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Man Sings Own Version Of 'Raise Me Up' As Last Goodbye For His Brother3m11s

Man Sings Own Version Of 'Raise Me Up' As Last Goodbye For His Brother

Before we start, we need to warn you: if you watch this clip, you better have tissues close by and lots of them. Yvonne Petersen’s son Niels died suddenly and really tragically at the young age of 24. Her family was left devastated by the sudden loss. Now, we don’t have to tell you how sad funerals can be, but nothing will be more tragic than the final goodbye to someone whose life was cut way too short. Niels’s family rested easy, knowing that he volunteered as an organ donor and they found the strength to honor his young life during the ceremony. Many people showed up to pay their final respects to Niels. As a tribute, his father and sister came out to say a few words. But when Niels’s brother wanted to say something, no one in that chapel could hold back their tears. “My son, 24-years-old, died suddenly and in a very tragic way,” the mournful mother wrote on the original video. “As a goodbye, his little sister and his father spoke at the funeral, and his little brother sang “You Raise Me Up” in his own version, where the second verse was dedicated to his brother.” Our thoughts go to Niels’s family and especially to his young brother. “You Raise Me Up,” was originally composed by Norwegian duo Secret Garden, but was made popular in the U.S. by singer Josh Groban.

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Wild Crow Actually Speaks To Squirrel At Bird Feeder1m26s

Wild Crow Actually Speaks To Squirrel At Bird Feeder

A wild crow came to the bird feeder and found a big, fat squirrel feasting on the peanuts that were supposed to be for him. Squirrels and crows are enemies and never get along, especially when food is at stake, but instead of starting a fight, the crow did something unbelievable. He said "hello". Twice! He's a completely wild crow, but he can say hello in a voice that sounds much like a parrot. What's more, the crow actually understands that the word hello is a greeting. This is an amazing and heart warming story that really begins in 2011. A nest of baby crows fell out of a tree and the attempt to return them was unsuccessful. The parents did not return for the crows and time was running out. They needed to be fed every few hours at that age and a decision was made to bring the crows to Dr. Kristy Hiltz, a veterinarian at Sherbrooke Heights Animal Hospital. She was known to treat any animal that needed help. Kristy and her family took on the job of raising five noisy and very hungry crows. This meant night time feedings, screaming demands for food every few hours and lots of cleaning. Within two weeks the crows were able to fly. They began roosting in the trees outside and returning at sunrise for breakfast. Unfortunately, one of the five did not survive the early days and the family of five became four. The four crows, the famous "Freds", became known in the neighborhood for their friendliness and their mischief. They were called Russell Crow, Crow Magnon, Baby Fred, and Adventure Fred. Kristy's family tried to teach them how to say "Fred" but instead, they actually learned to say "Hello". They greeted Kristy and the kids with this each time they came back for food. The crows were taught to find worms and eat berries from bushes. They were encouraged to find their own meals and were given less prepared food as time went on. Crows are highly social, surprisingly intelligent, and they even demonstrated a sense of humor and a protective nature towards the family. They captured everybody's hearts. Amazingly, the Freds were able to join a family of wild crows that lived nearby. They became completely independent and even migrated south at the end of that summer. Kristy watched for the crows when spring came and she was thrilled to hear at least two talking crows at the bird feeder. Occasionally, a crow flying overhead would land in a nearby tree and say "hello". They would not take food from her anymore, but they would let her get closer than the truly wild crows would. In 2018, Kristy's husband, Dave, put his GoPro out at the crow feeder as he occasionally does, to record the animals that come for the daily supply of peanuts. When he reviewed the footage, he was shocked to find that one of the Freds had perched beside a cheeky squirrel and spoken. Attempts at communication between animal species is extremely rare. Kristy was also thrilled to see the adorable attempt at conversation caught on video. It is reassuring each time they speak because it tells Kristy that her crows are alive and well. It also tells her that they still remember the summer of 2011 and their human family. The full story can be seen in the video: Rescued Baby Crows Return Each Spring To Greet Their Saviors

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This Elderly Lady Proves That Age Is Just A Number1m12s

This Elderly Lady Proves That Age Is Just A Number

Age is just a number for this high energy grandma! Hilarious footage has emerged of a 94-year-old woman busting out some serious dance moves with her relatives! Her energy is contagious! Enjoy! When someone tells you you are too old for something, just give them this video and you will never hear of it again! One groovy grandma proves that you can never be too old to bust a move, as she throws down some serious moves, much to our delight. Beginning with a tentative sway from side-to-side, this 94-year-old granny proves to be quite the mover, taking the center stage on the living room, dancing along with her relatives. Shown dancing to some hip hop music, accompanied by her caretaker and by a young girl which is probably her granddaughter, the positive grandma moves like there is no tomorrow! Watch how this elderly lady twists her body to the groove in search of something that is a truer match to her vibrant character! Judging by the way this lady sways on the floor, it can be assumed that she has been a dancer her entire life, as her tidy toe-taps soon erupt into a joyous jive. The lively grandmother swings her arms side to side in perfect synchronization to her feet and the beat. Just when we thought she can’t get any groovier, she starts shaking her booty like JLo. The frail-looking lady beams throughout the entirety of her improvised routine, proving that she’s still got it. We bet this lively lady is always the life and soul of the party. She loves to keep moving her body and mind, she says it helps to keep her young. We all absolutely loved seeing her and the other relatives and friends enjoying themselves while moving to the rhythm.

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Fearless Horse Forgets He’s A Horse And Walks Right Into Wolf Pack1m02s

Fearless Horse Forgets He’s A Horse And Walks Right Into Wolf Pack

Winter can be awesome time of the year when everything is covered in a white blanket! This time of the year is perfect for long walks in the squeaky snow, making angels in the snow, engaging in snowball fight, making a snowman, you name it! And it's not just humans that love snow, this video is a sound proof that animals are equally excited about it as well! Footage shows a cheeky horse gleefully playing with around in the snow as he would if he were to be all alone. This horse chooses to ignore its surroundings, we mean all the scary looking, probably very hungry wolves and still is determined to remain on his path on having fun in the deep valley snow. Watch as the playful horse raises his front legs and playfully stands on two limbs, as he is caught up in the moment and goes full play mode! Have you ever seen anything like this? This may be the most cheerful horse we have ever seen! He is playing in the snow like a little kid, regardless the dangers of his hungry "friends". A professional wildlife photographer has captured on camera the remarkable moment a brave horse frolicked with a pack of wild wolves. The scene was filmed in Abruzzo, Italy on February 4. In the clip, the horse wanders nonchalantly among six of the predators and then even rolls in the snow as the wolves watch on. Wolves have been known to attack and kill horses, so this behavior is very unusual.

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Unsecured Sheet Of Plastic Flies Off Of Truck And Totally Engulfs SUV1m45s

Unsecured Sheet Of Plastic Flies Off Of Truck And Totally Engulfs SUV

Well, it’s safe to say that you don’t get to see this every day, and it’s a good thing too. We hear a lot of stories about crazy highway accidents but this one probably tops it all off. How else would you explain it? A large piece of heavy duty plastic flew off a dump truck on Wednesday and engulfed this SUV on Highway 52 in Inver Grove Heights. A Minnesota State Patrol trooper happened to be behind the vehicle and caught the incident on his dash cam.The driver said he saw what was about to happen and slowed down so he could pull over. The sheet wrapped itself all over the SUV, even managing to get stuck somewhere in the back of the chassis. With a bit of luck from the police officer, the driver managed to get the car untangled and go on his merry way. Luckily, this time, a lethal accident was prevented. If the driver wasn’t paying attention he could have easily crashed into the fencing or even worse, another vehicle. Another reminder why it's so important to keep your eyes on the road and off of your phone. You need to be alert to everything that surrounds you on the road, not just the signs. You can’t be sure what the other drivers around you are like. They might be the ones not paying any attention. It's also important to secure objects in a truck or trailer to avoid a potentially deadly situation. Drive safely, everyone! Credit: MnDPS

Hungry Saint Bernard Argues With Owner Over Loaf Of Bread1m39s

Hungry Saint Bernard Argues With Owner Over Loaf Of Bread

It is really hard to describe the smell of a freshly baked bread. The easiest option would be to say that it smells amazing, but it’s much more than that. Warm, baked bread smells like home, smells like memories of your mom baking it every Sunday morning and leaving it on the kitchen counter to cool. It can sometimes even smell like your siblings’ bickering over who gets the first piece and the bittersweet tears you shed whenever you eat the last morsel of it. This magic culinary oeuvre d’art smells like snippets of conversations with your grandma when you were four years old and she was teaching you how to prepare it. Essentially, warm bread smells like family and the sense of belonging. So it comes as no surprise that Bear, the Saint Bernard, would beg and plead with her owner for just one bite. The gentle giant is absolutely fascinated with her owner’s invention and is willing to whine the house down if it gets her a piece of it. Unfortunately for Bear, her mom won’t even let her near it. Don’t worry, her owner is just being the greatest mom ever looking after her baby’s health because the bread was just taken out of the oven and it was cooling down. The doggo would get her chance to eat it as soon as it’s ready and hopefully won’t eat the whole thing. Absolutely adorable!

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Fearless Jet Skier Rides On A Tidal Race2m22s

Fearless Jet Skier Rides On A Tidal Race

This mesmerizing footage captures the moment a daredevil jet skier rides a natural phenomenon in Australia known as a tidal race. The spellbinding sight, which reportedly only occurs a few times a year, is found just outside the mouth of King Sound in Western Australia – a large Gulf that opens up into the Indian Ocean. It produces standing waves up to 40 feet high and whirlpools up to 2500 feet across, cutting down 300 feet below the surface. This rare footage is believed to be the first time anyone has been filmed riding the waves. Rider Tybias Smith, 26, and his crew sought knowledge from locals before heading out to sea for their awe-inspiring adventure. Reportedly, Australia only sees this phenomenon twice a year, each time mesmerizing with its power. Legend tells of several ships that have sunk in this location over the years. This rare phenomenon is a natural occurrence where a fast-moving tide creating waves, eddies and some really hazardous currents as it passes through a constriction on the coast. Said constriction can be a passage with narrow sides or an underwater obstruction, such as a reef or a rising seabed. In extreme cases, such as Skookumchuck Narrows in British Columbia, through which tides can travel at more than 17 knots, very large whirlpools develop, which can be extremely risky to navigate. -- T&T Creative is a user generated video licensing company. We unearth, verify, package and deliver newsworthy clips to major news organizations and brands worldwide. For licensing email

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Courteous Cat Says 'Hello' To Everyone Who Visits Her12s

Courteous Cat Says 'Hello' To Everyone Who Visits Her

An elderly black cat is all about courtesy, when a shelter worker recorded the feline meowing what is a very discernible “hello”. She is 16-year-old Ruby, a black cat that has been the resident of Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary in Edenfield, Lancashire, for six weeks. She shocked volunteers at the shelter one day, when she gave them a greeting no other cat has been heard to give. The volunteer whipped out her phone just in time to record the quirky cat’s greeting and later posted it on the shelter’s Facebook page. In the clip, the volunteer can be heard gently tapping on the glass door of Ruby’s enclosure, to which the cat gives a faint meow. But when the woman says “hello”, the cat lifts her head, faces the camera and repeats the woman’s greeting with a very distinctive “hello” back! What? The volunteer teases the cat further, repeating her “hello” and surely enough, Ruby follows suit. Even when the woman says “hiya”, the feline maintains her courteous disposition. Mind your manner, young woman! The shelter’s manager Karen Weed says Ruby is truly one of a kind. She says the resident is very friendly and loves having a conversation with the staff. She stunned volunteers at the shelter after appearing to say “hello” when they would talk to her. “It was a bit of shock really. We've had talking cats before, but not one like Ruby.” On a similar note, you just have to see what this puppy tell his owner. Bosley makes it very clear how he feels about his owner. So sweet!

Tiny Ball Of Fluff Makes An Intrepid Attempt At Herding Sheep2m01s

Tiny Ball Of Fluff Makes An Intrepid Attempt At Herding Sheep

“Ewe leave this lady to me,” said the tiny ball of fluff and everyone around rolled on the ground laughing. A young pekingese puppy thought that herding sheep was just another day at the doggy park, so he thought he should have a go at it. Percy is his name and he is full of pluck! It may have been just another day at the farm for his owners, but for Percy, it was a good opportunity to build up his resume for the future. Such ambition for such a small creature. He is only 16 weeks old, but with the two older and highly trained sheepdogs, Percy took an apprenticeship that is way out of his area of expertise. Still, when you see a cloud of fur running at you, you will run just to be safe! The footage shows the round ball of fur that is Percy, with the two Kelpie dogs, attempting to corral a rogue adult sheep. Obviously unaware of his size, the Pekingese chases the much larger sheep like it is the last thing he will ever do, barking at it - or rather, yelping - with his mighty voice. His owners are having a blast watching him and so are we! What really threw us off was the sheep looking at the camera at one point, as if in disbelief of what is unfolding in front of her. Still, when that squeaking toy dog pounces at her hooves, she is scared. Who knows, maybe that thing breathes fire! He may not scare the sheep into submission with his size, but his ironclad determination really leaves an impact on the animal. Who knows, he may become a great sheepdog one day! We needed a good laugh like this to start the day. Be sure to share this clip with your friends, it will make their day as well! Credit: YouTube/Bearkayla’s channel via Storyful

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Ship Launching Goes Wrong And Makes Spectators Run For Dry Land38s

Ship Launching Goes Wrong And Makes Spectators Run For Dry Land

It has been maritime tradition since man could travel on water. Every new watercraft that is ready to be launched into operation receives a ceremonial launch. Ship launching imposes stresses on the ship not met during normal operation, in addition to the size and weight of the vessel, and it represents a considerable engineering challenge as well as a public spectacle. The process also involves many traditions intended to invite good luck, such as christening by breaking a sacrificial bottle of champagne over the bow as the ship is named aloud and launched. Nowadays most ship launches are performed stern first, so as long as the shoreline allows it. When the shipyard is near a channel, the ships are built parallel to the shore and launched sideways. This way, the meeting of the metal beast and the water creates a splash of water so big, it covers yards of land on the launch side. Spectators have always found ship launching to be quite the spectacle to behold, so many gather around for watch them. These people, however, seem to have forgotten how big a splash can a freighter of this size create the moment it touches the water. Even as the wave was approaching the dry land they were standing on, nobody seems to think to move just a few feet backwards. But when the water hit the shore, people started to panic and run backwards. All but one gentleman escaped the tidal wave. We hope he brought a change of pants. Click subscribe: In this episode of Viral Video UK: Ship launch wave fail! Find us on Facebook: Tweet us on Twitter: For licensing please contact Check us out at Subscribe now

Cat Enjoys Her Game Of Troubling A Nice Husky1m35s

Cat Enjoys Her Game Of Troubling A Nice Husky

Real friendships do not just exist in the world of humans, animals enjoy them too. And not just some same-breed animals in the forest or the zoo or the jungle, but cats and dogs, my friends. You did not think that cats and dogs can be friends, did you? Not just ordinary friends but best friends for life? Then, reconsider your thoughts and think twice before you watch this video. It proves that not only cats and dogs can hang out together but like in every friendship, friends are real record-breakers in getting on each other’ nerves. A baby walker is a real hideout for this cat. Not only the cat knows how to annoy the husky, she also knows the perfect timing to stop the torment. With the first jump off she lands on the husky’s back without any success into engaging him into her mischievous play. The second time, the cat slowly approaches the husky, wrapping around his neck, but this husky is so polite and meek, a real friend, he does not want to harm her in any way possible. The husky just bites her gently so to show her his affection. Oh dear, this cat will never give up. What a pain in the neck, the dog must think. For this dog obviously, the cat is an unavoidable nuisance but chasing his own tail is so exciting, does he actually thinks he would catch it? And the cat again finds the perfect opportunity to be a real trouble and no sooner the husky calms down, we see her persistently giving her best in her play until she gets what she wants – a game of bite and release.

Adorable Baby Girl Flexes Muscles With Dad In Front Of Mirror22s

Adorable Baby Girl Flexes Muscles With Dad In Front Of Mirror

There's strong, and then there's baby strong! We might see them as the most adorable softies that we would like to cuddle forever and ever, but they are a bunch of tough iron-willed individuals. Watch as 8-month-old baby Hadley shows off a muscle flex with dad while getting ready for a bath. Now that's a cute moment! We’re just glad that her parents thought to record the hilarity of the situation. Even though she is only 8 months old, baby Hadley is already one tough little lady! If you need proof, just check out this video of Hadley and her dad measuring each other’s gains! In their video that is steadily climbing the viral ladder, Hadley’s little arms are just the usual pinchable little nubs, but with dad’s encouragement, she’s probably seeing Wonder Woman in the mirror! Dad’s getting a workout as well, what with all the belly laughs he’s getting! Little Hadley can’t stop humoring her dad by flexing her arms in front of her. Little does she know that she looks like the cutest ballerina preparing to do a plie, rather than a weightlifter, but we don’t mind one bit. A dad is precious to every girl, because they can teach them about self-sufficiency and toughness, among many other qualities. They can help them fight the wrongs and do the right s in this world. Looks like Hadley will have no problem with either one! Good job, dad!

Bulldog Is Not Satisfied With The Amount Of Food In The Bowl, Goes Straight To The Source1m43s

Bulldog Is Not Satisfied With The Amount Of Food In The Bowl, Goes Straight To The Source

A hilarious footage has emerged of a greedy pup helping himself to a second dinner without owner’s permission. Porkchop the English Bulldog was caught on hidden camera in the act of stealing some crunchy cat treats from the kitchen cabinet! What a greedy pup! When the dog food was disappearing and the dog was constantly hungry, it was clear that something was amiss. Suspecting that the dog was not getting everything that was set out for him, this family set up hidden cameras to investigate the case. This is what they found out? Footage show a bulky pooch entering the kitchen and rushing to its bowl to feast on the dog food, controlled largely by his appetite. The bowl is empty in no time, but Porkchop’s belly is still vacant. Moments later, the sneaky pooch opens the cabinet door to find delicious goodies and is heard happily crunching its hunger away, testing his luck as he sneaks into the kitchen cabinet for some dessert. Can you believe this pup? Greedy pooches are known for jumping on tables or on kitchen counters in order to steal their owner's food from under their noses! So if your pooch is behaving like greedy Porkchop here, make sure to set the boundaries straight. Make sure to have them understand which food is their to eat and which isn't and by all means do not feed them scraps from your own dinner table! Porkchop’s greed and healthy appetite make him do a lot of things that he shouldn't, like sneaking into the kitchen cabinet and stealing food from owners, without their knowledge. He is all nose and stomach and short on common sense. So after he guzzle's his own kibble, he wanders over to the cabinet and sniffs out food, and decides it's worth to take risk. Little did he know there were cameras installed, and his shameful act was caught on camera!

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Kitty Is Very Displeased With An Unexpected Visitor2m01s

Kitty Is Very Displeased With An Unexpected Visitor

This is the intense moment when an extremely vocal cat starts challenging his rival to a cat fight by fiercely meowing through a glass door. The bristly cat starts begging owner to open the front door in order to go outside and fight. When Jacob sees another male cat on the other side of the glass door, staring at him urging him to surrender, he immediately gets tough and wants to pick a fight with his rival, so he cries to his owners to let him out! Listen to the incredible speaking skills this Russian feline possesses, he sounds like he is saying ‘open the door’ in Russian! This cat expands its meowing skills and almost starts speaking human just to make owner understand that he is ready to fight for his territory and masculinity! Male cats have strange ways of showing who is in charge! Footage shows the extreme vocal skills this bristly cat possesses while putting them vocal cords in practice, trying to prove a point and stand his ground in the cat fight! The tough cat is continuously begging his owner to open the door, so that he can confront the other male cat, standing on the other side of the glass door, challenging him to a duel. He's a very unique cat, not afraid of anything or anyone including the cat standing on the other side of the door, trying to pick a fight! We knew that pets can be a lot of work to raise, but who would have thought they would be this much of a challenge? Sure, you have to feed them, play with them and make sure they are happy and healthy which is already a big enough challenge, but what is even more challenging is when they argue, telling you what to do! That is just a typical cat behavior! The tough Russian cat wants to go outside, but his owners won’t allow him, after which he stubbornly meows back! We are surprised by the way he persist to beg and meow, standing in front of the door, staring back at his rival!

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Kid Makes It Clear What He's Doing On The Toilet1m36s

Kid Makes It Clear What He's Doing On The Toilet

Who would have thought that spending time on the potty would be such a complicated event? This adorable toddler explicitly shows that sometimes being on a potty can be extremely complex - like piecing a puzzle made of 500 puzzle pieces. The video will not only brighten your day but it will leave you with a long-lasting smile on your face. A charming toddler is experiencing the most intricate thing in his tiny little world. At first, we do not really understand his babble talk because one can never make out blabbing, especially if a child is in the process of learning how to speak clearly. However, in some situations a picture is worth a thousand words and words are nothing but redundant here. This little kid, in all his cuteness, is trying to tell his dad that what he is about to do on the potty. His honest and elaborate sigh is only implicating that what he is doing demands a real effort. The sigh is accompanied by holding his head in his chubby hands as if he is on the verge of solving the most baffling problem in the world. And doing ‘that’ thing on the toilet is actually a big deal. The toddler admits his ‘crimes’ and he pulls a pretentiously distorted face with a long frown just to back up his confession. One can only laugh at this drama queen kid and his acting abilities surmount the masquerade. The only thing that is left is to go with the flow and acknowledge that he relieved himself and the sound of it makes it more real. As with any child, the potty event turns into a play until his dad reminds him that he has finished with his work for today. Little children are jewels!

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This Kid Could Become The Next Great Irish Country Music Star2m28s

This Kid Could Become The Next Great Irish Country Music Star

This 14-year-old boy called Owen Mac presents his incredible singing abilities from his home in Northern Ireland. With a microphone in his hands and fashionable haircut, ‘on stage’ in is his living room, this boy sings a traditional Irish song which makes him even more miraculous because traditional Irish music is not that easy to get into. But he does that with such an easiness and the sound of his voice is so mellow that one can listen to it without a break. The room is full of love, the beloved ones are photographed and put up on the walls that only adds up to the positive vibrations of the place. Owen is well on his way to becoming a sensation in Ireland as he magnificently covers this incredible song. His angelic voice instantly captures one’s attention and his ability to charm the audience with his Irish songs is something to behold. We are sure that this boy is destined to become a great star in the world of music and we are sure that he would perform a duet at a tribute concert with some famous names from the music industry one day. He must be grateful for such rich and powerful and yet calm and steady voice just as his audience is very happy and thankful for his gift. We are confident that Owen will have a full Cd for all of us to purchase before too long and no doubt the news will be all over the Internet. Keep up the great work Owen. Everyone is so proud of you!

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Sloth Bear Chases Away Tiger In Attempt To Save Her Cub3m04s

Sloth Bear Chases Away Tiger In Attempt To Save Her Cub

We know that animal fights come with the territory. But when it comes to defending their babies, an animal will go beyond their assumed strength just to protect their little ones from an unwanted usurper. The footage shows a mother bear and her cub searching for water. As soon as the tiger saw the bear heading towards the water, the big cat viciously charged at her in front of her cub. There is always a scarcity of water in places like this and it can be particularly difficult for animals to get a drink in the high temperatures as many tigers dominate the water holes. The sloth bear shows her incredible defending abilities trying to protect her little one. The bear has no choice but to fend off the enemy. She is bravely fighting back against the big cat as her distressed young cub helplessly watches on from sidelines. The mother bear goes still when the adult tiger pins her to the ground and sinks his fangs into her neck. But despite suffering serious injuries, the bear manages to struggle free and begins to chase the male tiger away. The fight is pretty long and severe, the tiger is roaring and the video shows the pair bury their teeth into each other’s flesh during the brutal clash near the body of water. Finally, the sloth bear manages to chase the tiger away despite suffering serious injuries in the attack. There is nothing more powerful than the maternal instinct and here it helped the bear to defend her little one.

Watch What Happens When You Drop Ice Down A 295 Foot Deep Borehole9s

Watch What Happens When You Drop Ice Down A 295 Foot Deep Borehole

We always knew that science is an amazing subject, especially if you knew how to put it to work, but this has blows our minds beyond anything we have ever seen or heard for that matter! In a video shot by climate scientist Peter Neff shows the sound that a chunk of glacial ice makes when dropped down a 300-foot long borehole in an Antarctic glacier. From start to finish, it is something we never would have expected and we are beyond puzzled. But as with everything else science-related, this too, has a perfectly good explanation. Peter says: “During a November 2015 to January 2016 deployment to Taylor Glacier, Antarctica on a research trip funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation and supported by the United States Antarctic Program. Our camp was fascinated by the sound of the ice scraping against the borehole wall, shattering into thousands of pieces and then slamming at once into the bottom of the 90 m-deep hole—sending reverberations back to the surface that likely would have caused hearing damage if you placed your ear directly above the hole. “Over a challenging two-month season working on this cold, windy glacier, it was a favourite past-time to put a piece of ice down one of the holes to hear this incredibly satisfying sound.” In case you were wondering, a borehole is a long and narrow hole dug into the ground to access minerals for research for pretty much anything. Or in this case, to throw a chunk of ice down into it and clap like little kid over the sound it makes. Your choice.

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This Abandoned Suburb Is The Third Largest City In California2m20s

This Abandoned Suburb Is The Third Largest City In California

Abandoned suburbs are a new phenomenon, destined to become dystopian slums, strange perturbations forming on the outermost rims of our cities. But what of suburbs that failed equally spectacularly because they were never even built in the first place? In the desert, 100 miles northeast of Los Angeles, is a place called California City. Founded in 1958 by a real estate developer named Nat Mendelsohn, California City was intended to be the state’s next great metropolis. The dream faded quickly. Among the reasons why it has never become a normal city are that in clearing the area for development it lead to an increase in dust storms. Now, the "third largest" city in California is an empty mirage of suburbia in the middle of nowhere. Seen on a map, hundreds of miles of named streets cut through the desert area known as California City, ending in cul-de-sacs, and looking much like a large suburban community. It is by this metric of its geographical size, that California City can lay claim to being the third largest city in California. However, on closer inspection one quickly notices something missing: houses. There is absolutely nothing lining these streets, no houses, no electric grid, nothing. The roads form an empty ghost-grid, a mirage of suburbia still waiting to be filled. Seen from above it looks almost like the remnants of some ancient culture, ritual lines cut in the desert. California City has become something much more interesting - an optical training system for Air Force pilots and skydivers, as well as an oddly beautiful example of misguided optimism. It is now a spatial anomaly, an unintentional piece of monumental land art, perhaps destined to someday be as archaeologically mysterious as Stonehenge.

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Burly Dog Is Enchanted By Baby's Laughter1m00s

Burly Dog Is Enchanted By Baby's Laughter

A Cane Corso dog can be so quiet when indoors and Neo, an 11-month-old, is a true reflection of his breed’s characteristics. The opening of the video reveals an absolutely relaxed and distressed surrounding. Neo lying in his armchair like a real couch potato, totally surrendered to the calamity of the peaceful atmosphere of his home but still watchful in case something happens that demands his specialty. Resting aimlessly with no particular purpose on his mind, all of a sudden Neo is caught in a weird laugh. Where does it come from? And how can such a loud and powerful laugh be produced by a baby ?This dog can’t believe it. Instead of spending his day idly, he is listening to the baby’s laughter in a baffled way, not sure what to expect next. Puzzled by the continuous laughter, at the very beginning Neo just tilts his head left to right, until he realizes that this laughter is not going away. In all that amazement, the pooch gets up slowly, swinging his head more attentively when he decides to get off the armchair and check out for himself what on earth is that laughter about. Cane Corso is a mastiff breed from Italy. Though it looks very athletic, stout and of strong built, people should never be afraid of this breed because his natural instinct is of a guard dog . The Cane Corso is confident, reserved and alert to its surroundings. Like most dogs, it is eager to please its owner and is very obedient when trained. It forms strong bonds with its owner and is very protective of them. His docile and affectionate nature makes it a perfect pet for families with children. It looks like quite dominant but will always respect the people who look after it.

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Check Out This 10-Year-Old Totally Crushing A Van Halen Guitar Solo2m54s

Check Out This 10-Year-Old Totally Crushing A Van Halen Guitar Solo

Music is found in every known culture since the beginning of time, it has always served as a way to connect people to one another, to themselves and sometimes to their past and their memories. We believe most of the older generations are still attached to the music back in the days, for example, the rock music! Rock music became the dominant form of popular music, new bands built on their predecessors’ strengths while branching out into the new sonic territory. However, not only the elderly are fans of the rock music. Some young people also tend to love the hard-edged music performed with electric guitars, bass, and drums and usually accompanied by lyrics sung by a vocalist. This amazing guitar player is Eddie, he is 10 years old and has only been playing guitar for two years and he's quite amazing! Garrett is playing "Eruption" by Eddie Van Halen in front of 300 people at his strings concert. He is such a talented boy, we know he is going to be a future rock star! Absolutely awesome guitar skills little man. Keep it up! You'll be killing it in no time! Great choice of a song and a role model also, as Eddie Van Halen revolutionized the way rock guitar is played. Undoubtedly, rock music will keep evolving in the future, drawing from its rich history while continuing to keep its ear open for the next sonic reinvention.

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At 4 Feet Long, This Is New York's Biggest Cat2m48s

At 4 Feet Long, This Is New York's Biggest Cat

Meet Samson, New York's biggest cat - weighing 28 pounds and measuring an incredible four foot in length. The hulking feline is chauffeured around in his very own super-size carriage and spends his downtime playing fetch - just like a dog. The insatiable kitty eats six cans of food a day to feed his massive appetite. Despite popular belief, Samson is not a cross between a bear and a Persian cat. Can you even imagine that? Actually, he is a maine Coon, a cat breed known for their hulking sizes. He is the proud owner of DJ Jonathan Zurbel, who says: "I just watched his weight start to grow and grow. "I went to the vet and she said this is the largest cat we have in the registry. I decided to claim that name and claim that throne." Jonathan inherited the cat from his brother and dedicated himself to making Samson a celebrity on Instagram. Being a celebrity feline on social media doesn’t just make you look good, it works wonders for your entourage as well! Jonathan says that he has changed his love life completely, as many girls want to come over and meet the big fella. But having a big cat means having even bigger responsibilities. Jonathan had to get him a huge litter box and even a dog carrier and a dog leash! All joking aside, Jonathan hopes that Samson’s fame will help promote cat adoption. He says: "I like to share him with people and that’s really the goal - just get him out there. “I want to spread pet ownership and encourage people to adopt because there’s lots of cats out there that need homes.” Since he is convinced he has the largest cat in New York, a challenger is invited to come and say they have a bigger feline pet! The four-year-old Maine Coon has now reached celebrity status due to his impressive stature - and has amassed over 104,000 followers on Instagram. For more information, visit

Stubborn Husky Furious He Can't Bury His Treat Outside1m31s

Stubborn Husky Furious He Can't Bury His Treat Outside

Zeus is a stubborn and independent Siberian Husky that is athletic and loves the great outdoors. He is also a notorious escape artist, managing to foil fences, screen doors, garages and other holding devices. He needs a fenced yard that is sunk in the ground to prevent these escapes. And why does he so persistently want to go outside? Is it just to bury his prize or is it just his nature? Zeus simply does not care. He will not give up unless his desire is satisfied. He is playful and light on his feet and requires vigorous exercise like running, hiking and biking every day because he is born to run. And this continuous charade of not letting him go outside only agitates him and intensifies his wish. His exotic, wolf-like appearance makes him appealing and because he likes being active whenever he is outside, he plays with the vigor of a puppy. Without such exercise, Zeus can be massively destructive. This husky has an energy and endurance to spare and the word NO is not in his vocabulary. He makes his owner clearly aware that as long as she does not let him out, he will stand at the back door with the rawhide in his mouth. And what is more, he will go on howling obstinately and does not have any intention of stopping the ear-piercing cry. If his owner can stash prized possession in a vault, ban, safe-deposit box or under a mattress, he can do it too in the backyard hole. In order to maintain his happiness, the owner finally lets him out but without his toy. Nevertheless, he is equally happy as long as he can run, romp and play outside.

Strange Atmospheric Sounds Recorded In Iowa2m31s

Strange Atmospheric Sounds Recorded In Iowa

There are a lot of things that we can not explain to ourselves. We are drifting in a place that is just not close enough to reach the explanation about exactly how we came to be as species, about us after we cease to exist in this form, about other lives in the Universe and on our planet and about the reason why someone would invent such a thing as a fidget spinner. But all joking aside, sometimes we just can’t stop but feel that maybe, just maybe, there is something out there waiting for us to find it. What if all of those unexplained sounds and sightings in nature are just a way of communication, a way of telling us that we shouldn’t give up on our search to find the hidden? Matthew N. captured footage featuring apparent atmospheric sounds in Davenport, Iowa. What do you think it might be? We are still not sure what those sounds remind us of, but one thing is for sure - they do sound eerie. It’s something we might hear in a scene of the Lord of the Rings franchise or the Game of Thrones series. The suspense of waiting to see the outcome after the noise has stopped is killing us, but we honestly can’t know, and we might never find out. What are your thoughts about this? Do you have any idea about the origin of this sound? Make sure you tell us what you think in the comments down below.

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