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Expecting Parents Pop Giant Balloons To Reveal Their Twin's Genders46s

Expecting Parents Pop Giant Balloons To Reveal Their Twin's Genders

These parents found a creative way to reveal the gender of their twins before friends and family. They each pop a big black balloon, as tension rises. Starting a family is certainly one of the most special moments in people's lives. Parents are often very excited about the sex of their baby, so they decide to make a celebration out of it by organizing this kind of gender reveal parties to share baby's gender with close family and friends. Gender reveal parties are trending among today’s expectant parents. Parents gather a group of friends and family together and reveal the baby's gender and celebrate the biological sex of the baby. Most often, these gender reveal parties include sealed boxes filled with balloons, based on baby's gender i.e. pink balloons are used if the baby is a girl and blue balloons are used if the baby is a boy. These parents tried another creative way to reveal the gender of their twins. They each hold one big black balloon. Mom has balloon A and dad has balloon B and they are both anxiously waiting to pop the balloons as family is filming and cheering with joy. First goes the mother, she pops the balloon and blue confetti start flying all over the place. Everyone cheers and tears of joy appear on parents' faces. Now is the turn of the father, he waits for a while, everyone counts down from 5 to 1 and he pops the second balloon. Pink confetti starts flying in the air! What an amazing way to find out that you are expecting a boy and a girl! Cheers to the parents!

Published: October 9, 2017Updated: October 13, 2017120,128 viewsVirality: 89%
Dog Mistakes Man For Fire Hydrant1m07s

Dog Mistakes Man For Fire Hydrant

A street camera in Brazil captured a guy sitting on a curb minding his own business when a dog comes up behind him, lifts his leg, and pees on his back. It takes the man a second to realize what happened, after which he chases after the dog. This footage shows the funny moment captured by CCTV on an early Friday morning, on October 13, 2017, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil when a dog mistakes a man for fire hydrant! A man is sitting down on the curb and looking at his phone when a white dog strolls up behind the man and smells his back. After a few sniffs, the dog comes to the conclusion that this is a perfectly fine place to urinate, so he pulls his leg up and lets loose. Seemingly unaware of what is going on behind him, the man shoots up of his feet and feels his back after the liquid seeps into his shirt. The dog is quick enough and manages to avoid the swinging boot of the man who wants revenge. A brown dog then strolls up to the man after he has taken his top off to examine the damage, where he then walks away in disgust. This footage may seem funny to those of you who haven't experienced something like this, however, for those of us who have, condolences to the poor man!

Published: October 16, 201740,202 viewsVirality: 19%
Drug Addicted Dog In Afghanistan Gets A Second Chance At Life46s

Drug Addicted Dog In Afghanistan Gets A Second Chance At Life

This wonderful dog hasn't had much luck in life, she lived on the streets as a stray dog, alone and abandoned, until a rescue team came along and gave her a second chance at life. Take a look at how she recovered and how wonderful she looks today! Nesha is an eight-month-old dog that was addicted to drugs because she lived in Kabul, Afghanistan where there were many drug addicts. Nesha's owner would give her drugs three times a day, if missed she would start shaking and would bang her head against the wall. Nowzad charity is rescuing stray and abandoned animals in Afghanistan. When they saw news coverage on this dog on the local media they immediately took action and went to rescue her. It is so unfortunate how many stray dogs suffer and live a nasty street life, but thanks to the noble charities, they will eventually all be nurtured and rescued to safety. With great difficulties they finally convinced the owner and brought the dog to the Nowzad clinic where their capable team of local Afghan vets treated Nasha until she fully recovered from her addition. Nowzad charity is interested in your generous donations which will help them save many more dogs just like Nesha. Please support Nowzad because your donations can make a difference, thank you.

Published: October 9, 2017Updated: October 13, 201722,240 viewsVirality: 7%
English Bulldog Shares Kisses With Wild Manatee54s

English Bulldog Shares Kisses With Wild Manatee

While Kayaking with his English Bulldog, a Florida man encountered a group of five playful manatees who were keeping them company and swam by their kayak. This English Bulldog named Frapp approached one of the manatees, they scrubbed their noses, kissed and played for a while. So cool! Manatees are large, fully aquatic, mostly herbivorous marine mammals sometimes known as sea cows. One sea cow took this friendship to the next level and swam around the kayak before mustering up the courage to offer a nose kiss with the dog. It is very interesting to see how this Bulldog is overly excited to see the manatee move in the water, he follows his every move, like he wants to use telepathy to tell him to come to the surface. Luckily, this manatee does read minds and slowly after he takes his head off water and greets the dog. Frapp has an ongoing love affair with manatees and seeks them out daily ever since. Too bad, these two lovebirds are separated by land and sea. Animals have feelings, too, and don't mind the differences when it comes to love at first sight. This, indeed, is a strange friendship to begin with, but as long as they are both happy, they can continue enjoying their adorable encounters and share a smooch or two.

Published: October 5, 2017Updated: October 13, 201715,761 viewsVirality: 3%