice. It would be truly amazing if a dog could learn how to have an entire conversation. It has been proven that some dog breeds can hold up to 200 words or more, understanding full sentences. If they can understand them, why couldn't they speak them if they were trained properly! Huskies were bred as sled dogs, used to large and heavy sleds full of commodities across the snow. Today, they are very often seen in tourist destinations, where guests get the opportunity to drive them on sleds. This breed is very popular as household pets due to their loyalty and ability to amazing companions. They are extremely energetic and athletic and enjoy being challenged. They enjoy physical games as well as games that will challenge them mentally as we see here with Luna and her owner! This practice round of learning how to say "I Love You" is not only entertaining, it is also keeping her mind young and teaching her new skills other then just speaking. It is a bonding lesson for her and for her owner! Have you ever heard a dog speak? Tell us about it in the comments!

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18-Year-Old Gamer Looks Like A Child6m42s

18-Year-Old Gamer Looks Like A Child

An 18-year-old has a rare condition which makes him look and act like a child. Christopher Rea, from Newark, Delaware, suffers from an extremely rare form of dwarfism called Mucopolysaccharidosis Type 4, otherwise known as Morquio, which affects only 1 in 250,000 births worldwide. Symptoms include skeletal deformities, dwarfism, narrow airways, spinal instability and enlarged organs and, incredibly, Christopher has two younger sisters with the same condition. Despite his symptoms, which include being unable to walk since the age of 7, Christophe's parents describe him as a funny character who loves playing computer games. “Christoper is hilarious, he is very funny. He is into wrestling and video games and the computer. He just lover Skylanders! He is an all-around happy kid,” says Carrie Rea, Christopher’s mom. 18-year-old Christopher has rare a form of dwarfism. When he was born he looked like a perfectly healthy baby, he was 8 pounds 5 ounces. It wasn’t until he was 18-months-old when he started showing skeletal deformities, his feet turning, his chest sinking in, his rib-cage flaring out. They forethought he had Sanfilippo Syndrome but it wasn't, it was Morquio. Morquio Syndrome which also goes by the name Mucopolysaccharidosis Type 4. It is a progressive condition that mainly affects the skeleton. The children are missing an enzyme that is required for the breakdown of sugar molecules. Unluckily for Christopher, he has all the symptoms of Morquio Syndrome, which, amongst other things means he has lost the ability to walk due to skeletal abnormalities. “He stopped walking when he was around six or seven. It was difficult, because of the deformities . He had a hard time making friends because he was already shy and he couldn’t play with the other kids,” his mother remembers. “Does being small affect your confidence?” “Yeah, pretty much.” In school he was affected by much bullying so his parents had to withdraw him to be home-schooled. But it was not just Christopher who was born with that rare form of dwarfism. His two younger sisters also have the condition. “To have one child with Morquio is extremely rare. Morquio Syndrome occurs only once in 3,000 births in the US, and once you have one with Morquio, you have one in four chance, and we have three,” Carrie Rea explains. Luckily, it is much easier for Christopher's sisters because they do not have what he has had, like enlarged organs, and they both are extremely happy children. “The biggest challenge of having three children with Morquio Syndrome is, I would say, all the hospital visits,” Carrie continues. All three children had multiple surgeries due to their condition, as well as taking a multitude of medicine every week to help with the symptoms. At their home, there is an entire room purposed for storing their medication, there is a shipment every month, stored in appropriate refrigerators, as if in a proper hospital. “Christoper is a character all by himself. He is very funny and very stubborn, and you would think that with an attitude like that he would be pretty bigger,” says mom proudly. Share this video to raise awareness. You never know whom you will help by doing so. This is the least we can do, if we care enough!

Baby Can't Stop Laughing At Dog's New Trick59s

Baby Can't Stop Laughing At Dog's New Trick

Have you ever got a case of the giggles so bad that there was no way you could stop? And the harder you tried to stop the harder you laughed? Well this baby boy has a serious case of the giggles and the most the Golden Retriever dog does his new trick to the baby chair, the more the boy laughs. His laugh is unbelievable, somewhere between a scream, a screech, a cry and a giggle and it is completely contagious. The dog just keeps coming back for more and the puppy's new trick just doesn't tire the baby! Every time the golden dog does the trick the baby squeals with complete delight, and the laughter is contagious. We cannot help but laugh right along as we watch this video over and over again! What a cutey! One of a pair of incredibly adorable and clearly smart Golden Retrievers stand in front of the baby boy and upon command, he taps on the baby's chair with this left paw. This action just sets the baby off into a complete giggling fit that goes on and on. As the child starts to slow down his laughing, the clever dog gets a command to yet again touch the baby's chair with his paw, and the screeching starts all over again. This baby could probably do this all day! Not only does the infant find the dogs trick amusing, he also gives out an adorable belly laugh every time the puppy jumps up to get dog treat from his owner, who has been giving him the command to keep the baby laughing by touching the base of the baby chair. This dog is very smart and doesn't miss a beat. Based on the gray hairs on his muzzle, we would guess that this dog is no puppy. Whatever his age, he is clearly very smart and listens very well to his owner. Babies typically start to laugh around the age of 3 or 4 months. At this age, their laugh is so adorable, it is almost impossible not to laugh right along. Babies not only love hearing their own voice laughing, but they also love to hear other voices laugh right along. Laughing with your baby will help in social development and help create healthy interactions as the child grows up. Babies don't always need something amusing and funny to start a giggle fit. Sometimes around the age of 6-9 months, they will start laughing in their sleep, or for no particular reason. As they get older, they will start to get a better understanding of things and more and more will start to become funny to them, making them laugh more and more often. As the larynx develops, the sound of a baby's laugh will also change, becoming louder and more prominent. We wonder what other tricks this dog has up his sleeve and if maybe the parent taking this video uses those dog tricks as a way to keep the baby entertained for hours? It sure has us entertained!

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Wedding Photographer Removes Step Mom From The Picture29s

Wedding Photographer Removes Step Mom From The Picture

Now you are pronounced husband and wife, you may kiss the bride! Cue the flashes of cameras and in a split second, the moment is gone. It is not like you can rewind time or stop the ceremony for a photo. Well this wedding photographer, Ashley, was not willing to take a chance on missing the moment and bumps a guest, the step mom no less. It can be unbelievable the lengths that people will go to capture the best photo. This wedding photographer certainly understands the importance of the wedding kiss and lets nothing stand in the way of her getting the job done. One would have to wonder how failing to get the picture of all pictures at a wedding would have affected her job. Weddings are some of the most stressful events in people’s lives and when hiring a photographer, the bride and groom cannot be concerned about whether or not they will have pictures to look at in the weeks or months to come. One would have to wonder if the step mum wanted to punch her with that bounce she did as she walked away. The swinging of her arms as though she wanted to go a single bout with the wedding photographer . The maid of honor stepped in at the right time as the peacekeeper. You would have to admire the photographer though, unfazed as she was bumping the woman like kids in a schoolyard. How about those groomsmen being bouncers or bodyguards? The love of friends and family is difficult to battle but this wedding photographer stood her ground and quite frankly won in the end. The bride and groom none the wiser until later and by then, it will be hilarious to those involved rather than a possible chance for two woman to throw down over what is meant to be a positive moment. This wedding photographer probably did not anticipate having to fight on such a glorious occasion . The stepmom will think twice next time before getting in her way and waiting to take her photo. At weddings, people should simply stay out of the way and leave the photos to the professionals. This mom had some things to say before snapping her photo and Ashley jumped in to defend her territory. Needless to say, this wedding photographer is trying to do her job well and spares no expense on the lengths she will go to make the bride and groom happy. Ashley, we are behind you all the way. We are positive that more people will call to book you for future weddings. No holds barred at this wedding! The bride and groom will have plenty to talk about on their honeymoon as they see this video was captured behind the scenes at their wedding. This photographer sends you off knowing that when you get back, you will have beautiful pictures of your wonderful day. So much so that she was willing to ruffle up a family member to ensure you had what you hired her for.

 Dog Literally Jumps For Joy When Owner Comes Home11s

Dog Literally Jumps For Joy When Owner Comes Home

Nothing is better than being greeted by your lovable pet after a long day of work. This adorable American Akita named Sophie is literally jumping for joy at the sight of her owner returning from work! Sophie clearly recognized her owner’s car from quite far away and was ready to greet her owner upon return from work. If we were the owner we would be just as glad to see our lovable dog after returning from work. In addition to these dogs being incredibly loyal and lovable, their breed has an incredibly rich and interesting history. How cute! As shown in this video, Akitas are incredibly loyal dogs. They originate from Japan, and there are famous stories of Akitas being incredibly loyal to their owners. One dog named Hachikō, would greet his owner Hidesaburō Ueno at Shibuya train station every day after work. One day Ueno went to work, but did not return due to him suffering a fatal cerebral hemorrhage; however, the Akita named Hachikō, continued to go to the train station every day at the time Ueno’s train was supposed to arrive, for nine years. This shows how Akitas like Sophie are incredibly loyal to their owners and will always be waiting for them to return from work! Sophie is an American Akita and the first of these breed arrived in America in 1938 when American activist Helen Keller was gifted two dogs by the Japanese government. After this, the dogs became loved in America due to their looks, loyalty, and their abilities to compete in dog shows. Keller was quoted in the Akita Journal stating that “I know I shall never feel quite the same tenderness for any other pet. The Akita dog has all the qualities that appeal to me — he is gentle, companionable and trusty.” American Akitas due to being bred with other American breeds are usually larger, whereas their Japanese counterparts are normally smaller and more fox-like. This short video shows the loyalty of Sophie the American Akita as she jumps for joy when her owner returns from work. Sophie, being an intelligent, faithful dog probably knows when her owner will return and wait for her owner everyday not dissimilar to the famous Hachikō in Japan. American Akitas have a rich history mainly colored by their devotion, appearance, and abilities. Helen Keller the famous American activist loved the American Akitas due to their gentleness and compassion. I’m sure that the owner is just as loyal and loves Sophie just as much as she loves him. It’s so cute how Sophie literally jumps for joy at the sight of her owner. Incredibly adorable ! What did you think of the video? Do you have a lovable pet that you like to spend time with? Does your pet wait for you to come home? Be sure to tell us about your pet in the comments down below! If you enjoyed the video be sure to share it with your friends, especially if they’re fellow pet lovers!

Baby Can't Stop Laughing When Dad Arrives Home41s

Baby Can't Stop Laughing When Dad Arrives Home

Elijah's reaction to his dad coming home is hilarious and sweet at the same time. The relationship between a father and son is just as strong as any other relationship. The father gets the joy of raising a young man that he will be proud of for a lifetime. Elijah gets to grow up knowing that his dad loves him and supports him throughout his life. The relationship between this father and his son is clearly a close one that most kids do not get to experience. It is heartwarming to witness a video of the relationship between these two. This video is only a glimpse into their lives but here it is clear that this son believes that dad is a superhero as does the son. The dad goes as far as to act as though the son has superpowers by using his hand to knock him back from the window. While too many people, this is a form of love. This dad clearly believes his son can do anything he sets his mind to. If only a few other kids could experience this belief from their fathers and mothers. Most often fathers and mothers find themselves being so tired after a hard day’s work and want to simply relax and tell their kids to go to their rooms or put them off while trying to prepare for the next day. However, this father shows he is excited to see his son. To an older version of this young son, that may not understand the value of this relationship quite yet, he would be envied by other sons. This father enjoys seeing his son smile and hearing his laugh . It goes as far as to act like he is going to fall onto the ground, just to make him smile and laugh. The kisses through the window remind us to stop and express the love we have for others through physical expression. The mom that is clearly recording this video has to be overwhelmed with emotions to watch a loving relationship grow between her son and the man of her dreams. The comfortable she must feel to have a partner that equally tries to be a part of this child’s life. Single parents long for these moments. Things moments are worth stopping for because they remind us that the world is a good place with love that conquers all. The dad is uninhibited to show his love which pulls on your heartstrings. Thank you to this dad for showing other dads that parents can take less than a minute of the day to make your kids smile. Kids typically do not remember what all you purchased for them but they certainly remember how parents made them feel throughout their childhood. Be mindful that young children need nurturing, love, and support in the things they do and experience in their daily lives. It is imperative that parents also take time for themselves in order to happily provide their kids with moments like this for the other “Elijah’s” in the world.

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"Baby Boy Only Laughs For Mom"

"There’s is possibly nothing quite as precious as a baby’s first laughter! We can all agree that not many things in this world are near as special as a playful giggle of an infant. If you were feeling down, this video of a giggling baby will not fail to cheer you up instantly! As the video begins you can see an adorable baby boy as he lays on a bed in a bedroom. You can tell that he’s having the time of his life because he’s giggling and chuckling in the most adorable way ever! His mom is making silly faces and noises to him while pretending to fall on the bed over him. That funny little game seems to be the most exciting thing in the world according to this adorable boy! But wait, there’s a plot twist to this story. Dad switches places with mom and tries to entertain the little boy in the same way she has previously done. Oh, no! The boy stops laughing and even starts crying! Poor dad! LOL! Baby boy will only laugh at mom’s jokes!"

Fearless kitten takes on giant RC spider1m17s

Fearless kitten takes on giant RC spider

A two-month-old kitten is not so afraid of this terrible remote controlled arachnid. He chases the spider and attacks it and when spider goes towards him, showing now fear. He smashes it down to the ground with authority!

Daredevil Narrowly Avoids 100-Foot Drop After Slipping On Cliff-Edge During Stunt21s

Daredevil Narrowly Avoids 100-Foot Drop After Slipping On Cliff-Edge During Stunt

Daredevil or just being unreasonable? We are going to go with the latter one. In this video, we can clearly see this fellow trying to jump from one narrow mountaintop to another, narrowly avoiding dropping 100 feet on to the rocks below after this cliff-edge stunt nearly going horribly wrong. Poised to leap between two jagged rocky structures in Devils Lake State Park, Wisconsin, the daredevil Peter Kurer, 19, launched himself into the air from a standing position. Wonder what was going through his mind when he first thought of doing that. Was it planned or stupidity just comes off spontaneously to people? Did he visit this place with the sole intention of killing himself or it just randomly popped up in his head? It's worth contemplating if you think of it. We are too scared to ask our parents for sleepovers and here he is jumping off from one cliff to another. There could be many reasons as to why he did what he did. First one. Yes, you guessed it right he is too silly or was really hammered. Second. He thought he is a long lost cousin of Spiderman. Last but not the least maybe he, sorry we can't come up with why anyone would want to be this careless. Let's go back to the first one where we are speculating whether he is just that dimwitted or terribly drunk. We think that maybe he was just plain drunk. The number of people that have died or killed themselves mistakenly while they were drunk is crazy. They don't think. It's more like they can't think. The reality starts to slip from their hands and the entire surrounding around them starts to get blurry and hazy. They can't differentiate between what’s right and what's wrong. If that was the case we partially don't think it was his fault. Maybe this place could have managed to arrange better security considering how dangerous that place is. But well, they'll have their excuse too. Considering his age maybe he just wanted to pull a mindless stunt to post it on many social networking sites so as to impress his peers or his girlfriend. The things we do to impress others nowadays are indeed bizarre. People make half minded videos of their cats, dogs doing weird stuff just so they could post something interesting on their social sites and gain more likes and shares, garnish more popularity and even sometimes money. It's crazy till what lengths people are ready to go nowadays to make themselves influential, respected and more revered. It doesn't even matter how fatal their idea is. They're too oblivious. We simply can't blame just them, can we? Aren't we at fault of doing something similar every now and then? Maybe we won’t try to jump off cliffs or try hanging ourselves. But yes we do give too much of importance to things which are so damn superficial and so shallow. Well, let's all just hope that this bloke has learnt his lesson and have realized what a stupid idea it was to do that and won't attempt anything similar in near future.

Dolly Why Are You Doing Like This To Baby Monkey5m07s

Dolly Why Are You Doing Like This To Baby Monkey

Dolly Why Are You Doing Like This To Baby Monkey, Baby Monkey Today On temple. Hi Very body if you want to make rumble great again and you can register and share every great memory here. If you want to share real news don't forget rumble. We all make rumble great again. Click here to register. Carbzilla Group Fluffy - Invader became strong king Balu - Invader King Friend Trumpa - Old king no power Tomson- King lost power Jollyrol- Alpha female, Tara Kidnapper,Trey(M) Tito 02-04-18(M) Big Bertha -mom- Albert, Georgie(M) Ginger(f)1-20-18 Carbzilla-mom- Cavan (M), Possum (F) Carla -mom- Carlos, Charles (M) Bella -mom- Barnum Ella -mom- Belley Gim-Male - Peggy -mom - Prak (M) Maddie-mom- Billy (M) Grace-mom-Emma (F), Patty Tara - kidnapper Sumara -mom- Amara (F) Cruella- kidnapper bad Leyla - Kidnapper Connie - mom - Chikis 02-18-18(M) Halo - mom - Miranda 02-03-18(F) Brinn - Adult Laddie - Friend Albert (M) Aliza - mom - Kiko ............................. Amber Group Eugene -King First King Harold -King Second king Krabby -Strong male King Kong -Invader Donkey-Friends king kong Aesop-help king kong Vinnie-Vinnie earcut monkey Queen -mom Alpha Female 2017-Princcess,Solo 01-12-18 (M) Jade- mom- Amber (F) Micah 24-11-17 (M) Daisy-mom Alpha Female2018 - April, May (F) Rey 10-12-17 (M) April - mom - Rain (M) Spring (F) Diamon - mom - Amy (F) Nanda 03-02-18 Bonita - mom - Anita (F) Danita (F) Scarlet - mom - Rojo ( M ) Gladdis -mom - Elvis (M) Stoney 01-26-18(M) Rosa - mom - Holly (F) Red 2-01-18(M) Selly-mom - Dara (M),Vivi (F) Vino 01-15-18(M) Elsa - mom - Angel (F)Kelly 01-10-18(M) Cara - mom Violet-mom - Lily (F) Loni 01-15-18 Romeo- male - funny monkey Duchess - kidnapper Penelope - mom - Piper (F) Brianna - mom- Briget (F) Bronco (M) 03-12-17 Teresa -Grandma-Briget adopt Danita Butter- mom-Buttercup,Bellina (F)1-17-18 June - mom Jane - mom- Tarzanna (F) Skippy - male- monkey stay two group Chewie - male- monkey who not scare come to sit on seller for food Mona - mom - Luna 28-12-17(F) Blacky - Young monkey love care Amber ........................................................... Amari Group Donald-king Lost Brutus- Male King Felix - Male Tumo Marcus - Male Help brutus Achap - Mafia Invader Amari- mom Alpha female -Jill (F),Jace(M),Jack (M) Lori 14-12-17(F) Merry-mom -Joey (M)Sherri 02-06-18(F) Dolly- mom -DeeDee (F)Sweetie -01-10-18(F) Tima - mom-Heather (F) Popeye-mom- Olive (M), SweetPea (M) Maria - mom-Kari (F) Aiden 02-24-18 Ashley- mom Chimo - Long face Lucy -old Monkey Sasha- Kidnapper -Jessie 12-21-17 (F) Caesar -Small One eye Male Drew - Small (M) Dana - naughty girl (F) - Donny 02-25-18 (M) Jill -mom- Brutus Jr 04-08-18

Goodbye Katie the Great Dane: Forever in our hearts2m30s

Goodbye Katie the Great Dane: Forever in our hearts

Three days ago, the Osteosarcoma caused Katie's foot to swell and she could no longer put much weight on her leg and her owners were terrified her leg would fracture. They scheduled their vet to come to the house today and together with Max on their bed, they all said goodbye to Katie. You will forever be in our hearts!

This parrot thinks he's a cuckoo bird!1m24s

This parrot thinks he's a cuckoo bird!

Cuckoo clocks are a favorite souvenir of travelers to Germany. Einstein's bird sitter traveled to Germany many times and has a large collection. When Einstein come to visit she turns them all off so all the various sounds don't disturb Einstein during the day and night. On one of Einstein's visits, she forgot to turn the kitchen clock off. Einstein had listened to the clock the entire first day. She realized it was on when she went to bed that night and came back into the kitchen to turn it off for the night. The next morning the bird sitter heard Einstein imitating the "cuckoo"! Obviously he loved the sound! She continued to run the clock only during the day so it wouldn't disturb Einstein sleep. When Einstein returned home he proudly showed off his new talent of being a cuckoo bird! His timing was off as he didn't chime on the hour. Instead, he chimed when ever he wanted! Einstein the Talking Texan Parrot is a silly, smart, and popular parrot who loves to talk and entertain! He likes to have conversations with his owners, talking and acting silly, and doing animal sound imitations. Watch him sing and dance in his video compilations! With his amazing talking abilities, and funny antics, Einstein the talking parrot's videos will keep you entertained for hours! Einstein parrot is also famous for some of his silly quotes and sayings. Online, Einstein the talking parrot is popular across many social media platforms. Einstein's favorite places to talk at home is perched on the shower wall, in the kitchen on his drawer, and on his screened in back porch. As stated on his website, Einstein's mission statement: "To entertain and bring joy, to foster the human-parrot bond, and to convey that parrots are deserving of immeasurable amounts of patience, nurturing, and companionship." Einstein's website ( ) is designed to inform you about the care of parrots and also entertain you. Living with a parrot is a big commitment. Parrots live a very long time. They require a lot of care, proper nutrition, training, time and patience. Parrots need a lot of attention and lots of toys and activities to keep from being bored. Parrots are also expensive. It is often said, Having a parrot is much like raising a 2 or 3 year old child for the rest of your life!

White Tiger Terrifies Onlookers With Roar35s

White Tiger Terrifies Onlookers With Roar

White Siberian tigers are truly magnificent creatures. No doubt fierce, but they’re a sight to behold nonetheless. They’re immensely large animals, yet also possess such tremendous grace and agility. There’s just something about animals that are so beautiful and yet so deadly, even with the protection of a cage, being in their presence can put even the bravest person on edge. Or, in this case, something that would apply to a not-so-brave person as well. A group of people watches as a white tiger paces back and forth in its enclosure. “Hello beautiful,” the woman filming says over and over as she follows the fantastic beast. “Here kitty kitty,” a nearby man is heard remarking. As the tiger paces, it can be heard growling and growling. Not a good sign of things to come, as it turns out.

Published: March 26, 2018407 views