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Adorable Baby Girl Flexes Muscles With Dad In Front Of Mirror22s

Adorable Baby Girl Flexes Muscles With Dad In Front Of Mirror

There's strong, and then there's baby strong! We might see them as the most adorable softies that we would like to cuddle forever and ever, but they are a bunch of tough iron-willed individuals. Watch as 8-month-old baby Hadley shows off a muscle flex with dad while getting ready for a bath. Now that's a cute moment! We’re just glad that her parents thought to record the hilarity of the situation. Even though she is only 8 months old, baby Hadley is already one tough little lady! If you need proof, just check out this video of Hadley and her dad measuring each other’s gains! In their video that is steadily climbing the viral ladder, Hadley’s little arms are just the usual pinchable little nubs, but with dad’s encouragement, she’s probably seeing Wonder Woman in the mirror! Dad’s getting a workout as well, what with all the belly laughs he’s getting! Little Hadley can’t stop humoring her dad by flexing her arms in front of her. Little does she know that she looks like the cutest ballerina preparing to do a plie, rather than a weightlifter, but we don’t mind one bit. A dad is precious to every girl, because they can teach them about self-sufficiency and toughness, among many other qualities. They can help them fight the wrongs and do the right s in this world. Looks like Hadley will have no problem with either one! Good job, dad!

Kitty Is Very Displeased With An Unexpected Visitor2m01s

Kitty Is Very Displeased With An Unexpected Visitor

This is the intense moment when an extremely vocal cat starts challenging his rival to a cat fight by fiercely meowing through a glass door. The bristly cat starts begging owner to open the front door in order to go outside and fight. When Jacob sees another male cat on the other side of the glass door, staring at him urging him to surrender, he immediately gets tough and wants to pick a fight with his rival, so he cries to his owners to let him out! Listen to the incredible speaking skills this Russian feline possesses, he sounds like he is saying ‘open the door’ in Russian! This cat expands its meowing skills and almost starts speaking human just to make owner understand that he is ready to fight for his territory and masculinity! Male cats have strange ways of showing who is in charge! Footage shows the extreme vocal skills this bristly cat possesses while putting them vocal cords in practice, trying to prove a point and stand his ground in the cat fight! The tough cat is continuously begging his owner to open the door, so that he can confront the other male cat, standing on the other side of the glass door, challenging him to a duel. He's a very unique cat, not afraid of anything or anyone including the cat standing on the other side of the door, trying to pick a fight! We knew that pets can be a lot of work to raise, but who would have thought they would be this much of a challenge? Sure, you have to feed them, play with them and make sure they are happy and healthy which is already a big enough challenge, but what is even more challenging is when they argue, telling you what to do! That is just a typical cat behavior! The tough Russian cat wants to go outside, but his owners won’t allow him, after which he stubbornly meows back! We are surprised by the way he persist to beg and meow, standing in front of the door, staring back at his rival!

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This Abandoned Suburb Is The Third Largest City In California2m20s

This Abandoned Suburb Is The Third Largest City In California

Abandoned suburbs are a new phenomenon, destined to become dystopian slums, strange perturbations forming on the outermost rims of our cities. But what of suburbs that failed equally spectacularly because they were never even built in the first place? In the desert, 100 miles northeast of Los Angeles, is a place called California City. Founded in 1958 by a real estate developer named Nat Mendelsohn, California City was intended to be the state’s next great metropolis. The dream faded quickly. Among the reasons why it has never become a normal city are that in clearing the area for development it lead to an increase in dust storms. Now, the "third largest" city in California is an empty mirage of suburbia in the middle of nowhere. Seen on a map, hundreds of miles of named streets cut through the desert area known as California City, ending in cul-de-sacs, and looking much like a large suburban community. It is by this metric of its geographical size, that California City can lay claim to being the third largest city in California. However, on closer inspection one quickly notices something missing: houses. There is absolutely nothing lining these streets, no houses, no electric grid, nothing. The roads form an empty ghost-grid, a mirage of suburbia still waiting to be filled. Seen from above it looks almost like the remnants of some ancient culture, ritual lines cut in the desert. California City has become something much more interesting - an optical training system for Air Force pilots and skydivers, as well as an oddly beautiful example of misguided optimism. It is now a spatial anomaly, an unintentional piece of monumental land art, perhaps destined to someday be as archaeologically mysterious as Stonehenge.

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Learning How To Heimlich Yourself Can Potentially Save Your Life1m49s

Learning How To Heimlich Yourself Can Potentially Save Your Life

The world is a scary place and you never know what the future has in store for you around the corner. That is why it is important to prepare yourself for any potential situation that may occur. This is an effective and simple way to save yourself if you're alone and choking, brought to you by a Firefighter/Paramedic ACLS/BLS Instructor Jeff Rehman. Special Thanks to Lt. Mark (Mother) Sherman. “I have noted over those years that there is really no effective means for someone to rescue themselves should they be choking and nobody is there to help them,” Mr. Rehman says in the video, which has been seen more than 7 million times thus far. In the clip, he uses a basic push-up motion to create suction to hopefully dislodge the object that is blocking your throat. First, get on your knees in the push-up position, then let go of your arms, essentially letting your stomach and chest smack on the ground. The air that moves out from this technique should be enough to remove whatever is stuck in your airway. You cannot predict these things when they happen, that's why it is better to be safe than sorry. When you accidentally inhale something and the moment of sheer panic strikes when you start losing your breath, remember Mr. Rehman’s demonstration in order to help yourself quickly and efficiently by doing the Heimlich maneuver on yourself. In case you would like to know how to perform the Heimlich maneuver on your dog, check out this video demonstrated by a vet.

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Diver Films His Surreal Swim With Millions Of Jellyfish3m12s

Diver Films His Surreal Swim With Millions Of Jellyfish

One of the things that can really get you off the summer swimming mood is water filled with jellyfish. One of the reasons being that just a brush with these transparents swimmers can really ruin your day, if not the entire summer. Many decide against swimming in oceans for this particular reason, waving their summer dreams goodbye. But there is one salt water basin on an uninhabited rock in the South Pacific that is brimming with these dwellers of the deep that is actually a treat to swim into. The reason being is that their pricks are too small to be dangerous to humans. That is why swimming in Palau’s Jellyfish Lake is one surreal experience. This clip, shot with a GoPro HERO4, shows million of Golden Jellyfish swimming every which way. It might make some of you cringe just at the sight, but in reality, it is an experience unlike any other. According to an organization called the Coral Reef Research Foundation, the lake boasts 13 million of these jellyfish, known to grow up to 5.5 inches in size. It is believed that they lost their ability to sting because they live in an environment free of predators. Still, if one of them brushes up on some of your more sensitive areas, such as the lips, you might feel a tingling sensation. Jellyfish Lake can be found in the Eil Malk Island of Palau, a paradise island country located in the western Pacific. While freedicing is ok, scuba diving is forbidden, due to the bubbles’ potential to harm these delicate creatures.

Exotic Breed Of Chicken Has The Most Peculiar Coloring1m20s

Exotic Breed Of Chicken Has The Most Peculiar Coloring

Nature truly is an artist. It creates the most intricate designs and combines the most uncommon colors making us admire it each and every time. It has mastered its craft throughout the millennia, getting better and better. It seems that each new attempt is a tiny bit closer to perfection. We can’t help wondering whether perfection is truly unattainable, because looking at this footage we are inclined to think that that might not be the case. There is a breed of chicken in Indonesia called the Ayam Cemani and it is truly remarkable. The Ayam Cemani reinforces the belief that nature is a master designer because there is no other explanation for its existence. This artist sculpted the most perfect chicken physique, but when it came to coloring, Nature probably had the can of black coloring tip a bit too much because it made the Ayam Cemani a real looker. This kind of poultry is entirely black, from the tips of it’s feathers to its eyes and even its organs. Literally everything on and in this bird is black except for its blood and its eggs. This is caused by fibromelanosis, a genetic condition that creates hyperpigmentation in this breed. The stunning looks of this bird have made it the obsession of many a man. It is believed that it was used in religious rituals and it originates from Java, Indonesia. Nowadays it can be found on Dutch, German, Czech and Slovak farms.

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Stray Dog Checks Himself Into Mexican Animal Clinic35s

Stray Dog Checks Himself Into Mexican Animal Clinic

This sweet little guy was brought in as a neighborhood dog to be neutered at an animal clinic in Mexico by a nice woman who happened to be bringing in her own dog. He did well, recovered, and went back to the area with the woman. Then, the day after he left, who shows up all by himself at the door of the clinic? None other than this handsome fellow! Many countries in the world have a problem with stray dogs. There are just too many of them living on the streets, hungry and in desperate need of love and shelter. It really is a pity, because the same animals living on the street are just like your pets, and the only thing that made them different is the fact that someone no longer wanted them and threw them out, or they were born on the street. There is a way to save them all, but it doesn’t come at a small price. Nipping the problem in the bud would mean spaying or neutering your dogs and those stray dogs in order to diminish the general dog population living in an area. Some might argue that it defies the laws of nature, but in reality it’s better than seeing them starving on the streets, an easy prey to other vicious animals and even car accidents. Spaying and neutering your dogs might even make them less aggressive, diminishing the chances of them attacking a kid playing in a park. And as always, the most effective way of helping stray dogs is to take them as a pet, rather than to buy one.

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Polar Bear Pokes Head Through Window To Ask For Treats47s

Polar Bear Pokes Head Through Window To Ask For Treats

One friendly polar bear which does not look like she belongs to the wilderness finds an open window and comes to say hi. As the video develops, we see that the bear not only pokes her head through the window and puts her big, soft paw on the sill just to say hi, she waits for something more - her treat for the day. It is obvious that this is a habit that she explicitly exhibits on a daily basis judging by the people’s reaction. They are used to the bear’s regular visits and they even tamed and befriended her. These folks are not intimidated at all by her appearance. They are fortunate enough to have a seemingly amiable polar bear stop by for some food. She looks rather keen to try a few cookies. She must have been hungry, because devours the cookies and licks her muzzle pleading for more. Those must have been the most soft, yummy cookies the bear has had. The gargantuan appetite of this giant predator cannot be satisfied with only one crunchy biscuit. She expects some more and as long as she hangs out on the window, she has the capacity to eat not only two or three but a whole packet of biscuits. It is really astonishing how uncomplaining and tolerant she is - waiting patiently for the next bite without making any fuss. Although polar bears are the largest carnivores in the world, this one in the video makes you change your attitude toward polar bears by feeling the need to hug one.

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Mother And Baby Engage In A Soul-Stirring ‘Conversation’1m35s

Mother And Baby Engage In A Soul-Stirring ‘Conversation’

When you are feeling under the weather and your day has not started as you have planned and there is nothing that helps you improve your mood then we suggest that you should watch this heartwarming video with the two-month-old Oliver and his mom sharing a soul-stirring ‘conversation’. This mother-infant interaction is clearly a psychological one. In other words, by exchanging soft and loving looks with her baby, the mother's affection for the child deepens. Oliver and his mother strengthen their bond through information mediated by the sense organs - the eyes, ears, nose and skin. The sensory information exchanged is diverse: visual information from their respective smiles and eye-to-eye contact; auditory information including the content of the mother's speech and effective information, such as rhythm, pitch, and intonation, the child's happy voice and babbling; This exchange will definitely create emotional bonds between the Oliver and her mother. Oliver’s adorable little face says it all, he really enjoys sharing this emotional conversation with his mom and as long as his mom goes on speaking, he is ready to follow suit. It looks like his whole face is telling a never-ending story full of love and affection that is only destined to finish if the baby falls asleep. He is so excited and he even tries to shape his mouth like his mother does as if he is going to say something back to her. His whole body dances in the rhythm of his mother’s speech and the cutest moment comes when he starts cooing. With his hands waving in the ear, Oliver is ready to give his precious mommy a little hug.

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Bulldog Solves Itch On Table, Knocks Everything Off13s

Bulldog Solves Itch On Table, Knocks Everything Off

Ever wondered what it must be like to be a short, chubby doggo, with a massive itch on your backside that you cannot just reach and there is no one to help you? There are no trees inside, so that you can scratch your butt on their lovely bark and your owner just lounges there on the sofa, instead of running to your aid. What are you going to do? You find the closest thing that you can fit snugly in and use the edge to shimmy that itch off! An IKEA table fits the description perfectly! If only that thing was not so damn light but with an itch so strong not even the heaviest table would help! Cooper the English bulldog tries to fit underneath one such IKEA table, so that he might use the table’s edge to scratch his butt. But it turns out he's just too big for it. Everything that was on the table is sent flying off. Despite the powerless scream of his owner, he just cannot help it because when the sensation which causes the desire or reflex to scratch calls, there is nothing you can do but take the challenge, even if it means knocking everything around you on the floor. And why bother anyway when there is somebody to take care of the scattered things? Not only did he blow everything off, but the yelling got Copper so confused, that with his attempts to get unstuck from underneath, he knocked the table lamp, the DVD player and the TiVo! That clumsy dog, he is making us rewind the video over and over again just to relish in his hilarious misdeed!

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Here Is What Happens When Rain Freezes On The Street 2m06s

Here Is What Happens When Rain Freezes On The Street

The winter season can be lovely for those of us who love the snow and can stand the cold. It is a "winter person's" dream for snow to build up throughout the night so they can wake up to white blankets covering the ground. Some of us that love the winter season decide to spend the day and just walk around the city park enjoying the sights, where as some us that like sports, can't wait to take their snowboard or skis and hit the slopes. And for some of us, it's a favorite book and cuddled up next to the fire place and enjoying the views from indoors. However, not all of us happen to adore the snow, nor the winter season as much as the "winter person". When winter comes around some of us decide to stay in and not even look outside, let alone actually leave their house. As for all of you, this might be the perfect video to see that you are not alone. This guy filming the whole scenario is sitting by his window, probably with a hot cup of tea and enjoying the view. Info from Licensor: "I was in Swanage for the Swanage Blues Festival. There were freak weather conditions that resulted in freezing rain . The side roads are steep hills, and the ice made them extremely treacherous. I had struggled to climb the same hill earlier, so when I heard these guys trying to climb it I went up to the bedroom to watch." Occurred on March 2, 2018 / Swanage, Dorset, UK This might be one of the most freezing rain scenarios where it has come to that point that let alone cars, but people can't even walk the streets due to the hazardous conditions. Take a look, it is as if these people are just some kind of toys slipping and sliding across this frozen road .

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Zeus The Stubborn Husky Protests His Treat1m34s

Zeus The Stubborn Husky Protests His Treat

Do you remember the video about Zeus the stubborn and independent Siberian Husky that would not stop howling just because his owner did not let him go outside? Well, guess what, Zeus is back again with his usual sass. Actually, this time is not usual at all, he is throwing a tantrum unparalleled with anything before. This time Zeus shows that he can be the real king of all drama queens in this world. If it is not like he has imagined then get ready to stuff your ears with ear plugs because of the long, persistent and deafening cry he makes. For whatever reason, Zeus is seen here protesting a treat. His owner is not sure why he does this - she truly think he just likes hearing himself talk, just like some people we all know. After a few rounds of howling better than the wolves themselves, he eventually gives in and takes the treat. Apart from being silly and wilfully resolved to go on shouting, he walks around the room protesting for more. Looking straight at the camera with his piercing blue eyes, we can only love him for being what he is – an incredibly headstrong dog. Zeus is a 7 year-old male that appeared in the Disney Movie "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" when he was 8 weeks old. He and his litter mates were in the scene in the subway station where the wolves are turned into puppies. No wonder he enjoyed being filmed because he is a master of putting on unprecedented act. Do not forget to follow Zeus the husky and his adventures on Facebook and Instagram!

Twin Sisters Stop Crying When They Hear Justin Timberlake Sing2m03s

Twin Sisters Stop Crying When They Hear Justin Timberlake Sing

There is something utterly magical about music. It can make us make us laugh and it can make us cry. But most of all, music has such soothing properties that can ease the pain of a long and difficult day. Who doesn’t love listening to music anyway? Mothers all around the world have been singing and playing music to their babies while still in the womb. It stimulates them and creates a bond between a mother and her child. It is to no surprise that when they come in this world, babies show certain preferences towards the type of music they like. Most probably, it is the same music their mommy used to play for them. These two, for example, love Justin Timberlake! Adaline and Evelynn Villella have a massive crush on the R&B singer, so much so that they stop their tantrums whenever they hear his sweet voice singing! It helps them get through anything, from gassy tummies to shots at the doctor’s office. Their uncle Stephen Williamson made this compilation of a few situations where the twins showed their amazing devotion to the famous singer and actor. Every time they experience a bout of anger, he plays them “Can’t Stop The Feeling” and they quickly stop their wailing. Their parents discovered this when they serenaded their daughters to help them calm down. The crafty uncle says: “Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling” quickly stood out to them at only a few months old. They would become fixated and focused whenever JT’s video came on the TV.” Apparently, for a family who has never had twins before, Justin was a God-sent.

Dog Has Emotional Reaction To Video Of Crying Puppy47s

Dog Has Emotional Reaction To Video Of Crying Puppy

Chelsie the Golden Retriever is an even-tempered and well-behaved dog. She adores people and loves companionship. And she really becomes very intrigued while she listens to a recording of her puppy crying out. Her kindly expression says it all - she feels drawn to the puppy as she lifts her legs on the computer desk just to feel closer to the crying puppy. Chelsie becomes really compassionate and is probably one of the most kind-hearted dogs. Though her nature is cheerful and forgiving of any mistakes made by others, her body movements are totally demonstrative in the way she shakes her head from side to side to as she listens to the continuous cry. And dogs get sad and emotional just like babies do. Chelsie is always distracted by exciting sights and sounds. She cannot just be on the outside and does nothing, even though the screen serves as a real obstacle between her and the puppy, she feels compelled to do something, to show the puppy that it is not alone and that she is there to protect it. So, she starts moving her muzzle in a sniffy way until she lets out a long cry of sadness and empathy. At one moment this trustworthy Goldie which is obviously friendly with everyone, jumps back and away from the screen to only turn back and starts whining in the most touching way possible. There is no way not to sympathize with him as his eyes are a real indicator of his true feelings. Baffled by what the baby puppy is trying to say, Chelsie stands still in front of the screen, holding her breath and imitating the puppy’s cry. Nevertheless, her mind and heart will always be sweet and gentle though her body may look robust.

Cat Enjoys The Warm Bear Hugs Of His Owner32s

Cat Enjoys The Warm Bear Hugs Of His Owner

All it takes is a cute kitten photo or sweet cat video, and we automatically want to cuddle up with the nearest cat. Feeling the murmur of a purr beneath our fingers and holding a furry warm companion close, brings instant contentment - no wonder why petting a cat is a stress-buster. But not everybody is a fan of cuddling and not everybody can sit still while wrapped in a big mommy bear hug. But that is not the case with cats. For example look at this cat. His name is Barolo and he is a British blue shorthair and he enjoys being embraced by his owner. He has totally surrendered in his clutch, holding onto the owner’s arms with his paws wrapped around in a soft hug. Contrary to the belief that cats are aloof loners, most are cuddly companions that need attention and love. Snuggling not only makes this cat feel warm and safe, but it also allows him to spend some quality time with his owner. He obviously not only enjoys the company of his owner, but also the attention he gets when he spends time with him. And who can resist interacting with a cat who has tucked himself into your lap or bats his eyes at you as he cuddles up? And what is with the kiss? When the owner kisses his cat, he makes eye contact and then slowly blinks to show confidence and affection. To respond his owner slowly blinks back. These trust blinks, head bumps and actual kisses mean that the owner and his cat trust each other fully.

Pelican Waits In Line To Be Served At Fish Store1m11s

Pelican Waits In Line To Be Served At Fish Store

There is nothing worse than waiting in line. Time is too precious to waste it doing nothing. The problem is that you know that you have to remain in that same spot for however long it takes because life might not give you another chance at this opportunity. So you wait, and wait, and wait. Waiting to be served in a store is probably one of the worst ways to spend your time. You might get angry at all the people in front of you, or even angry at the salesperson because they are not working as fast as you would like them to, but try to remember that it’s none of their fault. It’s not their fault that there is such a line, they are doing everything they can as fast as they can, and there is no magic button that can make all of the people go away as soon as you click it. What happens when you live by the beach and get hungry? You stop by the local fish and chips shop. The only problem is waiting to be served! Apparently this pelican possesses all of the patience us humans don’t, because he is calm enough to wait for the service to be done. He looks one way or another, without uttering a word, all the while nosy people love to film him. Nowadays, it gets hard to even order food. We just hope that this fella was able to get his fish in the end.

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Dog Attempts To Engage Into Conversation By Mimicking Owner’s Movements1m04s

Dog Attempts To Engage Into Conversation By Mimicking Owner’s Movements

It seems our four-legged friends go a step further and even copy humans too. They automatically imitate hand movements with their paws and mouth movements with their muzzles. Humans are known to engage in ‘automatic imitation’, when another person’s body moving in a particular way elicits the same physical reaction in an observer. And now canines have been shown to do the same. It has often been observed that dogs resemble their owners. Dogs’ imitative abilities are shaped by the way their owners interact with them as they grow up. Samson the Newfoundland is desperately trying to learn to talk. His owner keeps bringing it up and he seems to know it has something to do with making noises and moving his mouth. He has such a desire to please her and watches attentively as he tries to do what she is doing. Hilarious and at this rate, he might get there. So, Samson listens to his owner extremely concentrated to what she is saying to him, watching her face excitedly and breathing deeply. He is trying to make a sound and shape his mouth in a way his owner does. It seems that he understands the meaning of the word ‘talk’ and when his owner mentions it, he quickly changes his sitting position and is thrilled to communicate like humans do. He is a keen observer because he knows that if you want to talk you just need to open and close your mouth in quick successions and wait for a sound to come out. Keep on talking Samson, you are a heck of a talker, the right buddy to hang out with.

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This Is One Of The Closest Footages Of A Friendly Lynx Caught On Camera40s

This Is One Of The Closest Footages Of A Friendly Lynx Caught On Camera

Lynx are unique in that they are omnivores, meaning that they consume both vegetation and meat. Of course, their favorite treat is the snowshoe hare, and there is even an observable correlation between the rise and fall of the hare population and that of the lynx. There is also a very good reason that the lynx tends to avoid human beings, and that is because these beautiful creatures are often hunted for their stunning fur. In fact, over-hunting has made some of these species one of the most endangered big cats on Earth. Nevertheless, this footage shows an extremely close encounter with a very curious lynx. Distanced only 10 feet from the couple who filmed her in British Columbia, they are actually becoming to get little worried how close she is. But this incredibly friendly lynx has nothing to do with the couple, as the footage shows she only wants something to eat. Getting ready to come out of the woods, she carefully looks around to make sure nobody is after her and once she is in the open she starts moving slowly yet sluggishly with her extra-long and furry legs as if she is ready to pounce right in the eyes of the danger. She starts sniffing the surface of the ice which has covered the earth so thickly in order to find something that would satisfy her hunger. This beautiful creature waltzes nearby the camera and the footage is probably one of the rarest to show a lynx within human’s reach. It is a pity she doesn’t make a noise because the noise she produces is strangely captivating, it is like a half-growl, half-roar. Maybe next time.

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Problem-Solving Cat Learns How To Open Doors29s

Problem-Solving Cat Learns How To Open Doors

Whenever cats are associated with problems, it is never in a positive context. If anything, cats are problem creators. They will stop at nothing to get what they want and that usually entails pushing, ripping and breaking things. Flower pot on the window sill? Push it aside, because it is it the way of bird watching. Vase on the corner table? Push it away, because it is your vantage point. Curtains on the windows? Rip them to shreds, because something is making them move. Someone very wise once said that cats find us, their owners, to be their their servants and we have to admit we actually think that to be true. We do, however, have to make one exception of the rule, and that is this curious cat. We have no idea if this cat has been watching the Jurassic Park movies or not, but we are flabbergasted to see that she actually knows she should pull on the door handle to make the door fling open! At first we think that the cat will just stand by the door and meow her little heart out until someone comes to service her. But then she looks up and stretches just enough to pull on the door handle. It seems it takes a bit more effort than that, so the feline jumps and hangs on the handle, letting the weight of her hairless body pop the door ajar. Lo and behold, she actually did it! The bolt lets go of the strike platen and the door hinges open, leaving the cat to give it a gentle budge and go on her merry way. Just brilliant!

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Collie ‘Smiles’ Every Time Owner Touches His Favorite Toy1m20s

Collie ‘Smiles’ Every Time Owner Touches His Favorite Toy

Junior the Border Collie loves his toys so much that he doesn't want anyone else touching them. Watch his reaction when his owner reaches for his stuffed animal. Every time she touches Junior's favorite toy, the teeth come out in an intense way, grinning in a possessive way! Owner knows that Junior adores his stuffed animals, but she didn't know that he will feel uncomfortable when she tries to touch it. Here we have Junior caught on camera silently protesting to his owner touching his favorite toy, by raising his upper lip, making for an angry grin! Junior loves snuggling up with his toys and grooming them like if they was a real puppy, licking the stuffed animals head while his arms are around it! One time when Junior was separated from one of his favorite toys because in the washing machine, he kept sticking his tongue out of his mouth in excitement when owner finally brought the toy back nice and squeaky clean. His relationship with toys is simply adorable! Border Collies are extremely attached to their toys and when one goes missing, even if it is just for a short time, they can become obsessive trying to find it. Because Junior is so attached to his toys, he rarely goes anywhere without one. That explains why he is not allowing anyone to come near his toys! Precious little rascal! Border Collies are working and herding dogs originating from Scotland. They are known to be one of the smartest and most obedient dogs, and can make great house pets if you know how to handle them. They are very high energy and require a lot of exercise, both physically and mentally. Because they are such smart dogs, they need to be stimulated to make them feel like they have a job to do.

Chairlift Looses All Control In Gudauri1m08s

Chairlift Looses All Control In Gudauri

The winter season can be lovely for those of us who love the snow and can stand the cold. It is a "winter person's" dream for snow to build up throughout the night so they can wake up to white blankets covering the ground. Some of us that love the winter season decide to spend the day and just walk around the city park enjoying the sights, where as some us that like sports, can't wait to take their snowboard or skis and hit the slopes. And for some of us, it's a favorite book and cuddled up next to the fire place and enjoying the views from indoors. This story however is bound to even give the biggest winter lover a bit of scare as this scene does happen to be very horrific as this chairlift just completely gets its wires mixed and starts acting as if it has a brain of its own. Its a perfect sunny day and an even better one to go out skiing and enjoy the wonders of the winter. But no one was expecting what was planed to be a wonderful getaway from the city to turn into such disturbing image. A catastrophe at the resort in Gudauri. Negligence and error of the cable cars led to the breakdown of the chairlift in the opposite direction on the Sadzeli line. Numerous injuries of people who fell under the "meat grinder" from the collision of armchairs, fractures, and bruises of those who managed or guessed to jump off. It was possible to stop the cable car only after 1-2 minutes. Respondents arrived in place within 7-8 minutes. They removed and provided first aid to the victims with all those who stood in line." Take a look as this video proves to show that machines can definitely be faulty at times and we must take steps in which to avoid further occurrences such as this one.

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 Daughter Surprises Emotional Stepdad With Adoption Papers 1m41s

Daughter Surprises Emotional Stepdad With Adoption Papers

A heartwarming moment from an unsuspecting dad opening his early birthday present brought his family to tears of joy, after his adorable reaction to the wonderful surprise. This is the heartwarming moment an unsuspecting dad was brought to tears by his family. Angel Trevino and her 11-year-old daughter, HaLeigh, secretly went about changing the girl's last name to the same as her adopted dad. On Feb. 1, they sat David down and made him read out a letter explaining the whole thing. ‘You stole her heart from day one, but she stole your last name forever’, was just one of the lines that brought tears to David's eyes. This is the beautiful moment when a girl surprised her step-dad with the adoption papers. Footage shows the unsuspecting man read a letter out loud, which explains the whole thing! After carefully reading the papers, the tough guy is overwhelmed with emotion. Watch as David’s face tears up when he finds out the news! He embraces his adopted daughter and reads the adoption papers in order to believe his eyes! What an adorable moment! The hardy father could not stop crying with happiness when he was presented with the adoption papers by his girl. The early birthday present left the man speechless and in tears, making for the best surprise ever caught on camera! The incredible gesture caused an emotional reaction when David started reading the papers in the family’s home. HaLeigh’s mother, Angel, recorded her husband’s reaction in what is one of the more touching videos you’re likely to see. Get your tissues ready! VideoID: Rights Cleared & Verified: 02/02/2018 ---- T&T Creative is a user generated video licensing company. We unearth, verify, package and deliver newsworthy clips to major news organizations and brands worldwide. To license this video clip for media or brand usage, contact

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Check Out This Famous Scooter-Riding Dog And His Amazing Tricks 2m18s

Check Out This Famous Scooter-Riding Dog And His Amazing Tricks

We often see on the Internet dogs doing lots of tricks. They do the basic tricks and basic dog training commands – sit down, come, stay, play dead, and often do tricks with a ball. But have you seen a dog riding a bicycle or a scooter? You are now. This is Norman the scooter dog. Norman is trained to compete in Agility, Herding and Obedience competitions. He received his Companion Dog Title in Obedience when he was only 15 months old, with all first placements. Cool, right? Norm loves to train and learn new tricks. There have been no tricks or skills that have stopped him yet. He is an amazing dog with an indescribable charm that warms the heart of everyone he meets. This videos shows all his incredible talents. Norman the Scooter dog may have become famous for riding a scooter, but his skills are far greater than just scooter riding. He has mastered: bike riding, jumping rope, longboarding, surfing and much, much, more. Norman has set two Guinness World Records: Fastest 30 meters on a Scooter by a Dog in 2013 and fastest 30 meters on a bicycle by a dog in 2014. Have you have seen the more talented dog? Dogs just never stop the impress us. Those smart little furry creatures just can’t stop melting our hearts! If you really liked this amazing video of Norman check out another video of him riding a bike!

Time Lapse Shows The Making Of A Guitar In Only 6 Minutes7m10s

Time Lapse Shows The Making Of A Guitar In Only 6 Minutes

Have you ever felt like there are things in this world that are so mesmerizing that you can’t fathom the notion of them originating from the Earth? It doesn’t have to be anything scientific, we’re talking about everyday objects that we’ve grown so used to, but we can not explain the way they work for the life of us. One such object is a musical instrument. There is something so captivating about the way such a tiny thing can cause such a grand sound, but how is it made? How can the whoosh of air coming through your lips transform in the tube of the flute to create a high pitched tone? How can a strum of your fingers create the greatest melodies known to man? It all boils down to sound waves. Basically, by using the instrument, we create vibrations that our ears later perceive as sound. It’s nothing but physics and it takes a bit of genius to be able to gather and coordinate this vibrations in order to create those mesmerizing melodies. Creating instruments is an art in itself. It takes talent and understanding of how vibrations work in order to create such a masterpiece. This time lapse shows us how a guitar is handmade in only six minutes. It is easier these days to let machines create these instruments, but it is humbling to know that there are people who still want to maintain this art by practicing it themselves, the same thing ancestors before them had done for centuries.