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Playful Dog Slaps Owner With Chicken Toy In His face17s

Playful Dog Slaps Owner With Chicken Toy In His face

Dogs never cease to amaze us as they always find new ways to entertain their owners and the wider audience. There are tons of videos with dogs showing their unique abilities to pull some tricks that we could never imagine. And they are successfully doing these tricks. Sometimes, it is dogs chasing their own shadow, other times it is dogs trying to catch fireflies. Regardless of their mission, we still love them equally. They light up the days when we feel blue and they add a touch of excitement to the days we find ourselves stuck in the rut of the routines in our life. Pet dogs can bring so much joy into our lives and we absolutely love them to bits pieces for that. Even though, sometimes they develop some unbelievably weird attention seeking habits. Don’t get us wrong but jumping up, random barking, and face licking, it can all get a little annoying after awhile. In this video, we have a case of a dog that terribly wants the attention of the owner because his is totally soaked by the TV screen. Oh, please, how can the TV be more interesting than his pet? This goofy dog, which seems so peaceful, at one moment and out of nowhere, decides to take things into its own hands and provokes its owner’s attention. It is then that it grabs the rubber chicken, hops to the owner and slams his face with a full force. Ouch, that hurt a lot! The man lets a long loud cry as he sits up in pain from the blow . The dog is somehow not aware of what it has done and it just looks around naively until it realizes that it actually hurt his owner. In order to apologize, it goes next to him and jumps around making futile attempts to alleviate the situation. However, the guy is very angry at his pet and he tells him to “get out now”! Dogs are adorable. They’re furry and cuddly and full of so much love, but they’re not perfect. Dogs are capable of doing things out of their character just like humans. The first, and perhaps most important, the result is that overall pet owners tend to laugh more frequently than individuals who are not living with companion animals. And why is that you ask? Because they always find themselves in a funny situation or they make something that makes us laugh! So what is it that dogs are doing which makes us laugh? Here is one hilarious video of a dog who runs as fast as lightning! It made us laugh so much we hope it will make you laugh too! What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! If you love dogs as much as we do, share this video on social media or tell us a story of your beloved four-legged pal in the comment section below. And remember: dogs rule!

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Dancing Students Perform Awesome Optical Illusion 2m46s

Dancing Students Perform Awesome Optical Illusion

This video shows a group of students performing an act that contains a very interesting optical illusion. Once you start watching, you cannot look away from this unique performance! These students have gotten very creative indeed. Check out this amazing optical illusion dance performance put on by some very talented students. So cool! The way they have pulled off their illusion is actually quite simple, but very well thought out. Namely, each member of the dance group has the same costume. One side of their attire is done all in black, and the other side is all in white. When they link arms and begin to move, it looks as if there are people where there actually aren’t. For example, they all move the white part of their legs at the same time, while they keep the black colored part of their legs behind. Then, they repeat the process and do it the other way around which makes it look like there are headless people jumping up and down. The two halves of each neighboring person seem to create one single body, when in reality, each “person” is really made of two dancers. This is really cool to watch. Black and white in perfect harmony! They perform several different moves, which all give a different perspective. Surely there was some meaning behind the purpose of doing this, although it may be difficult to uncover or figure it out. Some possible meanings could be that the students are trying to portray a theme of unity and togetherness with community in general, or perhaps they are trying to shed some light on the current racial issues that are prevalent in the country. Going with the latter, this could be a really interesting theory. It could be saying that even though white vs black can feel or look separated, when you take a closer examination, we are really all one in the same. Much like the yin and yang theory. What an optical illusion ! Perhaps this is the message that our young teens here were trying to portray. You never know with teenage brains though! If these teens did have a purpose of trying to show a sense of unity among races and possibly bring some peace and understanding to the seemingly never ending racial unrest, then we have to give props to them for that! It is always fulfilling to see young people grasping hold of the concepts linking with social issues in our society and trying to do something about it. We can talk and talk all day long, but maybe we should all take a page from these students’ books and see that sometimes, you may have a bigger impact by creating a platform built from unique talent and different ideas. We would like to see a bigger variety of teens dance in unity for better humanity. They have perfected a few pieces to a routine here that are just absolutely adorable, but perhaps a little bit more would have made it even more interesting. Either way, we think it is safe to say that these teens are a hit! The crowd seems to love the performance, and more importantly, the kids seem to be having an absolute blast with this routine! We certainly hope they keep up this pace and continue to create and spread positive messages throughout the world! Authored by Emily Michelle Meredith

Boy Sings Sweet Song To Cheer Up Friend With A Bad Day3m09s

Boy Sings Sweet Song To Cheer Up Friend With A Bad Day

This is the sweet moment a young boy sings a song to his best friend after she had a bad day at school - cheering her up before the pair embrace in an adorable hug. The sweet and heartwarming video is sure to brighten your day. We all need a friend like this in our lives to make us smile when we are feeling down! Watch the sweet moment when a young boy sings a song to his best friend after she had a bad day at school. Evan Martinez, aged seven, sprang into action after hearing that his best friend Bailey was going through a rough time and was sad. Two of her friends at school had rudely told Bailey that they no longer wanted to play with her. She was crushed and badly upset, but what she didn't know was that her bad mood was about to turn around. Bailey called Evan's Mom, Ruby Jimenez and told her about what had happened that day and asked if Evan could come over and hang out. When Ruby described the terrible day Bailey had to Evan, he came up with an idea that would put a smile back on her face. Evan immediately started singing a song that he knew would mean a lot to her and show her that she still had, and always would have a friend that she could count on. He practiced the song over and over, belting out the words in the van as his Mom drove him all the way to Bailey's house. When they arrived at Bailey’s house, near El Paso, Texas, she came out to the street and Evan got out the car while his mom blasted Bruno Mars’ ‘Count on Me’. Evan serenaded her by singing the song with a loving look at his face. This moment is the sweetest thing we have ever seen. You can see all of the work he had put into practicing the song and he even had the hand movements. As Evan stood on the sidewalk, singing the song to his best friend in the whole wide world, Bailey just stood there and you can see a smile coming across her face. She starts moving to the music and the most adorable thing happens....she starts to sing along with him! The two look like beautiful scene in a love story, standing on the sidewalk, staring into each others eyes and singing a tune together! She doesn't even mind it when she goes off tune! When the song finally ends, Evan darts off like a rocket to embrace his best friend who is now smiling and happier than ever. They stand there hugging for what seems like the longest time. Evan has given his friend a gift that she will probably never forget. Evan and Bailey have been best friends since before kindergarten and although they are both very young, have been through a lot together. They hang out all of the time and get closer and closer with time. Everyone needs a friend who will be there for you to sing silly songs with and will always be there to remind you that you are not alone!

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Strong Winds Rip Marquee Tent Away During Storm Ali30s

Strong Winds Rip Marquee Tent Away During Storm Ali

This huge marquee tent didn’t stand a chance as it was blown away with ease by Storm Ali. The powerful 100 mph winds caused by Storm Ali that are sweeping the nation also made an appearance at the Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland. It’s there that keen golfer, Alan O’Loughlin, filmed the havoc of the tent being swept away on September 19. He said that he saw the tent from afar plump up due to the strength of the wind, but he didn’t realize that he was in for quite the show. The tent slowly started to lose its battle with the wind and the first structural beams started to get ripped from the ground. At one point in the video, though, the tent didn’t resemble its original shape, but rather one of a hot air balloon. Luckily for the organisers, the tent covering didn’t fly away with the wind but managed to collapse to one side. Storm Ali has been wreaking havoc in Northern Ireland, going as far as leaving 200 000 people without electricity and killing two people. The winds were reported to be the strongest the British Isles have felt since 1880. We all know that we are fighting a war against time to save our planet. Ecologists are warning us every day that our planet is dying, and it is all our fault. We hear stories about the rise of the ocean levels due to climate change, we read about PM10 and PM2.5 particles in the atmosphere, about floating islands of trash in the middle of our oceans, about holes in the ozone layers, about deforestation. But it doesn’t really get to us. There are many sceptics out there that don’t want to believe in global warming. They might say that it’s all a scam, that it’s a ll created by a select few to keep the world living in the ultimate paranoia, but the truth is that global warming is here, and unless we man up and change our behavior from the roots upwards, we will be responsible for killing our planet. There is no second or third planet. It might take us years to find a good substitute, or we might never make it, but the problem isn’t in the availability or the stage of development of our space programs, but rather of the time we have left here on this ticking bomb we call home. It is true, governments can do a whole lot more to stop the process. From bans of single use plastics, to eradicating non renewable sources of electricity they can regulate each sphere of our society to help the world battle against the ever present pollution. It might not happen overnight, but it will pay off in the long run. Unfortunately, it’s not only their actions that should matter. The Earth citizens need to be taught a good lesson in ecology. It’s not okay to whine about government officials and their inactivity in ecology matters and then turn around and buy a plastic bottle of water. It’s important to rethink our own ways because in the end, it’s all 7 billion of us that are responsible for the state that we are living in. There are visible changes in the Earth’s behavioral patterns. There are less and less seasons in the world. It seems that we only experience scorching hot summers and freezing winters. Places where there used to be a lot of sun throughout the year are now drowning in monsoon-like flash floods. Hurricanes appear in the most unusual places and high temperatures are breaking the norm in places where it’s continuously chilly throughout the summer. The heat waves are responsible for numerous deaths throughout the northern parts of Europe and North America where average summer temperatures are in the 60-70 °F. Just think about it all before you grab your car keys or pay for the next bottled drink.

Police Officer Saves Dog Leashed To Moving Truck2m01s

Police Officer Saves Dog Leashed To Moving Truck

An officer saves a dog leashed to a moving truck. Must see! What a perfect example of the countless times our brave police officers save lives! So many times in our modern society, thanks to the evolution of social media, we are so quick to find ways to judge others and find something to be offended by. Even though the topic of police officers is a valid topic to discuss, because there does need to be reform in that department, it is also very important not to forget that at the end of the day, they are our everyday heroes. So many times people are so quick to pull out their phones when they find something negative or violent that they can document; however, this video shows that so many of our men and women in blue are always looking for lives to save . Even sweeter, this time, it is the life of a dog. This sweet dog is the loyal companion to a truck driver . He obviously loves his dog and cares for his safety because he was letting the dog get some fresh air. The thought of how horribly wrong this series of events could have gone gives me chills down my spine. Had that driver gotten up to a speed higher than the dog could keep up with, it would have been a tragic situation. This, however, was not the case. In this situation, this police officer who can also be described as a hero, acted quickly to stop the driver before the situation turned grave. The sweet little dog was trotting along, trying to keep up with the driver who had leashed him to the back of his truck. I can imagine what that dog was thinking. I’m sure he was beyond happy to see the police officer stop the truck. I’m sure the police department in Yavapai, Arizona is very proud to have their officer recognized for such an easy, but a life-saving decision. I’m sure the driver felt so bad that this happened. We are all human. We make mistakes. I’m sure he would have never done this on purpose. I can only imagine the “What if?” thoughts that went through his mind after unleashing his dog from the truck. I bet he was even close to tears himself. Those of us who are dog owners treat our dogs like family, and I am sure truck drivers, especially, take good care of their pets. They are, at times, the only companions and company they keep. The best part of this video is that it’s not just a video about a cop saving the life of a dog. It is so much more than that. It is a reminder to us all. It is a reminder to not focus on the negative of our men in blue. Are there police officers who have acted in haste and let their narrow minds take the life of an individual due to unnecessary fear? Yes, it is a sad truth, and it is an example of the state of so many in our nation. This video, however, is a reminder that at the end of the day these men have done way more good than bad. It’s a reminder to focus on the good our men in blue do and to remember they too, just like us, are human.

Puppy And Kitten Boxing Match Set To Rocky Theme Song28s

Puppy And Kitten Boxing Match Set To Rocky Theme Song

Both the Scottish kitten and the Golden Retriever puppy are 3 months old. The kitten only weighs 1.5kg but he shows off a high-speed double punch! “Yo, Adrian!” we could literally hear Sylvester Stalone in the background when we watched this hilarious, but cute video. That’s what we imagine this crazy cat is saying at the beginning of the video. Have you ever watched your pets play or pretend fight and imagine what it would seem like if it were the epic fight scene in one of Hollywood’s next action movie? We’ve all had the best moments in life, but not always are they caught on camera. Do you just love watching pets or videos of pets? Are you a dog lover, or are you a cat lover? Maybe you prefer something less gentle and prefer famous fight scenes. If you answered yes to any of the previous three questions, then this is the perfect video for you. You may ask yourself, “How can adorable dogs and cats and action scenes all be combined into one video?” This precious, adorable video is the perfect video for you if you enjoy watching cute pets being playful. In this video, you will find a precious dog and a feisty cat paw and play with each other while hearing the theme music to “Rocky” in the background. Who doesn’t love adorable cats and dogs? Even more, who doesn’t love adorable cats and dogs playing? With the Rocky theme music playing in the background, the view is able to imagine these two adorable pets in a boxing ring going at it. Thankfully, they are just playing and not really fighting. This video gives us all the feels. We could even picture these two adorable animals with bright red boxing gloves on their paws during this precious moment caught on camera. For animal lovers and animal owners, it is definitely proof that dogs and cats can live harmoniously under one roof. Although they are play fighting, it is so sweet to watch how gentle the dog is with the cat. He carefully makes sure that he is gentle enough to not harm the cat, but keeps up the banter by continuously gnawing at the annoyed cat. The best part is knowing that the cat could easily end this banter with one swift paw, or the cat could also hiss or run off, leaving the sweet, little puppy in a cloud of kitty dust. Instead, the sweet little fur ball hangs in there and enjoys the fun with this cuddly, cute canine. Imagine how empty our lives would be without pets. Some of us enjoy only cats; some of us enjoy only dogs. Then, there is the rest of society who loves all pets under the sun. These are the ones, the owners, who get to enjoy precious , heartfelt moments like this when puppies and kittens can live and love together. What do you think of this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might brighten up their boring day. We hope you enjoy!

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German Shepherd Has Funny Way Of Playing In Snow21s

German Shepherd Has Funny Way Of Playing In Snow

There are a few things in life that can bring out our inner child, and one of them is the fluffy goodness that is snow. The delicate icy particles act like a time machine that takes us to a place where we forget about all of our problems, we marvel at the white beauty and just go back in time to when we were kids. Doesn’t it feel nice? It might be cold, but we forget about all of it once we smell the fresh scent of nature and winter. It reminds us of snowball fights with the kids in our neighborhood when we were six years old, screaming at the top of our lungs on the sleigh our father is pulling downhill when we were three, building the first snowman with our first love when we were twelve, seeing the look of unadulterated joy on our child’s face the first time they touch the snowy flakes. It is true, those shiny crystals hold all of our memories encapsulated in ice. There is, however, another member of our tight-knit family that equally adores the snow as it adores its food. You’ve guessed it right, we are talking about the loveable canine. Dogs have quite the history with snow . Most of them recognise it as their natural habitat. Historically speaking, this is true, since dogs descend from a long line of wolves. If anything, snow was a constant for a bigger part of the year for them. They were used to harsh winters and rough terrains, so a little bit of snow outside of their home, yeah, a real walk in the park for them. This German Shepherd is just loving the snowy playtime. It seems like it can’t get any better than this. It flips and flops on the snow, it almost looks like it might want to get all of that icy goodness on its fur, how adorable is that? The German Shepherd is known for its courage. Originally, its job was to defend sheep against wolves and those genes are largely alive and well. They make excellent guard dogs; additionally, they are a favorite with the Police. It may come as a surprise, but German Shepherds also excel at jobs at the other extreme — for example, as guide dogs for the visually impaired. The German Shepherd is a highly intelligent breed. Happily, they are very willing to apply this intelligence when being trained. And as a result, you should expect that they will require regular mental stimulation. The German Shepherd is a dignified dog that is loyal, aloof, and somewhat antisocial. From the moment they begin development they’re craving stimulation. Another huge aspect of the German Shepherd personality is their steadfast love and loyalty. Some owners say that there is no bond like that of a German Shepherd and their family. The hard and stoic exterior is replaced with a cuddly, downright loving fluff ball within the home. They’ll treat the children as their own and willingly participate as the protector of the home. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Twelve Things That Can Get People In Trouble During A Cruise8m36s

Twelve Things That Can Get People In Trouble During A Cruise

Are you traveling in the coming months or maybe taking a cruise soon? It is always important before taking a trip to do an extra research on your travels. If you are taking a cruise, you should know different facts about your trip. You should know the travel path you will taking, how to act appropriately, and you will definitely want to know what things will get you kicked off the cruise ship . You definitely do not want to be removed from the ship at all during your travels, that can be a quick and terrible way to end a beautiful vacation or trip! This video is going to cover the 12 things that can get you kicked off your cruise ship. It is always great to be aware of things that could get you in trouble when traveling. If you plan on traveling soon, it is best to follow this advice to make your trip and trouble free as possible! Before even having the chance of being kicked off, you have to at least get on the cruise ship. It is important to have all your documentation with you and make sure it is up to date. Many people miss their cruise due to not having all their documents or they have expired. Always make sure to have everything you need and keep it up to date. Another thing you must get through before entering the ship is going through security. Make sure to follow all the rules when being checked and only follow the instructions of what is ok and not ok to pack. You don’t want to be kept from your cruise because you packed something you shouldn’t. If you are trying to take something illegal or prohibited which is a very quick way to find yourself staying at home, and be faced with the law. Once you are on the ship, you must make sure to attend all the safety and precaution drills. Failing to participate can cause you to be kicked off the ship. It is important to stay safe while traveling and these drills are meant to help you in case something goes wrong. Another way of getting kicked off your cruise could be you getting sick or ill. If you need hospital attention that the cruise can not provide, you would have to leave the ship. Make sure you are healthy before taking off on your trip because it would be such a waste to get sick on your trip and be removed from the ship. One of these easiest rules to follow is to not throw anything overboard. There are trash cans all around the cruise ship, if you are caught littering in the sea you can be kicked off. Just be wise and throw your trash away properly! There are many more tips to cover and this video does a great job of explaining them. They give great examples and scenarios for each tip. This is a great video to watch for anyone preparing to travel on a cruise. Remember to be safe, follow the rules, and have fun!

Gender Reveal Football Kicked Straight Into Neighbor's Yard 10s

Gender Reveal Football Kicked Straight Into Neighbor's Yard

It all started with the baby gender reveal parties on Pinterest. Expecting parent would organize a party with pink and blue everything, then throw a surprise when they were about to announce the gender of the bun in their oven. It was either colored frosting inside a cake or colored balloons in a box. Then came the baby announcement parties, again with elaborate schemes and videography. Of course, everyone is ecstatic about the newest addition to the family. But it is quite refreshing to see someone do something simple for a change when it comes to telling the parents they are soon to become grandparents or to the relatives, they need to start preparing for baby shower gifts! Gender reveals have become really popular these days. The bigger, the better. Parents are getting more creative about the big announcement of the gender of the baby. It’s a complete shock for somebody and complete joy for others. Well, these parents wanted to do something unusual and a little bit foolish as they were revealing the gender of their third baby! These happy parents decided to surprise the in-laws by letting them know a baby's on the way with a little bit of a football kickoff activities. However, not everything goes to plan, especially in events that have "surprise" written all over! When Brandon kicks the gender reveal football over the fence, the result is an epic fail! Hilarious! Watch the video at the top of the page! While half the family is watching, Brandon assumes the position on the kickoff line in his backyard. They must either be enormous football fans or it is obvious that the very selection of this activity indicated the gender of the baby to be: a son. But we will never know, will we? Brandon kicks the ball rather too hard and it ends up in the backyard of his neighbor! On the topic of gender reveal parties, take a look at another video. This pregnant couple fools entire family during gender reveal party . Expecting parents stage a witty fake out, fooling all of their guests. They are already the parents of two beautiful little girls, and they must have thought about how funny it would be if they made them believe that they were going to have yet another girl! When the cake is cut, the grandma in blue, hopeful for a boy, slowly claps and backs away almost un-surprised by the result. But watch when the dad suddenly states that it's hot in the room... When he and his pregnant wife suddenly take off their sweaters, everyone realizes that they have been fooled. They are really expecting their first baby boy! This is a really funny reveal! We think the dad was the happiest of all because finally, he will have a boy! Gender reveal videos are so awesome to watch, not only did you get the chance to be part of such joy and happiness of the parents, but you also have to guess the gender of the baby too! We find this gender reveal so amazing and creative! Congratulations!

French Toast Stack With Pumpkin Cheesecake Filling1m58s

French Toast Stack With Pumpkin Cheesecake Filling

Learn how to make this divine french toast recipe filled with pumpkin cheesecake. You can stop drooling now! The time has come for you to stop drooling and try making this simple and delicious recipe. You can make it with just a few ingredients, which are simple to obtain. We assure you will be given much praise for your culinary skills when you surprise your guests with a delicious dessert or pamper the junior in the house with a healthy snack. In a few simple steps and in just a few minutes you can get a sweet pleasure guilty worthy that otherwise belongs to haute cuisine and that surely, your palate will appreciate, as well as economic and easy preparation is also nutritious because it includes the healthy touch of pumpkin and provides the benefits of its nutrients. You do not need to be an expert in the kitchen to prepare this succulent recipe, just follow the small steps that the clip shows and you're ready to taste! First, you must place the chopped pumpkin in a heat-resistant dish and take it to bake for about 15 minutes, so you can lose the liquids contained inside and can process more easily and get the desired texture. Once it cools, make a purée or compote and reserve it. On the other hand, in a bowl add cream cheese, the juice of a lemon, a pinch of salt, a little cinnamon and the sweet touch of maple syrup, mix with the mashed pumpkins you had reserved and you will get a delicious stuffing, place it in a pastry bag and refrigerate. Then, you prepare the basic mixture for the traditional French toast , which takes milk, eggs, sugar and a pinch of salt. Submerge your toast in the preparation until it is well soaked and finally you place the pieces of toast on a hot pan until they turn a nice golden color. Well, having finished all these steps, you must begin to assemble your plate and remember that this is a very important step since it is at this moment when you are going to demonstrate your creativity and your culinary skills. Be prepared! Well, put your toast on a plate and alternate it with the filling you prepared. One by one, with the pastry bag you can give free rein to your imagination and give it the shape you want; Once you assemble a not very high pile of toast pieces and bare in mind that its height should not be the same as the size of the bite you will eat, finish your preparation giving it a sweet and bright touch with a dip in maple syrup. Ready, take out your cameras, click and to the tasting! Bon Appetit! Remember that you no longer have to drool over the delicious dishes you see, dare to prepare them and you will realize how easy it is and you can delight your palate from your kitchen as if you were a professional chef and share with your friends and loved ones these exquisite, healthy and simple French toast and we assure you that you will deserve a Michelin star. If you liked the preparation of this recipe, do not hesitate to "like" it while sharing on social networks, and with all your friends so you do not miss the preparation of this rich recipe

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Friendly Raccoons Visit Deck Every Morning For Snacks13s

Friendly Raccoons Visit Deck Every Morning For Snacks

Everyone has their morning routine. You know, get out of bed, make coffee, take a hot shower, feed your raccoons! What....what? Every morning, these friendly and adorable raccoons come up on the porch looking for their breakfast of fresh fruits . They are no longer afraid of humans, and have become a part of the family, sharing a meal together every morning on the back porch! These raccoons have almost become like pets to these people, and who wouldn't want such cute and adorable pets? They seem completely calm and domesticated, nibbling on their chopped apples and bananas. We wouldn't advise bringing them inside though. Many people think that owning a wild animal as a pet would be fun and exciting, however, it can be quite a dangerous task, bringing them inside your home and introducing them to your family. Although it is possible to domesticate a raccoon, keeping one as a pet may be illegal in your area, and you can get into a lot of trouble and be issued fines for housing them. If you are serious about raising a pet raccoon, first check with your state or provincial laws to find out if you are even permitted to have one. it is advised to obtain one from a qualified breeder, which are not easy to find. Raccoons are mischievous creatures by nature, spending most of their time scavenging, playing and generally creating havoc wherever they go. They have sharp claws and sharp teeth and are unpredictable creatures, which is why it is usually inadvisable and illegal to have them as pets. Raccoons will completely destroy your home if left unattended, and are not good with other animals such as dogs and cats. They may seem fine and relaxed one minute and completely out of control and panicky the next. They are still wild animals, and should always be treated like ones. Raccoons have large appetites and tend to eat a very large variety of food. Here we see them eating fresh fruits with their hands like humans, but they will eat just about anything the come across. They will eat things like dog food, various types of insects, vegetables, fruits, and protein sources like chicken. They will also eat anything that they find in the garbage can or out of your cooler. Having flexible thumbs helps them get into most containers and they have even been known to be able to open up doors and come into your garage. Keeping food in a fridge won't even keep out a racoon if they get the smell of delicious food in there. Feeding these raccoons every morning might seem like a good idea, however, if they come for their breakfast one morning and there is nothing left for them, they might retaliate and create damage or try and get into the house through the screen door and make an attempt to feed themselves. Wild Life Authorities have caution against feeding wild animals because they might become overly intrusive and dependent on humans as a food source, loosing their natural ability for hunt for food themselves.

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Hilarious Moment Pooch Jumps Up The Door To Peek At Pals14s

Hilarious Moment Pooch Jumps Up The Door To Peek At Pals

Nothing to see here… This is just the crazy footage of a two-year-old pooch going through his daily routine. Taking place at home in Los Angeles on September 15, the routine includes continuously leaping up a door to see his neighborhood fur friends. This adorable pup seems to know something we don’t know. There has got to be something going on on the other side of that fence that he HAS to get to! We all love watching our pets do what seems to be really strange and crazy things from our point of view and this is a perfect example. Obviously, this pooch’s owner is not at all phased by the spectacle, though. It seems that it must be used to this sort of thing from her beloved pet ! Situations like these are even funnier though when you try to see them through the pet’s point of view. For example, every dog owner in the world has had at least one moment where their dog seems to be barking at… oh yes, you already know what I am going to say… NOTHING! They will literally be staring through a window at an empty yard, barking at full volume, on alert, as if there is a catastrophe or Armageddon going on outside! It is usually at this time that we as the owner fuss at our pup, because we do not understand at all what they are barking at. All we know is that they are not only disturbing us but more than likely, they are also waking up the entire neighborhood! The last thing any of us needs is a complaint from the neighborhood association about our crazy barking dog! As someone told us years ago though, here is what might be going through the dog’s head at that moment: “Mom! You don’t understand! How did you miss it!? There was a bunch of stuff going on outside today, and I protected you from all of them! Why are you getting mad at me? Isn’t that what I am supposed to do? See now, mom, here is what I did just now: I protected you from a scary serial killer mailman, 2 stray cats, and a really sketchy looking paper bag! You don’t even understand that I saved your life today! Who knows what that paper bag could have done! But no worries, mom! I scared them all away! Now that is what I call a day’s work well done!” We can’t think about this without chuckling. What a difference the world must look like through our precious pets’ eyes! In this video, perhaps this pup is scouting out something “sketchy” going on over there! From its point of view, there could be a slew of dangerous critters and objects coming to get his mommy, but he will save her from all of them! Even though we don’t always understand them, we always appreciate the blessing of having them in our lives. Pets bring love to our world. They bring peace and harmony, even if it is occasionally interrupted by their crazy antics — like jumping up and down repeatedly at the fence for some reason that we do not understand. The bottom line here, though, is that we all love our babies, and we know that life would be much less interesting if we did not have them in our lives!