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Disciplined Dog Plays Feeding Game With Baby Friend1m21s

Disciplined Dog Plays Feeding Game With Baby Friend

When toddlers are old enough to understand how things work, they become more stubborn and opinionated. Because once they get hold on something it is difficult to distract them. They might not be possessive, but you know, what is theirs is theirs. End of discussion. Ava is a type of a baby who wouldn’t let go of what she thinks she has a right to. Like the dog’s biscuit for example. And that one belongs to her loyal friend - Bruno the German Shepherd. She just wants to make sure that not all of the biscuits go down Bruno’s throat because it is such a waste not to spend time playing with them. With toddlers everything is a game and sometimes the most interesting things to play with are not toys but food. Because nothing feels better than having something to melt and crumble in your hands. Only if Ava’s reflexes were as quick as Bruno. She would have taken all the biscuits and the poor dog would be left with none. His quick response biting the biscuits goes hand in hand with his discipline. He is a well educated boy and will never do anything to harm this baby. No matter how much she tries to snatch the biscuits, he behaves gently and diligently, letting her have the last one. Regardless of Bruno’s desire to finish off his snack, he realizes that Eva stole his last biscuit, but he is so patient and kind that he doesn’t make a fuss about it. Eva is so smart, even her dad won’t divert her attention by giving him high five. She knows what she wants and makes sure she has that. We are certain that Eva and Bruno will establish a bond of a lifetime.

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This Nosy Dog Wants To Keep Tabs On Everything Outside1m50s

This Nosy Dog Wants To Keep Tabs On Everything Outside

When people want to get a dog that will be a great companion, loving and loyal, that can keep burglars at bay, they usually get a German Shepherd. The breed is known for its versatility: leading the blind, chasing down criminals, sniffing out illegal substances, serving in the military, visiting the sick, even herding stock. Even though they can be very compassionate with their own family, German Shepherds are mostly aloof and suspicious towards strangers. It should come as no surprise that this one took it upon himself to stand guard in front of the house window for any suspicious activity going on outside. Watch this German Shepherd as he tries to look outside. He is really intrigued by something out there, and when his owner closes the curtain, he is not very happy! No matter what she does, Shadow will not turn his attention away from the activity happening on the other side of the window. She calls and pokes him, ultimately gaining no response from her nosy pet. He doesn’t even flinch! At one point, he turns towards the camera as the person recording moves, rustling the fabric of the chair they are on. But he quickly assesses the situation, concludes that there is no threat and turns back to surveying the exterior. But when the girl gets up and closes the curtain on the window, Shadow is furious she compromised his mission! He gets up and confronts her, stomping her with his front paws. The subject is getting away! He knows he must not let his subject get away, so he runs around, hoping to find another vantage point. We have no idea if he gathered enough intelligence though.

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Container Ship Battles Storm Near Bermuda And It Looks Like A Scene From A Movie57s

Container Ship Battles Storm Near Bermuda And It Looks Like A Scene From A Movie

Any environment of a huge amount of water is generally unknown and hostile territory for most humans and they can be really scary sometimes. We are programmed to fear the unknown, and other environmental elements. It makes perfect sense in terms of survival. Despite all of our knowledge, progress and modern technology, oceans continue to be the mysterious and enigmatic traps with some very real dangers hidden in their bellies. And when we talk about the amount of water and scary we mean ocean storms! Something that will always remain scary no matter how much technology will develop or how big ships will be built. This video is so amazing you will probably think is a scene from a movie! But, actually is not! While crossing the Atlantic on the container ship Oleander, the crew manages to film a spectacular storm off Bermuda. We told you that it looks like a scene from a movie! Waves come in all shapes and sizes—from small ones calmly lapping on the shore to large rogue waves out at sea. Storms interact with the ocean on the surface, from hurricanes to tsunamis. These waves are really big and scary! The ocean is a central image. It is the symbolism of a great journey. Being out there in the ocean, God's creation, it's like a gift He has given us to enjoy and sometimes to provoke the fear inside of us!

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Surprisingly Friendly Shark Enjoys Swimming With Sea Lions2m34s

Surprisingly Friendly Shark Enjoys Swimming With Sea Lions

Any creature unlucky enough to find itself in the gob of a great white is in for a nasty shock. Because this marine beast’s mouth is equipped with a set of 300 sharp, triangular teeth arranged in up to seven rows. However, a 16' Great White shark named "Bite Face" encounters a sea lion at Guadalupe Island. Despite her fierce reputation as a mindless killer, this shark doesn't seem interested in attacking the sea lion. Whilst this super swimmer is the largest predatory fish on our planet, she is not in a mood for killing this time. We know that these sea creatures count on the element of surprise as they hunt, and whenever they see a seal at the surface of the water, sharks will often position themselves underneath the seal. However, the shark in this video is unlike that. She only swims freely in circles and enjoys the feeling of floating in the ocean. It lookes like she is not into any predatory games today, so she just moves slowly in the water. Whenever this great white smells a possible victim, she uses her tail as a propeller, swims upward at a fast sprint, bursts out of the water in a leap called a breach, and falls back into the water with the seal in her mouth. Nevertheless, this friendly shark doesn’t do anything of this. And thanks to her, maybe this is the first time we see a shark not taking interest in her prey. Don’t worry falks - while many think of these beasts as fearsome man-eaters, humans aren’t, in fact, on the great white’s menu. Phew! There are around 5-10 attacks a year and rather than preying on humans to eat them, the sharks are instead taking a ‘sample bite’ out of curiosity, before swimming off.

Puppy Loses His Marbles When He Sees Where Owner Is Taking Him35s

Puppy Loses His Marbles When He Sees Where Owner Is Taking Him

What dog doesn’t like going to the dog park? Dogs are being of simple pleasures - they like their kibble, their toys, the walks with their owner and, let’s not forget - the doggy park! For a dog, trip to the dog park is what a trip to the toy store is for a kid! So many buddies are there and they get to run and play… Oh goody, goody! But getting to see a dog that recognizes the trip he is onto and the destination they are about to reach is just too much. Check this little guy out! This is too hilarious! When the dog Scrattie finally realizes he is going to a dog park, he goes absolutely ballistic. He continues to whimper and move around in the passenger seat of the car, but his excitement doesn't end there. As his owner continues to ask Scrattie if he knows where they are, he jumps right into his owners lap while he is driving. Oh boy, not the safest idea Scrattie! It doesn’t take long for the tiny pupper to reach to a conclusion of his whereabouts, so he starts whining and shaking in his other owner’s arms, completely losing his mind. When they finally reach the park, Scrattie breaks himself loose from the warm confines of the woman’s arms and jumps in the driver’s lap, kissing him and jumping all over him! Even though what he did in the car was pretty risky, they still let him run in the park. They wouldn’t want to take away from his happiness.

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Husband And Groomsmen Deliver Surprise Performance For Bride5m42s

Husband And Groomsmen Deliver Surprise Performance For Bride

This lucky bride is in for a pleasant surprise show as her husband and his groomsmen pull off an epic dance performance to feast her eyes. What a treat! One's wedding day is supposed to be one of the most special days of one's life. It is the day that two officially become one through celebration with friends and family. To make this day special one groom decided to surprise his wife. The groom, together with friends, pulls an amazing dance choreography at the wedding reception, much to the surprise of everyone present, including his bride. This groom definitely went above and beyond to make this a special day for his wife! Her reaction is priceless! You can see the surprised look on her face as soon as the group of dozen men start to dance to well-known hits, from Michael Jackson to Backstreet Boys. She was genuinely surprised. What a beautiful moment! The men are all wearing a hat and sunglasses to make the moment even more memorable! THe way they shake their booty is definitely for a praise! Now with this video, this couple can relive this memory forever! What a nice way to start their life together! This talented groom went out of his way and pulled the Magic Mike trick on his bride, which we are sure she will cherish for a long time! Newlyweds get out of the binds of tradition and throw a little surprise for their guests, making them jump out of their seats, laugh and applaud with excitement. Usually, it is the bride and her dad that throw a dance routine so elaborate, people faint with how good they are. In this instance, it is the groom and his groomsmen who steal the show by performing a wicked display of manliness, awkward dance moves and nostalgia for the days when Britney and Justin’s relationship was the most important thing in our lives. The moves they pull off are definitely stunning! Those dudes will surely make this a new tradition and we hope that we get to see a lot of these videos in the near future. Better start training, fellas!

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Emotional Elephant Shows Deep Affection Towards Human Friend2m21s

Emotional Elephant Shows Deep Affection Towards Human Friend

Elephants are such incredible animals. The elephant trunk is a very unique nose that has many specific functions. It is analogous to an octopus tentacle in terms of the dexterity. It gives elephants a high degree of manipulation with objects which is very useful for them because they are skilled tool-users. Elephants even have an artistic side, they have been taught to paint with their trunks and have presented their beautiful artwork, which is truly amazing! Elephants are such loving and caring animals, and they love to socialize with people. They communicate by touch, sight, smell, and sound. Elephant intelligence has been compared with that of primates and cetaceans. They appear to have self-awareness and show empathy for dying or dead individuals of their kind. The bulky animal in this video even learned how to kiss humans! This occurred at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We are able to witness the amazing bond between Sangduan ‘Lek’ Chailert and a young baby elephant named Faa Mai which was born at the Elephant Nature park. How adorable is this? This gentle and loving elephant even learned how to kiss humans. Watch as this elephant approaches this woman and slowly plants a big, wet kiss on her face. We are able to witness the amazing bond between this elephant and her favorite human. The overly affectionate elephant shares a big, wet smooch with his human lady. The woman is standing still as the elephant trunk touches her face, and their lips are sealed into a big, fat kiss! Adorable! Faa Mai loves to give kisses, and of course, it also loves food! As Sangduan ‘Lek’ Chailert brings out a bag of food, Faa Mai is ready to dig in! This young elephant is definitely hungry! It also loves it be rubbed on the back, so cute! Faa Mai has never actually experienced Phajaan ‘crush training’, and has been raised by a loving team at the park, led by the founder Lek Chailert. It is pretty amazing hearing an elephant make kissing sounds when giving smooches, leaving this woman with one unforgettable experience. There is nothing quite like an elephant kiss! This video truly shows how amazing elephants can be, and how big their heart. They know how to give affection and spread love. Elephants are very caring animals and they are great parents too! Camera and Editing: Sike Sillanpaa.

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Killer Whales beached while hunting for seals3m15s

Killer Whales beached while hunting for seals

These killer whales beached themselves while hunting for seals on a sandbar south of Prince Rupert. Captain Doug Davis and Debbie Davis went out to monitor the whales until the tide rose high enough for the whales to safely swim off the sandbar. What an experience to see these magnificent whales up close and personal!

Newborn Baby Stops Crying After Recognizing Father’s Voice 49s

Newborn Baby Stops Crying After Recognizing Father’s Voice

If you're still not quite convinced how amazing the human body is, how about the fact that we can hear through the womb of our mother just 20 weeks after conception? Yeah, that's pretty awesome! Parents are always encouraged to talk to their infant during pregnancy in order to build up the bond with their baby. Apparently, baby Isaac's mom and dad did a terrific job while waiting for him to arrive! Check out this amazing footage of baby Isaac who instantly stops crying once his father begins to talk to him. All dad had to do is say ‘It’s okay Isaac, it’s okay, I love you son,’ and hold him in his arms. It goes to show how important it is to talk to your baby while still in the womb! This is the heartwarming moment when a crying newborn baby boy recognizes his father’s voice. We see the crying baby sitting in its hospital crib, and standing besides him is his father speaking to him in gentle voice, trying to sooth his cranky baby! Moments later, the nurse picks up the baby and hands him to the father and they share an instant bond. It is incredible to witness such a precious moment and be convinced that babies do hear while still in the womb! Amazingly, this baby recognized his father’s voice and touch, and immediately stopped crying when he felt safe in his daddy’s arms! Cuteness overload! The little boy seems to be in a good mood and he eagerly awaits to see what his dad looks like. The first thing he does is nest comfortably in daddy’s arms and listen to his appeasing voice. When dad says that everything is going to be all right, there is no need to worry, right? It is truly an adorable moment between father and child and one that will continue for years and years to come we are sure!

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Guy Revs And Wrecks His Brand New Suzuki GSXR Motorcycle10s

Guy Revs And Wrecks His Brand New Suzuki GSXR Motorcycle

New toys are the best toys… Until they get their dashboard and headlight smashed. We've said it time and again - motorcycles are as big of a responsibility as any. Plus, they are some mighty expensive toys! It must have hurt this guy’s heart and pocketbook, seeing how he was no match for the GSXR's beast of an engine! A lot of people complain about the revving of cars and motorcycles at night, and we guess that this guy suffered a bad case of karma. He wanted to show off his brand new ride, so he was probably revving that thing at max, which is also probably why this person got out on their balcony to record this idiot. Unfortunately, he must’ve revved it too hard, since he flipped it over and wrecked it bad. Thankfully, the driver is left without a bruise, although the same can not be said about his dented wallet. And maybe his right ankle, since it did look like he twisted it during the fall. He does limp on it a bit. Whenever handling a motorized vehicle, or any vehicle on that note, it is important to operate within safe circumstances. Safety should always be your primary concern. Thankfully this man was not injured. Another proof of how guys can sometimes misinterpret their abilities to handle a two-wheeled vehicle is this man who totally wrecked his bike while trying to pass between busy lanes. The street is super soaked from the rain and he zooms between the cars at high speed, losing control and slamming into one of the cars. The collision sends him into a very circus-like handstand on the handlebars, before falling somewhere in the front. We can't see how his bike ended up.

A Si-Fi Attack On A Hornets Nest By A Drone 3m45s

A Si-Fi Attack On A Hornets Nest By A Drone

This is the story that came to us from the author of this video: “I discovered the huge Bald-faced Hornets’ nest on the Hughesnet Satellite Dish. I have been attacked by Bald-faced Hornets in the past and figured the safest way to eradicate them was from behind the screen door while piloting my DJI Phantom 4 Pro. My thought was that the suction from the props would draw them in and be chopped up. I proceeded to fly the UAV near the nest, but the obstacle avoidance prevented me from getting close enough. After switching off the obstacle avoidance, I was able to fly under the nest. I discovered this from flying under the nest earlier in the day before deciding to record the video. I had already got a large number of the hornets on the first unrecorded flight. What I didn't expect was for them to get aggravated just by the sound of me launching my UAV on the second 'recorded' flight. They remembered the noise from the first time and were attacking my camera on the tripod near the nest. Once I was near or under the nest they started attacking the UAV. Then I pounded on the wall of the building to shake the dish to agitate or provoke more of them to exit the nest. By the end, I’d guess I got about 75% of them. A week or two later the remaining hornets were gone. It took about an hour to clean the UAV. Note: No UAV components were damaged during the making this video."

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Newlyweds Perform Spectacular First Dance At Wedding2m43s

Newlyweds Perform Spectacular First Dance At Wedding

For a long time now, modern wedding tradition requires that the wedding celebration be opened with the wedding dance of the bride and groom. This makes for a beautiful beginning not only for the ceremony itself but of the married life as well. Whirling in the dance, looking each other in the eyes, feeling the warmth of the beloved or loved one's hands, one can feel the whole fairy-tale atmosphere of the moment and never forget to whisper heart-warming and gentle words of love. But as it often goes, the desire to dance is, and the ability actually performs dance do not always go hand in hand. In order for the first newlyweds’ wedding dance to take place, in all its glory and detailed perfection, you must learn how to do it, and learn it fast. Then you should contact either a professional or you. The choice of a competent instructor is the first choice you should make. Their role is to help the newlyweds’ with dance instructions, the choice of dance for the wedding, and also help to see the important moments with the stage, which can greatly affect the dance. All of this will help to ensure that the production of the wedding dance was successful both for the newlyweds and for the guests. It is quite realistic that under such tutelage you can learn to dance in one to two weeks, even if you have never danced before. But, a strong will, diligence, and perseverance is prerequisite. Leave all the rest to the choreographer, except, perhaps choosing your favorite song which is crucial because the dance to that song is the most beautiful and sincere confession in your feelings and you will always remember the event by the melody of love. The video at the top of the page is just a perfect example of an amazingly choreographed and performed piece of first wedding dance. Steve and Queenie have won each-others hearts long time ago, and now, with their brilliant and incredible dance they win the hearts of their wedding guests. Enjoy!

Man Saves Distressed Dolphin Trapped In Heavy Seaweed8m33s

Man Saves Distressed Dolphin Trapped In Heavy Seaweed

There is a multitude of clips in the world wide web where kind-hearted people have gone out of their way to rid a poor wildlife creature out of its misery. Whether it is a hedgehog all caked up in mud or a swan with a broken leg, humans have set their obligations aside to help a hapless creature live another day. Sure, most of us have seen the hedgehogs in our gardens and the swans in the park, but not many of us have been fortunate enough to come across a dolphin in the wild, let alone have the opportunity to rescue it from certain demise. A family out boating in Australia came across a dolphin that got caught up in some seaweed in a sandbar. The poor animal was whistling in distress, having been tangled up in the seaweed for who knows how long. Seeing how the animal is suffering, the man ties himself to a rope with the other end tied up to the boat and get in the chilly water next to the dolphin. Naturally, the poor thing is scared of the human, probably never having been so close to one before. But with a few gentle strokes on the back and dorsal fin, it is like the dolphin understands the man is only here to provide aid. Since the water is only up to just above the man’s knees, we can only imagine how hard it must be for the dolphin to get out of the shoal. The gentle human uses his left hand to push the seaweed away, as he guides the dolphin towards the deeper water. The dolphin still looks a bit confused after the first attempt and returns back to the shallow, but our hero does not give up. Instead, he guides the dolphin one more time, ultimately convincing the mammal which way is home.

Cute Jack Russell Totally Loses It After Her Owner Mentions Squirrels54s

Cute Jack Russell Totally Loses It After Her Owner Mentions Squirrels

Callie, the energetic terrier, goes absolutely nuts at any mention of squirrels! Watch her totally lose her grip after her owner induces her to an adorable squirrel frenzy! Of course, there were actually no squirrels present, but you get the idea. Most dogs love a good squirrel hunt but chatty Callie gets worked up by just hearing her owner mention them! It should come to no surprise, as Shorty JRTs have been bred for the sole purpose of hunting small game, like foxes and badgers. The are just a bonus! But do not worry, no animal is harmed in the filming of this video. Actually, no other animal was even present at the time of shooting. Although tiny, Jack Russell Terrier dogs can be a real challenge to raise, especially if you are a busy working person. They need excessive amounts of exercise and they have the instinctive need to dig and chew everything in sight! If you are not the kind of person that could take on a puppy like the Shorty JRT, then you might want to consider a cat instead. Nevertheless, this dog breed is very popular and makes a great companion to lots of people that have the time (and energy), and is also great with kids. Plus, they look beyond adorable and are easy learners, which means that they can quickly pick up any trick you teach them.

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Friendly Bear Cub Walks Across Golf Course To Give Man A Hug1m01s

Friendly Bear Cub Walks Across Golf Course To Give Man A Hug

A curious footage has emerged of a bear cub running across a golf course just to give golfer a hug, or perhaps give him some golfing tips. Either way it sure is an incredible video! Golfers were in for quite the surprise when they spotted a black bear cub on the green, going towards them. Apparently, the little bear was lonely and decided to play a little golf with these humans! How cool is that? These two men were hoping for a nice, quiet game of golf, but the bear cub had another plan for their afternoon. Footage shows, a sweet, little bear cub walking across the golf field out of pure curiosity. It approaches one of the men and investigates him in detail by sniffing him from head to toe. It is good that the man acted so peacefully and didn’t scare the bear away, so that the other man was able to capture this adorable clip! Talking calmly while not moving a muscle, the man allows the curious cub to investigate his body completely, and in one point the animal even stands on its hind legs and rests its front paws on the man, locking hands for a quick hug! Is this the friendliest bear you have seen or what?! Cuteness overload! For a moment, the cub just stares back at the man, but soon the fun is over as the cub decides he is not into sports anyways. He quickly retreats and walks away, leaving the scene and the two men with their boring sport! The man tries to get to his senses and calm his impressions about what just happened!

Japanese Samurai Engage In Sword Fighting Midair Using Jetpacks54s

Japanese Samurai Engage In Sword Fighting Midair Using Jetpacks

As much as Samurai warriors may have liked to fight in a traditional way they are constantly looking at ways to develop their skills and fighting techniques to adapt to modern technologies. Jetpacks are lightweight and highly maneuverable and can land on confined spaces which makes it ideal for sword fighting. However Samurai warriors admit the equipment is still in early stages of development and may have to wait till 2020 to witness full fledged duel. There are two things that people associate with Japan history, Samurai and technology. This clip features a stunt sponsored by telecommunications giant SoftBank, showing two men dressed in traditional Samurai clothing wearing jetpacks and engaging in a sword fight while floating in the air. How incredible is that?! Reportedly, SoftBank has suggested this could be a future sport, but we sure don’t expect to be in the list of competitions at the 2020 Olympics. Watch this both awesome and silly video and collect ideas for your Halloween costume. We cannot help but wonder whether their mid-air flying is genuine or visual trickery? However, this incredible stunt has gone viral in no time. Take a look at the Samurai standing on the right, the warrior wearing the dark hakama, he seems to be a more experienced fighter, as he emerges victorious from their clash. Upon winning, he celebrated his victory over his opponent up in the air, like a real pro! Of course, it seems like the video was filmed using special effects, especially the steam coming out of men’s jetpacks. Nonetheless, it is still a lot of fun to watch and it is indeed epic! Featuring two men dressed like Samurai engaging in fierce sword fight mid air has sure made our day! What do you think about this crazy clip? Would you try flying midair with the help of jetpacks just for the sake of cosplay?

Generous Toddler Shares Meal With Her Three Hungry Pooches57s

Generous Toddler Shares Meal With Her Three Hungry Pooches

This is the heartwarming moment when three goofy pups gather around a toddler in hopes for a quick snack. Check out how this little girl has to defend her lunch from a pair of very hungry pooches, and cannot catch a break to get a bite! Such a precious clip! In this clip, a loving and sweet baby girl sits on a table, rounded by her three dogs, and tries to snack on some cake slices. It is hilarious how she is urged to share her food with her dogs, as they swarm her just to get a bite to eat! When parents sliced up some cakes for this cute baby girl, she immediately did something amazing with them. This compassionate toddler takes small pieces of her own dessert and shares it with her three puppies. How precious is that? This toddler may be very young, but she clearly knows that sharing is caring. Watch her share her snack with the hungry canine companions. This baby is teaching us a very valuable lesson right here. So cute! Apparently, this generous toddler loves sharing food with her dogs. Dogs and children make the best of friends, and these four bundles of joy are an adorable example of that. They play together, they nap together and they even eat together. What is lovely about this friendship, is how selflessly they share their food! This adorable toddler is sitting on the table, enjoying her tasty snack, when her friend canines decide to tag along and join in the feast. It is adorable to witness how the sneaky pooches try to grab the treat out of toddler’s tiny hand, while playing cool! This generous girl is so open-hearted that she forgets about her own tummy, and decides to share some of her food with the pooches instead. What a wonderful gesture!

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Dog Is Heartbroken When Little Girl Leaves For School26s

Dog Is Heartbroken When Little Girl Leaves For School

Legend just loves his six-year-old best friend Brooklyn, so everytime she leaves for school, he whines and cries for hours, but sure goes crazy when she comes home! Adorable! There are people who rarely think twice about leaving their pet alone when they are busy running errands. There are instances when our pets have to be left alone at home. And there are those owners who leave a piece of their soul with their pet every time they leave them. Kisses and hugs and tears all around! We wonder who takes the time to think about the impact they leave on the pet when it is left home alone. Here is a proof that dogs miss you even worse! It is a common understanding that dogs are prone to separation anxiety and it might be breaking your heart to leave them alone, but this all can be prevented with a few simple tricks, tested by dog owners around the world. We all love our dogs, they are a factory of unbearable cuteness and unwavering loyalty, clumsy but obedient. They care so deeply about us, their human companions, that they most likely even dream about us as they snooze. That, of course is why leaving them on their own is so hard for us. Whether we just go for a quick visit to the toilet or go out for a day, it’s very likely that our dog will look at us like we’re leaving him forever. Their eyes go wide, they will begin to whimper, and they will start thinking that they are left alone for good. Footage shows one overly affectionate pooch sitting in the front seat of a car, watching the little girl walk leave for the school bus. Owner filmed the entire thing on camera! Judging by the reaction this loving dog displays, he is really going to miss her and he sure knows how to show it! The moment the little girl closes the back door, the massive pooch starts to cry. His whining will give you teary eyes. Dogs are truly man’s best friend! Don’t take them for granted!

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