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Learning How To Heimlich Yourself Can Potentially Save Your Life1m49s

Learning How To Heimlich Yourself Can Potentially Save Your Life

The world is a scary place and you never know what the future has in store for you around the corner. That is why it is important to prepare yourself for any potential situation that may occur. This is an effective and simple way to save yourself if you're alone and choking, brought to you by a Firefighter/Paramedic ACLS/BLS Instructor Jeff Rehman. Special Thanks to Lt. Mark (Mother) Sherman. “I have noted over those years that there is really no effective means for someone to rescue themselves should they be choking and nobody is there to help them,” Mr. Rehman says in the video, which has been seen more than 7 million times thus far. In the clip, he uses a basic push-up motion to create suction to hopefully dislodge the object that is blocking your throat. First, get on your knees in the push-up position, then let go of your arms, essentially letting your stomach and chest smack on the ground. The air that moves out from this technique should be enough to remove whatever is stuck in your airway. You cannot predict these things when they happen, that's why it is better to be safe than sorry. When you accidentally inhale something and the moment of sheer panic strikes when you start losing your breath, remember Mr. Rehman’s demonstration in order to help yourself quickly and efficiently by doing the Heimlich maneuver on yourself. In case you would like to know how to perform the Heimlich maneuver on your dog, check out this video demonstrated by a vet.

Published: February 28, 201417,885,246 views
Adorable Baby Girl Flexes Muscles With Dad In Front Of Mirror22s

Adorable Baby Girl Flexes Muscles With Dad In Front Of Mirror

There's strong, and then there's baby strong! We might see them as the most adorable softies that we would like to cuddle forever and ever, but they are a bunch of tough iron-willed individuals. Watch as 8-month-old baby Hadley shows off a muscle flex with dad while getting ready for a bath. Now that's a cute moment! We’re just glad that her parents thought to record the hilarity of the situation. Even though she is only 8 months old, baby Hadley is already one tough little lady! If you need proof, just check out this video of Hadley and her dad measuring each other’s gains! In their video that is steadily climbing the viral ladder, Hadley’s little arms are just the usual pinchable little nubs, but with dad’s encouragement, she’s probably seeing Wonder Woman in the mirror! Dad’s getting a workout as well, what with all the belly laughs he’s getting! Little Hadley can’t stop humoring her dad by flexing her arms in front of her. Little does she know that she looks like the cutest ballerina preparing to do a plie, rather than a weightlifter, but we don’t mind one bit. A dad is precious to every girl, because they can teach them about self-sufficiency and toughness, among many other qualities. They can help them fight the wrongs and do the right s in this world. Looks like Hadley will have no problem with either one! Good job, dad!

Dog Snatches The Chance To Meet With NYPD Police Horse On Wall Street2m11s

Dog Snatches The Chance To Meet With NYPD Police Horse On Wall Street

Animals are just the right companion to have whether it is that you live alone, or need some company or even the fact that you don't like being bored. Domestic animals, whether it is a cat or a dog, or whatever you have your mind on getting, they are sure to brighten up your day. It is usually when we come home from a hard day's of work that we need to snuggle up in or bed and hopefully have a companion that is there waiting for us and willing to offer some fun times and some cuddles. This case in particular is just 'a little' out of the ordinary. If humans perhaps happen to walk by such a gloriously looking animal such as this NYPD horse, we might take a look from a fair distance and keep on walking. Maybe stop for a minute and stare at this beautiful being. The story with this French Bulldog however is a bit different then what you would expect. When we say that, we mean that this little French puppy its just way too curious not to go ahead and introduce itself to this NYPD horse, which is on duty by the way. His fierce attitude and brave ways are just enough to pull on the leash and get his little nose into the nose of the horse so he can figure out what this huge creature actually is. This French Bulldog is ecstatic to meet a very friendly police horse as the two share a precious interaction. Adorable!

Published: February 26, 20186,236,064 views
Kitty Is Very Displeased With An Unexpected Visitor2m01s

Kitty Is Very Displeased With An Unexpected Visitor

This is the intense moment when an extremely vocal cat starts challenging his rival to a cat fight by fiercely meowing through a glass door. The bristly cat starts begging owner to open the front door in order to go outside and fight. When Jacob sees another male cat on the other side of the glass door, staring at him urging him to surrender, he immediately gets tough and wants to pick a fight with his rival, so he cries to his owners to let him out! Listen to the incredible speaking skills this Russian feline possesses, he sounds like he is saying ‘open the door’ in Russian! This cat expands its meowing skills and almost starts speaking human just to make owner understand that he is ready to fight for his territory and masculinity! Male cats have strange ways of showing who is in charge! Footage shows the extreme vocal skills this bristly cat possesses while putting them vocal cords in practice, trying to prove a point and stand his ground in the cat fight! The tough cat is continuously begging his owner to open the door, so that he can confront the other male cat, standing on the other side of the glass door, challenging him to a duel. He's a very unique cat, not afraid of anything or anyone including the cat standing on the other side of the door, trying to pick a fight! We knew that pets can be a lot of work to raise, but who would have thought they would be this much of a challenge? Sure, you have to feed them, play with them and make sure they are happy and healthy which is already a big enough challenge, but what is even more challenging is when they argue, telling you what to do! That is just a typical cat behavior! The tough Russian cat wants to go outside, but his owners won’t allow him, after which he stubbornly meows back! We are surprised by the way he persist to beg and meow, standing in front of the door, staring back at his rival!

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Bulldog Solves Itch On Table, Knocks Everything Off13s

Bulldog Solves Itch On Table, Knocks Everything Off

Ever wondered what it must be like to be a short, chubby doggo, with a massive itch on your backside that you cannot just reach and there is no one to help you? There are no trees inside, so that you can scratch your butt on their lovely bark and your owner just lounges there on the sofa, instead of running to your aid. What are you going to do? You find the closest thing that you can fit snugly in and use the edge to shimmy that itch off! An IKEA table fits the description perfectly! If only that thing was not so damn light but with an itch so strong not even the heaviest table would help! Cooper the English bulldog tries to fit underneath one such IKEA table, so that he might use the table’s edge to scratch his butt. But it turns out he's just too big for it. Everything that was on the table is sent flying off. Despite the powerless scream of his owner, he just cannot help it because when the sensation which causes the desire or reflex to scratch calls, there is nothing you can do but take the challenge, even if it means knocking everything around you on the floor. And why bother anyway when there is somebody to take care of the scattered things? Not only did he blow everything off, but the yelling got Copper so confused, that with his attempts to get unstuck from underneath, he knocked the table lamp, the DVD player and the TiVo! That clumsy dog, he is making us rewind the video over and over again just to relish in his hilarious misdeed!

Published: May 9, 20172,338,930 views
Cute Labrador sliding down the stairs with joy15s

Cute Labrador sliding down the stairs with joy

You can not deny it! All dogs are simply adorable pets and no wonder they are called ‘A man’s best friend’. They find amusement in such a hilarious stuff in the house or outside of it. Lucky for us, their owners are always there to record those funny moments and share them with us! Labrador retrievers are so lovable. These silly dogs get into all kinds of mischief. With their sweet and kind behavior, they are surely one of the most entertaining companions you can have. Such as this charming young pup in the video. Going down the stairs can be hard for young puppies to handle. This perky doggo named Bracken can’t wait to show his owner a new trick he has learned. As soon as he sees the camera, his demonstration begins. The thoughtful puppy, decides to surf down the stairs on its belly, rather than walking on his legs. Just look at how excited he is. It seems like that he’s never been allowed to play in an amusement park, so he decides to improvise a way to have fun. We find this so ridiculous! Sit back and watch as this adorable Labrador puppy goes sliding down the stairs with style! He is a big dog now, but according to his owners, he still does it occasionally, well with a little less elegance than before! If you like cute and funny videos of dogs and pets, comment below and share your own stories with us! Enjoy!

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 Silly Pup Tries To Bite The Water From The Hose34s

Silly Pup Tries To Bite The Water From The Hose

Owning a dog is a great and gratifying thing. Dogs are adorable, funny and cute. Of course, their irresistible nature is something humans can not compete against. That’s why we say that dogs are people’s best friends. They would never let you down and make you sad. You can never feel lonely and isolated and how could you - one look at your dog’s friendly eyes and everything seems back in place again. Whether they are specially-made toys for dogs or just some random playing objects they find in the yard, dogs can get excited very easily. Show them that you are interested in their play and next thing you know is seeing yourself being dragged into their amusement party. The object of Miss Charlie’s game is to bite as much water as possible with one strong spray of the hose. And what other season is suitable for that if not summer? She solely wants to cool down her body from the heat of the day. Luckily, her owner is as exuberantly driven as his dog and joins in the game. Who will keep satisfied the pet if not its owner? With the first long spray, comes the effort of biting and licking as much pressurized water as possible. When the owner stops, the dog is eager and ready for more. The next rounds of spraying are just as amusing as the first one. And whenever Miss Charlie bites the hose flush, a sharp and brisk sound is heard just like the sound of some raucous voice. Dogs’ games rock!

These Puppy Siblings Like To Nap With Arms Around Each Other2m02s

These Puppy Siblings Like To Nap With Arms Around Each Other

What would the world look like without siblings? Sure, we would have all the love and attention from our parents, but a sibling can offer and different kind of love and attention, something that not even a friend can replace. That is why we are convinced that this video will definitely melt your heart! Watch as these two puppies, named Tuto and Juj, enjoy an adorable cuddle with one another. How cute is that? The two sweet pups are laying down for a nap with their front legs wrapped around each other and one is giving the other kisses. Awww! Just when you think that there can not be anything cuter than a video of just puppies running around, something like this comes up and we forget our names! What were we saying?....Ah, yes. Anyway, this is proof that everyone needs a little more companionship. Sure, we are always here for our pets, but are we really? When we leave home for work, our pets are left alone. Some breeds take it hared than others, but it is still difficult for them. So if you have a puppy or kitty that you leave alone every time you go out, consider getting it a companion of it's own! Everybody will be happier! Speaking of cuddling, you have to see this adorable trio! We have never seen a dog and a cat cuddle with a baby at the same time! That is so precious!

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Beautiful New York City Skyline Time Lapse From Day To Night 52s

Beautiful New York City Skyline Time Lapse From Day To Night

How amazing is this? A stunning time lapse was taken highlighting the beauty of lower Manhattan as the sun sets and the day turns to night. Time lapses are always fascinating to watch. Time lapse allows us to see things much faster then they actually occur which is very interesting to watch. It doesn't get much more gorgeous than this video. It is so important to stop what you're doing every once and a while and realize what is around you. The earth is such a beautiful place and sometimes we forget that. Credit to John Hill and Jen Hill. It is so cool to see all the lights turn on as it goes from day to night in Manhattan. The time lapse is so pretty, it looks like a postcard. This is definitely an a million dollar view. Manhattan is the most densely populated place out of all of New York City's five boroughs. It contains many exciting and iconic sites including the Empire State Building, Times Square and shows that occur on broadway, so awesome! Check out this beautiful time lapse of the New York City skyline from day to night! Have you ever been to New York City Before? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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Man Surprises Girlfriend With Pug Puppy For Her Birthday5m13s

Man Surprises Girlfriend With Pug Puppy For Her Birthday

Boyfriends everywhere are going to want to take serious notes from this guy. This boyfriend just blew every other birthday gift out of the water with a sweet birthday surprise – a baby pug. Jonathan Dipierro, a guy from New Jersey is about to give his girlfriend the most lovable gift ever. He has been preparing for this for a long time and has recorded this beautiful and exciting moment. They have been going out for almost two years and bought a house together. Jonathan wants to do something really nice for her birthday as he says she deserves a world. So he decides to make her wish come true because she has wanted a pug for a long time. The pug is only 4 months old and already responding to orders. Judging by her look, she knows that her boyfriend will make her day but she never imagines that the days to come will be filled with joy and delight having the pug around. She is really taken by aback by this cutie. She cannot hold her tears of happiness back as she hold and pets the pug in her arms. No sooner her boyfriend introduces the puppy, we can see that they immediately connect. It is unquestionable that she will never forget this birthday. Now they are living happily with the new member of the family. Moral of the story: we are definitely adding baby pug to the top of our birthday list. Happy birthday, girl!

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Germany Unveils ‘Cheering Crowd’ Parking Assistant 39s

Germany Unveils ‘Cheering Crowd’ Parking Assistant

A curious video has emerged of a guy trying to parallel park his vehicle with the help of personal parking assistants. Namely, a cheering crowd has appeared in Germany, helping drivers to better park their cars. Footage shows how this helpful crowd guides the driver through parallel parking by loud cheers! Cars nowadays are getting stuffed with more electronics every year. Back in the day, when innovative systems such as ABS or airbags came out, they all came straight from Germany, where engineering to perfection was invented. But another interesting feature added to cars lately was the PDA, the so-called parking distance assistant, which made drivers’ lives so much easier. Check out the newest feature that comes directly from Germany, the new animated cheering crowd parking assistant! Watch these funny soccer fans cheering for this person who tries to parallel park his car into a very tight space. Hilarious! Parallel parking is a method of parking a vehicle parallel to the road, in line with other parked vehicles. It is also considered one of the hardest ways to park, and that is way we can see a bunch of videos on the internet with parking fails. New drivers learn to use reference points to align themselves in relation to the car in front of the space, to determine the proper angle for backing, and to determine when to turn the steering wheel while backing. They may find it easier to briefly stop at each reference point and turn for the next step.

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 Rescue Dog Hilariously Pats Owner’s Shoulder To Get A Bite Of His Food37s

Rescue Dog Hilariously Pats Owner’s Shoulder To Get A Bite Of His Food

A funny footage has emerged of a rescue dog nagging owner to share a bite of his food by gently tapping him on the shoulder! Adorable! This dog was rescued by the Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) team and is now living a good life. Watch as he gives owner a little reminder that he would like to share his treat in an extremely humorous way! It's amazing how dogs manage to find different ways to get whatever they want in the most adorable manner! When a dog is taken into a family, it becomes part of the family. Even though it is human food, this dog wants to join the family during dinner and have a bite of their mea. This adorable pooch was feeling like he should be eating the same food as the rest of his human family so he decided to beg for it in the most adorable way! Although the food was cooked for the humans, he didn’t hesitate to let owners know that he wants in on it as well. Hilarious! This precious rescue dog has come up with an ingenious way to ask for his favorite treat- a chicken wing! Namely, every time he wants to be pampered with human food, he stands next to the owner while he is having his meal, and adorably pats him on the shoulder! Watching this nagging dog constantly tapping owner’s shoulder with his paw, asking to get a bite of his food, has brightened our day! This is the most adorable way a pet can beg for food! Have you ever seen a doggy beg for food like this?

Goat Goes Fruit Hunting While Balancing On Donkey’s Back22s

Goat Goes Fruit Hunting While Balancing On Donkey’s Back

Teamwork is crucial in achieving many of life's hard missions. Like for example, lending a helping hand to a friend in need in order to reach a fruit hanging from the top of a tree. This goat found its perfect partner in crime, and it's literally standing on his back trying to make a living! Now this is true friendship! A donkey allows his goat friend to balance on top of him while going fruit hunting! Check out how the skillful goat shows off some amazing skills, balancing her body on top of donkey’s back, while reaching for a fruit in a tree. Bet you haven't seen a sight like this before! Goats are naturally curious. They are also agile and well known for their ability to climb and balance in precarious places. This makes them the only ruminant to regularly climb trees. Due to their agility and inquisitiveness, they are notorious for escaping their pens by testing fences and enclosures, either intentionally or simply because they are used to climb on. Luckily, this precious goat isn't interesting in making a great escape, and just tries to have a yummy treat! Footage shows a goat trying to reach a fruit from a nearby tree and uses buddy’s help to get to it. He climbs up on his friend’s back in order to get closer to the treat. Amazing teamwork! These two sure make an adorable duo that is guaranteed to brighten up your day! They also look so cute together and are the perfect partners in crime! The co-working animals sure know the true meaning of teamwork and make for a dream team! It is funny how these animals work in unison without showing aggression or competitiveness against one another. They are the dream team and sure know how to teach you a lesson about teamwork. Well done buddies! Can you imagine how well synchronized you have to be in order to pull such acrobatic skills? We guess you don’t have to go to the circus to see an animal standing on top of another in perfect balance? This duo has apparently worked their way out and mastered the technique of working together as a team!

Sweet Baby Is Confused By Dad's Identical Twin1m40s

Sweet Baby Is Confused By Dad's Identical Twin

Have you ever wondered what happens in a toddler’s mind? The great, big new world can be an intimidating place for toddlers. But if they’re lucky, they can always take solace in their dad’s familiar face and comforting touch. However, what happens if somebody has the same face as their daddy? Yes, we are talking about twins. We get it. It's hard to tell identical twins apart. Even close friends and family, including the children, can mix up the names and sometimes the person itself. This delightful little boy mets his daddy’s twin brother for the first time and he is so joyfully confused. When his uncle walks into the room he mistakenly thinks it’s his dad so rushes to give him a big hug, then seconds later comes his dad when he realizes there are two daddies now. The look of sheer and utter confusion on the lovely baby face is downright adorable. This cutie keeps studying both of the brothers’ faces, trying hard to understand why he’s getting passed back and forth between two versions of his dear dad. His mama says that It was actually the second time, but the first time was in the hospital as a newborn, so he wasn't quite aware of how weird it is to have a guy that looks a lot like your dad walking around. So adorable seeing him try to process it. If one daddy is fun, having two 'daddies' must be twice the fun! The cute baby deserves twice the fun and twice the love!

Published: July 26, 2017538,233 views
Clever Cat Uses Crosswalk To Cross Busy Street22s

Clever Cat Uses Crosswalk To Cross Busy Street

When people are in a rush, they tend to do things like jaywalk to save themselves some time. Most of us are guilty of it as we have done it at least once. What most of us fail to realize is that it is actually very dangerous. We all like to think that drivers are the most dangerous participants in traffic, when in fact it is pedestrians who always choose to ignore the rules. We should all follow the example that this furry pedestrian here sets and cross the street at designated crosswalks! Driver Justin Scrutton captured this unbelievable footage on his dash cam while driving through Dartford in Kent, UK and he could not believe his own eyes. Watch as a clever cat patiently waits until there's a safe moment to cross at the crosswalk! You just have to see him in action. It seems that this feline is better at following the rules on the road much better than a lot of other people. The cat is so smart, waiting for the correct time to cross, rather than just running into traffic! It definitely deserves the 'good kitty' award in our books! Wouldn't you like to have a cat like this at your house, one that follows the rules? Let us know down in the comments section! Please share this video with your family and friends as it will surely make them smile and is one clip that no one should miss!

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Germans Are Baffled About This Triangular UFO 37s

Germans Are Baffled About This Triangular UFO

We love a good reality TV show, we love a good drama, but what we love most are the unexplained mysteries that keep popping up all around us. Whether it is UFOs or creatures never before seen, it seems like humankind just can’t get enough of a good mystery. All over the world both regular people and conspiracy theorists alike, have been posting videos of sightings that look too real to diss, but thank goodness for the rest of the Internet, right? The Internet is flooded with videos that claim that an unidentified flying object has been spotted in some remote area somewhere. Usually, they are grainy and terribly unfocused, but this one appears to be solid. A bit too solid, in fact. It is really difficult to separate the hoaxes from what could actually be genuine stuff and the advancement of CGI does not make it any easier. Take this clip for example: someone was filming their kid at a jungle gym. The dad asks the kid if he is having fun, to which the kid answer enthusiastically, but then the dad pans out to the sky and does not sound at all surprised. Either he has seen this before or there is something else entirely. Some say this is as genuine as it gets, given the shadows and the movement. Others say that it is precisely how the object in the sky behaves while the camera shifts up and down is a sure telltale that this is as fake as it gets. It walks like a duck, it talks like a duck, but it ain’t no duck. Just to show you how terrible people can be, you have to see this clip that claims it shows an unidentified flying object and alien in Italy. We will let you be the judge of its genuity.

Dog Wastes No Time To Throw Best Pal 'Under The Bus'19s

Dog Wastes No Time To Throw Best Pal 'Under The Bus'

We have all heard stories of people who say they can talk to their pets. In fact, we all know several people who consider their pet to be their favorite person. It’s no wonder that dog is “man’s best friend.” Why? Well, perhaps pets are too modest to tell us, but by watching this video, it’s clear that pets have been fluent in English, all along. No matter how cute they are, a culprit is still guilty of their crime, especially if caught red handed in their own mess! One such adorable vandal was caught between the remnants of a mess he made in the middle of the living room and tried to extract the goodness in his owner’s heart by revealing the most adorable puppy face you can imagine. Awww… no! In this case, a bad deed has been done by one of these wonderful pups. However, the owner must be certain of the perpetrator before coming out with any accusations. So, whats the best way to deal with such case if not just by confronting these two cute dogs and trying to figure out the causer of such distress. It all proves to be very easy since, one of them, after only being asked in the most gentle way gives up his best friends unlawfully ways. Link the dog doesn't hesitate for a moment when his owner asks who made the mess in the living room. He throws Kora right under the bus!

Cat Enjoys Her Game Of Troubling A Nice Husky1m35s

Cat Enjoys Her Game Of Troubling A Nice Husky

Real friendships do not just exist in the world of humans, animals enjoy them too. And not just some same-breed animals in the forest or the zoo or the jungle, but cats and dogs, my friends. You did not think that cats and dogs can be friends, did you? Not just ordinary friends but best friends for life? Then, reconsider your thoughts and think twice before you watch this video. It proves that not only cats and dogs can hang out together but like in every friendship, friends are real record-breakers in getting on each other’ nerves. A baby walker is a real hideout for this cat. Not only the cat knows how to annoy the husky, she also knows the perfect timing to stop the torment. With the first jump off she lands on the husky’s back without any success into engaging him into her mischievous play. The second time, the cat slowly approaches the husky, wrapping around his neck, but this husky is so polite and meek, a real friend, he does not want to harm her in any way possible. The husky just bites her gently so to show her his affection. Oh dear, this cat will never give up. What a pain in the neck, the dog must think. For this dog obviously, the cat is an unavoidable nuisance but chasing his own tail is so exciting, does he actually thinks he would catch it? And the cat again finds the perfect opportunity to be a real trouble and no sooner the husky calms down, we see her persistently giving her best in her play until she gets what she wants – a game of bite and release.

Golden Retriever Waits For Mail Truck To Deliver Mail56s

Golden Retriever Waits For Mail Truck To Deliver Mail

This area has an incredibly quiet neighborhood with desolate roads and perfectly mowed grass. And what fits best in places like this one, if not a pet dog. This golden retriever is sitting on the street by the mailbox and waiting patiently for something. We may argue that it would make a great scene in a movie with dogs that are in charge of everyday chores. And the chore here is picking up mail. For some strange reasons, this dog has a real passion for his mailing profession. It seems like he has always had fondness for getting the mail. He takes his job so seriously that he begins to work before the clock starts ticking. Being so restless, he can not even wait for the mail truck to arrive in front of his house, he runs to greet the truck steps away from his home. The truck driver makes it clear that the mail is to be picked up precisely at the intended mailbox. The dog is so eagerly running after the truck until it stops where it is supposed to. The dog is in expecting mood, wagging his tail playfully as if he is going to get his favorite food. Without hesitation, he goes to gather the mail which is being slotted into his mouth. The retriever triumphantly walks through the front yard and back to the house. We salute the eagerness and the excitement of the dog for carrying out his duty so fashionably. The mail has been delivered successfully.

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This Amazing Timelapse Video Shows The Construction Of Shanghai Tower2m48s

This Amazing Timelapse Video Shows The Construction Of Shanghai Tower

Towering above this city of 24 million people at 2,073 feet. the Shanghai Tower is the tallest building in China and 2nd tallest in the world, only surpassed by the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Its 128 stories are divided into 9 vertical zones, including retail at the base, offices in the middle, and hotels and observation decks at the top. The super-tall skyscraper features a double-decker elevator that offers the longest single elevator journey in the world at 1,900 feet in under a minute. Designed by international design firm Gensler and owned by the Shanghai city government, it is the tallest of the world's first triple-adjacent super-tall buildings in Pudong, the other two being the Jin Mao Tower and the Shanghai World Financial Centre. Its tiered construction, designed for high energy efficiency, provides nine separate zones divided between office, retail and leisure use. Construction work on the tower began in November 2008 and topped out on 3 August 2013. The exterior was completed in summer 2015, and work was considered complete in September 2015. Although the building was originally scheduled to open to the public in November 2014, the actual public-use date slipped considerably. The observation deck was opened to visitors in July 2016. From April 26, 2017 onwards, the sightseeing deck on the 118th floor is open to the public. The Shanghai Tower incorporates numerous green architecture elements; its owners received certifications from the China Green Building Committee and the U.S. Green Building Council for the building's sustainable design. In 2013, a Gensler spokesman described the tower as "the greenest super high-rise building on earth at this point in time". The building is designed to capture rainwater for internal use, and to recycle a portion of its wastewater.

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Newlyweds Surprise Guests With 'Despacito' Wedding Dance3m43s

Newlyweds Surprise Guests With 'Despacito' Wedding Dance

This is the heartwarming moment when newlyweds decide to bust a move at their wedding ceremony, showing guests what marriage is all about! The bride and groom show just how good they are for each other, as they show off their incredibly synced moves to the beats of today’s hit! This couple in Lithuania shocks everyone in attendance with their Despacito-themed first dance at their wedding. Check out their killer moves and incredible choreography! A bride dreams about her wedding from childhood. She pictures the groom, the people, the festivities, the colors, everything that has to do with a wedding has been going through her head since she was a child. And the groom just wants to have some fun. That is why this couple decided to add a little bit of a surprise into the mix that they knew everyone would love. The symbolic of the first dance is the beginning of the couple’s life together. They start with love and fun, to mark the launch of their union. Most of the times it is a slow dance along a song that means the world to the bride and groom, but every now and again, a couple surprises everyone with something that send the crowd cheering for more! The bride and groom decided to surprise everyone with their dance moves, moving to the rhythm of Despacito. Footage shows bride walking down the yard to meet groom, as the intro of this international hit can be heard in the background. When they meet halfway in the yard, they start dancing barefoot on the grass, moving their happy feet to the well-known Spanish song, leaving their guests in awe! After a busy day of getting married, this couple flawlessly pulled off this amazing first dance! Watch as they break into dance with one of the most well-choreographed wedding routines you've ever seen! The incredible duo bust out their best moves, much to the amazement and cheers from their guests. Now that is one way to kick off a marriage! What a memorable wedding dance for all of the guests to witness, and for the newlywed couple to cherish for a lifetime!

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