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Crybaby English Bulldog requires tons of attention37s

Crybaby English Bulldog requires tons of attention

Unlike other English Bulldogs who just want to sleep all day, this bulldog requires a lot of attention from people. He is very spoiled and communicative. Whenever his owner is trying to work from home and needs space she appears and demands full attention!

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Top 10 Small Details in The Big Bang Theory You Never Noticed6m26s

Top 10 Small Details in The Big Bang Theory You Never Noticed

You have to watch the show through a microscope to spot these. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Small Details in The Big Bang Theory You Never Noticed. For this list, we’ll be looking at details in the show that are so subtle you probably didn’t even know they were there.

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Gender reveal prank ends with a bang2m02s

Gender reveal prank ends with a bang

The time had come. Ryan and Megan had chosen that they wanted to know the gender of their baby. Three months into her pregnancy and she was getting eager to know whether the new little Ferguson was going to a boy or a girl. Of course either way that little baby is going to be loved more than anything. With both sides of the family quite close this was a very exciting time. Megan's sisters had thought hard and done all the planning of the type of reveal this was going to be. Ryan and Megan wanted this to be a big surprise for them. Kelly and Dana got very creative and even had rules. Upon the game commencing the noise and anxiety rose for almost everyone in attendance. Ryan had friends from elementary school, yes his kindergarten class, and Megan had many of her close friends as well. Elsa, Ryan's step mom had prepared an incredible meal for all the guests making this a wonderful evening of friends and family. Working their way through the first stage of the reveal was fun. Soon everyone was seeing the balloons showing this was going to be a girl.... but then there was a twist. You will see the expression on Megan's face when Ryan and her are down to the last two balloons. One boy and one girl balloon. Which will have the surprise inside? One, Two, Three... Now you will have to watch the video to see the outcome. Keep an eye on the picture in picture inset and catch the SUPER EXCITEMENT of Ryan's step mom, it is classic. What a great evening this was. Many were surprised which gender the little surprise was, all because many had the same "feeling" as to the gender. Very joyful outcome with tears of joy and many hugs for the soon to be new mom and dad. Ryan and Megan, here comes the most exciting time of your lives. Bella the family dog is sure to make for a great "big sister".