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Needy Big Pup Won't Let Go Of His Owner1m16s

Needy Big Pup Won't Let Go Of His Owner

We all love our pet dogs. After a long and hard day at work, we get home to be greeted by their wagging tails and doggy smile, ready to turn ever the crustiest of frowns into a smile. They hug us, jump all around us, give us slobbery kisses and make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. That, friends, is the power of puppy love! Sully the Saint Bernard dog really loves his dad! Watch as he pins him down and gives him a big hug after returning home from a long day of work. Now that's adorable! Look how comfortable he is, although he probably weighs the same as his owner, maybe even a bit more. Sully probably forgot that he is way too big to be a lap dog anymore, but he doesn't care. He just knows that he is the cutest, hugest dog in the whole wide world and that he loves his owner very much. Saints aren't suited to living outdoors with little human companionship. They need to live in the home with their family. They're not aggressive, but they'll bark when there is cause, and any threat to their people will bring out their protective instincts. Their size is usually a deterrent to any would-be attacker or burglar. (source:

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This Baby Elephant Loves Cuddling With Her Caretaker39s

This Baby Elephant Loves Cuddling With Her Caretaker

Allie has lived with this little elephant since the day the calf was born. As you can see, they have developed quite the bond. The video was taken at an elephant camp that shares property with the Chai Lai Orchid. Allie’s bond with the calf is so deep, they both enjoy their cuddling time, even though it might look more vigorous than your run-of-the-mill cuddle. One baby elephant can weigh around 200 pounds, which is already too much for an adult human male! Can you imagine what it would feel like if an adult human trying to sit on your lap? Don’t answer that... The Chai Lai Orchid is an ecolodge in Northern Thailand that shares property with an elephant camp with 12 elephants. After two years of watching this herd of elephants be used for mass tours, The Chai Lai Orchid is trying to rescue this family of elephants and create a sanctuary for them in Northern Thailand. Elephants are incredibly intelligent and emotional creatures, and baby elephants need love and care to thrive just as readily as a human child does. Luckily, it looks like neither of these things are in short supply at Chai Lai Orchid, and we hope that this baby grows up to be happy and strong. Chai Lai Orchid is working to enlarge the scope of their work by creating a sanctuary and helping to transition the elephants that belong to the camp next to them to sanctuaries. If you want to help them in their endeavors, then you can tweet Ricky Gervais, to persuade the animal-loving British actor to visit their elephants and raise awareness of the cause. Here’s to hoping they achieve their goals!

Puppy Digs Hole In Sand, Gets Angry When The Ocean Fills It Up Again1m05s

Puppy Digs Hole In Sand, Gets Angry When The Ocean Fills It Up Again

Don’t you just love the beach? Warmth from the sun, chill from the occasional wind, the serene sound of the ocean waves hitting the sand and - oh, the sand! You can dig in it, scavenge for hidden treasures or even build a castle and claim it as your own! Angus the Golden Retriever here has worked really hard to dig a very nice hole in the sand, only to have it filled up with water from a big wave. Check out how upset he is! Can't blame him! Where did the hole go? How did the water get there? Aw man, HE worked so hard to get that hole just right. So he does what he knows best - he barks at those stupid waves and goes to mommy for comfort. Don’t worry little guy, you’ll get it next time! What did you think of this video? Does your dog do anything like this? We would love to hear what you have to think so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comment section! Please share this adorable video with your family and friends as it is sure to make them smile as much as it made you smile!

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Dog Cries Out In Happiness After Months Apart From Owner1m48s

Dog Cries Out In Happiness After Months Apart From Owner

It is hard for our dogs to see us leave them for a few hours when we go to work. When they see us come back in the evening, there isn’t much they wouldn’t do out of happiness. Can you imagine what happens when we leave them for longer? This guy had to leave his faithful German Shepherd dog with his mom while away for work. He had been separated from his Freya for months and they probably had some late night Skype calls to catch up, but even though the picture looks like her owner, Freya knows it is not the real deal. So when the time came for Freya’s human to finally come home, his family knew what had to be done. They hid him behind the door and turned the camera on, because their bond is so strong, they knew some kind of drama will ensue and they were not wrong! After a few months apart, Freya the German Shepherd is finally reunited with her owner in this heartwarming clip. Just listen to those cries of happiness! In case you didn’t have enough of doggie happiness in this clip, then definitely check out this compilation of dogs being reunited with their owners. Featured are people from all walks of life, as they get home to be greeted by their loyal companions.

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Black Friday mayhem captured in Walmart8s

Black Friday mayhem captured in Walmart

While doing some Black Friday shopping, 'Cooloops0509' managed to capture this insane footage of a young man climbing over an isle of refrigerated goods in order to get to the other side, while utter chaos ensues in the background. Looks like it's shaping up to be another hectic Black Friday this year!

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Rowdy Baby Gorilla Gets Disciplined By Dad In Front Of Zoo Visitors57s

Rowdy Baby Gorilla Gets Disciplined By Dad In Front Of Zoo Visitors

Shufai the baby gorilla was has a great time playing with some tree branches in Twycross ZOO until his father Oumbi decided to take them all away (since technically he's playing with his food). But when Shufai persists, Oumbi does a total dad move to let him know he's serious! The kid runs after his dad, while the 24-year-old Silverback gorilla gather all the branches from the enclosure and puts them away. Shufai’s older brother Lope knows well to stay away from dad’s path, but the gorilla youngster wants his toys back. In an effort to stop dad from removing all of his toys, Shufai tries to grab dad by the foot, but the elder puts him back in his place with a determined, but still very gentle nudge with the foot. Body language is a big deal with these giants and the baby knew that very instant that playtime is over! Instead of chasing after dad, the baby sits on his butt and contemplates his choices, before turning away and running after mom Ozala. Shufai was born on September 24, 2016 and is the third baby for 22-year-old mother Ozala and 24-year-old father Oumbi. As well as being a joyous occasion for zoo staff and visitors, the birth is an important part of conservation efforts to save the species, as the number of Western lowland gorillas in the wild has dramatically declined by more than 60% in the last 20-25 years, and scientists predict they will become extinct in the next 20 years or so.

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Kids Find Out They're Having Another Sibling, Their Reaction Is Adorable1m35s

Kids Find Out They're Having Another Sibling, Their Reaction Is Adorable

Pregnancy announcements are a big thing nowadays. What was once a private thing, something to be announced to the unsuspecting grandparents, suddenly turned into a huge social event that turned into a massive bash! People would gather their loved ones from all over just to tell them they will be expecting a new family member in a few short months. Those big announcements are finally a thing of the past, as expecting parents decided that these things are best kept within the closest family circles. If it’s a first baby, they will announce it to the grandparents. But if it’s baby number 3, like it was for Trina Hodges and her husband, then they announce it to the unsuspecting older siblings! Lewis and Reece are about to receive some big news... They're going to be big brothers! Mom hands them pieces of paper that say “Older Brother" while the boys pose for dad’s camera, then asks them to read what the papers say out loud. Lewis was quicker to figure out what this means, but with all that excitement, he mixed up the genders a little bit! Instead of saying “I want to have a sister", the kid says “I want to be a sister"! Poor kid, he is so eager for another sibling!

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Clumsy Kitty Drops His Toy, Complains To Owner About It53s

Clumsy Kitty Drops His Toy, Complains To Owner About It

Caesar loves to play and hi favorite toy is the sparkly teaser wand. Whenever his owner forgets about play time, he would search for his favorite toy, grab it and drag it over to his owner’s feet, making a clear statement that she is falling behind on her obligation. How dare she? It would seem that Caesar's owner had forgotten about play time yet again, so he does his same old ritual. Grabs the wand and starts dragging it along the living room floor to where his owner is resting, to remind her that, yet again, she forgot about play time. But when Caesar jumps on the ottoman to really stick it in her face, the handle of the wand catches on the furniture, causing the cat to lose control of his belongings and the toy falls on the ground. Caesar looks down towards the endless abyss that took his toy, but instead of going after it, he turns to his owners and starts meowing very persuasively. “I brought it this far, pick it up" is what we could understand from all that. The woman giggles behind the camera, but the tom is not having it. Pick it up! If this were another cat, all Caesar would have to do is shoot him an angry look and it would pick the toy up. But this is a human we’re talking about, and they are ignorant of a cat’s body language.

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Caring Pooch Thinks Bunny Pet Is Her Baby, And It's Beyond Adorable1m22s

Caring Pooch Thinks Bunny Pet Is Her Baby, And It's Beyond Adorable

Female dogs can develop motherly instinct even if they don’t have puppies on their own. This loving German Shepherd thinks that the rabbit is her own baby and she is obsessed about it. In this video, the owner is filming her adorable dog who is so anxious for what’s coming next. This precious German Shepherd has somehow learned that she has a baby. Only by spelling the letters of the word ‘baby’ gets this dog up and running towards the room where the baby rests. It is very curious how this canine got the idea that she has a baby, and not just any baby. She is certain that the rabbit is her baby and she is obsessed about it. The dog is sitting and looking at the camera, but secretly picking in the direction where she desperately wants to go, to visit her b-a-b-y! Somehow this cute dog developed motherly instinct that the rabbit is her baby, and every time her owner asks “Where is your baby?” the dog runs down the room where the rabbit lives, and watches over it! Rabbit’s cage is on the top of the placard and the German Shepherd is looking up at it. The owner then asks the dog to say “Hi” to her baby and she raises her front two legs up the placard in order to get a better look at her baby. How adorable!

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Musician Recreates 19 Sound Effects On His Violin1m05s

Musician Recreates 19 Sound Effects On His Violin

“Hey, I'm Daniel, a music fanatic, creator and string instructor. On a good day I hope to amaze you - Or at least amuse you. On the perfect day I will do both!" This is what violinist Daniel Blair had written in the “about" section on his Youtube channel. The guy is nothing short of a virtuoso, having videos of him playing all sorts of musical pieces, but most of them are string interpretations of modern day hits by Meghan Trainor, Imagine Dragons, even theme songs from movies like Frozen and The Andy Griffith’s Show! Daniel is so in tune with his instrument, that he is even able to play stuff that don’t classify as music per se, but they sound EXACTLY the same! Armed with his violin, Daniel plays a total of 19 sound effects from all sorts of categories: bird calls, alarm sounds, bug sounds, even movie effects! Color us impressed! These are all the sounds he plays on the violin, in the same order: the Robin, Sparrow, Seagull, Baby Falcon, Robbery in Progress, Home Invasion, Police in Pursuit, Air Raid Siren, Mosquito (complete with a slap on the hand), Cricket, Heavy Machinery, 18-Wheeler, Formula 1 Racecar, Squeaky Door, Psycho, That one stubborn hair, Kitty, R2-D2 and Jailbreak! We can watch this clip for hours!

Baby Cockatoo Is Surprised By A Cardinal On The Deck1m00s

Baby Cockatoo Is Surprised By A Cardinal On The Deck

Onni the baby umbrella cockatoo is shocked to find a little visitor on the deck of his home! He has never seen a red cardinal before and goes into action to alert his owner about the tiny bird outside. While the excited cockatoo is trying to tell his owner all about it in his own hilarious way, the little bird decided to fly away. The excited baby cockatoo gets louder and louder trying to convince his owner that a glorious and scary feathered being was out there. It's as if he thinks his mom doesn't believe him that a dangerous red little devil was just lurking outside. And when his mom tries to tell him it’s a red feathered little fella like himself, he gets quite argumentative! Apparently, Onni was freaked out by the little red bird and will not accept the fact that they are from the same class of species! By the way, Onni is a common Finnish name that means “luck" and “happiness", which is exactly what this little guy is. The white cockatoo, also known as the umbrella cockatoo, is a medium-sized all-white cockatoo endemic to tropical rainforest on islands of Indonesia. When surprised, it extends a large and striking head crest, which has a semicircular shape similar to an umbrella, hence the alternative name.

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Angry Yellowstone Bison Use Road As Runway Causing Traffic Jam1m18s

Angry Yellowstone Bison Use Road As Runway Causing Traffic Jam

You won't believe Jan and Tanuja's crazy encounter with two male bison while they were driving through Yellowstone. Tourists find themselves in massive traffic jam of bison, but luckily nobody was harmed. This tense standoff could have ended much worse! Traffic jams are one of the most common excuses for being late, and even though a bison-induced traffic jam may sound like a lie, it is sometimes the truth. Watch how determined these two male bison are to make their way across the street, causing drivers to hit their brakes and stop. Video shows several cars caught in a traffic jam, having stopped on the middle of the road after the bison decided to use the road as their runway! People stayed in their vehicles, which was probably a good decision given the numerous people who have been injured after getting too close to these large animals. While bison herds aren’t exactly the most common roadblock, they block traffic more than you would think, especially around Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park. No use in blowing your horns in these kinds of jams. The bison will let you know when you can go, and that is after they are done with their show! Nearly 5,000 bison, the nation’s largest bison population on public land, roam freely inside Yellowstone National Park and often block the road. Footage clearly shows bison running alongside the road and ahead of the vehicle, where they slow down to a walk. Luckily, after they were done flaunting their large bulky bodies, they branched off into the wilderness. Yellowstone is the only place in the United States where bison (Bison bison) have lived continuously since prehistoric times and are somehow the gem of the place!

Jealous Pooch Throws Hilarious Tantrum When He Sees New Pup In The House1m11s

Jealous Pooch Throws Hilarious Tantrum When He Sees New Pup In The House

Dogs can sometimes behave exactly like little children. They shower us with undying love and affection, so it's only natural to expect nothing less from us. And if they don't get what they want, than a tantrum is imminent. But at the same time, they can't seem to quite understand that loving another puppy doesn't mean that we love them any less. And that's a lesson that this dog owner had to elaborate to her jealous dogs. She was holding an adorable little puppy, but her two big Great Danes seemed to have a problem with that. They can't come to terms with the fact that other dogs do exist in this world, and that probably their owner is going to pet a great number of them. One of the Great Danes seems to have a particularly difficult time accepting this, and he gets so jealous that he then has to make sure that his owner still loves him by jumping on her shoulders and demanded to be loved. He gets his cuddle time, but doesn't want to let go anytime soon, which results in a hilarious and slightly awkward situation for his owner. We just hope that she managed to reassure her pooch that she loves him very much and there is absolutely no need for jealousy.

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Soldier Stages Homecoming While His Family Thinks They're Doing The Mannequin Challenge1m25s

Soldier Stages Homecoming While His Family Thinks They're Doing The Mannequin Challenge

This family has been tricked into thinking they're filming a Thanksgiving-themed Mannequin Challenge. What happens next completely shocks everyone! A family in Norwalk,California,United States was getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving together, so they gathered up that sunny November day with a great feast. Someone recommended that they do a mannequin challenge to have some fun and everyone got in their designated places. There are people caught mid-drink with the glass in their mouth, people handing each other plates, someone looking for a drink in the fridge...while you were busy looking for someone to flinch or make a move, one woman open the front door of the house and lets in a very special dinner guest in. A soldier has come home from deployment just in time to say Thanks! A brother and son is finally home with his loved ones and his mom and sister can barely handle the surprise. The two women throw themselves in the soldier’s embrace, crying and screaming with happiness. Just when you thought this can’t get any better, his second sister comes in from the backyard, to see what the ruckus is about. Be sure to lower the volume on your headphones, because it gets very loud! Everyone was grateful for one more thing that Thanksgiving.

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Kitty Gets Really Upset When Owner Goes To Work, And Our Hearts Are Melting3m02s

Kitty Gets Really Upset When Owner Goes To Work, And Our Hearts Are Melting

Out of all the age-old questions that have been bothering people since the beginning of time, one seems to be the most mysterious of them all - how attached are cats to their human owners? Is the affection they show on their good days real or just a means of manipulating them for sustenance? Here we have the perfect test subject to demonstrate just how strongly a feline feels the absence of his human as soon as he leaves the house. Watch as this footage captures Kodi the cat after his owner leaves home, showing that he's still as Kodi-pendent as ever! As soon as Kodi realizes that he has been left at home alone with only his older brother Shorty to keep him company, the black-and-white kitty begins his search for his provider of food and love. At first he just plays with his catnip stuffed toy and seems to not mind the loneliness. But things turn for the sad when one of his claws gets stuck in the fabric of the stuffed toy and the cat really wants it his mouth, so he starts crying. Things get even more pathetic when he starts wobbling around meekly like he can't do anything about it. But his owner always leaves out an old t-shirt for him to lay on and, sure enough, there he was curled up on it when he gets home!

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Adorable Little Girls Are Up For A Recital, But One Of Them Changes Her Mind2m17s

Adorable Little Girls Are Up For A Recital, But One Of Them Changes Her Mind

These 4 girls were up for their dance recital, but one of them had a sudden change of heart. This 4-year-old girl stole the show during her first dance recital when she suddenly became bashful and refused to cooperate. This little girl came onstage with three other dancers, as it was their first dance recital. They were onstage, and everybody was looking at them. All of a sudden, this girl froze, failed to stick to the routine, and just stood there. Watch and observe the girl at the far left. She is so grumpy and sweet at the same time. She is very rebellious and refuses to join in on the dance recital. She just stands there with her arms crossed, looking at the other three girls dancing and growling with discontent. Somebody must have forced this girl to show up onstage, wear ridiculous clothes, and dance in front of the audience. It is obvious that she doesn’t want to dance. Putting her happy feet into action is simply not her thing, and she just stands there like a statue, not moving a muscle. When one of the girls reached out to hold her hand, which was part of the choreography, she refused to join hands and looked away in disgust! This grumpy little toddler is just not in the mood for dancing, and this is how her parents will learn the lesson!

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This Man Has A Guardian Angel, And You're About To See Why36s

This Man Has A Guardian Angel, And You're About To See Why

Extraordinary video from China of a man miraculously escaping injury twice just moments apart. The crazed car came within inches of hitting the man when it sped down the road and brought a lamp post crashing to the ground. The CCTV footage, captured in Huludao City in northeastern Liaoning Province on November 16, shows a man walking back and forth along a curb and talking on his phone. Suddenly, an out-of-control car comes rushing into the same curb this man is standing on, after completely losing control on the road. Here’s the very fun part about this whole event. First, the man has his back turned to the direction the car is coming from. The car rams into the lamp post where the man is standing, avoiding him but still makes him jump. The guy steps out of the way, but is then nearly struck by the falling lamp post. The falling steel tube misses him too, albeit by a whisker. As if saved by a guardian angel, the pedestrian escaped the incident unharmed, though the driver suffered minor injuries. The cause of the crash is under investigation. Moments like these really makes us think if there really are guardian angels out there, or some people just have really dumb luck!

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GoPro Camera Filmed Itself Being Swallowed Up By Molten Lava And Survived45s

GoPro Camera Filmed Itself Being Swallowed Up By Molten Lava And Survived

A tour guide with Kilauea EcoTours wanted a very close up shot of hot lava, so his GoPro got put in the line of fire. This is the story of an innocent GoPro put in danger Have you ever wondered what it is like to be consumed by lava? This incredible footage has emerged on the internet showing the moment that a stream of lava engulfs a GoPro camera during a volcanic eruption. Although the exterior of Erik Storm’s camera was almost completely destroyed, the lens somehow survived, and Erik was able to salvage the footage from the SD card inside, which shows the mass of boiling rock slowly slipping towards the camera during the eruption of the Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii in 2016. As the lava reaches the lens, flickering flames briefly appear before fire completely consumes the camera. Erik Storm, the lead tour guide of Kilauea EcoGuides, was on a tour when he placed his GoPro into a crack to see if he could capture the lava flows. The resulting footage showed molten rock rolling towards the gadget which had been set up on the most active of the five volcanoes that form the archipelago's largest island, Hawaii. The camera is one tenacious trooper that can go through an extended and fiery bath in molten rock and still be somewhat functional. This is the amazing story of a tough little GoPro camera that refused to die after being hit by molten lava, bursting into flames, and somehow surviving to shoot another day. Erik was telling a story when the molten lava, which typically reaches temperatures of between 700C to 1,200C, completely engulfed his GoPro before flames started to spark around it and it caught on fire.

It Took Them 4 Years To Receive The Phone Call That Made Them Parents3m57s

It Took Them 4 Years To Receive The Phone Call That Made Them Parents

Kids are blessing from God. Not being able to have one on your own can tear your heart apart. Still your immense love for children does not fade away. This sorrow can easily turn into tender loving care you can give to kids that need it the most. Thousands of children around the world are being born and left alone, seeking for home and mother love. Fortunately, some of them manage to find a comfortable and warm home and get to grow up surrounded with the people they love. The happiness that sparkles in this couple’s eyes is proof of how becoming a parent can complete a person’s life and bring light to their days. They have been waiting for four years to become parents. Since that much time has passed, they even stopped hoping that someday they will receive the phone call they have been waiting for so long. Then, one ordinary day in February, they received a call with the three most wonderful words they have ever heard: "It's a boy!" They could not believe their ears. Wanting to assure themselves that what they heard is not just a beautiful dream, but a reality, they rushed to the hospital. There, a tiny baby was waiting for them, wrapped in a blanket. Seeing his full head of dark hair and his tiny hands brought his new parents to tears. They named him Zeke, short for Ezekiel. He gave them a little wink, as a sign that he likes his name. “He is perfect.... He is so cute, he has so much hair.” said the mom, while holding her newborn son in her arms and still not believing what is happening. The nurse that was filming this touching moment decided to leave them alone so that they can have some space and time to get to know each other better. Hopefully this little guy will grow into a happy and healthy boy, surrounded by his loving family.

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Heroic Bystander Takes Down Moped-Riding Criminals1m10s

Heroic Bystander Takes Down Moped-Riding Criminals

As dramatic dash cam videos go, this one is no different. On November 19, one man decided to jump and take down two criminals on a moped, after they snatchad a woman’s bag right from her arm in the streets of North London. Two thieves with their helmets on are driving around on a moped in front of the car filming them. They seem to minding their business, going where they need to be, but in the far left they notice a lone pedestrian crossing the street in Islington. The driver mounts the pavement so that his passenger can snatch the woman’s handbag from her shoulder and they drive off, as the victim looks in horror. However, they did not count on the good Samaritan just a few feet down the street, who heard the woman’s calls of distress. The man jumps on the moped, grabs the pillion passenger holding the snatched purse and wrestles him to the ground. The suspect squirmed free to rejoin his accomplice but lost the bag in the brawl. As the impromptu hero checks himself for injuries, the shocked driver says: "You alright mate? Don’t worry I’ve got it all on camera." Security experts have warned of a predicted rise in moped-enabled criminal activity including robbery in the run up to Christmas.

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