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B.P. to pay $20 billion for 2010 oil spill1m00s

B.P. to pay $20 billion for 2010 oil spill

The U.S. Justice Department announces the settlement of claims against oil company BP PLC for more than $20 billion, following the worst offshore oil disaster in U.S. history. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

Disney unveils wall-climbing 'gravity defying' robot1m31s

Disney unveils wall-climbing 'gravity defying' robot

VertiGo is a wall-climbing robot that is capable of transitioning from the ground to the wall using propellors; it was designed in a collaboration between Disney Research Zurich and ETH. Edward Baran reports. Credit to Reuters.

Published: May 16, 201620,723 views
Samaritans365 Encourages Youth To Be Kind2m34s

Samaritans365 Encourages Youth To Be Kind

This wonderful world is full of all different types of good people. Those who use their time to make the world a better place are on the top of the list. A good Samaritan is defined as a charitable or helpful person. Would you consider yourself one? Laura Reiss of Boca Raton, Florida runs an organization called Samaritans365. Her organization teaches kids what it means to be a "good Samaritan”. Samaritans 365 provides free, educational programs that teach children the fulfillment that comes from creating positive change in their homes, communities, and beyond. Laura's intention is to start a global conversation to re-educate humankind about the importance of giving to others. Through various charitable events and activities children are taught how to make a positive difference. While involved in the program, kids will volunteer at shelters, help people in need and see how their acts can change the world. Kids Are Awesome is just one of the entertaining and informative destinations in the HooplaHa – Life with a Smile programming network. If you're sick of all the bad news in the media and looking for a dose of inspiration, HooplaHa will give you a reason to smile every day! HooplaHa's mission, while a simple one, could not be more important: to make people smile as much as possible. Whether it be a bit of good news, an inspirational story, a fun video, a cute picture or a touching piece of music -- we want to put a smile on your face! Subscribe to any of our YouTube channel so you never miss our new videos.

Growing vegetables via your smartphone1m25s

Growing vegetables via your smartphone

A fully automated indoor farming system that its developers say is capable of growing pesticide free vegetables via your smartphone is unveiled at CES 2016. Ben Gruber reports. Credit to Reuters.

Published: January 14, 201615,984 views
Hilarious rope swing fail20s

Hilarious rope swing fail

  By Kirstie Sutheran Rope swings seem like the ultimate setup for fun, and for a hilarious display of failure. This comical footage shows Daniel Hernandez, 32, going in for the classic big summer rope swing, but he just can’t hold on. He takes a leap of faith, but hysterically ends up flopping into the […]

CHILLING PHOTOS FROM WWI | Seriously Strange #908m01s

CHILLING PHOTOS FROM WWI | Seriously Strange #90

WWI impacted millions with ripples that still touch lives even today... Get SERIOUSLY STRANGE Merch ► Help keep SERIOUSLY STRANGE on YouTube: ► More SERIOUSLY STRANGE Episodes ►

Published: July 11, 201710 views
America's Secret UFO Files6m07s

America's Secret UFO Files

The declassified files of Project Blue Book have recently been made available online. What exactly do they reveal about the longest-running official investigation into UFOs in America's history? And can we trust what they say?\"

Caught On Camera: Crocodile Catches A Leaping Impala54s

Caught On Camera: Crocodile Catches A Leaping Impala

An unlucky impala leaps across a dam in Kruger National Park and straight into the jaws of a hungry crocodile. The gruesome catch was captured on camera by Rene van der Schyff, 50, a personal assistant from Phalaborwa, South Africa. Rene was visiting the park with her husband when she witnessed the shocking kill. The impala attempted to cross the Sable Dam when the crocodile shot up and caught it mid-air.

Protective Pup53s

Protective Pup

Occurred on December 21, 2017 / Hai Phong, Vietnam Info from Licensor: "Our family dog is very small yet protective. We pretended to punish the owner to see what his reaction was. Sure enough, he wanted to make sure she was out of harms way."

Published: December 27, 2017691 plays$3.02 earned