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Phoenix firefighter saves a life39s

Phoenix firefighter saves a life

A Phoenix firefighter was in the right place at the right time as his truck came across a person who was in need of a rescue near I-17 and Camelback Road.

Published: March 22, 2018
Zuckerberg says Facebook made 'mistakes' on data1m28s

Zuckerberg says Facebook made 'mistakes' on data

Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg apologizes for mistakes his company made in how it handled data belonging to 50 million of its users and promised tougher steps to restrict developers' access to such information. Grace Lee reports.

Racoons Really like Cookie Crisps1m01s

Racoons Really like Cookie Crisps

Occurred on December 9, 2016 / Glen Cove, New York, USA Info from Licensor: "I'm Jim Coniglione, and I live in Glen Cove, NY, right behind a nature preserve. I took to feeding a raccoon who was in my backyard, and then another raccoon came along, and before you knew it, an army of raccoons was gathering on my back porch every night. I feed them various delicious treats, like dog food, pancakes, cereal, dog or in this case, cookie crisps. They're like family to me!"

Frosty Thursday morning, slightly warmer1m36s

Frosty Thursday morning, slightly warmer

Thursday is also sunny, and the wind is light, but high temps only creep into the lower 40s before a light lake breeze develops and drops areas near the lake into the 30s.  Inland areas will be in the mid 40s all afternoon.

Kids Show Amazing Teamwork for Traditional Dance1m56s

Kids Show Amazing Teamwork for Traditional Dance

Occurred on March 14, 2018 / Public School, Chihuahua, Mexico Info from Licensor: "The video shows a trial of the dance of the huahuas de puebla, with 4 children flying on the cross which is part of the dance in question, example of security, confidence, teamwork and discipline."

Kindergartener's Energetic Weather Report Goes Viral1m34s

Kindergartener's Energetic Weather Report Goes Viral

Carden Corts is only in kindergarten, but he is already displaying a talent that can lead to a rewarding acting career. In this video, filmed for a school project, Carden delivers a weather report that would put professional anchors to shame! The video gained over 670,000 views on YouTube within 12 hours after it was uploaded on March 21. Credit: Charlie Corts via Storyful

The 5 Pillars of Islam Explained5m02s

The 5 Pillars of Islam Explained

The 5 Pillars of Islam Explained. SUBSCRIBE: INSTAGRAM: Islam is based on tenets that are known as the Five Pillars, are the 5 obligations that for a Muslim to live a good and responsible life. The Quran (koran) presents them as a framework for worship and a sign of commitment to their faith. What are these 5 pillars of Islam and is their purpose? WATCH MORE FTD FACTS: The Reason Why Islam Is The Fastest Growing Religion: 10 Differences Between Shia and Sunni Muslims: LATEST UPLOADS: POPULAR VIDEOS: FOLLOW US: Leroy Kenton: Facebook: Twitter: FTD Facts brings you the most interesting facts about countries, people, history, and more. New videos uploaded daily!!