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Golden Retriever Puppy Super Jealous Of Toy Doggy43s

Golden Retriever Puppy Super Jealous Of Toy Doggy

These people bought their puppy a mini Golden Retriever sensor-activated toy that moves and barks, thinking it would be nice company for him when they aren't home. Check out his adorably humorous reaction to it! These people bought their puppy a mini Golden Retriever sensor-activated toy that moves and barks, thinking it would be nice company for him when they are not home. Check out his adorably humorous reaction to it! This sweet baby boy is so jealous that mommy is giving someone, or something for that matter, else the attention that he is used to getting all to himself! Adding to the comedy is the fact that the couple picked a robot dog version that looks just like a true Golden Retriever, so this young buck is more than likely extra confused about this entire situation! You can see how he hugs up and snuggles to his mom as if he is nudging her to remind her he is there! If this pup could talk, it seems he would be saying at this moment something along these lines: “Mom!? Why are you petting that thing? I am way cuter and cuddlier than that old yucky puppy! Did you forget? Why would you even bring something like that into this house?! I am truly offended. No, no, this will just not work. You are my mommy, and I had you first! I don’t wanna share!” He is so precious about halfway through the video when he seems to start mimicking the robot dog’s actions. When the robot sits, so does he! It is almost as if he is trying to show mom that he can do the same thing, but better! Oh, it just does not get any cuter than this right here. He looks genuinely offended and puzzled when mom starts to pet the robot dog. He even starts to bark at the robot dog as his frustration builds. He just cannot stand this situation/encounter one little bit! One thing is for sure, this couple is probably better off keeping this a one dog household! Surely this baby boy would not be very thrilled if another real dog came to live with him. Isn’t it amazing how much impact our loving pets have on our human lives? It has been scientifically proven that people with pets tend to live longer, be more compassionate, be more patient , and all around less depressed and happier people. They really brighten our worlds every single day. Pet owners around the world cannot even imagine what life would be like without our beloved furry friends by our side! Did you enjoy this video, and do you want to see more like it? Are you a small time creator looking for a stable platform to share your high-quality videos? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place! Subscribe to Rumble for more videos, or create a Rumble account to share your videos. Rumble gives more opportunities without the hassle of worrying about how many subscribers or views you have. You can have none of these things, but you can still make a profit. Upload your video, and let Rumble do all of the hard work! We cannot wait to see your masterpiece!

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Clever dog teaches puppy how to use ramp2m06s

Clever dog teaches puppy how to use ramp

Ellie the Great Dane loves to go for car rides but is just a little short to jump into the truck, so she has a ramp to keep her from hurting herself. Watch and laugh as Ellie trots right up the ramp into the truck, while Mikey the puppy is going to need a few more lessons. At 35lbs Mikey will have to learn quickly as in a few months he will be a challenge to pick up!

Golden Retriever Thinks Vet's Office Is A Playground52s

Golden Retriever Thinks Vet's Office Is A Playground

This beautiful Golden Retriever shows us that health comes first. You've never seen a dog so happy to go to the vet, this dog runs all over the waiting room as if it is a big playground. This puppy has his best running shoes on. Hilarious! Most puppies don't like the idea of going to the vet, but this puppy is something special. It's inevitable that people won't feel his cheerful presence while he's running around very quickly. He likes to explore every corner of the place where he will be cared for and make sure that he is in optimal health, so that he can continue to play as the happiest dog in the world. The puppy brings with him some red shoes that do not bother him at all when running, he takes his own rope and gives himself a self-tour around the place. No one can stop our friend Retriever, he runs so fast from one place to another, and when he seems to decide to come in to be attended, he runs down the aisle like a mad dog of happiness. The puppy repeatedly amuses the vet, running around her with a mischievous smile as he scurries through the waiting room. There's nothing more cheerful about life than seeing our puppy happy and running freely, in a place where he feels safe. Although the place is not the most suitable for running, this says a lot about this Retriever , which is quite playful and hyperactive. One thing that fascinates us in pets is that they are happy and full of energy, that energy with which they recharge our joy and fill our hearts with tenderness. Even though this puppy runs like a crazy goat, he has the courage to smile and be happy, when he is possibly seconds away from being injected by the vet; maybe he knows it, and he loves it, it can be his way of reacting to nervousness. In short, he loves to be healthy and entertain his owners, even if it means a bit of public shame for not being able to control the madness of his canine, very funny! After running all over the place, and being on the verge of losing patience to the vet and all the people, the puppy calms down and is no longer so excited to be there. It seems like it's customary to see this Retriever frequenting the vet, and everyone knows how happy he is when he goes to visit them. We hope you'll be back soon!.The affection he gets at the place is perhaps the reason he feels so good being there, and that's excellent. We hope this puppy has made your day as happy as the people who were there. His happiness is contagious and shows the other pets that after all it's not so bad to visit the vet , because there all pets are loved and are the priority of the place. If you liked the video, don't forget to give it thumbs up and share it with your friends, because it might be the best part of your day. Enjoy it!

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Silly Cat Goes Into Attack Mode On A Wooden Block Tower10s

Silly Cat Goes Into Attack Mode On A Wooden Block Tower

In typical feline fashion, this cat decides to decimate a toy wooden block tower for absolutely no reason at all. Cats will be cats! This video is absolutely hilarious. Cats are known to get themselves into sticky situations, and they always seem to be wreaking havoc everywhere they go. The cat featured in this video is named Polar. He is a Siamese mix-truly a beautiful cat. Don't get too excited to see him though, because like The Flash, he will only be on screen for a second! Watch carefully, or you will miss him! Here is what is happening before Polar's intrusion: The woman speaking, Emily Meredith, is trying to film a short video to send to her nieces and nephews. They come to visit her every so often, and because Emily does not have any children, they do not always have a lot of toys as options to play with. Therefore, Emily decided to purchase this oversized version of "Jenga" to entertain them while they are at her house. She built a small tower like structure with them on this particular night. She was filming this so that she could send it to the parents of her nieces and nephews, to show them that she had gotten a new game for them. Before the video ever gets going though, there comes Polar! This silly cat dives into the screen shot, straight into the tunnel that his owner just built, completely destroying the creation entirely! It is as if this cat is literally doing a "hit and run" with the building blocks! Viewers cannot help but bursting into laughter. Many who have seen this video also find it quite humorous listening to Emily's reaction to her cat's actions since she apparently has a bit of a southern accent. Why this cat finds it so amusing to crash into towers of wooden blocks , the world may never know. Who really knows why cats do anything that they do. One thing is for certain, though: regardless of why cats do what they do, they certainly bring joy, humor, laughter, and love to our lives! Polar is just one of many cats who have been caught on camera being extra naughty! What a goofy character! There is a "part 2" follow up video to this one also. Emily builds a turtle enclosure with these blocks, but much smaller in an attempt to deter Polar from another hit and run. You'll have to watch the video to see what happens, and we promise that you will not be disappointed! Did you like this video? Do you want to see more that are similar to this one? Are you a small creator with some high quality videos that you are searching to share on a solid and effective platform? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you are in the right place! Don’t hesitate to find other related videos and have the laugh of your life. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Cute Puppy Plays With A Lemon As If It Was A Tennis Ball27s

Cute Puppy Plays With A Lemon As If It Was A Tennis Ball

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Or if you are a three month old adorable Bernese mountain dog, you play with them to your hearts delight! Here is a perfect example of what you can do with those lemons that life throws at you. You can watch this heartwarming video of a small puppy running around on the kitchen floor, playing with a bright yellow lemon like it is a tennis ball. Just wait until the puppy sinks her teeth into it, then it will be a whole new "lemon game!" When her owner accidentally dropped a whole lemon to the kitchen floor, Maizie the three month old Bernese Mountain dog jumped all over it like it was purposely dropped for her to play with. This puppy's curious and naturally energetic nature took over and she could not resist the urge to start batting it around and turning it into a game! At first Maizie just bats it once with her little paw and lays down to watch it roll across the kitchen floor, but when it stops moving, she pounces and pounces again and again. The scene is so adorable that we just cannot stop watching. Maizie backs up to get a good running start, then jumps on the lemon again, using her paws to try to stop the lemon from rolling away. The whole time the little Berner puppy is playing with the lemon , she is trying to bite at it. It doesn't look like she is able to actually bite all the way through the lemon rind, but we think that if that were to happen, she might not like the yellow fruit any longer. Lemons are so sour, especially to a small dog, that it would make poor little Maizie’s eyes water and she would run away whimpering. She finally gets a hold of the lemon at the end of a long and tiring battle. Maizie picks the lemon up with her teeth and walks away to go and lie down. She obviously has won the fight with the fruit and is proud of her accomplishments. Life has thrown her lemons and she has taken them, battled them and won the fight! Good for you Maize, good for you! Bernese Mountain dogs are a very large sized breed that was originally bred as a farm dog in the Swiss Alps. Little Maizie here is only three weeks old and is still very small, but she will grow up and be large enough to take on a whole crate of lemons if she wishes! This breed of dogs is extremely calm and docile in nature and love the outdoors. They were bred in the mountains and love to wander the land, welcoming guests on their travels but due to their large builds, do not have a lot of endurance and tire quite quickly. They can move fast when they want to and have the motivation, but after an amazing burst of speed, the Bernese Mountain dog needs to rest their large bones and take a rest. @moose.and.maizie

Great Dane Shows Off Its Halloween Spider Costume1m45s

Great Dane Shows Off Its Halloween Spider Costume

Ellie the Great Dane looks awesome in her Halloween spider costume, which is one of many that she will be modeling. Watch and laugh as she and Mikey greet their owner with the groceries and enjoy a little chicken snack. The owner is completely smitten to see her puppy dressed up for Halloween. Ellie does not seem to mind as I am sure she loves the attention. Spider dog! Ellie transforms into a spider for Halloween and has to get dad’s approval before going out tonight. Surely Ellie is concerned sometimes whey she is the only pup in the house that must dress up because her sibling is not having to dress up. It is incredible that a “spider dog” would be able to help bring anything into the house after showing her dad her costume. Since when do we create costumes not only for everyone but everything such as animals? With the wind up, Ellie appears concerned about her Halloween outing and surely will be upset about not being able to show off to her neighboring pup friends. After all, she has gone to great lengths to get ready for the evening. Mom encourages Ellie to eat before going out to show off her costume as all good moms feed their babies before trick or treating for candy. Otherwise, like even most kids, Ellie will want to eat up all of the candy before coming back home. Mom pushes to get Ellie, spider dog a piece of chicken. Dad is so awesome and makes sure Ellie gets her chicken to which mom insists Ellie should sit before eating a good meal. Mom seems like a perfectionist as well because she is concerned that Ellie is losing things out of her mouth. What an incredible spider dog, mom. Ellie, the spider dog could be a role model for children because she did not try to take her little brother’s food. This family makes sure everyone has what they need to make Halloween a great evening for all involved. A great spider costume and a good meal. Mom could so the spokesperson for all of the spider dogs in the world. She is a great vocalist for the importance of all dogs to try being a spider dog for Halloween. Uh, oh little brother, it sounds like you will be dressing up for Halloween soon. We wonder if it will look as cool as big sister’s spider dog costume. The costume companies have to be proud knowing that even animals and animal lovers want to join in on the Halloween festivities. Surely the neighbors know that a spider dog will be visiting this evening and have made the necessary arrangements for puppy treats or bugs, since spiders like bugs. Yes, chicken treats are great before a night out. Hopefully the neighbors will have something that Ellie, the spider dog and her brother will enjoy for nights to come. Mom, you get an award for making sure your babies aren’t left out this Halloween.

Una Historia Sobre El Perdón3m12s

Una Historia Sobre El Perdón

Una historia inspiradora sobre dos amigos que aprenden algo especial sobre el perdón juntos. Refleja esas experiencias en nuestra vida que nos hacen pensar: ¿debería aferrarme a esto o debería olvidarlo? Espero que esta historia responda estas preguntas por ti.

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Enormous bull comes to get bread and a head scratch1m14s

Enormous bull comes to get bread and a head scratch

Gus is an enormous bull, tipping the scales at about 2,000 pounds. He is solid muscle and extremely powerful. Yet, he is a big softy who loves a slice of bread, or ten, as well as a good head scratch. Dave has been visiting Gus every week or two as he walks or cycles past the beautiful farm where Gus lives. Gus got so big from eating big meals and he loves bread most of all. What's surprising about him is that despite his tremendous size, he's as friendly and gentle as a pet dog. By nature, bulls are usually grumpy, aggressive and not to be trusted. It's never wise to turn your back on one or to put yourself in a position where you could be injured. They have enough power and strength to do a lot of damage in a very short time if they chose to. But Gus is an exceptional bull. He was raised on a farm where he had a lot of interaction with people right from birth. Gus roams in a lush meadow on a beautiful farm in Millbrook, Ontario. He’s got a lot of company too. He’s the only male in a herd of about 30 lovely female cows. Gus is living the life! Gus developed an appetite for grains of all sorts, especially bread. This is not unusual for cattle, and Cornell University even did an extensive study to determine the effects of feeding cattle bread and other baked goods. The result was that the animals did very well on a diet that was very high in bread. Gus' taste is not that unusual. What is unusual is the way he will approach someone for a slice of doughy goodness. He literally begs like a dog would beg for a slice of sirloin. The farmer who owns Gus is fine with him having visitors, and with him being hand fed. If you walk slowly into Gus’ pasture and you call him, he’s likely to wander over curiously. He’ll actually hustle a bit if he sees that you have a slice of bread. A tongue, longer than seems possible, shoots out and wraps around the slice of bread like a large hand. The slice of bread completely disappears with about three quick chews. Gus doesn’t disappear when the bread is gone. He’s as fond of a good head scratch and face rub as he is of the treats. Gus will turn his head and nudge you like a big dog does when you stop petting it. It’s hard to tell which part Gus likes best!

Laid back cat is amused by Great Dane puppy1m31s

Laid back cat is amused by Great Dane puppy

Jack the cat is amused by his new buddy Mikey the Great Dane, who is not so little anymore. Watch and laugh as Mikey debates whether or not to annoy Jack, but decides respecting the cat is the better option. Having reinforced that cat's rule, Jack has a nice stretch and strolls down the hallway!

Hyperactive Wolfdog Can't Stop Doing Zoomies In The Living Room36s

Hyperactive Wolfdog Can't Stop Doing Zoomies In The Living Room

A hilarious footage has emerged of a hyper wolfdog running inside the house jumping over the sofas without stopping, as if it is having a severe attack of Zoomies, or maybe just tries to do some exercise, or maybe thinks that the floor has lava. The attacks of zoomies is quite common in large dogs according to their breed, but this wolfdog seems to have a lot of energy to use, maybe it had more charge than a battery. Run, the floor is lava! A wolfdog named Faelen has a serious attack of Zoomies, so he runs inside the house not caring about the obstacles that arise, since he always avoids them or manages to jump over them. Faelen seems to have a serious obsession with sofas, as they are the main places he goes through during his Zoomies attack. When it seemed that his energy was not going to run out, Faelen finally manages to stop the attack of Zoomies and manages to lie on the sofa to rest a few seconds, maybe he felt he needed to relax a bit. Faelen just wanted to train for the Olympics! Talk about hyperactive behavior! Zoomies is very common in dogs, especially large dogs or those that grew in large spaces full of fresh air. Zoomies are not something you should worry about, it's just the time when dogs release some accumulated energy, in a way it's quite positive for dogs. It is important to play with our dogs and exercise, it is recommended that dogs always move in or out of the house to use their muscles, that way they can be healthier, maybe we can do some exercise with our dogs. Wolfdogs are characterized by having the appearance of a wolf and the attitude of a dog, depending on how they are educated, these dogs can perform various activities, some can be trained as hunting dogs, as they are quite resistant to cold. Wolfdogs are very intelligent and know how to defend themselves, they are also dogs that by nature normally grow in open spaces, which means that they always have a lot of energy to run or play. In this case, we can see how Faelen had a zoomie attack, which is quite normal since he is a large dog and by nature needs to release energy from time to time, it seems to be something completely normal for him. At this moment we can only enjoy and laugh while Faelen gets rid of his accumulated energy. It is important to know what are the main characteristics of our dogs, since not all breeds have the same characteristics, depending on the type of dog, different care and homes may be needed. Zoomies are pretty normal in dogs, so we should not worry, we should just have fun while the dogs get rid of the accumulated energy. In general terms, zoomies are simply moments of joy for our pet, it is not necessary to stand in their way to stop them. When you watch the video, you will notice that Faelen and its owners took it quite well. We must enjoy the moment!

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