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This Baby Elephant Loves Cuddling With Her Caretaker39s

This Baby Elephant Loves Cuddling With Her Caretaker

Allie has lived with this little elephant since the day the calf was born. As you can see, they have developed quite the bond. The video was taken at an elephant camp that shares property with the Chai Lai Orchid. Allie’s bond with the calf is so deep, they both enjoy their cuddling time, even though it might look more vigorous than your run-of-the-mill cuddle. One baby elephant can weigh around 200 pounds, which is already too much for an adult human male! Can you imagine what it would feel like if an adult human trying to sit on your lap? Don’t answer that... The Chai Lai Orchid is an ecolodge in Northern Thailand that shares property with an elephant camp with 12 elephants. After two years of watching this herd of elephants be used for mass tours, The Chai Lai Orchid is trying to rescue this family of elephants and create a sanctuary for them in Northern Thailand. Elephants are incredibly intelligent and emotional creatures, and baby elephants need love and care to thrive just as readily as a human child does. Luckily, it looks like neither of these things are in short supply at Chai Lai Orchid, and we hope that this baby grows up to be happy and strong. Chai Lai Orchid is working to enlarge the scope of their work by creating a sanctuary and helping to transition the elephants that belong to the camp next to them to sanctuaries. If you want to help them in their endeavors, then you can tweet Ricky Gervais, to persuade the animal-loving British actor to visit their elephants and raise awareness of the cause. Here’s to hoping they achieve their goals!

Puppy Digs Hole In Sand, Gets Angry When The Ocean Fills It Up Again1m05s

Puppy Digs Hole In Sand, Gets Angry When The Ocean Fills It Up Again

Don’t you just love the beach? Warmth from the sun, chill from the occasional wind, the serene sound of the ocean waves hitting the sand and - oh, the sand! You can dig in it, scavenge for hidden treasures or even build a castle and claim it as your own! Angus the Golden Retriever here has worked really hard to dig a very nice hole in the sand, only to have it filled up with water from a big wave. Check out how upset he is! Can't blame him! Where did the hole go? How did the water get there? Aw man, HE worked so hard to get that hole just right. So he does what he knows best - he barks at those stupid waves and goes to mommy for comfort. Don’t worry little guy, you’ll get it next time! What did you think of this video? Does your dog do anything like this? We would love to hear what you have to think so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comment section! Please share this adorable video with your family and friends as it is sure to make them smile as much as it made you smile!

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It Took Them 4 Years To Receive The Phone Call That Made Them Parents3m57s

It Took Them 4 Years To Receive The Phone Call That Made Them Parents

Kids are blessing from God. Not being able to have one on your own can tear your heart apart. Still your immense love for children does not fade away. This sorrow can easily turn into tender loving care you can give to kids that need it the most. Thousands of children around the world are being born and left alone, seeking for home and mother love. Fortunately, some of them manage to find a comfortable and warm home and get to grow up surrounded with the people they love. The happiness that sparkles in this couple’s eyes is proof of how becoming a parent can complete a person’s life and bring light to their days. They have been waiting for four years to become parents. Since that much time has passed, they even stopped hoping that someday they will receive the phone call they have been waiting for so long. Then, one ordinary day in February, they received a call with the three most wonderful words they have ever heard: "It's a boy!" They could not believe their ears. Wanting to assure themselves that what they heard is not just a beautiful dream, but a reality, they rushed to the hospital. There, a tiny baby was waiting for them, wrapped in a blanket. Seeing his full head of dark hair and his tiny hands brought his new parents to tears. They named him Zeke, short for Ezekiel. He gave them a little wink, as a sign that he likes his name. “He is perfect.... He is so cute, he has so much hair.” said the mom, while holding her newborn son in her arms and still not believing what is happening. The nurse that was filming this touching moment decided to leave them alone so that they can have some space and time to get to know each other better. Hopefully this little guy will grow into a happy and healthy boy, surrounded by his loving family.

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Excited Dachshund Opens Presents On Christmas Morning1m38s

Excited Dachshund Opens Presents On Christmas Morning

Gracie was so excited to realize that Christmas morning has come when she saw her gifts under the tree. She couldn’t contain her excitement and couldn’t decide which one of the wrapped presents to open first! Just like a little kid on a sugar rush, she had a blast opening the presents all by herself! Every Christmas, Gracie runs to the tree and unwraps her presents with excitement. Who says dogs don't also love Christmas? Dogs are family and including them in the Christmas celebration is so much fun. It is adorable to watch Gracie struggling to open her many gifts. Watch as this excited puppy rips apart the wrapping paper in order to get to her gifts. Adorable! Christmas morning means that it is officially time to open presents! However, it’s not just humans who get thrilled. Your dog is a part of the family and also loves receiving presents. A dog opening up her Christmas presents is the definition of cute. Watch how Gracie reacts to find out that Santa has brought many Christmas presents for her. This adorable dachshund can’t stop wagging her tail, jumping and snooping around the gifts. This dog acts like children on Christmas Eve who can’t sleep because they are so excited to open their presents. It is adorable to watch Gracie how anxiously she opens her presents! Trouble struggles to remove the tight wrapping, but she uses her teeth and paws to get underneath the paper. She cannot contain her happiness and goes from one present to another, overwhelmed with joy!

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Nurse Shark Attack36s

Nurse Shark Attack

Occurred on December 8, 2017 / Caribbean Sea, British Virgin Islands Info from Licensor: "My husband and are in the Caribbean on our honeymoon. Mid snorkeling with the sharks I felt a whoosh of water, something clamp down on my arm and assumed my husband was playing a prank of me. Less than a second later I realized how much it hurt and looked past where my goggles were blocking my side vision to see the shark (bigger than myself) latched on to my arm. I pulled it away/the combination of the shark releasing and got out of there. Disclaimer: This is a five foot nurse shark that typically never bite unless provoked via tail pulling, feeding, etc. There was no tail pulling or feeding during my snorkel with them (as you can clearly see via video)."

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CCTV Footage Shows Tornado Ripping Through South Carolina Business53s

CCTV Footage Shows Tornado Ripping Through South Carolina Business

A storm ravaged the town of Spartanburg in South Carolina, on Monday, October 23, tearing down trees and power lines. Properties were damaged during the storm, including the Spartanburg Community College. The area was hit by a possible tornado, but the National Weather Service can not confirm a tornado until Tuesday. A CCTV camera has captured dramatic footage of the moment a tornado turned a South Carolina warehouse into rubble in mere seconds. The warehouse was totally destroyed when winds of over 110 mph battered through Spartanburg. Miraculously, no one inside was seriously injured as staff managed to escape to safety seconds before the full force was felt. One of the workers said: "The tornado ripped through concrete and steel like it was wet paper, causing millions of dollars in damage in seconds. By God’s grace no one who was working that day was killed or even seriously injured. Let this be a lesson, to be ready at all times for the unknown because, as shown in this video, the storm was there in seconds and with no time to prepare or plan an escape." Surprisingly, the camera survived the onslaught and managed to capture footage of the immediate aftermath. The warehouse’s walls were all turned to piles of rubble and dust, while the forklift that one of the workers was operating just seconds before the eye of the storm hit the business, can be seen laying sideways on the floor. The storm was classified as an EF2 tornado, meaning it reached wind speeds of between 110 and 135 mph.

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Dog gets hysterical when owner tries to steal her tongue1m15s

Dog gets hysterical when owner tries to steal her tongue

It all started with a big yawn and ended with a hysterical melt down! When Mya the Australian Shepherd stuck her tongue out while yawning, her owner jokingly threatened to steal it. It was all fun and games until Mya's eyes opened wide, her chin started to shake and she started crying in fear that her owner was really going to pull her tongue right out of her mouth!

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Life Imitates Art As This Pooch Reacts Just Like A Plushie11s

Life Imitates Art As This Pooch Reacts Just Like A Plushie

Ever heard of the saying “never judge a book by it’s cover”? It means that there is more to things that meets the eye. Someone can look gruesome, but to hold a softness inside; others can look all nice and mooshy, only to reveal that they are nasty when you get to know them. Well, same goes for animals! A big old Pitbull might look scary, but they are as adorable as teddy bears, while one fluffy Pomeranian might look adorable, but will bite a finger off if you touch them. One man in Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia got acquainted with a line of plushie toys called Feisty Pets. They have a total of 15 different stuffed animals that look so cute, but when you squeeze them, they show their feisty side. The man says: "Previously I saw the plush toy online and I found out that the toy actually looked similar to my dog, Dao Hui, so I bought from Think Geek. After I received the toy, my wife and I decide to take video for my dog and the toy because I thought that would be very funny. Eventually, you can see the overwhelming response that I never thought would be happen." To demonstrate just how accurate this plush teddy bear in representing his Pomeranian, the man squeezes the doll a few times, before turning to his dog and doing the exact same thing! We can’t decided if it’s the dog imitating the doll or vice versa! The Feisty Pets website says that “no creature illustrates the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde qualities of animals better than Feisty Pets! Those cute and cuddly plush animals turn deadly when just a squeeze of the head reveals shifty eyes and sharp teeth! Hug with caution!” Now we want one too!

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Trained Cockatiels Fly Free And Return To Owner On Command1m23s

Trained Cockatiels Fly Free And Return To Owner On Command

Fred and Ebe spread their wings and fly around the neighborhood. They are trained for free flight and are free to fly outside for a few hours everyday. However, every time their owner calls for them, the return to him on command. How cool is that? Doves and pigeons have been domesticated pets for thousands of years. The difference between doves and pigeons is mostly in the size. Doves are typically smaller and sleeker with pointed tails, and pigeons are larger and stouter with rounded tails. Not all species of parrots are equally good flight candidates. Some have physical features that make them better (large, loud and colorful) and some have mental features that make them better (highly social with strong roosting site fidelity). No doubt other species that don’t have these qualities can also be flown, but I would consider them only for trainers with some experience. Without any doubt a large, loud and colorful bird is easier to find in a tree or see or hear at a distance. That makes large macaws and large cockatoos good flyers from a recovery standpoint. Knowing that training a cockatiel takes time and lots of patience, this owner has well-trained his Cockatiels to fly free and return to him on command. The learning process for a cockatiel is not based in hours or days, but more in months. We often hear from people who ask why their cockatiel has not learn anything, as it already has been two weeks since it got home. It takes weeks for a cockatiel just to be safe and comfortable in a new environment. Again time and patience are the key here. Cockatiels are considered as wonderful household pet and companion parrot. Watch how well-trained these two are and how well they understand their owner’s command. Amazing!

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Dog Climbing a Gate41s

Dog Climbing a Gate

Occurred on December 5, 2017 / My Tho, Tien Giang, Vietnam Info from Licensor: "I was able to watch the dog climbing into the house."

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Fire on the Porch2m22s

Fire on the Porch

Occurred on December 4, 2017 / Charlotte, North Carolina, USA Info from Licensor: "Coal embers from the fireplace ignited and burned slowly for half an hour before I heard the 'pop'. I pulled the burning recycle bin away from the house and ran to get some water. The water caused the ashes to spark a mini fire-ball. I ran back in to get an extinguisher, but had failed to un-box it when we put in under the sink. Eventually I grabbed the water hose and saved the day."

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