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El Mirage officer dies during pursuit1m42s

El Mirage officer dies during pursuit

El Mirage Police Chief Terry McDonald announced on Tuesday afternoon that Officer Paul Lazinsky died during a foot pursuit with a suspect near Grand Avenue and Greenway Road.

Published: December 13, 2017
Woman screams in fear when playing virtual reality horror game2m04s

Woman screams in fear when playing virtual reality horror game

Hilarious footage of a woman screaming in fear as she tries a virtual reality horror game for the first time. The video, shot in December 2016, shows the woman accidentally switching the video to the horror VR experience "Face Your Fears." The game is designed as a child accessible experience, but it proved to be scary to adults as well: "just when I thought the worst was over a ghost jumped out and scared me out", the woman explained.

Man Finds Way of Cheating Simple Game1m48s

Man Finds Way of Cheating Simple Game

This man has found a smart way of cheating at a simple video game. The game consists of tapping the screen very fast to smash the walls with the hammer. But this tech savvy gamer has found that even that can be avoided! Credit: imkNick via Storyful

United Way announces ambitious goals to end child poverty in Cincinnati2m40s

United Way announces ambitious goals to end child poverty in Cincinnati

“This is a huge challenge that we’re facing as a region, a county and a city that we have to take head on,” said Ross Meyer, senior vice president and chief impact officer at United Way of Greater Cincinnati. United Way announced earlier this year that the organization would be investing the bulk of its money in efforts and organizations to reduce child poverty.  United Way also helps manage the work of the group of community and business leaders known as the Child Poverty Collaborative, which began working in 2016 to reduce child poverty in Cincinnati and Hamilton County. The Child Poverty Collaborative launched its One-to-One Learning Collaborative in September, starting the clock on its ambitious goal to help 10,000 children and 5,000 families lift themselves out of poverty in the next five years. In Meyer’s view, the region’s poverty problem is even more widespread than the latest Census data indicate. Under federal poverty guidelines, a family of four is considered “poor” if its annual household income is $24,600 or less. The United Way and other social service organizations maintain that it takes at least twice that amount for a family of four to meet its basic needs. So United Way looks at the number of families with household incomes that are 200 percent of the federal poverty level or less. There are 614,268 people in the region who meet that definition, according to the latest Census data, or roughly 30 percent. “To say that one in three people in our entire region are struggling to meet the basics -- are making decisions every week between paying a utility bill or paying for a prescription or putting food on the table,” Meyer said. “That’s the central challenge we are taking on.”

Published: December 13, 2017
Should you pay your children for good grades?1m44s

Should you pay your children for good grades?

Jennifer Buccholz and Kate Rich both have three children, but vastly different opinions about the contested parenting practice of paying them for good grades.  To Rich, it's a simple way to motivate the students in her family and introduce them to the principles that will govern their adult lives. "We go to work and get paid and that's our motivation to go to work," she said. "Why not start out, even when they're in school and getting grades?" To Buchholz, it's a kind of contamination. Children shouldn't need a paycheck to work hard at school, she said; they should do it because it's the right thing to do. "That's part of our expectations," she said. "You go to school and you'll learn." It's a heated topic, and sources ranging from the New York Times' parenting blog, TIME magazine and the Huffington Post have all weighed in on the practice. Lucy Allen, a regional clinical officer with mental health care provider PsychBC, said she tends to side with the Times, the Post and Buchholz: Children who are materially motivated might not develop the same curiosity or love of learning as children who are not. "If you're putting the motivations always outside of them, it's very hard to expect them to do the right thing at the right time when there's no outside motivation to do it," Allen said. However, she said some forms of reward-based motivation can be effective. Recognizing a student's good performance with stickers, gold stars or a point system can help instill good long-term study habits without bringing money into the picture. The best way to get results remains making sure their classes are inspiring them to learn, she added. "There are only a few things you should get out of school that are crucially important, but one is a love for learning," she said. "If that isn't happening, you need to question the environment early on that the child is learning in."

Published: December 13, 2017
PD: Newport taxi driver shot dead in attempted robbery1m48s

PD: Newport taxi driver shot dead in attempted robbery

Detectives are searching for the person who shot and killed a taxi driver just before midnight Wednesday. Police said it appeared the shooter was trying to rob the driver before firing at him through the window. The driver tried to escape after getting shot, but he crashed near East 10th Street and Washington Avenue. He was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center but died of his injuries. The female passenger in the taxi was not hurt in the incident.

Published: December 13, 2017
Michael Fish's NBC26 weather forecast3m28s

Michael Fish's NBC26 weather forecast

A **WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY** has been issued for the NBC26 viewing area through this evening. Areas of snow, some heavy at times, will fall throughout the day.  Winds will be picking up as the day wears on shifting to the NE, producing some blowing & drifting snow in spots. Traveling will be hazardous.  4-7" is likely across most of the area with possibly some Lake Michigan enhancement, bumping up our totals to the higher side of that range. The farther you live to the SW, the less snow you will see as there will be a very sharp cutoff where only a little snow will fall.  Highs in the mid/upper-20s. Any snow shower would taper off as we head through this with minimal, additional accumulation. It'll be breezy in the evening with lows only around 10. Thursday should be relatively quiet, though we could see a couple of flurries with highs in the low-20s. Friday or Saturday, we could have another clipper system on the way, but it's too early to tell what's going to happen with that one. Temperatures warm up just a little into the weekend.

Published: December 13, 2017