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How to create your own BB-8 out of an orange30s

How to create your own BB-8 out of an orange

Learn how you can recreate the lovable BB-8 from 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' right from your own home using nothing more than a orange and a clementine!

Published: June 1, 2016Updated: June 3, 201628,621 viewsVirality: 755%
Skydivers make landings in the heart of bustling city2m01s

Skydivers make landings in the heart of bustling city

What better place to land than smack dab in the middle of a busy city?! Check out these skydivers as they make repeated landings into crowed parks and streets while paragliding out of a plane. Awesome!

Published: March 1, 2016Updated: March 2, 201684,718 viewsVirality: 600%
2-year-old shows of his skiing skills2m02s

2-year-old shows of his skiing skills

Even though he is only 2 years old, Kasper Treadway is going to be extremely impressive on a pair of skis. Check out his amazing skills at performs jumps and masters rail slides while at Big White in British Columbia, Canada. How is he so good?!

Published: February 11, 2016Updated: February 12, 20165,698 viewsVirality: 458%
Cheeky Gorilla Youngster Smacks Adult On Her Nose35s

Cheeky Gorilla Youngster Smacks Adult On Her Nose

Meet the Lope the cheeky gorilla youngster from the Twycross Zoo in England. Follow all his silly antics here on Rumble. In an earlier popular video you saw him having a go at his baby brother ( Now it's Asantes turn to be on his receiving end. It's feeding time and Lope had more than his share to eat, but Asante seems to have something that Lope wants. He's getting close to her, has a smell of what she is chewing, but Asante is in no mood for sharing and pushes Lope out of the way to move on. What does Lope do...he decides to give her a smack on the nose, repeatedly! Asante doesn't seem to be that bothered by Lopes action and takes it all in her stride. Lope is becoming quite the lovable rogue with his human teenager like attitude. His favorite moves include strut like a human through his enclose, his little commando rolls, swinging his arms and jumping in the air. In the other Lope videos you can see the other family members: Oumbi is Lopes Dad, a big silverback. Ozala is the mom and she has her hands full keeping the one year old named Shufai and Lope on good terms, grandma Bidi and Asante that you saw in this video. Lope was born on the morning of 3rd January 2013.

Published: October 30, 2017Updated: October 31, 20176,082 viewsVirality: 438%
Stunning waterspouts appear off Portugal coast1m44s

Stunning waterspouts appear off Portugal coast

A waterspout is essentially a tornado over water, and in this case we manage to see one form and disappear right in front of us! Watch this natural phenomena travel across the ocean off the small fisherman town of Praia da Cova do Vapor in Costa da Caparica, 15 kilometers from Lisbon.

Published: December 30, 2015Updated: January 5, 2016184,464 viewsVirality: 403%
Mind-bending levitation by nanoscience student2m51s

Mind-bending levitation by nanoscience student

This nanoscience student from Guelph University demonstrates how he can make an object levitate in several ways. He first makes a ceramic plate float along a circular magnetic track. He then makes the same plate 'lock' in mid-air and levitate. He can even spin it in the air!

Get lost in the stunning beauty captured by this drone!1m25s

Get lost in the stunning beauty captured by this drone!

Just outside Seattle, Washington is the Snoqualmie Pass, known as one of the most beautiful mountain areas in the United States. 'AboveSeattle' shares with us their drone footage of a sunny day full of snow, pine trees, and mountains. Beautiful!

Published: December 17, 2015Updated: December 18, 201519,189 viewsVirality: 334%
Epic heli wingsuit skydives from above the clouds1m17s

Epic heli wingsuit skydives from above the clouds

It has been said that life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage. These skydivers live by that code as they perform some incredible wingsuit skydiving from high above the clouds.

Published: March 28, 2016Updated: March 29, 201669,275 viewsVirality: 333%
Skier paraglides through clouds and the result is breathtaking!2m28s

Skier paraglides through clouds and the result is breathtaking!

Most of us would not dare to conduct these types of extreme sports with zero visibility, so we are thankful that this daredevil does it for us! Watch what happens when he skis and paraglides right into a massive abyss of fog above the Stubaital alpine valley in Austria. Totally worth it!

Published: March 10, 2016Updated: March 11, 201630,660 viewsVirality: 333%
Kids nervous about diving 500 feet underwater in sub8m30s

Kids nervous about diving 500 feet underwater in sub

In CuraƧao, a Dutch Caribbean island, you can take a trip far below the surface of the water where sunlight disappears and strange creatures live in the depths. This family will travel 500 feet down in a tiny submersible, a small vehicle designed to operate underwater - similar to the ones used by James Cameron. But are these kids brave enough for the adventure of a lifetime? Let's find out!

Published: April 8, 2016Updated: April 15, 201622,287 viewsVirality: 302%