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Great Dane 'Motivates' Himself In The Mirror At The Gym1m55s

Great Dane 'Motivates' Himself In The Mirror At The Gym

Every dog can be hilarious in their own way. They release funny sounds, they make hilarious moves to impress their owners, and more often than not, they throw a tantrum when they can’t figure out things that seem so basic and mundane to us, humans. Taker Gozer, the big Great Dane, as a perfect example. When the great big pooch notices the other dog in the mirror, he fails to realize that it is actually himself! Gozer looks at the dog on the other side staring right back at him and starts whimpering, lowering his head and flattening his ears to his head. Dog owners might recognize Gozer’s stance as a sign of fear, but the wagging of the long, slender tail might suggest otherwise. The Great Dane is unfamiliar with the dog on the other side and seems like he is inviting him to play, but if we had anything to say in this, we think that he actually does recognize his own reflexion and he is unsatisfied with his gains. He’s probably whining because he’s been busting his butt in the gym and all he sees is some muscle in the shoulders, but nothing on his thighs and absolutely zero calves! If only Gozer knew that he is not the only bodybuilder in this world who can’t build up his tiny calves!

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This 4-Year-Old Toddler Already Dances Like A Professional2m29s

This 4-Year-Old Toddler Already Dances Like A Professional

Ella Dobler, a four year old dancer whose talent outdoes her age, performed at the Rainbow National Dance competition and delivered the performance of a lifetime. Despite being so young, Ella knew that her talent would win her the first place, in the Rainbow National Dance Competition. She delivered a great performance with her dance routine on a remix of the song, ‘Heaven on Earth’, taking the stage with grace and sophistication. Good thing mom was sitting in the audience and had her camera on to record and share her daughter’s balletic performance with the world. People known to the toddler, bear witness that she was born with a musical rhythm inside her, and that she has been dancing ever since the first time she heard music. Ella followed the rhythm within her, which is why her love for dance never faltered. Ella always danced with great excitement, and every move she made was full of joy. A few years later, her skills started to develop and needed to get fine tuned. This is when her family decided that Ella was ready to compete and needed serious dance lessons. She joined the ‘New Level Dance Company’ located in Florida, one of the best in the country. The dance company believes, students must be trained to excel in the competitive world of dance.

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Stubborn Husky Protests When It's Time To End Vacation37s

Stubborn Husky Protests When It's Time To End Vacation

Husky dogs are known for having a mind of their own and their ability to stand their ground so fervently, their owners sometime ask themselves ‘who owns whom?’. They have a strong will that comes very much handy when it is time to set a course for the sleigh, but in the urban jungle it can be very annoying. Cute, but eventually annoying. Zeus the Husky is a perfect example of his breed’s iron will and vocal nature. If he has set his mind on something, there is little that his owner can do to change his mind or make him go against his own beliefs. One of Zeus’s favorite vacation spots is the cabin his owners have in the mountains and we think we can understand why. Being so close to the wild, he can probably hear the calls of his ancestors, something resembling Jack London’s ‘Call Of The Wild’. Good thing he loves his owner very much, otherwise he probably would have run off to prove himself a worthy alpha of some wolf pack. So when the time came to leave the vacation cabin in the mountains, Zeus had a lot to say! By the looks of it, he did not want to leave, so he proceeds to hoot and howl in hopes of staying longer! Take a look as this guy rages for his rights!

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Older Sibling Tries To Harass Baby Gorilla, Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine1m10s

Older Sibling Tries To Harass Baby Gorilla, Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine

This video is a perfect example of sibling rivalry. It doesn’t matter if you’re seven years old or seventy-seven, a boy or a girl, you will always find the time to prank your sibling. The race, the gender, the animal kingdom you belong to are all moot points when it comes to having a bit of fun with your relative. Apparently, gorillas are quite the pranksters. Check out these popular gorilla siblings from the Twycross Zoo in England - you just can't ever stop watching them! There is always something happening in their nook in the zoo. In this instance, Lope the Gorilla youngster is harassing his baby brother by grabbing him several times. He tries to trip him but to no avail. The baby gorilla, however, has other plans. He just knows that no matter how nasty his older brother gets, he would always have his mommy to take care of him. Take a look as this situation "goes down" and wild instincts kick in. The gorilla mama watches over her two little trouble-makers from a distance, but isn’t willing to step in until the last moment. It seems like the older brother has finally crossed the line when he manages to trip the baby with a swipe of his hand. The mom steps in between the two and takes the baby by her side. The little mischievous tot stays back for a few seconds, wanting to gloat, but in true mom fashion, she scolds him and makes him climb on her back to get to safety.

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Pup Rescue from a Drain3m24s

Pup Rescue from a Drain

Occurred on November 18, 2013 / Taio, Brasil Info from Licensor: "Rescue of a medium-sized dog stuck in a rainwater drain pipe in the courtyard of a public municipal school. The boy in the video is the dog owner."

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Friends And Family Get Surprised With A Twin Gender Reveal3m27s

Friends And Family Get Surprised With A Twin Gender Reveal

One baby is a gift, but twins, or rather, fraternal twins? There is one chance in 250 pregnancies to conceive with twins, but fraternal twins rarely happen naturally, which is probably the reason why this group of family and friends got super excited about the news. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves... When these young parents discovered they were expecting twins at their latest ultrasound, they decided to keep it under wraps until the gender reveal party. No one, not even their own parents, could know the news! So all of the guests have finally gathered and the suspense was building up to the point of cutting the cake. Voices from around the table can be heard almost chanting “it’s a boy”, “it’s a boy”...surely enough, the filling inside is a nice bright blue, sending cheers out of everyone’s throats. Well, almost everyone’s. Then the mother asks if someone was hoping for a girl, because they have ONE MORE SHOT AT GETTING IT RIGHT! What?! The looks on people’s faces with the questions “are you having twins” on their lips was kind of hilarious, but that cake won’t make it to everyone’s plates. That’s right, they bring another box with an identical cake inside...another round of suspense as the knife digs deep into the frosting and cake, until the piece comes out with PINK filling! Isn’t that amazing? Boy and girl twins, what could mom and dad ask more?

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Samoan Hotshots Sing As They Come Down A Mountain2m46s

Samoan Hotshots Sing As They Come Down A Mountain

As they march down from a fire site, this Samoan hotshot crew likes to unwind after a tough battle with the blazing flames with their favorite pastime. Not only are these men brave firefighters, but they're also talented singers. They love to sing powerful Samoan hymns when they're on the move! Some people think the song in the video below is "What A Friend We Have In Jesus," but the tune is actually "Fa'afetai i le Atua”, a classic Samoan hymn is popular among the people and it all has to do with praising God for all that he has given them. A very loose translation of the introduction would be: "Thank God/that we grow/when he was free/to all of us." The lyrics then go on to thank the Son of God for coming down from the Heavens and His soul for bringing successes to their lives. These brave forest firefighters know that the job they do is risky, but they also know that they have God to thank for keeping them safe in dangerous situations. That's why they sing to the Heavens and praise Him while trekking to their next location. It's a beautiful sound to hear, as their singing echoes around in the forest.

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Brother Pops Out From Car Trunk To Surprise Sister On Her Birthday42s

Brother Pops Out From Car Trunk To Surprise Sister On Her Birthday

You can pick your friends, but never your family and that is what’s great about our brothers and sisters. Our siblings are our best friends for life. We may fight and pick quarrels with them, but in the end we make up with little to no losses on either side, because we love each other unconditionally. So when the time comes for our siblings to move away for school or to protect our country, the leave behind a void that no one can fulfill. We know they will eventually come back to stay, but until then, we feel their absence and it makes us sad. That is probably why there are so many homecoming surprise videos out there - there is no greater surprise than to see that they have come home sooner than expected, to rid us of the misery. This is one such heartwarming video that we love to watch over and over. This girl’s brother has been out of town for undisclosed reasons, but he decided to surprise her just in time for her birthday. Their mom was the only one who knew about the surprise, because she was supposed to take her out for a birthday ice cream treat, with the big brother hiding in the trunk of their car. One high pitched scream and loads of tears later means that the surprise was a total success and everyone can finally go for some celebratory ice cream!

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Fog Spreads Through Plane Cabin With Passengers On Board Like In A Horror Flick29s

Fog Spreads Through Plane Cabin With Passengers On Board Like In A Horror Flick

During a short flight to Charleston International Airport in South Carolina, USA, these passengers had to wait for the plane to cool down while boarded on the tarmac because of air conditioning difficulties. Take a look at what happens when the air conditioning is shut off! If you were sitting on this airplane waiting to take off, would you be as chill as the two ladies who shot this clip? We think not, although there is a pretty logical, scientific explanation to this phenomenon, and it is related to the plane’s AC. The way aircraft AC works is basically air bled from the engines about halfway of its compressor stage and is about 400F degrees. Obviously this needs to be brought down. This happens in an AC unit that uses the outside air that is pretty cold. On the ground and low altitudes a fan is also driven by the hot air for extra cooling. By doing this, extra thermal energy is taken from the engine bleed air. After the cooling process, the air should be around 45 F, which is great for cooling, but needs to be heated during flight. There are several methods to do this, the most common is taking the air after the first cooling radiator, which now is pretty hot, and use a second point to slightly heat the air going into the cabin. Air from the atmosphere and the one in the cabin do not mix physically - all cooling and heating is done by radiators, and regulated automatically by the airco pack. The flight crew can only tell how hot or cold they want it to be. Now for the super weird part - every aircraft has a water separating unit in their AC, which might have been misbehaving during this flight, thus explaining the “fog”.

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Bride's Sister Pulls Off A Hilarious Maid Of Honor Speech4m09s

Bride's Sister Pulls Off A Hilarious Maid Of Honor Speech

When giving a maid of honor speech, it seems that someone always has an opinion or request. For this speech, Melanie, the maid of honor, who also happens to be the bride’s younger sister, makes note of their mother’s requests. "My mom told me two things: don't burp and don't curse," she said. "Well mom, you get one thing, I'm not gonna burp." She went on to mention how it's hard to come up with anything else to say about her sister that her parents hadn't already said, "because she really is the favorite - I mean, ideal child.", since she has excelled both in academics and in sucking up to their mom, setting the bar really high. Then again, she is also grateful to her sister Heidi for ‘letting her be the black sheep in the family’ for her entire life. Everyone attending is rolling around laughing. As Melanie continued on with her speech and all of the sweet things that her sister has taught her over the years, she looked the groom directly in the eyes and reminded him to say those three special words every single day, "you are right." Out of all the cliche wedding speeches we have seen, this one came as a welcome refreshment! What a way to send off your sister!

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Tuxedo Cat Is On His Way To Becoming A Professional Skateboarder 1m20s

Tuxedo Cat Is On His Way To Becoming A Professional Skateboarder

Let’s face it, cats are magnificent creatures. They might come as broody and extremely egocentric, but at the bottom of every kitten’s soul lies a talented and extremely intelligent individual. Take this Tuxedo cat for example. Trixie might seem like he is very uninterested, but his aloof behaviour makes him the perfect skateboarding cat. He skates on that board with passion, although it is not very noticeable. This guy can even perform tricks, but you are not worthy of seeing them just yet, you are going to have to wait for a few more episodes for that. And that is precisely what makes him a star. This kitty is very special, don’t let his cute face fool you. Although he adores the cuddles his owner gives him and the attention from all of the lady kittens, Trixie’s true passion is skateboarding. He’s also good at Math, seen by his ability to measure the velocity and the friction needed to perform his skateboard tricks. His owner doesn’t forget to reward him for his intelligence daily, by giving him tasty treats and kisses. In fact, his owner is his most humble fan, following him everywhere on his kitten adventures. It’s a hard life being a cat pro skateboarder.

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World's Most Dramatic Husky Is Very Vocal About Walk1m58s

World's Most Dramatic Husky Is Very Vocal About Walk

Zeus, the stubborn Husky should be in the running for the world's most dramatic and stubborn Husky! He can be very stubborn and difficult at times, but it's all in good fun, and his stubborn nature is relatively harmless. Since he's so stubborn and doesn't listen 100% of the time, his owners don't always let him off leash. He would likely ignore them if they called for him to return! In fact, he is so much against the whole concept of “walks”, that he won’t even listen to his owner calling him to go outside! His brother Kaden the German Shepherd is at the door already, patiently waiting for his stubborn brother to make up his damn mind already, because it is a great day outside to be chasing cats and barking at trees! Whenever their mom will ask Zeus to come, he will start barking and howling to the distance, with his nose up in the air, as if she is asking him to shed his fur for her. Come on Zeus, it is just a leash! That must be it! Stubborn as this poor husky is, he probably thinks his owners are evil for not letting him walk without that damn leash! But he is too curious for his own good, so he might complain his heart out, he needs to go out and on a leash! Here’s another instance where Zeus proves how he really feels about walks! His owner found him lying in the bathtub and keeps telling him to get out so that they can go for a walk, but he doesn’t move! ZeusTheStubbornHusky's channel is filled with hilarious and adorable videos of him on every one of his stubborn rants. He's acting just like a toddler!

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Woman's Zip Line Experience Doesn't Exactly Go As Planned1m34s

Woman's Zip Line Experience Doesn't Exactly Go As Planned

When it comes to zip lining it can be a bit scary and there's always the small chance that something may go wrong. This lady proves it - and it's hilarious! The woman went with her kids to a zip line for some adventure time, but the adrenaline and the exhilaration made her forget the crash course they give you at the start. So as soon as she approaches the end of the line, the spring pad, which is an emergency arrest device approved by the The Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) for every rider’s ultimate safety. That all would have been great, if the woman’s speed under her weight didn’t press the spring pad to the max. And you know what happens when a spring get pressed all the way down - it has to come right back up, sending the woman back up the line! The only problem here is the line goes up and the spring doesn’t have enough force to return the rider to the beginning of the line. So now she is stranded in the middle of it. And it is a looong way down from there. Both her kids and the instructors keep yelling at her to grab the line in order to drag herself back down. Our guess is she will never get on that thing again! Thanks for the laughs, Penny!

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Pickle The Mini Pig Wakes Up To Ice Cream Cone48s

Pickle The Mini Pig Wakes Up To Ice Cream Cone

Is there a treat more delicious than ice cream? It’s cool and refreshing for the summer, but packs just enough of a punch in the sugary department. Everyone loves a cone or several of some basic vanilla soft serve ice-cream, mainly because you don’t have to wait for it to get soft enough to eat and you can down it in a blink of an eye. But who knew that even a piggie gets super excited for a cone, so excited to wake her up from her slumber? Because Pickle the mini pig really likes her treat! At first it seems like an ice cream cone simply won’t do the trick, as Pickle is nicely snuggled up in her bed, wrapped in blankies together with her stuffed buddies. Her owner call her to wake up, but the piggie releases sweet, sweet sounds of slumber, looking completely uninterested. Maybe she thinks she’s dreaming? Third time’s a charm though, as the sweet frozen dairy touches Pickle’s lips and she jumps right up, ready to down that cone! Hearing someone smack their lips in enjoyment has never sounded more adorable! Who knew that all it took to wake up a pig was an ice cream cone?! What we do know is that this sure does make one hilarious video! What a cutie this pig is! Credit to 'Pickle the Mini Pig'.

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