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Cute Labrador sliding down the stairs with joy15s

Cute Labrador sliding down the stairs with joy

You can not deny it! All dogs are simply adorable pets and no wonder they are called ‘A man’s best friend’. They find amusement in such a hilarious stuff in the house or outside of it. Lucky for us, their owners are always there to record those funny moments and share them with us! Labrador retrievers are so lovable. These silly dogs get into all kinds of mischief. With their sweet and kind behavior, they are surely one of the most entertaining companions you can have. Such as this charming young pup in the video. Going down the stairs can be hard for young puppies to handle. This perky doggo named Bracken can’t wait to show his owner a new trick he has learned. As soon as he sees the camera, his demonstration begins. The thoughtful puppy, decides to surf down the stairs on its belly, rather than walking on his legs. Just look at how excited he is. It seems like that he’s never been allowed to play in an amusement park, so he decides to improvise a way to have fun. We find this so ridiculous! Sit back and watch as this adorable Labrador puppy goes sliding down the stairs with style! He is a big dog now, but according to his owners, he still does it occasionally, well with a little less elegance than before! If you like cute and funny videos of dogs and pets, comment below and share your own stories with us! Enjoy!

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 Silly Pup Tries To Bite The Water From The Hose34s

Silly Pup Tries To Bite The Water From The Hose

Owning a dog is a great and gratifying thing. Dogs are adorable, funny and cute. Of course, their irresistible nature is something humans can not compete against. That’s why we say that dogs are people’s best friends. They would never let you down and make you sad. You can never feel lonely and isolated and how could you - one look at your dog’s friendly eyes and everything seems back in place again. Whether they are specially-made toys for dogs or just some random playing objects they find in the yard, dogs can get excited very easily. Show them that you are interested in their play and next thing you know is seeing yourself being dragged into their amusement party. The object of Miss Charlie’s game is to bite as much water as possible with one strong spray of the hose. And what other season is suitable for that if not summer? She solely wants to cool down her body from the heat of the day. Luckily, her owner is as exuberantly driven as his dog and joins in the game. Who will keep satisfied the pet if not its owner? With the first long spray, comes the effort of biting and licking as much pressurized water as possible. When the owner stops, the dog is eager and ready for more. The next rounds of spraying are just as amusing as the first one. And whenever Miss Charlie bites the hose flush, a sharp and brisk sound is heard just like the sound of some raucous voice. Dogs’ games rock!

These Puppy Siblings Like To Nap With Arms Around Each Other2m02s

These Puppy Siblings Like To Nap With Arms Around Each Other

What would the world look like without siblings? Sure, we would have all the love and attention from our parents, but a sibling can offer and different kind of love and attention, something that not even a friend can replace. That is why we are convinced that this video will definitely melt your heart! Watch as these two puppies, named Tuto and Juj, enjoy an adorable cuddle with one another. How cute is that? The two sweet pups are laying down for a nap with their front legs wrapped around each other and one is giving the other kisses. Awww! Just when you think that there can not be anything cuter than a video of just puppies running around, something like this comes up and we forget our names! What were we saying?....Ah, yes. Anyway, this is proof that everyone needs a little more companionship. Sure, we are always here for our pets, but are we really? When we leave home for work, our pets are left alone. Some breeds take it hared than others, but it is still difficult for them. So if you have a puppy or kitty that you leave alone every time you go out, consider getting it a companion of it's own! Everybody will be happier! Speaking of cuddling, you have to see this adorable trio! We have never seen a dog and a cat cuddle with a baby at the same time! That is so precious!

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Germany Unveils ‘Cheering Crowd’ Parking Assistant 39s

Germany Unveils ‘Cheering Crowd’ Parking Assistant

A curious video has emerged of a guy trying to parallel park his vehicle with the help of personal parking assistants. Namely, a cheering crowd has appeared in Germany, helping drivers to better park their cars. Footage shows how this helpful crowd guides the driver through parallel parking by loud cheers! Cars nowadays are getting stuffed with more electronics every year. Back in the day, when innovative systems such as ABS or airbags came out, they all came straight from Germany, where engineering to perfection was invented. But another interesting feature added to cars lately was the PDA, the so-called parking distance assistant, which made drivers’ lives so much easier. Check out the newest feature that comes directly from Germany, the new animated cheering crowd parking assistant! Watch these funny soccer fans cheering for this person who tries to parallel park his car into a very tight space. Hilarious! Parallel parking is a method of parking a vehicle parallel to the road, in line with other parked vehicles. It is also considered one of the hardest ways to park, and that is way we can see a bunch of videos on the internet with parking fails. New drivers learn to use reference points to align themselves in relation to the car in front of the space, to determine the proper angle for backing, and to determine when to turn the steering wheel while backing. They may find it easier to briefly stop at each reference point and turn for the next step.

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Newlyweds Surprise Guests With 'Despacito' Wedding Dance3m43s

Newlyweds Surprise Guests With 'Despacito' Wedding Dance

This is the heartwarming moment when newlyweds decide to bust a move at their wedding ceremony, showing guests what marriage is all about! The bride and groom show just how good they are for each other, as they show off their incredibly synced moves to the beats of today’s hit! This couple in Lithuania shocks everyone in attendance with their Despacito-themed first dance at their wedding. Check out their killer moves and incredible choreography! A bride dreams about her wedding from childhood. She pictures the groom, the people, the festivities, the colors, everything that has to do with a wedding has been going through her head since she was a child. And the groom just wants to have some fun. That is why this couple decided to add a little bit of a surprise into the mix that they knew everyone would love. The symbolic of the first dance is the beginning of the couple’s life together. They start with love and fun, to mark the launch of their union. Most of the times it is a slow dance along a song that means the world to the bride and groom, but every now and again, a couple surprises everyone with something that send the crowd cheering for more! The bride and groom decided to surprise everyone with their dance moves, moving to the rhythm of Despacito. Footage shows bride walking down the yard to meet groom, as the intro of this international hit can be heard in the background. When they meet halfway in the yard, they start dancing barefoot on the grass, moving their happy feet to the well-known Spanish song, leaving their guests in awe! After a busy day of getting married, this couple flawlessly pulled off this amazing first dance! Watch as they break into dance with one of the most well-choreographed wedding routines you've ever seen! The incredible duo bust out their best moves, much to the amazement and cheers from their guests. Now that is one way to kick off a marriage! What a memorable wedding dance for all of the guests to witness, and for the newlywed couple to cherish for a lifetime!

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A Kid Jumps Off A Six-Storey Balcony Into A Pool1m26s

A Kid Jumps Off A Six-Storey Balcony Into A Pool

Some people never stop to amaze us with their sense of adventure and thirst for extreme endeavors. Sometimes people’s behavior is unpredictable and incredibly stunning. From brilliance to geniosity, from exaggeration to wisdom is what marks the true nature of people. The limits of doing things that may change your life are sometimes invisible, avoidable or easy to ignore. We are all different and there lies the beauty. What is important is not to lose the fun along the way. The more exciting the risk, the more appreciated it becomes. For this guy here, the initiative of jumping off a 6-story balcony into a pool is definitely worth the risk. It is probably not his first time doing it, since he behaves like a real professional in terms of dangerous undertakings. He is doing it with such an ease- like a walk in the park. Which is not. It is actually an unpredictable and delicate act on his part that we are left breathless watching it. Scary as it may be, this guy just loves it. Adrenaline rushes through his body as we can hear him breathing heavily, all excited. With a GoPro attached to his head, he is looking for a place where he can best perform his crazy idea. He runs to it, and when he finally finds his ‘perfect’ spot, he doesn’t think twice, climbs over the fence, gets ready and off he jumps. Luckily, he hits the center of the pool and as if it is not enough, he goes on climbing a wall just to join his friend who was watching all along. Warning: Don’t you ever try this!

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Annoying Husky Won’t Let Sleepy Cat Take A Nap1m02s

Annoying Husky Won’t Let Sleepy Cat Take A Nap

A heartwarming video has emerged of a cat and dog enjoying some alone time on the bed. Meet Thora, the nine-months-old Husky and Mikey the two-years-old cat doing their best to live under the same roof. This adorable cat-dog friendship goes up on the cuteness overload scale. Footage shows a cat and a dog comfortably tucked on the covers, enjoying their alone nap time, cosily nested on the bed. Watch as this needy Husky teases and bothers the sleepy cat, not allowing him to nap in peace. The patient cat is obviously bothered by the nagging dog, but he tries not to lose his temper, hoping that the canine will eventually stop. Despite of the fact that massages and kisses are very comfortable indeed, there are some times when we have had enough of the love and affection and want to be left in peace and quiet. Well, apparently, this needy pup does not understand the term “privacy” and “enough is enough” so she continues giving the wet treatment to her cat buddy, showering him with love and affection. It is surprising how this patient cat hasn’t lost his temper already, given the constant nagging of the frisky dog. The energetic puppy is obviously seeking for a buddy to play with and desperately tries to get the cat in play mood, but to no avail! The sleepy cat continues napping on the bed, even if the Husky is making that nearly impossible. Watch as the dog stomps the cat in the face with its rough paws, demanding some attention! However, Husky’s efforts fall on cat’s deaf ears, and the cat continues to pretend to be napping, fully ignoring his needy pal. These two seem to be very good friends and get along perfectly fine, but when it comes to sleep, there are some boundaries that need to be respected in order for their friendship to thrive! Poor Mikey, he would really like to get some vitamin Z, but Thora keeps slapping him! Luckily, Mikey isn’t scared of Thora and puts up with her crazy amounts of playfulness!

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Wolves Play a Menacing Game With Dog in Abruzzo, Italy32s

Wolves Play a Menacing Game With Dog in Abruzzo, Italy

A dog refused to be prey to a wolf pack in Abruzzo, Italy. The wolves can be seen chasing the dog and biting it twice before it escaped by jumping through a hole in a fence. Paolo Forconi shared the footage on February 17. Forconi told Storyful residents in the area have seen an increase in wolf sightings and attacks in recent years. The wolves prey on red deers, goats, and other small pets, according to Forconi. Credit: Paolo Forconi via Storyful

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Cows listen to accordion music, absolutely love it! 2m34s

Cows listen to accordion music, absolutely love it!

A herd of cows rush over to hear accordion music played by Don Bitterlich in Garmisch, Germany. You can clearly see how much they truly enjoy the music and they are not the only ones. Have you seen the clip where a jazz bands plays for another herd of bovines? How about the one where a farmer plays Lorde's “Royals” on his trombone? Those are just too surreal to pass on. So what is it that draws these cows to music? The answer to this question is actually pretty simple – music helps them relax, just like it would any other animal (yes, humans included). Today's dairy farms are noisy and busy places, what with all the clanking of cow bells and the swooshing sound of the automated milkers. All that racket can stress a cow out and a stressed cow is not a productive cow. Dairy farmers had to become the experts on how to comfort their cows, so they would do anything from air conditioning the barns, to making them as pleasant to live in for their milk producing bovines. And this is not even a new thing. Back in 2001, psychologists from the University of Leichester in England showed that cows liked slow music so much, that it increased the production of milk by 3%. So there you have it. If your cows are a little stingy on the milk, just play them something soothing. Like R.E.M. or Simon & Garfunkel.

Curious Puppy Goes Extreme Attack Mode On Innocent Water Bottle 35s

Curious Puppy Goes Extreme Attack Mode On Innocent Water Bottle

Watch this cute video of a puppy attacking a tiny bottle of water lying on the floor. If you've ever wondered what happens when a puppy meets a pint-sized plastic bottle, the answer is in this video! Maya, a three-months-old German Shepherd, discovers a water bottle for the first time in her life. It comes naturally to her to approach the water bottle rather cautiously, and the outcome is nothing less than comical! Watch as she battles to come out victorious! Footage shows the curious little pooch going up against the innocent bottle. Watch as she barks at it and goes extreme attack mode on it, having no mercy for the object. Looks like she doesn't trust it, or maybe she wants to drink from it!? Puppies are amazing creatures that brighten up our lives. Of course, they are difficult to raise and almost feel like raising another family member, however the love and memories we get are absolutely worth it. This video shows the amazing moment when Maya meets a tiny water bottle lying on the floor and comes obsessed with it. She jumps around it, but maybe not for joy. It looks like she doesn’t trust the bottle and even seems threatened by it! The puppy really does seem annoyed by the sight of the plastic lying on the floor. She tries rushing it, pawing it, biting it and turning it. Maybe Maya is just waiting for the bottle to play with her? Did your dog ever do this as a puppy? Let us know in the comments below!

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Rehabilitated wild monkey gets huge hug from family when released58s

Rehabilitated wild monkey gets huge hug from family when released

This is the touching moment a monkey was given a huge hug by its family after it was released back into the wild. The clip, which was filmed in Amanzimtoti, South Africa last week shows Tracy Rowles releasing a rehabilitated vervet monkey called Pearce. Last month, a student at Kingsway High School in Amanzimtoti, South Africa, spotted the young vervet monkey in need of help with a seriously injured leg. The student contacted Umsizi Vervet Rescue Centre, a rescue organisation run by Rowles. A team of volunteers went out as quickly as they could and, after hours of trying, eventually caught Pearce. Pearce’s family members were furious, fearing the team was going to hurt the young monkey. Pearce was taken to the vet and then to the rescue centre to recover. Three weeks later and it was time for him to be released, but finding Pearce's family was far from easy. Vervet monkeys roam for many miles. However, after hours of searching, the team eventually located them sitting on top of a building on some school football fields. When Rowles opened the cage, Pearce hopped out and climbed the building on which his family were sitting. Recognising him at once, a family member hauled him onto the roof where he was embraced warmly by his troop, who had perhaps feared they'd never see him again.

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Living spider removed from ear of woman55s

Living spider removed from ear of woman

A living spider was removed from the ear of a woman, who relaxing at her home in India. It was just another day for the 49-year-old housewife, who was unwinding after completing her household chores. Her regular routine is to lie down in the veranda during summer afternoons. However, this day was different. As she woke up after falling asleep for a couple of hours, she started feeling discomfort in her right ear. She tried to remove the particle with the help of her finger but failed. After experiencing, unbearable pain and discomfort, she asked her daughter to look into her ear with a torch. The sharp pains followed by a feeling of discomfort was unbearable. Her husband rushed her to Columbia Asia Hospital to consult with Dr. Santosh Shivaswamy. “I was terrified as I could feel movement of a creature in my ear,” the woman said. “The acute earache followed by sharp pains suffocated me. I couldn’t think of anything and was petrified when the doctor confirmed presence of a spider in my ear.” “It is common to see emergency room visits due to the presence a foreign object in the ear, and it takes a simple procedure to remove the object,” Dr. Santosh Shivaswamy said. “However, when a living insect makes its way inside a human ear, the patient might get frightened making it difficult for the doctor to continue the procedure. It was a rare case to see a spider moving inside the ear canal.”

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Cat Enjoys Her Game Of Troubling A Nice Husky1m35s

Cat Enjoys Her Game Of Troubling A Nice Husky

Real friendships do not just exist in the world of humans, animals enjoy them too. And not just some same-breed animals in the forest or the zoo or the jungle, but cats and dogs, my friends. You did not think that cats and dogs can be friends, did you? Not just ordinary friends but best friends for life? Then, reconsider your thoughts and think twice before you watch this video. It proves that not only cats and dogs can hang out together but like in every friendship, friends are real record-breakers in getting on each other’ nerves. A baby walker is a real hideout for this cat. Not only the cat knows how to annoy the husky, she also knows the perfect timing to stop the torment. With the first jump off she lands on the husky’s back without any success into engaging him into her mischievous play. The second time, the cat slowly approaches the husky, wrapping around his neck, but this husky is so polite and meek, a real friend, he does not want to harm her in any way possible. The husky just bites her gently so to show her his affection. Oh dear, this cat will never give up. What a pain in the neck, the dog must think. For this dog obviously, the cat is an unavoidable nuisance but chasing his own tail is so exciting, does he actually thinks he would catch it? And the cat again finds the perfect opportunity to be a real trouble and no sooner the husky calms down, we see her persistently giving her best in her play until she gets what she wants – a game of bite and release.

Newfoundland And A Little Girl Up For A Pillow Fight 25s

Newfoundland And A Little Girl Up For A Pillow Fight

If you ever considered keeping a dog that would make your life entertaining on so many levels then Newfoundland, also known as "Newfie", is the right choice for you. Not that it is only generally quiet but it is also good-natured with everyone especially with children and since it is well-behaved, it has a strong positive influence on children’s personality as well. It may look large and strong on the outside but its mind and heart are sensitive. And the video proves that. One look at this adorable bedroom scene, be sure to melt your heart straight away. Samson and his bestie Sierra engage in a playful wrestling match. And from the beginning to the very end they both enjoy their play. Far from being afraid, Sierra looks comfortable with Samson around her. As satisfied as one can get, this little girl feels so blissfully happy around her dog. Though trying to hide his pillow, Samson cunningly circles his way round Sierra knowing that he will win the match at the end. But it seems that this adorable girl does not want to give up the battle or maybe just like every other child her appetites for a unique game grow bigger and bigger as long as she adds more time to the game. No matter how persistent she is, this thick hairy dog claims his rights over his pillow and what is his must be regained. With its strong jaws, firm bite and a soft muzzle, he snatches the pillow out of the girl’s hands and proudly gets off the bed. However, Sierra is still happy with her extra pillows.

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Angry Pug Throws Hissy Fit When His Bone Is Stolen40s

Angry Pug Throws Hissy Fit When His Bone Is Stolen

A hilarious video has emerged of a jealous pug throwing some serious hissy fit at French Bulldog for stealing his bone. Watch how this spoiled pooch protests and throws angry temper tantrum at his hungry buddy! Enkei the pug is always losing out on bones, treats and toys to Sanka the French Bulldog. On this occasion they had both been given a bone to chew. Sanka lost his or left it outside, so he thought he would just snatch Enkei's bone. In response, Enkei wasn't happy about this and continuously decided to try and get it back, but to no avail! Dogs can sometimes behave exactly like little children. They shower us with undying love and affection, so it's only natural to expect nothing less from us. And if they don't get what they want, than a tantrum is imminent. But at the same time, they can't seem to quite understand that loving another puppy doesn't mean that we love them any less. Footage shows the adorable moment when a jealous pug gets angry at his buddy for having a bone to chew on and throws some adorable tantrums, in the attempt to snatch the bone away from his bud. Does this pug get jealous that the bulldog is munching on a treat, or does he try to make sure that owners still love him more than they love their other pet. It is amazing how spoiled Enkei throws a bratty temper tantrum when he realizes that Sanka won't give up her bone. According to her owner, when she can't get her way she makes sure to show her frustration! Watching this video of a pug throwing hissy fits over a bone reminds us of the fights we had with our siblings when we were little over snacks and toys. Dogs don’t differ that much from human after all!

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Sweet Justice2m59s

Sweet Justice

The Bank of America tried to unjustly foreclose on the home of Warren and Maureen Nyerges.

Insatiable Pooch Demands Endless Playtime From Owner45s

Insatiable Pooch Demands Endless Playtime From Owner

This is the heartwarming moment when owner has to go to work and needy pet whines in protest and doesn’t want to let go. Footage shows adorable pooch Sora sticking her head through the doggy door and having a mouthful argument with owner. Apparently, Sora had a long and tiresome walk and engaged in productive playtime, but when it was time to nap in her shelter, this dog decided to howl in protest instead. It is adorable how the pooch engaged in an endless whines and howls at owner like there is no tomorrow. Trying to win an argument with Sora isn't going to work! What an adorable temper tantrum! They say you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, but one adorable canine has tried every trick in the book to get his owner to play with him. Hilarious footage showing a persistent pooch desperately trying to make its owner play with her, and this adorable pooch is sure to warm the hearts of even the most reluctant animal lover. Footage shows the determined dog going so far as to place its head through the doggy door and whine in protest, engaging them puppy eyes to the fullest. Sadly, his performance falls on owner’s deaf ears, but to no avail. Owner has to go to work and run some errands, so this impatient pooch will have to wait in its house, until owner is free to play again! Credit to @sora_the_adventurer